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Babysitting Bump

Summary: A chaotic situation occurs when you and Bucky both decide to hold full responsibility of watching Clint’s kids and to say you’re good with children would be a complete lie.

Word Count: 2,229.

A/N: Recently watched an episode of “Life In Pieces” and one of the scenes heavily inspired me to write out this fic. I had a blast writing this! Hope you enjoy and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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The Landgraabs of Sunset Valley

Part one of my Premade Project, this is the wealthy Landgraab Family: Malcolm, his new wife Lisa Bunch, and his parents, Nancy and Geoffrey.

It’s no surprise that Lisa, such a good friend of Vita Alto, would marry into the riches that the Landgraab family is made of. Business plan or love? Who knows.

More to come.

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How do I describe an attractive character in depth?

1) Make sure it’s scene appropriate. Whatever you do, be careful choosing what scene you’re going to describe the character in. You don’t have to describe everything immediately upon meeting them. People naturally notice more about someone the longer they’re around him. If your character meets the attractive person for a quick moment or in a moment of action, you’re going to want to wait it out until there’s more time and doesn’t interrupt the story.

2) Don’t feel the need to go too in-depth. While we do want to know what the character looks like, we don’t need to know everything about what your narrator sees. Stick to consistent traits; skin tone, eye color/shape, body type, hair style/color. We don’t need to know that she wore a snugly fitted tank top, layered with a crotchet mint green sweater, the gray undertone of which suggested it hadn’t been washed in weeks. We want to know defining features, like that her angular brown eyes made you feel warm, as though you were sitting underneath an ancient oak tree. (Or something like that. I’m a bit exhausted and not the best at artistic description.)

3) Mix it up. As readers, we don’t really want a whole flood of adjectives, nor a large paragraphs of metaphors and similes. Give us a combination of the two! Comparing a trait to something in nature can be useful in adding some symbolic in-sight as well as a mental picture of the individual. (If he has a vulpine grin, he’s charming but also reckless and may not be so trustworthy.)

NCT 127 + Ten as University Students

In honour of me being back at school…

Taeil:  The seemingly quiet kid.  But omg he comes to life at the parties during the first week, and quickly becomes everyone’s favourite.  The prof’s have no idea what he’s like after hours.  Doesn’t study as much as other students, but manages to do extremely well on exams.  Is a teaching assistant for lower-level classes because he figures he may as well use his knowledge to get some extra credit as well.  Hates group projects because he usually ends up doing all the work.

Johnny: Sits in the back row of class with his close friends.  Doesn’t take notes or study, but does well.  He’s chill and doesn’t brag about his grades, so other students think he doesn’t do well.  He usually seems like he isn’t paying attention in class, but when the prof calls him out and asks him for an answer, his response is always surprisingly insightful and everyone is like wtf how did he know that?  Pretty flirtatious, but isn’t into hook-ups.  If he meets a girl he really likes, sure, but he isn’t trying to get a bad rep.

Taeyong:  Everyone has him pegged as a playboy, but he’s actually crazy shy and just wants to do well in school.  Not the smartest in class, but works super hard to do well because he knows it’s important for his future.  Probably brings his close friends home-made lunches lol.  Really into music. Sometimes if he’s really focused on making a particular song, he’ll wear a hoodie to hide his headphones in class and work on mixing his song.  He gets the notes from one of his friends and stays up late to catch up on what he missed.

Yuta:  Super popular athlete that the dudes love to hate and the girls just love.  Cares way less about school itself, and is all about the social aspect.  Ends up sleeping in way too often, so he’s usually late for his first class. Sleeps during class, but flirts his way into getting notes e-mailed to him.  Just barely passes his exams, but hey, C’s get degrees, right?  Never puts enough effort into group reports, but uses his charm and confidence to make killer presentations that save him from terrible peer-evaluations.

Doyoung:  Sits at the front of every class, always has coffee, answers all the prof’s questions.  Other students either hate him for being such a smart-ass, or love him for saving them from having to answer questions.  Charges fellow students to tutor them, and let’s be honest, he has more female students than other tutors on campus.  Sassy and fashionable, cause even if he is a nerd, you know he isn’t walking around campus looking like one.  Chooses to do group projects alone because he’d rather do extra work than risk peasants ruining his chance at a good grade.

