sticking toung out

Promt list

1. “Thats my phone”
2. “Why do you have my bra in your hand?”
3. “I don’t feel so good”
4. “You mean everything to me….”
5. “You lost your ring?….”
6. “Great now the fire alarm is going off”
7. “You mean to tell me that you ate all my food?…”
8. “How dare you use me when you knew i loved you….”
9. “Forget it”
10. “Maybe wishes do come true after all
11. “Maybe soulmates are a thing”
12. “Lets go travel the world”
13. “Can we sleep under the stars?”
14. “I saw you sitting alone and thought you would use some company”
15. “Are you seriously horny right now?”
16. “Whats with the cheesy pickup lines?”
17. “Nooo! They belonged together”
18. “Your jealous over my celebrity crush?”
19. “Could i maybe get your number?”
20. “How about a date?”
21. “Netflix?”
22. “Was it really worth it?”
23. “Yeah well now you’ve lost me”
24. “Let me help you goddammit”
25. “Stop being stubborn and come cuddle me”
26. “You drove here at 2 in the morning to come and get cuddles?”
27. “Soooo…..what now?”
28. “I thought you locked the door”
29. “This is going to be the end of me”
30. “You are going to be the death of me”
31. “Your just another player and its game over for us”
32. “You’re seriously a man-child”
33. “I want you. Only you”
34. “Do you belive in love at first sight?”
35. “Im so stupid. I fell for my best friend”
36. “Its cute when you blush”
37. “Back off”
38. “Is there a reason your crawling threw my window?”
39. “Thats a cute laugh. I like it”
40. “Move in with me?”
41. “I guess this is it…”
42. “It wasn’t supposed to happen like this”
43. “You owe me 10 bucks”
44. “Can you bring pizza and beer”
45. “What did that asshole do to you?”
46. “What did you do?”
47. “Ewww thats gross”
48. “Stick that toung out again and i will cut it off”
49. “Im not crying. Theres something in my eye”
50. “Wow. Your stupid”
51. “Did i fucking stutter?”
52. “You should leave”
53. “Dont mind me”
54. “Nice moves love”
55. “What a dumb idea. Im in”
56. “Can someone shoot him?”
57. “Don’t say a word”
58. “Shit, thats hot”
59. “I dont care”
60. “You need to leave”
61. “Fuck off”
62. “NEVER!”
63. “Do you even love me?”
64. “I think i just fell in love”
65. “I cant do this anymore”
66. “You’re so whipped”
67. “Forever?”
68. “I fall in love with you more and more ever day”
69. “Your all i have left”
70. “Care to dance?”
71. “Please. Just dont”
72. “Im sorry”
73. “I said im sorry what more do you want!”
74. “You cant just sit there all day”
75. “You can lock yourself away from everyone else….but please dont push me away”
76. “You can’t banish me!! This is my bed too”
77. “Talk about awkward”
78. “If you die. I’ll kill you”
79. “That dosn’t make sense”
80. “Just smile. I just really need to see you smile right now”
81. “How funny. You think i care”
82. “Tell me what’s happened. Why have we changed”
83. “I don’t even know you anymore.”
84. “Do you really need all that candy?”
85. “Don’t yell at me”
86. “Good thing i didn’t ask for your opinion”
87. “She’s hiding behind the sofa”
89. “He’s respectable. But you know, a little dodgy”
90. “Your too good for this world”
91. “Only if you give me a piggy back ride”
92. “Let’s build a fort”
93. “Wait, you like me?”
94. “Wait….is this a date?”
95. “If i did anything right in my life, it was falling in love with you”
96. “Listen i really dont like you but you hsve a puppy so im going to be over a lot”
97. “I desere an explanation. I desereve an acceptable reason”
98. “You can hate me. You can dislike me. But why cheat on me?”
99. “Your hair is so soft”
100. “I thought it’d be less hurt if i left now. But it turn out i was wrong. I promise ill never leave again”

Suggest who you would like it to be with and what number/s. Stay groovy 😎

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Welcome Back (Seth x Reader)

Request: When Seth comes back to RAW from his injury.

A/N: Actors real name is Colby so I switch between both names.

Looking around the stadium, you never truly realized how much you miss this place when you were gone. Only being an announcer backstage you took time off when Seth got injured, not really wanting him to go through it alone. You knew for sure the second time around was going to be the hardest and it was. Seth blamed himself every minute for the pain that he was in, it wasn’t anyone fault. Things just happened and you can’t help it. It was all apart of this job.

“You ready?” Colby asked you as you guys made your way into the building.

“I think I should be the one asking you that. You’re the wrestler that got hurt not me” You teased trying to lighten the mood. You knew Colby was nervous about bringing Seth back, he knew that the wrestling world didn’t stop just because someone got injured during a match. Tonight was his little come back, to set him and Triple H up for WrestleMania, it wasn’t much but it was something. Colby wasn’t really supposed to be back until a few days before WrestleMania but the storyline needed to happened so the doctors clear him for this match only. Making sure that this wouldn’t hurt him any further.

“Welcome back Seth” Roman congratulated as he walked up to you two. He was already in his gear as he had the first match of the night.

