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The Signs as random little things I like

Aries: staying up all night, black coffee, band tees

Taurus: fuzzy blankets, dogs, vanilla

Gemini: birds, pineapple juice, copper

Cancer: the moon, fairy lights, the little prince

Leo: hairspray, big sunglasses, lollipops

Virgo: lavender, triangles, pretty notebooks

Libra: honesty, vinyls, bi flag

Scorpio: pills, sunsets, friday nights

Sagittarius: roadtrips, autumn leaves, cocktails

Capricorn: house plants, face masks, necklaces

Aquarius: bees, minimalism, nice pens

Pisces: sticky notes, windy days, tea


2017年 3月15日 4:12pm

My plants are dying please save them;;; I’ve been having so many all-nighters lately working on my lab reports & essays and let’s just say that my plants are basically reflecting my health right now… an update on my bujo! Can you tell who my bias(es) are through that tiny sticky note~? keke

🎶 Spring Day - BTS 

Words of Honey Glamour Spell

A spell to help your compliments sound as sincere and honest as they are; help others take them to heart and to brighten their day.

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You Will Need:

🐝 Honey
🐝 Mirror
🐝 Warm Water

(Warning this spell may be a bit messy due to sticky honey)

Time of Day: best to be performed first thing in the morning


🐝 Mix your honey in a bowl with your warm water until it is a consistency in the middle of honey and water.

🐝 While looking in the mirror apply some of the honey-water to your lips (I recommend using a popsicle stick or spoon, something other than fingers)

🐝 “My words are as sweet as honey, to those who hear, let them soak into their hearts, and make their day sunny”

🐝 Lick your lips after saying this and taste the honey and sweetness, desiring it to be like the words you speak for the day

🐝 Once you have finished your spell you may was your lips of any sticky honey left over and then may begin getting ready for the day

AU where Tsuna’s grandfather, Sawada Ietsuna, lives with him and his mom.

And Ietsuna looks like a frail old man who’d probably get winded just from going up a flight of stairs.

But he’s a retired mafioso who can still give men half his age a run for their money, and he has crazy powerful sky flames, and while everyone thinks that Nana is the one taking care of him in his old age, he’s actually the one protecting his daughter-in-law and his precious grandson from people that might be looking to harm them because of what his stupid son has gotten tangled up in.

Ietsuna is super badass and powerful, and if he’d wanted to, he could have easily taken the Vongola back for the Sawada family, but it’s become so disgustingly vile that it looks nothing like the Vongola that Giotto had so cherished once upon a time.

So Ietsuna, just like his father and grandfather before him, wanted absolutely nothing to do with the Vongola. Instead, he used to work as a hitman for hire. Because even if Ieyasu had given up the Vongola, there was no way the mafia would just let his family leave so easily. So the sons and daughters of the Sawada family would cleverly play along the fringes of the mafia. Do a favour for a powerful famiglia here, carry out a hit for another family there - make enough important people owe you so that no one would even dare to touch your loved ones. All without having to get too involved with the politics of it all.

But then Iemitsu had gone and fucked it all up by becoming Vongola Nono’s dog.

Thus, Ietsuna essentially disowned his son, and decided to move in with Nana and Tsuna, so that his beloved, innocent little grandbaby wouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of his father’s actions.

And while he’s gruff and intimidating towards basically everyone else, Ietsuna is a doting grandfather to Tsuna, wrapped completely around the baby’s chubby little fingers from the moment he’s born.

He’s the one that teaches Tsuna how to ride a bike, and he’s the one that attends Tsuna’s school events and takes him out on holidays.

And he’s the one that tells Tsuna stories about their family.

Ietsuna was 5 years old when his great-grandfather, Sawada Ieyasu, had passed away. He has very few memories of the man - mostly consisting of soft smiles and kind words, of snoozing together on warm sticky summer days, and of crying bitterly when his parents told him that great-grandpa was gone.

He tells these stories to Tsuna. And more, he tells Tsuna stories that his own grandfather had told him, of Ieyasu working hard to build a life for himself after moving to Japan, of all the things Ieyasu had stood for - the importance of family and protecting the weak.

He tells Tsuna everything he can about Ieyasu. Because he knows.

Ietsuna looks at his innocent little grandson, with those soulful brown eyes and that too big heart and that sweet, sweet smile. And he sees his great-grandfather in him.

Iemitsu may have been the one that sired him, but Sawada Tsunayoshi is the son of Giotto Vongola, through and through.

Sawada Tsunayoshi is a prince without a kingdom, and one day, he’s going to take back his throne.

(Thirteen years pass, and when the great hitman Reborn shows up on his doorstep one day, Ietsuna welcomes him in with a smile that’s more just a baring of his teeth.

Reborn acknowledges the silent threat with a nod, and swears to himself that even if he should die, he will do right by Sawada Tsunayoshi.)