Ten: Omg hella class clown lol.  He’s always making jokes and attempting to pull pranks.  They’re usually pretty juvenile, like putting a whoopee cushion on the prof’s chair.  He always gets caught because he’s just sitting there giggling, not being able to contain himself.  He never gets in trouble though because he’s just one of those people that can get away with being a brat because he’s so loveable?  Tries really hard to be a good student, but just doesn’t test well so his grades aren’t the best.   Goes to the bathroom between every class to make sure his hair is okay.  He knows it is, but he has to be sure.

Jaehyun:  Is hella popular because he modelled for some local cafe that everyone goes to.  Even though he’s super well-known around campus, he keeps to his close group of friends because he’s actually pretty shy.  Girls are too scared to talk to him, and he’s pretty shy too so he’s always single but people that don’t know him are like wtf why what a waste.  Has a good balance between his hobbies and studying, so he gets good grades and is never too stressed about school.  Also usually volunteers to do orientation and show new students around, because he remembers how hard it was for him when he started university.

Winwin:  The exchange student.  You’re typical rich kid who wants to study abroad so they can party and live freely instead of actually focusing on school (yes we legit have these exchange students at my uni lmao).  Wastes class time thinking of ways to pick up local girls, but is too shy to ever actually say anything to them.  Has to spend hours studying after school to actually learn the material he missed during class.  During his free time he’s usually at the dorms with other exchange students.  

Mark:  Precious first year that has to keep asking people for directions because he is L.O.S.T.  Focuses hard on his lessons, but has trouble keeping up with the notes cause he keeps zoning out.  Still best friends with people from high school, but attempts to make new friends too cause the more the merrier.  Joins every freaking club possible because he wants to be doing something ALL THE TIME.  He gets STRESSED, but he doesn’t want to abandon his responsibilities, so he promises to stick it out and tone it down next year.  Despite being sleep-deprived and insanely busy, he still manages to get good grades.

Haechan:  That kid that isn’t actually in university yet, but skips his own classes to go to the university campus to try and look cool and hit on older girls.  Unfortunately for him, everyone knows he’s a fetus and he just ends up back at his own school, where he tells his friends about the hot university girl he almost went on a date with (she actually laughed in his face but no one needs to know that, right?).

something i find super interesting is that i’ve always had a weird sense of fashion but not like an actual fashion aesthetic just things that i liked wearing and clothes that made me happy and for years i was always made fun of it but now in these past couple of years where fashion has been getting increasingly more bizarre and innovative my clothing choices don’t seem to weird anymore because dressing “weird” is not really looked down upon and in a way considered more fashionable especially on the internet 

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Hello Mayra! It's been so long since I left the Sonic fandom and now I'm back! Are u still taking requests? Because I'm always looking for the Boom!Team discovering Amy and Sonic's secret relationship. Sadly, I didn't find any of these. I'm a big fan of your work and I hope you can write this! 😉😍

(x) Permission given by the artist! Please support them! (Author’s note: If you or your art friends are willing to let me credit your art for ‘preview images’ to my prompts, I would be deeply appreciative! Please feel free to message me if you have conditions or terms, I’m willing to follow any requirements for credit links!)

Welcome back~

I’m honored and proud to have you come to me for this mighty need. I’m always open to prompt requests, yes! :D Thank you for thinking of me, my friend!


Sticks stared long and hard at Sonic and Amy…

Tails was busy with buying some half-off spare parts for different ‘mini-projects’ he had been working on before examining two of them and paying her no mind.

“….Hey, Tails…” She squatted, keeping her arms down in front of her as she continually watched the two interact.

In the distance, Sonic was helping Amy shop, or rather… he was to ‘comment’ on each thing she tried on or pointed too.

She couldn’t help but notice how… ‘giggly’… the two were around one another….

“I think something’s off with Sonic and Amy. Steve isn’t this good at mocking a laugh.” She narrowed her eyes more, ducking her head like an animal stalking it’s prey from a few feet away. “And… I’m pretty sure he can’t clone himself either…”

She folded her arms and shot herself upright, startling Tails out of his ‘happy place’ as he turned to her, half annoyed.

