sticking out your tongue

Fictionkin askbox game

1. Who of your kins is most likely to stick out their tongue while focusing/working hard?
2. Which kin to you identify most with?
3. Who was your first kin?
4. What is your favorite memory?
5. What is your least favorite memory?
6. Which sense most connects you to your kin(s)?
7. How many kins do you have? (Fiction only)
8. Is there a kin you’re embarrassed about?
9. Who is your most obscure kin?
10. Is it hard for you to find canonmates?
11. Are you okay with doubles?
12. Who of your kins is most likely to cause mayhem or panic?
13. Which of your kins has the worst sense of fashion?
14. Who from your canon do you miss most?
15. What was your favorite canon?
16. Which canon do you have the most memories from?
17. Which canon do you have the fewest memories from?
18. Do any colors remind you of certain kins?
19. Do you have kins from the same source and canon?
20. Do you have kins from the same source but different canons?
21. Who of your kins is the biggest meme?
22. Who of your kins is the mom/dad friend?
23. Does any non-kin know that you’re kin?
24. Is there anything you could do in a past life that you wish you could still do?
25. Do you have any kins that aren’t from media? (Otherkin)

my insides are a cranberry bog. it’s snowing and i’m trying to teach you how to thread a needle. i want to tell you that dad left because he is who he is, but i also just want this moment to be between the two of us. once you asked me if i still believed in love after all of this. but i think mom’s been better ever since. do you remember how we all crowded together in one bed for days after. we were so worried about her we walked like tightrope performers, juggling breakfasts we burnt and dinners we made from soup cans. it’s been hard. we avoid the space he left. 

but i do believe in love, i want to tell you. your tongue sticks out while you stick the string through the loop. i believe in you. i believe we can fold ourselves right. he taught me the same skill, but i taught myself the whipstitch. i taught myself the tie off. i taught myself how to teach you. your hands shake sometimes. i try not to notice when mine do. i’m saying sometimes love looks like a bonfire and sometimes it looks like a dark house - but one we’re relearning how to light candles in. 

i show you how to sow. and one day we’ll all learn how to trust again.

Liking Newt would include...Part Two

Part One

Part Two


-Behind Hugs
•this is when your both in the briefcase and
he’s writing something down and having a
difficult time so you go behind and hug him

-Him still being jealous that you have Pickett
•trying to take Pickett back
•Pickett sticking his tongue out
you sticking your tongue out

-Having to say goodbye to Jacob
•you being sad
•newt being sad
he’s actually more upset than

-On your way back to England
•holding hands
•scarf stealing
•playing with fingers

-Getting of the boat a finally being able to
•because you get sea sick sometimes

-Loving the fact that you can actually use magic
in some parts of England
•lots of rain
•newt uses the fancy rain umbrella with his
•shielding you from the rain
•"Newt, Im not going to melt"
•"Who knows, you’re a witch after all"
•laughing at his pathetic joke

-Getting back home
•hugging newt goodbye
•"You know you live next door right, I’ll see
you tomorrow"
•You still want to spend time with newt
•Your house being a mess
•sleeping on the couch

-Watching your favorite wizard movie
•actually mostly newt watching it
Because you fall asleep
•newt looking at your face in awe when
you sleep
that sounds kind of creepy..

-Both of you finally falling asleep
•hand tangled
And you don’t know that you both
like each other

BTS Reaction To You Sticking Out Your Tongue When You Catch Them Staring

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Requested  by anon

Jin: Did she just do what I think she did? *offended*

Yoongi: *Looks away right away embarrassed*

Hoseok: *Laughs hella hard*

Namjoon: *Doesn’t want to think dirty things but ends up thinking dirty things*

Jimin: (inner dialog) Oh god oh god she noticed oh no 

Taehyung: *Does the cute puppy thing and cocks his head to the side*

Jungkook: *International playboy*

I keep thinking about that moment in The Morning After Job, where Eliot sticks his tongue out at the dirty cops.

I mean. Sir. You’re Eliot Spencer. The Eliot Spencer. You’re a certificated badass. You’re a perfect crossover of James Bond and scruffy lumberjack. You’re working under pressure while members of your team are being shot at. You need to make dirty cops follow you into the back rooms.

So you knock one of them down and you fucking stick your tongue out at them, like you’re five and playing chase on the playground.

You’re fucking asshole, sir. I may be in love.

Pukwudgie? But what does heart mean?

Closing your eyes to hear the rain, a song on repeat on a on just because, hugs just a little bit too long, ‘your hair smells nice today’, shouting when angry, running the last few meters before arriving to your destination, knowing when strike to hurt someone, sticking your whole arm out of the window of a moving car, laughing too loud, crying because a book character is suffering, hearing music and automatically start to dance, racing to take the first sit, taking your friends by the hand to make them do what you want, sticking your tongue out and drinking directly from the rain, being so angry that you lash out at everyone and everything, jumping out of your skin when scared, getting personally offended, singing at the top of your lungs with a crowd in a concert, feeling your eyes watering in anger, taking pranks way too far, being dramatic when telling a story, ‘Damn you are no fun’, water so hot you skin steams after you shower, looking up at the sky when it thunders, throwing your hands up in the air in roller-coasters, getting excited when you see your footprints in the otherwise untouched white snow, being mean to someone who has done nothing wrong because you want to, being the first one to dance in the club, going to the front of a boat and opening your arms screaming that you are the king of the world, showing memes to irl friends even though you know they won’t get it, suddenly feeling afraid of what might be underneath you when swimming in the sea, putting too much acid in your words, your sides hurting from laughter, crying in the shower where no one can see you, following your instinct, feeling sick satisfaction, deep conversations at 3 am, staring at a painting for longer than usual, going to someone’s home and touching everything, exchanging meaningful looks with your friends when someone says something stupid, moving your hands when you talk, feeling numb when hurt and then boil for revenge, hating love, having bags under your eyes because last night the book was just reaching the best part, cursing at a movie, using too many emojis, liking your fingertips after eating, telling scary stories so good you end up scaring yourself, falling in love, having to stop reading mid-sentece because you need a moment to process all the feels you are getting, being rude because you don’t have time for this, been heart broken, cursing like a sailor, not caring about what other people might think, the wind hitting your body as the motorbike flies over the road, obvious sarcasm, performing in the shower, hating too strongly, headphones too loud, acting the guitar solo, pushing other people to get a better look, knowing what someone is gonna say before they say it, sticking your tongue out to someone as an answer, way in anything and everything, not awkward silences, smelling flowers at midnight, raising your eyebrow, holding grudges and having your emotions in tune with your life.


