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If you could re-write a character, who would it be and what would you do with them?

Michael Kelso.

I never liked him, and the only version of him that interests me is his season 6 self, when he started to change and grow, and that was throwed over because these writers were just terrible. I write him from this, trying to fix the bad turns and giving him proper growth like a living person would have, given his situation.

But If I had the chance to re-write his character, I would had make him start growing since even before Brooke and Betsy came into his life. Mostly because in season 1, Kelso had a few interesting things that should had stayed with his character and be explored.

In season 1, he is damn good at maths to the point his friends tease him about it. He is a good student and his stupidity is mostly at life, not academic like then season 3-5, 7-8 did. He also has a great interest in technology and space, which I find interesting and even likeble, endearing in a way.

Had he stayed with these bits of characterization, a few things may had been different. They could had even introduce Brooke a little bit earlier, maybe he needed some help with an adavanced math class, and of course she would be the one trying to help him. 

And with this, I don’t mind for them to quickly fall into bed, but having Brooke established and around, things could had been a bit different. Like the fact that she and Donna knew each other was so out of nowhere and NEVER used again, like? Please?

Back to Kelso, it would make him an a little bit more interesting character to show if he had abilities that may balance his lack of common sense and sense of danger. It would had make him more than a cheater.

Kelso never learned from his mistakes. He keeps falling with the same stone every time. I would had explored that there must be a reason for his lack of self-awareness and his selfishness. That growing up with distant and irresponsible parents do affect a kid, especially when his older brother is a bully and he had grow up competing with his others siblings to have a tiny bit of attention, having no consequences for his bad actions most times because of the same distraction that caused them.

I would had explored the fact that he may not be monogamous, as simple as that. 

I would had explored the fact that Laurie did took adventage of him and that she was way older than him (I’m sorry, but in teen-years, a college girl is million of years older. Hell, a freshman dating a sinior is a million years of difference, mentally-wise, and sometimes, even physical/sexual-wise) and pretty much groomed him into a relationship he wanted to finish in the first place.

His actions would had real consequences, having him realize at some point the kind of asshole he is and how much he and Jackie hurt each other. Having him better written would had avoided much of the season 4 stupidity between him and Jackie, it would had make him realize his actions and not blame them all to her like the writers tried to do in one of the most sexist moves I have seen in years in a sticom, almost as mysoginist as certain non-canon rape in GoT, Robin ending up with fuckboy Ted or Rachel giving up her dreams for the father of her daughter, and the pregnancy bullshit in Riverdale.

Man, having Kelso acountable for his actions may have made his understanding of Jackie moving on and starting a healthy relationship with Hyde so interesting to explore. 

I do believe he would feel bad, that’s who he is, but it would have been so interesting to see an actual argument between him and Hyde were he realizes his friend’s feelings for Jackie are real and what she does with her life is none of his business, and that he IS the bad guy if he does otherwise, it would had been so interesting and satisfiying to have him understand.

And it all would have make him falling in love with Brooke so much easier and wonderful. Because all this proving to Brooke that he is good is also to prove himself he is. He was a great student at the academy until he wasn’t, and I would had let it be as it should. 

Having this character, that started as a cheater and a liar, grow up, fall in love, commit to his girlfriend and daughter, eventually get married, and having a career of his own, making him the first one of his friends to truly become an adult, would had been one of the best contrast to the way the show started. And it would had been beautiful.

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so, in the sitcom au jack & mark are kinda like lil d & a's dads but are lil d & a brothers or dating? bc ive seen ur art of them on dates and stuff so just curious ps i love the sticom au it makes me laugh sooooo much

Lil A and Lil D is close friends, they could be dating but that’s just speculation. (Because Lil D is too innocent to know date and stuff).

For the meantime, Lil A is act like his guardian.

(also because people will thinking this is a Septiplier, which is not…for me) XD
(and also, thank you! Sitcom au is hella funny) ^w^ 

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Hannibal Will & Abigail is a quirky comedy about an FBI profiler (Hugh Dancy) who finds himself the latest foster father of a rebellious teenage girl (Kacey Rohl). The show centers on their new life together as an eccentric family unit—the two misfits, plus an ever-growing number of dogs. Abigail, played by Rohl, finds herself spending increasing time at her new father figure’s job, culminating in numerous zany shenanigans…much to the chagrin of Will’s boss (Laurence Fishburne).

Abigail soon finds out that Will, Dancy’s character, has a bit of a crush on a cute, funny lab tech named Beverly (Hettienne Park) and sets out to get them together—something that doesn’t always go as planned. She also finds a mentor in Alana Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas), a good friend of Will and a sharp psychologist working with the department. Many episodes are told in a series of flashbacks as Will recounts his crazy new life with Abigail to his longtime non-cannibal psychiatrist and friend (Mads Mikkelsen).

One episode Will goes to jail because he’s caught stealing a dog, but Beverly and Alana work together to get him out of trouble! It’s over by the end of the episode and everyone has a good laugh! Another time, Abigail finds herself obsessed with making flower crowns and soon the entire FBI department has their own! Every day is a good day for Will Graham and no one dies!

Tracy Morgan isn’t much of an actor, and he’s probably the one actor on “30 Rock” whose performance is generally a little too out-there. But his performance on Season 4’s “Larry King” is pitch perfect. The line about Thunderdome cracks me up every time, and Larry King’s Peter Frampton line is great, too.