“At least you’re not raving about something paranormal…” he sweat-dropped, before turning to also stare at Sonic and Amy.

Sonic leaned over a counter, and pointed to something for a change, which drew Amy’s immediate attention as she seemed to excitedly hold it up and over him, as if seeing if the clothing worked with him or not.

He proudly put his hands to his hips, before she shook her head and put it back, pulling out something else and making him look disappointed and annoyed.

“Seems about right.” Tails nodded, and turned with a kind smile to Sticks, though skeptical of her perception skills. “Amy’s still pulling Sonic around the market, and he’s still not any help when it comes to her decisions.”

“Not that.” she took a hand to his chin, pulling him to look harder at the two. “THEIR FACES!”

“H-huh?” Tails was even more uncomfortable now, before actually… seeing what she meant.

The typical act of the duo suddenly subsided as Sonic spun off and came back with something actually decent, and Amy held the article up to herself and smiled, before excitedly lifting a leg slightly up and moving some of her hair.

“….Amy…?” Tails raised an eyebrow, and Sticks let go of his chin, seeing he had finally caught on.

“It’s not just her- Sonic’s got the loonies too!” She pointed back, as Tails put down his gears and other robotic pieces to place a hand over to his forehead and shield the blazing sun from his eyes.

Having clearer vision, he suddenly stepped back in shock when he saw Sonic actually acting as if he was ENJOYING helping Amy out!

“Woah! That IS weird!” Tails worried, “We have to warn them!”

“But who’s the impostor, and whose our friend?”

Tails had to stop a second and think that one through, realizing he couldn’t just run up and say that Steve- or Morpho- was one of them.

He put a hand to his chin. “W-well… just cause they’re acting nice to each other and not arguing doesn’t exactly mean-”

Suddenly, as if on cue, Knuckles approached the scene.

“Hey, have you guys been watching Comedy Chimp lately? Haha! His new episode had Amy dating Sonic! Hahaha! As if!” he fanned out a hand, “Everyone knows she’s too in love with adventure and kicking butt to think about that!”

As he billowed a laugh, Sticks and Tails shared a confused expression, before Sticks looked back with hand-binoculars.

“Uh oh.”

“Wh-what now?” Tails put his hands up to his chattering teeth, as if biting his nails in suspense.

“If they’re actually falling in love for real this time… T-that means they’re going to ditch us for each other! And it’s worse cause we’re friends with BOTH of them! that’s like… losing two friends in one catastrophe!”

Tails panicked, seeing Sonic ditching him for Amy, or vise-versa, and having delusions of lonely scenarios play through his mind of them having fun without him.

He huddled down a moment, whimpering at being left behind…

“Pull yourself together,… wait! Cower in terror! She just hugged him!”

“That’s nothing new. Phew.” Tails wiped his forehead, getting up as Knuckles looked concerned, still not sure what was being discussed fully.

“-and he returned it!”

“-WHAT!?!?” Tails bumped his head against the roof of the shelter.

“That’s it!” He flew up away from the two.

“W-where are you going?” Knuckles inquired, scratching his head. “I thought we were still narrating Sonic and Amy’s every move.”

“I’m going to find Eggman! If anyone knows where Steve is, it’s him!” he flew off, “Keep me in tabs!”

“Roger that.” Sticks saluted, suddenly moving two fingers over her cheeks and having war-paint on.

She slowly slipped down and then reappeared up on top of the adjacent marketer’s roof.

“Knuckles!” she whispered, and then started making code-signals with her hands.

“…Uhh…” he looked confused, before shrugging. “The governments found their lost puppies and my lamp has fallen and can’t get up? OH NO! Lampy!” he suddenly darted off, “Don’t go towards the light! Even if you’re made of it! Ah-haha!!!” he cried in shrieks as he raced off in a frenzy, while Sticks just face-palmed herself and continued to watch.

Tails was heading to Eggman’s place, destroying the ‘guard robots’ on the way while Sticks continued to play secret agent.