“Thanks bro, won’t be long now” Colby hollered as he fist bumped Roman finally happy that he was back even if it was only for one night. As you guys made your way through the stadium more and more people were welcoming back Colby, they were all happy that they could finally see Seth Rollins back in action. Colby happiness was clearly on his face he couldn’t hide his smile as everyone spoke to him. It’s been a while but now you were both happy to be back to your guys jobs.

“Hold up babe” Colby said as he let out a heavy breath, closing his eyes. His fist were clenched by his side and you knew from the past few weeks what that meant. He was in pain.

“Are you sure you’re good to go?” You asked as you ran back to him, taking his hands trying to comfort him as the pain subsided.

“I’m fine love, it’s going to happened. Haven’t really been on my feet for awhile” You nodded your head at his replied, he was right the doctor said it was going to be different without the clutches by his side holding most of his weight. “Now’s let go, it’s time to bring back Seth Freakin Rollins” You both laughed. It was nice for once to be laughing and not worrying. Everything was starting to feel normal once again.

“Yeah I think it’s time for me to see my favourite man again” Seth put a pout on his face from your comment and all you do was laugh again. He look so childish

“I don’t know I think I might be by the way you were screaming my name the other night” Seth informed you while putting a smirk across his face. Sticking your tounge out at him like a child you made your way into his dressing room but not before you also gave him the finger.

“You sure about this?” You asked. It was almost time for Seth to make his appearance back on RAW and you were nervous now that you guys were right backstage. All he had to do now was go through the path.

“I’m sure babe. Don’t worry I know what I’m at” Seth told you as he gave you a quick kissed before someone brought him the clutches. You knew and everyone backstage that he didn’t really need them but no one could know yet, not until he was down to the ring. And if on cue his music started. Seth made his way out with the clutches by his side to get ready to fight. You watched on the screen backstage, you knew what was going to happened but you still weren’t fully ready to watch. What if they hurt his knee again? Watching him and Triple H fight made you nervous and proud. Seth was doing what he loved again, but you knew if they hit his knee wrong while in the ring things could go south pretty quickly. You looked away every time he hit Seth knee, you couldn’t take it. When Seth hit the ground you just hoped that this was the act like it was supposed to be and nothing went wrong. Triple H left him in the ring and Mike on the floor, never looking back as he made his way backstage just like he needed too. He smiled as he passed you which you knew it was a sign that everything was good. You continued watching as the refs brought Seth backstage and when he finally away, you ran over to him. You jumped in his arms and kissed him.

“I’m so proud of you” You said with tears in your eyes.

“Thanks babe couldn’t do it without you by by side.” He kissed you once before he pulled away making his way now over to your guy’s friends to celebrate. Seth Freakin Rollins was back and you couldn’t be happier. You knew that he could win WrestleMania in a few weeks. You couldn’t wait to finally see him back fully doing what he loved

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15 Seth Rollins

Prompt: “I’d kill for a coffee…literally.”

A/N: Can you tell where the inspiration for this came from :P

“Rock. Paper. Scissors to see who drives?” you asked Seth as you put your bags in the car. 

“No. Last time we did that you won and almost got us killed!” Seth answered grabing the keys from your hand and jumping into the drivers seat. You moved round to the passenger side and jumped in, playfully punching him in the arm.

“Hey! I did not nearly kill us! That deer ran out in front of us what did you want me to do?”

“Run it over not swerve around it!” He laughed as he pulled the car out of the venue parking lot.

“No! It was a sweet inncoent creature. I wasnt going to kill it.”

“So you decide to nearly kill us!” You could see Seth was finding the whole situation hillarious so you turned away from him and looked dramatically out the window. “So cesaro was telling me this story about when they were practising with the kilts and…….Babe are you even listening?” He breifly turned to look at you to see your reflection pouting back at him. “Really? You’re pouting?” You replied by sticking your tounge out at him. This continued for a couple more miles until seth got bored and started to poke you.

“Babe.” Poke “Babe.” Poke “Babe.”

“Geezzeeee what!” You turned to face him making him jump slightly.

“Finally you’re talking to me! I was getting lonely without you.”

“Without me? its not like I jumped out the car!” you both giggled and decided to put on some music for the rest of the journey, you were both manically singing to each other, almost like an episode of carpool karaoke. Occationally you’d lean over and place a kiss to Seth’s cheek causing him to smile and blush then he’d tell you that he loved you.

About half way through the journey Seth started whining and poking you again.

“Geeze what now?”

“No where is open and I’d kill for a coffee…literally.

“Really…that’s your problem. You want coffe?”

“Yes and if Cesaro was here he’d have coffee!”

“Oh so you want to replace me with Cesaro now?”

“At the moment yes!” You fained hurt and were about to respond when Seth’s phone started ringing. He handed it to you so you could answer for him.

“Oh look it’s a face time from your new lover.” You chuckled answering Cesaro’s call.

“Heeyyy!” You smiled and tilted the phone so Cesaro could see him too.

“Hey guys! How’s it going?”

“It’s good. Seth won’t stop being mean to me.” You pouted at Cesaro as Seth gasped.

