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Congratulations on 500 hundred followers sweetie.. Heres my submission, laughing Sam… (Submitted by @skybinx-blog)

Oh, I just love this one. His smile is so contagious. 

“Ok, ok. Listen to this one!” Your already sticky fingers peeled back the plastic on the Laffy Taffy, a feat that was more difficult than it should have been because of the drinking, “What does a nosy pepper do?” You snickered, barely able to contain your excitement. 

“Nosy. Nooosy pepper,” Dean mumbled, precariously situated on a chair. 

“Shh Dean, I can’t think with yoor talking.” Sam was hunched over on the bed, seriously considering the joke.

“Ten seconds!” you shouted. “Nine…eight…seven…five, er, six…”

“I dunno! We can’t get it!” Dean shouted. 

You looked at the joke again, barely able to get the words out through breathy laughs. “It gets jalepeño business!”

The boys could not contain their laughter. Sam’s face scrunched up with laughter like that was the best joke he’d ever heard and Dean was shaking so bad, he fell right out of his chair. This only made the three of you laugh harder until there were tear stains on everyone’s cheeks and all of your stomachs hurt.

“Jalapeño business,” Dean chuckled once you all settled down. “Jalapeño business.” And then the laughter started again. 

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I like how I go away for a few days and you people manage to have fun in my absence.

Arguing on Words on the Wind, Xhaztol’s disappointed in us all because he can’t tell the difference between FR and tumblr, which, honestly, we knew was a problem the admins had anyway when they first started and would give updates to tumblr that weren’t available onsite, comments being redacted for mentioning Nocturnes even though that shit leaked before Coatls, and flash suspensions that are neither acknowledged, nor apologised for.

I understand why they’re trying to suppress mentions of Nocturnes, because that wasn’t a leak that came through official channels (and if their definition of ‘datamining’ is 'changing the url by hand and seeing where it takes you’, that demonstrates a lot about the general coding savviness of the team) but honestly, it’s been so long at this point they’d be better off admitting that, “yes, some information leaked, and it may no longer be accurate because it has been that long. Feel free to speculate on it all you like, you will hear no more from us on the matter until we are ready.” And have done with it.

They can’t honestly expect the mod team to keep on top of the entirety of the forums to remove every allusion to how to find the information on google, right? Can they?

I also find Xhaztol’s admonition of the userbase to be hilarious. I know the admins stick together, and they should, they’re a team, but honestly, if they want people to stop complaining about Aequorin then they need to stop using her as a meat shield, and then white knighting for her in a really condescending way when the inevitable happens.

And it is white knighting. Xhaztol is addressing complaints from a tumblr based drama blog, that have never been brought up onsite directly. If they have, it’s been through a Contact Us form, which would make addressing it on the forum highly unprofessional. It’s unprofessional enough to be responding to an anonymous drama blog on the site.

There were legitimate issues being brought up, that consisted of “Does the report button function yes/no (pick one)” and struggling to get an answer to it. This is in light of rules that extend mini-modding to seemingly doing anything other than sending a link to a mod. The difference between “This is a sales thread in FRD” and “This thread needs to be in sales” is such a fine line that the fact that the latter is apparently actionable is mind boggling. You do realise that’s just someone’s idiolect, right? That’s just how they speak. That’s not them telling anyone what to do and trying to mini-mod. That second phrase serves exactly the same function as the first one. Most people would not nitpick over the difference, and the fact that somebody is amuses me in all the wrong ways.

And it all could have been settled by saying “Yes, the report function is working on the forums”, but they wouldn’t do that, because apparently it is not to be relied on, because the code involved is cobbled together from random letters and sticky backed plastic and may be worked on at any time, causing it to cease functioning.

So they want the userbase to walk on egshells when flagging things to mods, instead of, I don’t know… notifying us when they actually intend on taking the report function offline to work on it?

We get flash “Unscheduled maintenance” messages often enough, why the fuck can we not get a “Until further notice, the report function will be offline, please send links of offending threads directly to moderators” message? And suck it up and stop getting your knickers in a twist over people saying where something should be instead of saying what it is and where it is, because one is one packet of information in a sentence, and the other is two, and that really is the only difference between them in intention.

I know it’s shit like this that will, eventually, make me walk away from Flight Rising. The admins are not quite professional enough, and decisions are not being properly thought through before being implemented, there is a persistent reluctance to bloody well communicate with us properly in a way that makes it possible to use the site without having to second guess yourself. It’s irritating. The admins really need to buck their ideas up and deal with the fact that assholes exist, non-constructive criticism will happen, and if you are too fucking delicate to grit your teeth and ignore it then you have gone into the wrong enterprise.

And, you know, I am one of the first to flag issues and do not particularly like Aequorin, but I will say this, she has never been anything but civil to me, despite non-intentional provocation, I have seen her be a dick, in the past, to others, especially particular others, but recently she has been very professional in her dealings with the userbase that I have seen, and what she has not done is what Xhaztol has gone and done, which is go off on one in the wrong public venue at the wrong people. Xhaztol was unprofessional, and with regards to this issue in particular, Aequorin has not been thus far.

Xhaztol should be taking a leaf out of her book on this one.

And as for not-a-lizard being suspended and then having it revoked without any acknowledgement that either had happened… That is not on. Explanations are required. Apologies too. Someone, somewhere, at admin level, hit the suspend account button on a user who had no warnings and had done nothing actionable. If that was an innocent mistake, it needs to be acknowledged, but the fact that it was revoked tells me that someone noticed it, and how, exactly, do you accidentally suspend someone and then go back and check on it? That means someone knew they were suspending the account, which means it was not a simple mistake. So why was no contact made?

I find that one very, very fishy.

You people really need to save the drama until I’m around in future.