“And so I’d thought I’d let you know
That these things take forever, I especially am slow
But I realized that I need you
And I wondered if I could come home”

First Day of my Life ~ Bright Eyes (listen here)

Something I want to happen in the DCEU

Arkham Asylum’s infamous hallway of Batman rouges from Batman TAS.

There’s a crawl shot of the hallway and several different camera angles have you get to see who’s in the cells without actually telling you but you’re supposed know by several hints.

The bars or the wall of glass has several things in that hint who occupys each cell.

-A silloute of a coin flipping in the air along with the sound of it landing and slight growling.

-Several green question marks written on the walls and several riddles followed by incoherent mumbling.

-A potted plant, looking Alive and healthy on a small shelf near a bed.

-A top of someone’s hair, which is brown obscured by the cell’s bars or the camera not panning down(for those who prefer the wall of glass) followed by the sound of a page turning in a book.

-A shot of a padded cell with someone in a straight jacket, rocking back and forth. The person’s feet has tally marks on it.

-A glass cell door that lacks airholes. Loud slurping and gurgling noises come from it. The camera isn’t panning down so all you hear is the liquid noises and a shout of “I gotta prepare for my next role.”

-A cell that has sticky notes of the days of the year all over the walls.

-A top hat with a ribbon around it, with a playing card tucked in the ribbon resting on the bed. Followed by mumblings of a white rabbit and finding someone named Alice.

-A cell that’s relatively normal. But there’s a scalpel covered in blood on the bed’s pillow.

-A cell that’s different from the rest in color.
The cell is blue, cold blue with several tubes flowing air into it.

-A cell that's​ completely empty. But it has several words written in some sort of purple crayon that say “HAHA” on the walls.

Magick for the Work Place

🔮 Little magicks you can do in the office to help with your day

🔮 Put cinnamon in your morning coffee to bring happiness and warmth to your day

🔮 Sigils that correspond to your needs of the day on sticky notes and  put them on your desk or computer

🔮 Tuck clear Quartz or Tiger’s Eye under your monitor or in your desk to help bring you energy and strength to help meet your goals.

🔮 Practice mini meditations at your desk if you begin to get overwhelmed. 

🔮 Try and eat your lunch outside to reconnect with nature and recharge your energy.

🔮 Charm your pen or pencil to help you be more attentive so you take good notes during meetings and calls.

🔮 Got a big project coming up? Make a spell jar for confidence and tuck it in your purse or pockets and bring it with you before presenting. I like this one by @wiccamoonlight

When I was heading back home from school, I found this poor butterfly who was in the middle of the road and for some reason, it couldn’t not fly (maybe because it was a little windy for the little guy) I took the butterfly in my hand and it won’t let me go! <3

;w; poor baby…sadly I had to leave it in some near tiny tree ahhhhh I hope it could fly again



I just want to share my cute sticky notes that I bought last month. I saw some shops selling it for almost $3 (150 php) each and I bought one for….. 40 php. That’s less than a dollar and 3 times cheaper than the one in other shops. If you’re curious, I bought this in SM Department Store stationery section 😃

So apparently, it’s actually canon that Beast Boy and Raven’s rooms are next to each other? I dunno, I don’t have a source myself, but I felt the need for some fluffy bbrae headcannons so, here we go;

1. On particularly stormy nights, Beast Boy will shapeshift into a cat and slip into Raven’s room, since it’s the closest. It certainly helps that she’ll give him plenty of pets ‘til he falls asleep…

2. These two can be found lounging on one of their beds on lazy days, Raven reading and Beast Boy playing nintendo. 

3. Raven helped Beast Boy get organized. He’s still a little messy, but she inspires him to keep up with things. 

4. Beast Boy thinks Raven’s bed is the comfiest out of everyone’s. 

5. Sometimes, Raven can hear Beast Boy play the guitar. She asked him about it once, and he pretended to not know what she was talking about. 

6. One night, Raven was plagued by horrific nightmares, to the point where she woke up screaming. She found herself at Beast Boy’s door, and he let her in without a word. Once wrapped up under his covers, she slept like a baby. 

7. Whenever Beast Boy has nightmares, he knows Raven’s door is always open, too. 

8. When Beast Boy came down with an awful case of the flu, Raven slept on his bedroom floor and took care of him. Beast Boy felt bad, and bought her a new tea kettle as a present. 

9. They like to leave silly sticky notes on each other’s doors. It started off as a petty argument over chores and quickly devolved into their version of note passing. Both look forward to a new sticky note every day. 

10. When Beast Boy upgraded to a new bed, he let Raven pick out the bedsheets. She picked out an indigo color, knowing it’d be a color he’d like too. 

Please, feel free to add more! :D 

Do you ever like…think about a mage/nonmage ship on a hot, sticky day. The nonmage sweating profusely and cranky, too hot do do anything, snapping at the mage when they try to initiate. Then the mage summons their ice magic…refreshingly icy fingers running through the nonmage’s hair, cold breath swirling across heated skin, kisses like ice-cream. All contrasted by beads of sweat rolling down the nonmage’s back?

Because I sure don’t.