“Don’t listen to her! She’s the one how doesnt have any coffee!”

“Oh you and your damn coffee. Next time I’ll fill my entire case with coffee just for you.”

“Yasssss.” Cesaro was chuckling on the other end of the line, turing your attention back to him you noticed he was shaking his head.

“I was actually calling to see if you two forgot anything?” You and Seth both looked at each other in confusion, mentally running through everything you picked up at the venue. Returning your attention to Cesaro you both shook your head.

“Not this?” Cesaro flipped his camera round to reveal Seth’s bag. Seth did a double take at the picture while trying to keep his eyes on the road.

“That’s not mine.” He looks at the picture again confused. Had he really left one of his bags behind?

“Well it’s got your name on it.” Cesaro turned the camera back to face him.

“I don’t have my name on any of my bags?” Seth looks at you confused and notices the realisation that crosses your face.

“I may have put your name on it in case something like this happened, because lets face it we’re both idiots.”

“Well I have your bag with me so I’ll give it to you at the hotel.”

Seth let out a little sigh of relief. “Thanks man, we will see you there.” You both said goodbye and Cesaro hung up the phone.

“See if I had some coffee I wouldn’t have forgotten my bag.” You rolled your eyes at him and slapped his arm causing him to chuckle, Seth took his had off the wheel to give your’s a squeeze. “FYI I would never replace you with Cesaro. He’s nowhere near as good a cuddler as you are.” He gave you a cheeky smile and pulled your hand up to kiss it.

Prompt from this list.


More than Beneficial

gif sources: x , x 

 Michael Gray x Reader 

 ~warnings: swearing and mentions of sex~

 Prompt: Michael and you are friends with benefits. 

 A/N: Someone requested Michael smut but I like to write the lead ups to them first because it makes the smut more intimate. I hope you are all okay with that. I can imagine that this fic will be maybe 3 Parts when I map it out in my head. Sorry if this one is boring. I promise part two will be a lot more exciting. I tried out doing different Point of Views(POV) because I thought it would help make more sense of the story. Please leave feedback so I can know what I should change for the next part. Did you love it? Hate it? Let me know! Also, Happy Easter to everyone!

You turned the corner on your way to The Garrison. Isaiah and Michael had taken off from the offices an hour or so before you had. You needed to finish some work. Plus, you wanted to reapply some makeup and redo your mess of hair that you threw up this morning to avoid being late.

“Come on, Y/F/N! Let’s just get out of here! You have been staring at paperwork all day. I’m surprised your eyes still function and that your brain hasn’t fried. Plus we are the last ones here.” Isaiah joked sitting on the edge of your desk. You didn’t let your eyes stray from all of the work laid in front of you. The papers on your desk still required lots of attention and seemingly so did Isaiah as he grabbed the pen out of your hand and holding it far out of your reach.

“Isaiah, I’m serious I need to finish this! Tommy’s gonna have my head if I don’t get this done!” You pleaded, pausing to change your tone. “And I’m going to have yours if you don’t give that back to me right now!” You demanded standing to try and grab it out of his hands. You bit your lower lip to keep yourself from laughing, trying desperately to look stern.

“Fine, but only because you asked nicely.” He said sarcastically, holding it in front of you and pulling it away again jokingly. You gave him a stern look, to which he gave it back to you still chuckling. A curse word came out of your mouth as you started laughing with him. You really didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he had made you laugh.

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Cold Morning (F)

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REQUESTED: Jinyoung, you, and your daughter playing in the snow. (SO CUTE)

Reader (you) x Jinyoung

Word Count: 729

Genre: FLUFF

note: here you go, anon! I hope you like it haha! i tried my best writing this while watching running man at the same time. the amount of procrastination is real haha. anyways, happy reading!! -admin

“Wake up, mommy! Wake up, daddy!” Your daughter yelled as she bounced on the bed you shared with Jinyoung. You could hear Jinyoung groan as your daughter continued to bounce on the bed.

“We’re awake, honey.” You said, sitting up on the bed and grabbing your daughter on the waist to pull her down. The sound of her laughter filled the room which made you smile brightly. Turning your head at Jinyoung, you saw his grumpy expression plastered on his face, making you chuckle under your breath. Your husband was not a morning person, especially when you both stayed up late watching a movie. But your hypoactive daughter kept you from sleeping in.

“It’s snowing outside.” Your daughter whispered in your ear.

“Do you want to go out and play with the snow?” You raised your eyebrows at her. She flashed you a cute smile before nodding her head.

You looked at Jinyoung again, making sure he was well sound asleep before you hopped off the bed with your daughter. Both of you quietly ran around the house, getting dressed before heading out into the backyard to play with the snow. Although it was a bit chilly, you couldn’t help but feel happy since your daughter was so fascinated with the snow.

“Look mommy! I made a snow angel!” Your daughter beamed as she pointed at the little figure in the snow.

“How about we build a snowman?” You suggested as you watched the little girl’s face lighten up. Your daughter nodded her head before running off to start on a snowman. Following her, you helped your daughter build a cute snowman. It was after a few minutes, you heard someone from behind walking up towards you and your daughter. Turning around, you saw Jinyoung brightly smiling at the wonderful scene in front of him. Snow and his two loved ones enjoying the weather.