“Fox tails, we’ve got an update. Over.” Sticks spoke into a walkie-talkie, fully in her army get up.

“Roger that! What’s the status? Over.” Tails pulled out his communicator on his wrist, and waited a moment as he hid from more guard robots behind a large rock formation.

“They’re still giggling…” she drooped her eyes in annoyance, watching Sonic and Amy sitting and eating Meh Burger, before Amy seemed to get a little shy with Sonic and they both looked away from each other. “It’s growing worse… awkward tension is building and I’m sensing a detonation in three.. two… -”

Amy suddenly suggested that Sonic sit on her side, and although he hesitated a second, he scratched behind his head and came closer, scooting up to sit beside her on her side as the two continued to laugh again.

Sticks spoke rapidly into the walkie-talkie.

“I REPEAT. PERSONAL SPACES HAVE BEEN BREACHED! They’re… ugh… I dare not say. Sitting right next to each other!”

“Oh no! If Sonic’s Steve, then Amy will be heartbroken if she finds out he’s been playing her! Or yet, it could be Amy who’s Steve. In which case, Sonic’s not gonna hear the end of it from me…” he snickered at the last bit, before he suddenly shivered a moment, “Also, that would mean Steve has a weird fetish with cosplay…”

“No time to contemplate that now!” Sticks watched as the two got up, and Sonic offered her his arm. “They’re continuing to cross barriers! You’ve gotta do something!” she called into the walkie-talkie, speaking urgently, and pulling it straight up to her mouth. “LIVES ARE AT STAKE!” she rolled to hide in a bush, where Dave walked up with some trash, looked around, and dumped it in it.

He whistled, rocking on his heels and turning his back to it, before tossing the empty garbage bag, dusting off his hands, and walking back to ‘work’.

“Ohh~ Free stuff!” Sticks could be heard, her tone sounding genuinely excited.

Tails worried once again, sweating as he dashed into the fray without a second thought, taking out robots before rolling into the slow-dropping entrance door to Eggman’s lair.

He pulled a ‘Indiana Jones’ as he reached back for his lucky wrench before the door closed.

Eggman was laughing with Morpho, who was in turn, playing Fuzzy-Puppy buddies with him.

“I never knew a game with like- so much simplistic and adorable feel could be like- my true passion in life, man.”

“Right!? Not only does it get the blood boiling in rage at seeing your own cute, little fuzzy buddy getting destroyed! But you also get the undying bragging rights over a sensational assault on someone ELSE’S cute, little fuzzy buddy!” he truly seemed evil with every word…

The two laughed as Tails rolled in, looking serious and worn for wear, before seeing Steve and suddenly looked shocked.


“Ugh, like, Morpho… it’s like.. retro, but not too nostalgic with no real-time feel man.” Steve shook his head, gesturing his hand with his description as Eggman seemed to nod with his logic.

“Yeah, yeah… although, Steve is a classic.” He shrugged.

“For who, man?” Steve looked insulted. “I’ve only been here for like- 22 minutes! And those were different days!”

“I think that just shows how memorable Steve is.” Eggman squinted his eyes and leaned forward just a bit, but with his glasses on, it only looked like his eyebrows narrowed down a bit on his glasses.

“T-then… whose playing Amy or Sonic? Which one’s the phony!?” Tails put his hands to his head, as Eggman lifted a knowing hand up.

“Don’t you know?”

“K-know what? As if you know anything!” Tails accused, before looking away.

“Ohhh~ Look at the hotshot. Thinking he’s already lost his best friend to love. Can’t even picture that the two of them already worried about that and so formed a secret truce of silence to date behind everyone’s back, huh?”

“W-wa-wa-wait, what?” Tails shook his head rapidly.

“Tails! We’re done for! All is lost!” Sticks’s voice suddenly came on, as Tails looked down to his wrist.

“They’ve… they’ve… uhhhh… the unthinkable.”

“Brah… you don’t think…”

Suddenly, Steve and Eggman both got out of their chairs, growing curious about the transmission.

“N-no… they wouldn’t have… they couldn’t have have! … could they?”

“Have had have????” Steve’s face spoke a thousand words.

Eggman withdrew his hand to his mouth, biting his nails.