Requested by @loviecleone43

You were out for some breakfast with the guys before their last show today. It was your way of celebrating an amazing tour with the guys.

Josh has been pretty distant lately. Always on his phone, when usually he’d be jumping on your back and annoying you with jokes and pranks.

“Okay babe, I need to piss. Be right back.” Brendon pressed his lips to your cheek and flashed a wink before propping up on his feet.

Josh let out a huff and rolled his eyes, which caught your attention. “What’s your problem?” You asked.

He shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. “Nothing. I’m fine.”

“Bull shit.” You exhaled. “What happened? You used to be able to talk to me about anything.”

He glanced up at you and met your gaze. The anger had subside in that moment.

You flashed a weird face, crossing your eyes and sticking your tongue out. Josh broke in to a chuckle, and glanced away, lowering his head down to the table.

“God, you’re such a dork.” He cackled.

“Yea, but you love me.” You giggled.

He slowly lifted his head, and returned his gaze back to you. His lips slowly falling as his body slightly tensed. “I do. I’m in love with you, Y/N.” He muttered.

He swallowed hard, feeling his stomach churn as he realized what he had just said. “Shit sorry. I-i don’t know why I-” “Josh!” You chuckled. “I’m in love with you too, dork. I mean, I thought I made that pretty obvious with the whole ‘I’m cold let’s cuddle’ the last few nights.”

I read this quote earlier today and thought I should share at some point because it is true…

“The last laugh, the last cup of coffee, the last sunset, the last time you jump through a sprinkler, or eat an ice-cream cone, or stick your tongue out to catch a snowflake. You just don’t know. ” ~Lauren Oliver

Ironically, tonight an individual decided he didn’t want to be held accountable, so he ran through a VERY red light and almost Tboned me.

I am glad I didn’t get to experience that. I hope he, the police, and civilians in his path are safe as well.


Prompt: Drabble; huddling up to Diablo for warmth

Warnings: Slight language, but other than that, none. Just fluff for fluff’s sakes. 

“I don’t know about you guys,” You grumble under your breath, folding your arms over your chest, “but I’m freezing my ass off over here.” The wind nips at your neck and you shiver again, holding your arms against your body even tighter.

Boomer snorts and pulls his jacket further around him. He gestures to Harley, who also happens to be hugging herself for warmth, with a jerk of his head. “’Least you’re not Princess Psychotic over there, wearin’ practically nothin’.”

“That’s true.” Your smile is slight, but it widens when Harley sticks her tongue out at Boomer. You turn your attention to Chato, who has suddenly appeared at your side - and you can feel soft waves of heat emanating from his skin. “You’re the lucky one. You’ve got your own little furnace,” You say with another smile.

He says nothing; instead holds up a hand, sets it ablaze, and brings it close to you - not close enough to burn your skin but enough for you to feel the warmth. You shiver delightedly and, unable to help yourself, scoot closer to him, until your shoulders are touching. Again you can feel the heat radiating from him. “That’s nice,” you mumble.

He pauses momentarily, hesitantly, unsure of what to do - but shortly wraps his arm around your shoulders and pulls you close against his chest. You hum happily, trying to stifle the blush dancing up in your face, and eagerly snuggle against him. Your heart picks up its pace in your chest at the contact - even more so when one of his hands starts to rub the upper part of your arm.

“Now’s not really the time for a snugglefest, homie,” Floyd remarks casually, quirking an eyebrow at you two.

Chato shrugs. “I’m just trying to keep Y/N from getting frostbite.”

“Funny,” Harley quips, tipping him a wink. “I don’t see you doing that for anyone else here.”

You meet her gaze; tip your head up and grin. “That’s ‘cause I’m special.” You turn to Chato. “Que está caliente,” You manage in what little Spanish you know, unable to hide your cheeky grin. 

He stifles his small smile and shakes his head in disappointment. “That was awful.”

His grip tightens - not uncomfortably so, but enough to where you notice, and you grin victoriously, wiggling closer to him, feeling the warmth wash over your body. “I know,” you say, and you look at him, and the gaze he returns is enough to make you warm all over - and not just because of his temperature. You struggle to hide your blush, and your smile turns from cheeky and cocky to soft and it’s so tempting to just tilt your face up and lean in and - 

“Come on,” Flag barks from where he’s standing at the front of the group. “The sooner we can leave this hellhole, the better.”

“Right.” You exit Chato’s warm, nice, comfortable arms, and flash him a smile, a blush still evident in your cheeks. “Thanks.” You turn to walk away, ducking your head to try and hide your smile.

His gaze, almost contemplative, lingers on you as he starts to walk, trailing behind you, hands tucked in pockets. “You’re welcome.”