“You built a snowman without me?” Jinyoung pouted, crossing his arms. Feeling very childish, you grabbed a bunch of snow and threw it at his face.

“You snooze, you lose.” You said, sticking your tounge out at him. Jinyoung chuckled under his breath as he grabbed a handful of snow and threw it at you. Laughing your head off, you grabbed your daughter and started to come up with a plan to sabotage Jinyoung.

“You grab a handful of snow,” You told your daughter, “And throw it at daddy. Then I’ll go up and throw a huge snowball.”

Your daughter nodded her head as she bend down to make a small little snowball and threw it at Jinyoung. You, on the other hand, grabbed a handful and threw it at Jinyoung, causing him to loudly scream. Your daughter’s laughter filled the air mixed with yours, making the morning full of joy. Jinyoung didn’t care if he was cold or not, the feeling of happiness was only enough to make him feel warm. For a few minutes, all of you continued to throw snowballs back and forth to the point where Jinyoung started to feel cold.

“Yah, let’s go inside. It’s getting cold out.” Jinyoung stated, grabbing your daughter’s arm and he gently led her inside.

“No!” Your daughter screamed, throwing a mini tantrum in Jinyoung’s arms. Jinyoung’s face pleaded for help as the little girl continued to scream.

“If we go inside, we can have some hot chocolate.” You stated, hoping to get your daughter’s attention. And of course, it did work. She stopped crying and happily beamed as she ran inside the house. Jinyoung started to laugh as he observed your daughter’s actions.

“Why does she only listen to you?” He whined as he took your cold hands and led you inside the house.

“That’s because she’s another version of me.” You joking said, grabbing his arm and pulling him closer so that you laid your head on his shoulders.

“Another trouble maker.” Jinyoung replied back, making you hit him in the chest as you smiled brightly. Couldn’t help the cuteness that vibrated off your husband, you grabbed his face and kissed in on the cheek. Jinyoung, on the other hand, chuckled as he tore away from you to run up to your daughter and give her a kiss instead. Pouting, you enjoyed seeing your two loved ones share a moment after a cold morning in the snow. And you couldn’t be more happier.

stuff that my friends have noticed when i write
  • head shaking for two minutes
  • singing along to heathers under my breath
  • ‘im feeling so fly like a cheese stick’ ‘rey its g6′ ‘WHAT THE FUCK’
  • this video on a loop during sad parts (volume warning)
  • foot tap foot tap foot tap foot tap foot tap foot tap foot tap foot tap MAJOR FOOT TAP foot tap foot tap foot tap
  • “shit, is she sitting or standing.” “i think she was sitting.” “no i got her standing up right here, gestering wildidly here, and kicking the couch here. i think shes standing??” 
  • my tounge sticks out a lil and i push up me glasses too much
  • chews on headphones
  • ‘what the FUCK are sharks’
Naughty Princess
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> Fuck!<p/><b>Daddy:</b> what did you just say,little one?<p/><b>Me:</b> *turns head around and sticks out tounge* NUFFIN!<p/><b>Daddy:</b> 3<p/><b>Me:</b> ...<p/><b>Daddy:</b> 2<p/><b>Me:</b> *runs to daddy and looks up at him* I said a bad word<p/><b>Daddy:</b> Thank you for being honest,now go take everything off but your panties and get the whip.<p/></p>
B.A.P Reaction #5 - Their kid has a really funny nightmare

TaeTae-ya Asked: B.A.P reaction to their kids having a funny nightmare (like it was scary for the kids but funny for them XD e.g santa was chasing them and was throwing presents)

Y/k/n = Your kid’s name

Y/n = Your name

Yongguk: “Yah y/k/n…do you really think that the post man delivering your mail to the wrong house is that scary?”

Y/K/N: “Appa!! The neighbors got all out information and broke into the house!”

Yongguk: “Sweetie, you don’t have any information that could lead to someone being able to break into our house, you’re only 8 years old…”

*tries to convince your kid that nobody will break into your house for the next 2 hours*

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Himchan: “Y/k/n? What are you okay??”

Y/K/N: “Appa… I had a nightmare…”

Himchan: “It’s okay, I’m here to protect you, come here.” *picks up your kid and covers them up so they can sleep with you two* “What did you dream about?”

Y/K/N: “I dreamed that our dog farted and it was so toxic that it killed us.”

Himchan (in his head): What the actual f*ck did we do to this kid to make them dream this…?

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Daehyun: “You woke me up because…. because you had a dream that your bunny came to life and wanted to be my friend instead of your friend..?

Y/K/N: *through tears, clutching their stuffed rabbit* “I don’t want you! I want mommy! You stole my bunny from me!!”

Y/n: “Aww Dad stole your best friend from you? Come here! Cuddle with mommy, she’ll protect you and bunbun from your dad!”

Daehyun: “Are you actually serious right now?”

Y/K/N: *sticks their tounge out at him*

Y/N: *laughing hysterically at Daehyun’s misfortune*

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Youngjae:*had a nightmare that a toad chased them around* “Was he a giant toad…?