Steve looked excited as suddenly they all in unison said-

“KISSED?” - “MARRIED?!” - “NOSE NUZZL-….oh.”

The three all looked at one another.

“Oh, Steve.”

“MORPHO, DUDE. And who just kisses a girl he first married?”

“No!” Tails shook his head, “STICKS!”


They all held their breaths.

A dark, underlying groan was suddenly heard.


Dramatic shots of each of Tails, Eggman, and Steve-o’s faces were shown in pure shock, terror, or loss of hope. One showing Eggman on his knees, looking up from the darkness into light as Tails pulled the sides of his face in anguish and Steve took the pose of The Thinker.

The cast all met later as Amy and Sonic sat on a couch… looking to each other before sighing and looking at their friends- and Eggman- all gathered together in Sonic’s hut.

“We think we owe everyone an explanation.”

Sticks’s had two patches over her eyes. “You’re telling me.” she ripped them off, before banging her foot on the floor from the agony of striping them off.

“Uhh… brahs? I know this is like- a family matter or whatever? But can I come in too?”

“We’d also like permission to-” Orbot tried to lift himself up to the window as Steve pulled some of the blinds away.

“I mean, I- the mighty Morpho, feel like after 22 minutes I’ve really become like- part of the shindig and-”

Knuckles was given the nod to walk over and close the blinds even further down.

“We all know you’ve had a lot of questions lately…” she put a hand to Sonic’s, who seemed nervous as the team all waited for his response.

“Sonic..?” Amy leaned her head down towards him, as he nervously fidgeted.

“W-well.. um… uhhhh… yeah.” he looked away, before finally swallowing his pride and looking back at Amy’s hand.

He… hesitated… but put his own on top of hers.

Gawking in amazement, the four all had different reactions. Eggman was having a fiesta behind the couch while Sticks went wild with ‘I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!’ and Tails looked a bit hopeless while Knuckles looked confused at everyone’s reactions.

“What are we all reacting too?” He suddenly grabbed a pot and smashed it against his head. “Haha, I don’t care. Any excuse to act wild and crazy is okay by me! Wooo!!” He crashed and broke the couch. “Furniture wrestle!” He tapped out the couch.

“Tails…” Sonic looked down at his buddy and moved away from Amy, kneeling by his side.

“…But this means… you’ll ditch us all.” Tails turned his head away. “I thought we were bros for life…”

“And you’ll always be my bro, Tails.” Sonic tenderly, with some sensitivity, held a hand to Tails’s shoulder, before turning to the others acting crazy too.

Amy was talking to Sticks as the couch seemed to have somehow pinned Knuckles down, Eggman calling a fowl and then tweeting things online about Sonic and Amy.

“I… was… so… right… AlphaShadamy4550! HMph! SEND.” he snickered evilly. “Now to crush the other hopeless saps dreams!” he clenched his fist up before Amy took the phone, dropped it daintily, and smashed it with her hammer.

“Just because Amy’s my girrr… my girrrrrllllffff….FFFFFFF….Ah, you know. Doesn’t mean we won’t hang out with you guys!”

“Yeah! I can’t stand Sonic 24/7 anyway.” Amy rolled her eyes, as Eggman picked up the pieces of his phone and then ordered-


And the old, daily routine was back on again, as if nothing changed.

Sonic hung out with Tails, finishing up the last of the robots, as Tails took the X-Tornado and him for a spin.

“So… what made you suddenly change your mind?” Tails smiled up to Sonic, reassured that his friend wasn’t going anywhere.

Sonic, arms folded, shrugged and then looked off into the distance on his side of the plane.

“…I don’t know… she kinda just said we were, I guess.” He scratched the side of his head.

“W-wa-wait, you never actually asked her out?”

“No. Come to think of it. She never really asked me out. We just… started… how would you call it?” he looked deep in thought.


The two looked down.

Sticks was holding a megaphone and a device to hear voices miles away on her forehead, a dish-like receiver, and a Meh-burger’s trash cup on her ear.

“Eh, I put treasure to good use.” she winked to the camera.

