sticky note mario

BTS  as Students
  • Seokjin: Very neat, punctual and admirable. Sits near the front or center of the class. Before the class starts he organizes all of his stationary, notebooks, and homework onto the desk. Always brings snacks and eats during class whilst taking notes. Always prepared, dresses as if he walked out of a runway show, always has to push the center of his glasses to his face because they always slide down the bridge of his nose. One time, you came into class with puffy eyes and had your head down the entire lecture because you hadn’t received a high grade on your paper for another class. Once you had lifted your head up, there was a wrapped sandwich in front of you with a note telling you to ‘cheer up’. You had guessed it was from him since it was a Mario sticky note attached to the wrapper.
  • Yoongi: Always has his headphones on even if there’s no music playing. Sits in the first row because all the seats are taken, sleeps in class because he procrastinated and forgot that there was an assignment due the next day. Although he’s always semi-conscious in class, he manages to keep his grades up. At one point, he had fallen into a deep sleep and the professor had called his name out loud to answer a question, after around thirty seconds or so, there was no response. As you were about to wake him up, he promptly gave the correct answer and the teacher let him sleep for the lectures from then on. May not be the ideal student but he knows what’s going on, does his homework last minute and masters the material - he’s just always in a deep slumber because he’s up at night busy with his music. His sleeping schedule is even more scattered and non-existent when exam time rolls around.
  • Hoseok: Sits in the back corner, always puts his feet up, drums the crap out of the top of the chair in front of him using two pens. Tries to make conversation with you, but everyone around him shushes him to be quiet whenever he opens his mouth. Asks you where you guys are in the reading because he blanks out and the teacher asked him to continue reading from where the last student left off. Really chill, never seen him down, you always see him with his duffle bag since he leaves for dance practice after his classes are done for the day. Doesn’t enjoy class much, occasionally skips, but whenever he comes in and sits beside you, he asks to see your notes, you peek over to see him trying to read off your notes to see what you guys been up to for the past few lessons.
  • Namjoon: The messiest student hands down, his textbook pages are covered with color coded sticky notes/tabs and he highlights the shit out of everything. He’s that one student in class that chooses to write down his notes by hand instead of using a laptop to take notes. Always has a pen or a highlighter cap in between his teeth as he’s struggling to scribble down every single thing the teacher shows on the powerpoint slides. Accidentally spilled everything out of his pencil case and you helped picked up his stuff. Isn’t afraid to ask questions for clarification, picks up the course material quickly, and aces tests and assignments with flying colours. One of the teacher’s favorites because of his academic skills and determination to learn.
  • Taehyung: Greets the teacher happily whenever he arrives, usually one of the first students to come to class. Texts, tweets and takes snapchats during class to keep his social media alive. Forgets to bring a pencil and paper to class so he always turns over to you to ask to borrow some. He takes down his notes very carefully and whenever he’s done using the pen he borrows from you he always gives it back with two hands. Never shy when it comes to asking questions in the middle of class, raises his hand with no hesitation at all. Quite the happy virus, polite and accidentally knocked over his coffee once with his elbow and it spilled it over your notes and he repeatedly apologized every 20 seconds for over the whole class even though you insisted it was no big deal and an accident, the next lesson he walked in with two cups of coffee and handed you one as an apology.
  • Jimin: Very hardworking. Whenever you’re packing your stuff up, you see him waiting for the other students to leave as he approaches your teacher to ask for extra help. Stays behind class to ask his teacher for extra help or extra worksheets/assignments in order for him to have a better understanding of the course material. Develops a friendly relationship with the teacher because of how many times he has sat in during lunch just so he could ask questions about the previous lesson. Usually forgets to eat or skips his lunch time because he sacrifices it on homework. May not be the top notch student in the class, but his efforts always pay off. Always tries his best, always ready to learn and his teachers recognize how persistent he is on having a full understanding on every single lesson.
  • Jungkook: That one kid that comes late to class all the time that tries to run in really quickly when the professor turns their head towards the blackboard or struggles as he walks in a full row of seats to latch onto the empty one in the middle. Sits quietly in class, he always looks really zoned out or off into his own world as his eyes bulge out, staring outside the window. Plays games on his phone. Although he may not seem like the studious type, he receives very good grades and has a stable and clear understanding of what’s going on in class. Doesn’t take notes or does his homework but somehow always gets 100% on every single assignment and test.