Y/K/N: “No…” *sniff* “just a normal sized one.”

Youngjae: “Aww, sweetie!” *chuckles* “Appa will go beat up that mean toad for you!”

Y/K/N: “But appa, you can’t beat him up. Remember your music video? You get beat up by uncle Jongup and thrown in the sand…”

Youngjae: “No, that was just playing around! I’m strong see?” *flexes arm*

Y/K/N: *starts crying* “Please call uncle Jongup appa!! I want him to beat up the toad so he can never chase me again!”

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Jongup: “You had a dream that you found Atlantis and could breathe underwater? How is that scary, isn’t that cool?”

Y/K/N: “They made fun of me because I didn’t have a fish tail!”

Jongup: “Did you tell them that you’re a human and not a mer-person?”

Y/K/N: “Appa!! I can’t speak their language! Their mer-people!”

Jongup: “But…you could still understand them…? How did you understand them if you can’t speak their language”

Y/K/N: *gets frustrated trying to explain and storms off*

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Zelo: *wakes up when he hears noises in his living room, walks into the living room to see his child stuffing their toys up the fire place’s chimney* “Y/K/N!! What are you doing? They’ll get stuck up there!”

Y/K/N: “I don’t want santa to ever get in this chimney ever again!!”

Zelo: *grabs your child’s arm to stop them from shoving their stuffed animal up there* “What? Why sweetie, what happened??”

Y/K/N: “Santa was chasing me and threw presents at me!!”

Zelo: “Oh…um… Are you sure he wasn’t just trying to give you the presents nicely?”

Y/K/N: “No! He told me that I asked for too many toys so he worked too hard and was mad at me!”

Zelo: “All you asked for this year was a bicycle…”

Y/K/N: “Yeah, and bikes hurt when they hit the back of your head!!”

Zelo: “He threw a whole bike at you???” *absorbed in the child’s story*

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A/N: I changed Youngjae’s because I thought of a better one xD I have a friend who’s afraid of frogs because they jump and she doesn’t trust anything that jumps lmao (she’s afraid of bunnies because of that too) Thanks for your help Rey~ xD




Juice One Shot

Title: Meeting The Family

Imagine that you have been dating Juice for a while and that he spends most nights at your apartment. Juice has met your family and friends but you have yet to meet his family, so he suggests that you go to a party to meet them.

“I think your dad hates me” Juice states as he watches I trying to find the right key to unlock my apartment door.

“Dad doesn’t hate you, he just didn’t expect you to have a shaved head and tattoos to match” I sent Juice a sorry look as I take in his form, leaning on the wall outside my apartment “I also kind of forgot to mention that part about you and the MC and how you own half of a weed shop”

“If you had told him any of that before the diner, I would never have stepped foot inside your parents house and how can you say he didn’t hate me! He was sending me glares all night and I swear to god if he shook my hand any tighter I would have broken something.” We both cant help but laugh at this and suddenly anyone watching us could immediately tell our ages as we finally got into the apartment.

“Can you blame him! throughout the full dinner you where practically groping his youngest daughter for the full night” I laugh while walking into the toilet and begin to take off my make-up.

“I cant hep it if his daughter is so god damn sexy in this dress” Juan says while coming up behind me and biting my bare shoulder.

“Hey watch it!” I giggle as he places a gentle kiss where he bit me.

“Better princess?” he teases while taking off his dress shirt, I reply by sticking out my tounge to him. I proceed to remove my make-up and jewellery while watching Juice in the mirror as he got naked and into the shower “Like what you see?”

“Maybe” I smile while placing my earrings next to the bathroom sink

“You wanna come join me baby?” Juice offers and I let out a loud and totally fake laugh.

“Ha you wish lover boy” This time it was him sticking his tongue out to me. I made my way into the bed room and removed my short red dress replacing it with one of Juices SAMCRO t-shirts and deciding to not wear anything underneath. I move onto the bed and get under the blankets before pulling my hair into a messy bun on the top of my head. Not long after I had turned off all the lights and snuggled in for the night Juice got out of the shower, dried off before pulling on a pair of boxers and climbing into bed next to me. His arms instantly wrap around my waist as he pulls me back tightly into his hard chest.

“I love when you wear my stuff babe” Juicy whispers while leaving soft kisses on my neck and squeezing my sides softly. I hum in response moving my head round to catch his lips before they made contact with my neck again. He smiles as I do this a deep chuckle vibrating his full chest as I turn my body to face his.

“I love when I wear your stuff” I smirk giving his lips a final peck before moving to leave butterfly kisses on his broad shoulders

“God I love when you kiss my body baby” I giggle as he says this throw my leg over his waist before he takes matters into his own hands, gripping my naked ass he moves my body to lay on top of his. I continue to kiss my way around his chest, neck and face.

“Can I ask you something?” Juan asks as I begin moving my body down his, my kisses reaching my stomach. I nod my head but don’t stop the kisses, running my hands up his chest. “Have you got any plans for Friday night?” his voice shook as I left a couple of wet opened mouthed kisses on top of his v-line.