Author’s notes:

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More metallic wings?! Please?? I am obsessed. Also what is the "wing hierarchy" like which colors are supposedly ment to pair with each other?

The supposed best pairings are:

Platinum, silver, white gold go together.

Yellow gold, bronze, rose gold go together.

There really is no scientific basis for this except that as single people get older and start to worry about being alone forever, they tend to search for what is familiar. If I have bronze wings I will probably also look for bronze or similar colors because I see it everyday and I am unconsciously more comfortable with it. And other people do it too.

And people see this and think “Ah, yes, that makes sense that cool tones and warm tones stick together” despite the fact that there are tons of perfectly happy silvers dating bronze, or various golds dating each other, or yellow golds dating platinums. Tony’s a little older than most single people (barring Pepper, his relationships rarely lasted longer than a couple months) and as much as he likes to think that it’s all nonsense, he can’t help but wonder if he should just join one of those groups whose metallic feathers never come in and try his hand with one of them. He knows that he shouldn’t give up hope finding someone himself, but… it’s hard.

How to turn a shitty dorm into a cozy room

Good lighting = Good room. If you have shit lighting the best thing to do is to throw as much light into the room without going overboard and to use warm-temperature bulbs.

Get IKEA items, the simplicity of it allows you to add complexity somewhere else within the room and it doesn’t make you look like you’re stocking ramen noodles like its the apocalypse

Learn how to use the color wheel to your advantage. Take your favorite color and explore (i use the Adobe Kuler Wheel, it’s free and online and really fun to play with) different options to create a harmonious atmosphere within the room.

However, in order to keep it calm I’d recommend from using any “loud” colors (eg firehouse red or lightning yellow) and to stick with calmer tones of your favorite colors. The loud colors can be used for accenting (eg posters, lamps, plants, etc)

And speaking of accents, try to work with something that might break the monotony of the room. The best way to do that is with posters, textiles, curtains, or rugs. Try to keep it in a tasteful design so that stereotypes don’t bring down the room quality (so no, that black light Bob Marley poster would not work in most circumstances). A good rule of thumb is that; if it’s good to (CALMLY) trip in, it’s good to live in.

Also, organize your shit! Try to utilize empty spaces within your room to reduce clutter. (A great way is to use risers in your bed frame so that you can fit things under it)

Basically that’s what I got in terms of tips. You could also research and incorporate common elements in what you would consider to be a cozy room into your own room.

If you’re looking for a good way to get a large poster for cheap if recommend “Rasturbator”, which will enlarge an image so that you can print it out onto multiple sheets of paper in order to construct a giant poster (or you can shell out relatively little money for a nice poster of it to get sent to your house). The process rasterizes the image so that any loss of quality just looks artistic rather than weird.

Consider how people or visitors will be inside your room. Basically try to make as much empty floor space as possible in order to create something where your friends or family can actually visit from time to time and not have to jump over a bed or anything. In that same vein, the most important item to make your room great is to consistently CLEAN YOUR ROOM and MAKE YOUR BED.

amethystical warmth

Doing a fic trade with @swords-light! :D
I’m sorry if this isn’t much, dear; I’m just trying to polish my (stupidly underleveled) writing skills so, uh, have this disastrous attempt at fluff–

Also the title is purely coincidental and has no relation to the topic of the fic so forgive me

Ignis Scientia x GN!Reader

That was probably the fifth batch of muffins you’ve burnt today.

           It wasn’t like you were losing concentration—no, it was more like you were too focused on mixing the batter, weighing the sugar, counting each chocolate chip and wondering if you should put half the can of condensed milk or the whole of it, and… yeah, maybe you were losing concentration.

           It didn’t help the fact that the clock was slowly, but surely, ticking away, and you know that you have less than thirty minutes before he comes home.

           Glowering at the blackened surface of what was no longer food material, you threw the batch into the dry bin, set about cleaning the countertop and figuring out how to rid the acrid smell from the kitchen in case he became suspicious.

           This was supposed to be a special day, dammit.

