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What type of asmr would the vets and cadets be into?

Mikasa: Concentrating
Reiner: Doesn’t really experience it
Bertholdt: Blowing
Annie: Personal attention
Eren: Bob Ross
Jean: Having his tummy touched
Marco: Pages turning
Sasha: Massage
Connie: Scratching and tapping
Historia: Hand movement
Armin: Touching the head
Ymir: low voices
Levi: The scrathcing of brooms on the floor
Hanji: Buzzing
Erwin: Sticky sounds
Nanaba: Cats purring
Mike: Hair touching
Moblit: Whispering

Wednesday HeadCanons

Ok so Wednesday is now my day to share headcanons- I might to ships, individual characters, or y'all can send in hc asks and I’ll

Answer them on Wednesdays :3


-tol and slim

-constantly has a snack or junk food in his hand, but he’s so jittery and energetic that he just cant seem to gain ANY weight

-loves it to be cold in the house so he can snuggle in a ton of blankets, but complains when it’s cold outside cause it makes his hair frizzy

- he is actually competent, intelligent even, but settles for blissful ignorance

-has major confidence issues, so he’s constantly petting his own ego

-bites his lip when he’s frustrated


-smells like sugar

-leaves sticky notes with cat doodles all over the house

-likes to hang out with Tord cause it makes him feel safe and kinda important cause the Norski like leads an army and such.

- not really interested in relationships cause he’s scared it’ll ruin his friendships


-shortest of everyone, and kinda a feminine body. H I P S

-has a notebook full of randomly thought up song lyrics and doodles

-give up art pieces halfway through drawing cause he feels like he won’t ever be good enough

-runs a spicy ass meme page


-only a bit shorter than Matt, extremely toned and is a strong nugget

-will probabky overdose on sleeping pills one day.. this boy can’t sleep

-has gotten himself used to not getting close to people in the army because… you know

-hes really trying anyways ;0;

-masochistic as fuck


-A bit shorter than Tord, chubby but extremely strong

-has an oral fixation.. cigarette, toothpick, or a sucker, he needs to chew it

-pretty gruff and scruffy but hot damn this boyo is huggable af


-lithe and pretty damn close to being 7 feet tall

-dont touch him. Just. Dont.


-Pau is about the only person Pat will willingly make contact with, which make scruffy boi feel super fucking special


-both are constantky cooing over one another cause they both insecure


-norweigan boi is always sayin shit in his native language and TOM CAN’T UNDERSTAND IT

- Tom won’t ever admit it but he’s snuggly af

-both are prone to anxiety attacks and mental breakdowns so they’re both kinda crutches for each other

- Tom: “what are you, fucking gay?”

-Tord: “why are you like this”

For anon, ‘Alyanette on the moon’ ci is that you

The tea party was a very nice tea party, Marinette thought. She and Alya were in the nicest dresses moon-currency could buy, the tableware was all iced, and the birds were serenading them with all the vigor their little trumpet hearts could muster.

“Isn’t it lovely today?” she asked at her very prim-est. She picked up a teacup, last two fingers out in true moon style. “Look at all the clouds!”

“Uh-huh,” Alya agreed, leaning over to fetch more sugar, the ample swell of her bosom spilling over the neckline of her dress. “It’s so warm! Looks like Earth was nice to us today.”

“Yeah,” Marinette said — or might not have said, because the strap of Alya’s dress had just slipped off her shoulder and everything was now much warmer than it should have been. “It’s sweet.”

“Sweet like me?” Alya wanted to know, wearing a dress Marinette had designed and lingerie Marinette had designed underneath it, and Marinette was very sure that if she tasted Alya now, she’d taste like the sugar she was spooning into her drink my the cupful.

“Not nearly as sweet as you,” she corrected, because it was true, and Alya smiled with plush, maraschino cherry-red lips.

She opened her mouth to say something else, but she was cut off by a—


Marinette’s hand shot out from under her comforter, palm smacking down on the snooze button, and her head followed it out.

She blinked at the broad black-and-white stripes of her stuffed cat, sticky-achey-overwarm arousal drifting lazily through her system, and could only think, what the hell was that?

man I SWEAR cats can read or sense your feelings! 

I’ve been SUPER stressed the past 24 hours over something that I think is fixed now, but the entire time, Tiger has stayed RIGHT by me. He sat on my desk while I played games all last night, slept in my bed, ate his breakfast and came right back to my room in the morning and has been on my desk again all day.

And each time I’d go to the toilet he’d follow and wait outside the door.

He is quite a sticky cat but never that much!