“Why *kiss* what do you *kiss* have in mind?” I whisper quietly my warm breath hitting of the skin just before where his boxers started, my fingers ready to pull them down.

“There’s going to be a party at the clubhouse the boys said I should bring my girl” I froze mid kiss and retract my hands from pull down the underwear before looking up into Juices eyes.

“You want me to meet the guys?” I question shock clear in my voice, he had told me plenty of stories about his brothers and kept me in the loop about the clubs business but had never asked me to meet them before.

“Well yeah, I mean I've met all of your friends and I’ve most of your  family so I think you should meet mine” Their is a huge smile on Juices face and the love in his eyes that’s always their when he talks about his family.

“Are you sure? I mean what if they don’t like me?” His smile softens as he brings my body up to lay next to his as he lets a soft laugh leave his mouth at my worried face

“They are going to love you just like I do, don’t worry about it babe” I give him a soft nod reassuring him that I was fine “Okay, now lets get back to what we where doing” Juan smirks as he latches his lips onto my neck, positioning himself between my legs. And as Juice did his thing all I could think about was meeting the most important people in Juice’s life

I through my head back as Juice rode down the highway, ever since I had started dating Juice I had grown an un-healthy obsession with motor bikes. As we drive towards the clubhouse for me to finally meet Juice’s family, riding on the back of his bike helps to de-stress my body.

 After a few more minutes on the highway we take a cut off, driving down a quite road and when I see the “Welcome to Charming” sign the butterfly’s returned to my stomach. It took minutes for us to reach the streets of Charming and it was as if we had an immediate presence in the town, as soon as we had hit the streets their was always eyes on us. Passers by looked our way either just taking a glance or staring until we where out of sight. Juice had told me about the reputation that the club had in the town but I had no idea that it was this intense, this realisation did not help my butterfly’s but added to them. A huge amount of pressure forming as a weight on my shoulders.

“You ready babe” Juice said over his shoulder as we pulled into a lot "Welcome to TM" I took in the empty garage that stood to my left but the thing I notices straight away was the lit up clubhouse which stood straight ahead of us. As Juice parked his bike I took in the bikers out side the building along with girls in tight short skirts immediately making me feel self conscious. My eyes leave the building as one biker with the same patch as Juice has on everywhere he went ‘Sons of Anarchy’ it read and its how I had first noticed Juan. I hadn’t been paying attention to what was going on and by the time I had come out of my daze Juice was off the bike and waiting for me to follow.

“You okay?” Juice asks as I snap out of my gaze but I don’t keep my gaze on him for long as my gaze averts back to the clubhouse where more men in patched vests hovering outside the entrance of the clubhouse. “Hey, baby” a hand comes to pull my chin towards him giving me a confused look as I stay rooted on the bike

“What if they don’t like me” The frown in his brow deepening as his look of confusion spreads as I rise to my feet removing the helmet from my head standing in front of Juan "I mean what if they don’t and you have to choose? You couldn’t pick me over your family and I don’t think that I could handle that and-“ Two rough hands pull my hips towards Juices and my lips are captured by his mesmerising pair, my hands move on their own up to the back of his head as he presses his body against mine making me have to lean against the bike for support. Pulling back for breath Juice rests his forehead against mine his big brown eyes staring into mine a look of determination in is eyes

“They are going to love you and you are going to love them, please baby for me, give them a chance and if you don’t like it then we can leave I promise” Juice removes his head from mine taking my hand in his and before I can answer their is shouting behind us

“Come on Juicy Boy get yer lassie in here the now the party’s just starting brother!” A Scottish accent comes from somewhere behind us among the group of me and I cant help the nervous but exited smile that comes to my face.

“Come on, I need to meet these crazy people” I laugh lightly puling Juice with my and over to the group, he soon matches my pace. As we drew closer to the boys I watched as their eyes innocently took in my body. I had decided on wearing black high wasted jeans, a lace crop top and my worn in black docmartins. There where no other women outside anymore, all of them having retreated inside for some reason, but the guys made up for the girls absence.

“And how in the bloody name of hell did you manage to get a lassie like this Juicy?” The same Scottish voice from earlier asked and now I could put a face to the voice. He was an older man but by no means the least attractive, he had sault and pepper hair with a goatee, he was hot. Most of them where.

“Yeah and why haven’t you brought her here before I mean you’ve been depriving us of this beautiful creature brother” This guy had dark curly hair and striking blue eyes that made me instantly find him attractive. The smiles at me brother holding out a hand for me to take, I hesitate but decide to take it “Lets get you a drink doll, let you meet everyone” The man threw his arm around me as the rest of their guys pilled in behind us all heading inside with smiles on their faces. I couldn’t see Juice anymore but I felt comfortable and safe with these guys and I trusted Juice when he said I was safe, so I followed the man inside the first thing that he got me was a shot.

this is going to be a long night

“Tig babe, where’s my man?” I question in a slurring voice after me, Alex, Fillip and Happy had downed our 100th shot of the night.