           Well, not really entirely special. You wanted to surprise him; you wanted to make him feel as happy as he made you on a daily basis, despite him saying that his job was just as, if not a bit more, important to him and still kept him away from you most days. Still, you were appreciative of everything he did for you, of all the gifts and meals he made for you, and why couldn’t you think of a good goddamn idea to repay him for once for Six’s sake—

           Wiping away the last sooty spot on the counter, you spritz a sprinkle of lavender-scented air perfume into the kitchen before making your way to the living room, already thinking about ordering takeout and hoping they would make the delivery as fast as fifteen minutes would enable them.

           Then, just as you were about to reach the receiver, the door clicked open, and in came the love of your life, umbrella in hand, plastic bags in the other, and soaked to the bone.

           You felt your mouth drop. You haven’t heard any thunder reverberating through the house the whole time you had been baking and trying to cook, but the condition of his wet suit, the way his previously well-groomed hair plastered to his forehead, the way drops were dripping off of every inch of him and sticking on that toned body of his… well, no time to think. You immediately went to fetch the oversized towel you had insisted he bought the week before, and went to him.

           “I’m home, love,” he said, casting you a small smile, though you took note of the silent shivers wracking his body. “Apologies that I was a bit early today. I wanted to surprise you.”

           “Oh, Iggy,” you crooned, taking off his glasses and placing it on the shoe rack before wrapping the towel around his figure; he gripped at the fluffy, comforting material with an appreciative grip. “You should’ve called me… you know how far this place is from the parking lot.”

           He smiled that smile that you have so come to love, and you decided to escape his burning gaze by taking the bags out of his hands and placing them on the kitchen. But by the time you returned to him, still standing in the hall, he was sniffing the air, brows creased in confusion. “Was there something burning, my love?”

           Immediately the flush that was on your face while you were cooking returned to you, colouring your cheeks in a pinkish hue that made him narrow his eyes at you. “Was there? Uh, maybe?” you said, voice sheepish and a little pitched at the edges. You nearly squeaked when he further narrowed those eyes at you, and you knew you were about to enter one of his lecture modes.


           “I know!” you cut him off, stammering as your arms flailed around to emphasize yourself. “I know, I just… I just wanted to help, you know… I wanted—to make something special for you and you don’t have to be the one to cook every time you come home because you were tired and I don’t want to be a burden to you because I do know how to cook just not as good as you do and I—“

           Before you could go on with what would be a five-minute nonsensical rambling, you felt warmth on your lips.

           Or, precisely, the warmth of his lips on your own.

           Even though the rest of him felt cold as ice.

           Pulling away, you rested your forehead on his, basking in the presence that was Ignis—the one whom you’d gladly, happily, call your own—even though your skin screamed at you because of how cold Ignis’ was on it. But you didn’t care.

           You just wanted to feel him.

           After a while, you both pulled away, grins on your lips as his still-gloved fingers traced shapes on your hips, his expression reverent and peaceful you just wanted to kiss them off just to see if he could, at least, make that nice flushing face at your expense. Not like you’ve never seen him blush but… well.

           You grabbed his arm and pulled him toward the direction of the bathroom, a coy smirk playing at your lips. “Come on, handsome,” you said. “Let’s get those wet stuff off your back, alright? I’ll start dinner—“

           He silenced you with yet another kiss, pulling away just a tad so you could feel his mint-scented breath on your nose. “If I could be so bold… would you care to join me? I would feel—extra—cold, if you aren’t there, soaking in the tub, with me.”

           In response, you leaned forward to nip at his cheek, relishing in the way his cheeks colored just slightly at your ministration. “So forward,” you crooned, then made to tug your—equally wet now—shirt off yourself, then fingered the buttons on his fine shirt, eyes looking up to lock with his playfully. “Are you going to undress now or should I just do it for you?”

           He dropped the towel, and his jacket soon followed, and before long you were silently gulping at the way he slipped the buttons out of their loops, one by one, revealing skin that you had memorized over the months you’ve been with him but still made you feel somewhat…strange. The good kind of strange, of course.

           You took in a deep breath, then stepped backward into the brightly lit bath, one finger beckoning him to join you.

           He dropped his pants before he followed you inside like a puppy to a bone, and then the door closed behind him, silencing the sound of shower and water filling the bath.

           At least, you’d have him to yourself for the rest of the night.