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What type of asmr would the vets and cadets be into?

Mikasa: Concentrating
Reiner: Doesn’t really experience it
Bertholdt: Blowing
Annie: Personal attention
Eren: Bob Ross
Jean: Having his tummy touched
Marco: Pages turning
Sasha: Massage
Connie: Scratching and tapping
Historia: Hand movement
Armin: Touching the head
Ymir: low voices
Levi: The scrathcing of brooms on the floor
Hanji: Buzzing
Erwin: Sticky sounds
Nanaba: Cats purring
Mike: Hair touching
Moblit: Whispering

For anon, ‘Alyanette on the moon’ ci is that you

The tea party was a very nice tea party, Marinette thought. She and Alya were in the nicest dresses moon-currency could buy, the tableware was all iced, and the birds were serenading them with all the vigor their little trumpet hearts could muster.

“Isn’t it lovely today?” she asked at her very prim-est. She picked up a teacup, last two fingers out in true moon style. “Look at all the clouds!”

“Uh-huh,” Alya agreed, leaning over to fetch more sugar, the ample swell of her bosom spilling over the neckline of her dress. “It’s so warm! Looks like Earth was nice to us today.”

“Yeah,” Marinette said — or might not have said, because the strap of Alya’s dress had just slipped off her shoulder and everything was now much warmer than it should have been. “It’s sweet.”

“Sweet like me?” Alya wanted to know, wearing a dress Marinette had designed and lingerie Marinette had designed underneath it, and Marinette was very sure that if she tasted Alya now, she’d taste like the sugar she was spooning into her drink my the cupful.

“Not nearly as sweet as you,” she corrected, because it was true, and Alya smiled with plush, maraschino cherry-red lips.

She opened her mouth to say something else, but she was cut off by a—


Marinette’s hand shot out from under her comforter, palm smacking down on the snooze button, and her head followed it out.

She blinked at the broad black-and-white stripes of her stuffed cat, sticky-achey-overwarm arousal drifting lazily through her system, and could only think, what the hell was that?


Comic dub of a VG Cats strip by @vgcats! This is pretty much @mactheactor’s fault. Also, his birthday! Belated.

So! Who would have thought that over 10 years later I’d be reprising one of my first big starring roles from back in my Newgrounds days: Black Mage from the 8-Bit Theater Flash animations? Not only that, but alongside my co-stars of this series, who I honestly never kept up with until now? Weird, right? And here we are. Ahhh, nostalgia trips.

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Got the sticky notes; y'all need to get it just as a collector piece of you won’t use it - it’s much more nifty than I thought! I love the Advice from a Caterpillar chapter, so that’s my favorite.

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild as a name kind of makes me laugh - they have these little books with just about EVERYTHING literally from Mr. Rogers to Star Trek, as well as Alice.

Link should be not far under this post if you want to check it out.


PSA for Studyblrs

I saw these on amazon and I thought they were cute and they would work well in marking specific differences in cats compared to other animals in my classes. So I bought them and now they have arrived. This is what I found once I opened the package. 


I repeat little cat sticky notes that come with little cat boxes!!!?!?! How is this even real and how did i not know about these until now. 

Cat post it’s with homes. My cat post it’s have homes… What is life even?

Do yourselves a favour fellow studyblrs get some of these. They’re like a dollar on Amazon!

This has been a PSA.

things that when given to me could convince me to draw tomtord

1: pastéis de nata
2: phở (the good kind not the shitty kind where the chef probably pronounces it as “fo”)
3: a nice back massage
4: any dead from natural causes animal large or larger than a raccoon
6: crayons (box of 96, crayola)
7: tim hortons chili
8: blue gatorade
9: a cat
10: pierogies
11: one of those sticky hair things you know the sticky rollers for cat hair and dust because i live with my mom like a chump and my mom has super long super thick and ridiculously curly black hair that gets everywhere and i mean everywhere like i take my clothes out of the wash and they are somehow covered in mom hair. my sheds a lot dog and cat dont even compare to this madness.  

My cat has been picking up such bad habits from the kittens.

Pawing at the counter when I’m dishing out cat food, mooching at the dinner table when people eat, stealing food from the other cats, bringing lizards inside and trying to eat them under the dinner table.

I’m glad he’s getting more comfortable with the kittens, but at what cost?

i have this bag which I got in college, which if you don’t know… is a little under 20 years ago. anyway, i still have this bag. I haven’t really washed it, except for this one time during college when I spilled mountain dew on it and it got all sticky. anyway, my cat loves to sit on it. and it occurred to me while my cat was sitting on it… it still has the stonk of the 90s on it. and maybe its that 90s stonk my cat loves.