“Dunno doll…"He stood from his seat before pointing him out. He was at the sofas with Jax, Opie and Clay I smile slightly as I watch him laugh

“Lets go say high shall we boy?” They all laugh I quickly get up from my seat and walk over to Juice who didn’t see me come until I was sat down on the sofa next to him. Juan turned to me his smile widening when he saw the look on my face, he knew I was drunk.

“What’d you guys do to her?” He laughs as Chib’s takes a seat next to me

“More like what did she do to us, we wanted to stop about 20 shots ago but this lassie for yours just kept pouring them” The guys all laugh at this before entering into their own conversations as I turn my body to face Juan and he does the same a goofy smile on his face.

“What’re you laughing at?” I giggle throwing my legs over his lap and scooting closer to him my hands resting on his chest.

“I knew you’d like them” He smiles his eyes full of love and, the happiness of me getting along with the his brothers showing clearly on his face.

“What can I say, they are really nice. I like them” Juan leaned over and gave me a slow and gentle kiss before puling away the smile still dominating his face.

“I knew you would”

Hello, hello, hello and sorry it has taken so long for this but I’ve had a lot of school work to do in the last few weeks so I have been very busy. But anyway I hope you all enjoy let me know if you do and don’t forget to send me any ideas you have for Imagines or One Shots :) also sorry this isent very long or if it isn’t edited very well:/

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scenario where kageyama's older sister is dating oikawa??

Do you wanna know what i love just as much as I love writing headcanons?

Writing drabbles!

Have a great day, love!



Hatred is a very strong word, a very strong emotion, but to Tobio, the word meant everything to him. It meant the way he had to sit back and watch their constant flirting whenever they would be at the Kageyama household, the way their hands were clasped against each others during days out, the way he would disgustingly whine whenever she denied him kisses, and to Tobio, hatred was the right word.

Never had he ever thought that his sister- his amazing, stunningly gorgeous and intelligent older sister, -would fall for the likes of him.

And it made his blood boil hotter than the sun’s core… without killing him of course. But it was still painful.

“You’ve got to grow up, Tobio. I’m not going to stop seeing Tooru just because you’re not on good terms with him.” She would say, her back facing where he was currently sat cross legged on the living room floor, watching her fix her hair and grab her jacket before Oikawa picked her up for their date.

“But nee-san-”

“But nothing. I mean it, cant you at least be happy that I found someone who truly likes me for who I am?”

Tobio grew silent for a second before looking away, his pouty bottom lip completely obvious. “I’ll be happy when you find someone that loves you for who you are and it isn’t him.”

“Tobio!” She turns her head and shoots him a glare, her sleek black hair whipping around and greeting her on her opposite shoulder. With a deep sigh, she walks over to where he was sitting and squats down, ruffling his hair with her hand. “Listen, I know you don’t feel too good about him, but I do.You trust me, right?” He simply nods his head, looking up at her, at the same beautiful blue eyes that mirror his own. “I’m old enough now to know what’s best for me. You’re still my baby brother, and I love you dearly. Just because I’m dating someone you don’t like, doesn’t mean I’m replacing you.”

And her smile, which anyone could mistake for a star in the sky, made Tobio smile for the first time that evening.

After a quick hug, there was a knock at the door. Jumping back up to her feet and fixing her outfit, she hurries over to answer the door for her boyfriend and embraces him immediately, her excitement for the date returning again.

“I’ll be back later, Tobio!” She calls to him, and as he stands to wave, he notices Oikawa giving him a look from the other side of the room. For the first time in a long time he was ready to say something halfway decent to Oikawa because hey, he doesn’t like him, but his sister does, so he can at least try to be nice- “Yeah, don’t wait up, Tobio-chaaaan.~” Oikawa gives a smug smirk and sticks his tounge out at the younger boy, holding his girlfriend tighter by the waist and letting the door nearly slam shut behind them; leavning Tobio with a half raised hand and a twitching left eye.

And in that moment, Tobio knew that hatred was too soft of a word.

dating taehyung would include

yoongi’s | jimin’s | jungkook’s 

dating taehyung be like…

▪ lip biting
▪ wanting his hands on your body
▪ back hugs
▪ kissing your lips over and over again
▪ building forts at home
▪ ruining the fort because taehyung was excited
▪ him laughing at you being cute
▪ cuddling while watching your favorite movie
▪ taking his snap back off his head to place it on yours
▪ sweet longing looks
▪ slow long kisses
▪ smothering you with his hugs aww
▪ “lets makeout babe”
▪ making out on the couch
▪ your lips being bruised from kissing so much
▪ him sticking out his tounge like ALOTT
▪ “you look so pretty, my pretty baby.”
▪ pulling you closer in bed
▪ him sleeping on top of you lol
▪ zoo dates
▪ him sneaking in your house at night
▪ “why did you cut my shirt tae”
▪ “so we could match jagjiya”
▪ never staying mad at him for too long
▪ holding his face when you kiss him
▪ ice cream datessss
▪ him licking the ice cream off your lips
▪ taking you to meet his grandmother
▪ dancing crazily with him
▪ rapping cypher with him
▪ hyung line except jin getting tired of you two
▪ wierd but cute couple pictures
▪ “taeee~ jimin keeps messing with me”
▪ tae kissing your forehead before he kicks jimin lmao
▪ falling for your aeygo
▪ falling for his aeygo
▪ going to concerts and seeing him peform tomorrow
▪ then he gives you that look YOU KNOW THE LOOK
▪ giggling when yall have sex
▪ “stop giggling tae”
▪ “okay”
▪ him making you a moaning and whimpering meESS
▪ jimin and jungkook teasing you two the morning after
▪ being the inspiration behind ‘hold me tight’
▪ him holding you when you cry
▪ “that’s why i like baekhyun better”
▪ hurt face tae lmao im dying

Joker stared at himself in the mirror, slipping a headband on to keep his hair out of his face. He smiled and winked at his reflection before opening the door quietly. He glanced at Batsy whom was lying on his back and flipping through a magazine. Joker crawled onto the bed, sliding beside Batsy and resting his head on his chest.

“Hiya handsome”

“Hello Joker.”

Joker scrunched up his nose in distance, squirming slightly. “Hold me?” He asked tentatively, reaching for the magazine and putting it to the end of the bed.

Batsy shrugged, smiling gently as he wrapped his arms around Joker, kissing his temple.

They snuggled for what seemed like only a few minutes when Joker let out a whimper. “Battsyyyy, get your elbow out of my ribs!”

“Like you should talk! Your knee has been digging into my calf for the past hour!”

“We haven’t even been here for an hour!” Joker argued back, sticking out his tounge.

“Ugh, roll over.” Batsy groaned, pushing the Joker away as he turned on his other side.

Joker sat up, frowning. No this will not do. “Batsyyy.” He whined. “Don’t you love me?” He asked, kneading his hands against Batman’s back.

“Stop it you assmunch.” Batman scowled, looking over his shoulder. Joker gasped loudly, lying over his boyfriend limply. “That hurt my feelings,” He tapped Batsy’s chin.

Batman paused before lifting his arm and pulling Joker close to him. “Yes, I love you.” He sighed. “Now go to sleep.”

Joker nodded happily, closing his eyes and wrapping his legs tightly around Batsy’s waist. “Sweet dreams, my dark night.”

“That was so cheesy. Go to sleep. Never say that again.”

percy.exe has stopped working

Percy - Wednesday 23:31
> I wanna… be angry at him and stick my toung out behind his back

Percy - Wednesday 23:32

Percy - Wednesday 23:32
> I figured out

Percy - Wednesday 23:32
> I get it

Percy - Wednesday 23:32
> you’re playing the game with that man

Percy - Wednesday 23:33
> I didn’t know he was in…that game

Lars - Wednesday 23:33
> atlas?

Lars - Wednesday 23:33
> what game did you think

Percy - Wednesday 23:33
> air

Percy - Wednesday 23:33
> who’s a tlas

Percy - Wednesday 23:33
> what game you play

Lars - Wednesday 23:34
> bioshock has atlas the would you kindly irish fraud

Percy - Wednesday 23:34
> I thought him second game of other series…

Lars - Wednesday 23:34
> what other

Percy - Wednesday 23:34
> uhhhhhhhhhh

Lars - Wednesday 23:36
> give a hint. m… i could figure it ou

Percy - Wednesday 23:36
> uhhh

Percy - Wednesday 23:36
> kick his ass

Percy - Wednesday 23:36
> he um

Percy - Wednesday 23:36
> killed some kids

Percy - Wednesday 23:36
> uhh

Percy - Wednesday 23:36
> Uh uh

Percy - Wednesday 23:36
> air

Percy - Wednesday 23:36
> you were

Percy - Wednesday 23:36
> not too fucky

Percy - Wednesday 23:36
> uhh

Percy - Wednesday 23:37
> something about…children

Percy - Wednesday 23:37
> you walk into ro OM with him and you’re like oh shit that’s the voice and then you can kill him but you don’t Gotta

Lars - Wednesday 23:38
> unclear

Percy - Wednesday 23:38
> I was 10

Percy - Wednesday 23:39
> uhhh

Percy - Wednesday 23:39
> I think it was

Percy - Wednesday 23:39
> uh

Percy - Wednesday 23:39
> it wa she second… the second one..

Percy - Wednesday 23:39
> and you’re in like,,, everything’s dead world yeah

Lars - Wednesday 23:42

Percy - Wednesday 23:42
> hurts

Percy - Wednesday 23:42
> that

Percy - Wednesday 23:42
> hurts

Percy - Wednesday 23:42

Percy - Wednesday 23:42
> !!!!! Taht s IT YOU FOUND IT

Percy - Wednesday 23:43

Percy - Wednesday 23:43

Lars - Wednesday 23:43
> so the whole time you were talking about bioshock

Percy - Wednesday 23:43
> you

Percy - Wednesday 23:43
> I mean I said I THOUGHt

Percy - Wednesday 23:43
> throwback thoughh

Percy - Wednesday 23:44
> I thought him so cool…

Percy - Wednesday 23:45
> Atlas is cool!

Percy - Wednesday 23:46
> I like when mc is like “oh fuck” and atlas is like “I’m stinky” it’s the best I live that part