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Secret Meetings + boom!sonamy

What with all this BLATANT boom sonamy secrecy, I was inspired


Felt like revamping the GhostHunter!AU boys

Marco is an actual puppy in dark grungy clothing, and Eren is a shaggy wolf with too-small tshirts

But what’s Armin holding, and why is Jean levitating a small rock?? who knoowwsss <( ̄︶ ̄)>


(Part 1 of this imagine here) (Part 2 Requested by  loveyourmockingbird)

It was amazing just how fast the rest of the Cullen’s cleared off leaving you with the Major. You’d never realised just how fast vampires could be until that moment and their clear fear of Jasper’s alter-ego sent a lightning fast spark of panic down your spine. 

“So.” The Major’s southern drawl was a lot stronger than Jasper’s, you didn’t even realise his drawl could be that strong. “I take it you know who I am sugar.” 

He hadn’t released his grip on your arm and your gaze, (which had moved from his hard eyes to the floor while the others left), trailed back upwards as slowly as physically possible. You shivered as your eyes finally met his which were practically blazing with barely restrained anger. 


He raised an eyebrow. “Who am I?”

“You’re the Major.” You bit your lip, taking the half a second to steal your nerves for the conversation as the Major continued to stare at you a thoroughly unimpressed look in his eyes. “Sir.” You added, the tension crackling around you made your skin tingle. 

“Better.” He complimented, straightening up and dropping your arm before clasping both of his behind his back in a very formal army pose. “Now as I understand it you want to visit with a pack of…” He sneered slightly. “Werewolves.” 

“Yes.” You replied, voice very meek. Your eyes flickered to his face once more. “Sir.” 

“Well sugar, I’m here to tell you that just ain’t happenin’.” 

A small slither of the fiery anger that had filled your gut only moments before bubbled up. You straightened your form. 

“With all due respect,” You shot back, voice firm. “It is happening.” 

“It damn sure ain’t sugar and I’d come round to my way of thinkin’ real fast if I was you right now.” 

Jasper’s voice floated through your mind once more at the Majors words:

Stay calm, don’t challenge him unless you have to, be respectful, don’t annoy him, listen to what he says, oh and it’s probably best to show some kind of deference, he won’t hurt you you’re our mate after all but, he is used to being in charge.

Right, don’t annoy him, don’t challenge him unless you have to. Damn.

“They’re my friends…” You gulped. “Sir.” Respect, check.

“Dangerous is what they are and if you think this is a democracy right now you’re way off sugar. If you’re going to make stupid ass decisions then you’re not goin’ to be makin’ any at all. I will not allow you to put yourself in danger.” As he talked he strode towards you slowly and purposefully causing you to walk backwards until your back was pressed firmly against a large tree trunk. The Major put his hands either side of you and lent down until your noses were almost touching. “Is. That. Clear?” 

“Yes, sir.” You replied, clearly the Major was not the person to be having this conversation with, you’d just have to work on it when you got Jasper back.

“Good.” He gave a little half smile. “I hope you understand the only reason I’ve been so calm and understandin’ this time is because it’s the first time we’re meetin’ properly. Next time I can promise I won’t be so understandin’ if you make insinuations about where good old Jasper and I should be stickin’ things. That clear?” 

You nodded giving him a weak quirk of the lips. “Yes sir.” 

This time he did smile. “Good. Now this wasn’t exactly the way I wanted to be makin’ your acquaintance sugar. So how’s about we have a more civil conversation?” He asked tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ear before taking your hand and beginning to walk across the clearing with you following his lead.

“I think I’d like that.” He looked down at you with a raised eyebrow once again. “Sir.” 

His eyebrow dropped back into place and he smiled at you flashing his teeth. 

There was no doubt about it in your mind, angry Major was terrifying but Major in general…he was quite something, it was a little bit of a turn on really. The way he called you sugar instead of darlin’ (which Jasper always did), the way he walked, his thicker southern drawl, calling him sir. 

It was strange, finding this side of Jasper so attractive and yet, not finding Jasper’s normal side any less attractive, it was the best of both worlds really. You grinned, turns out you were the luckiest girl alive after all. 

“What you smiling about there sugar?” The Major asked, his eyes clearly conveying he’d felt the short hint of desire course through you. 

“Just how lucky I am to have you and Jasper, Major.” You replied voice a lot lighter and more secure than moments before. 

“I think you’ll find it’s us that’s lucky sugar.” 

Well it was certain, you wouldn’t be seeing your wolf friends today, but that wasn’t turning out to be a bad thing. Not. At. All.

Resident Evil Characters Drunk : Headcanon

Ada Wong : “I’m the real Ada Wong, bitch. Fight me.”

Albert Wesker : monologue abuser

Alex Wesker : “I could so kick Alexia’s ass.”

Alexia Ashford : busy building an ant farm

Alfred Ashford : dressed in drag yelling at said ant farm

Alyssa Ashcroft : fucking karate chopping tables

Annette Birkin : “I haven’t had sex in a year.”

Ark Thompson : his relevance is astounding

Ashley Graham : “$100 bucks to touch my ballistics.”

Barry Burton : catching a codfish 

Billy Coen : winning a drinking game

Bitores Mendez : “You’ve become unpleasant to my eyes.”

Brad Vickers : eating chicken

Carlos Olivera : slappin’ dat Jill booty

Carla Radames : “Bitch, I cut you.”

Chief Irons : mumbling about stuffing your daughter

Chris Redfield : pounding a boulder… and not with his fists

Cindy Lennox : bouncing in her Playboy Bunny outfit

Claire Redfield : flirty giggles & huggles (possible humping included)

David King :  binge drinking like a pro

Debra Harper : touching Ashley’s ballistics

Derek Simmons : drunkenly bitching about Leon’s perfect hair

Excella Gionne : “ALBERT!”

George Hamilton : “You’re worse than my ex-wife.”

Helena Harper : currently being handcuffed for assault


Ingrid Hunnigan : complaining about Helena’s drunken advances

Jack Krauser : “Witness the power, mother fucker!”

Jake Muller : 10 shots into a drinking game

Jessica Sherawat : “My ass is a an 11, thanks.”

Jill Valentine : sober as fuck watchin’ y’all crazy bitches

Jim Chapman : “Kiss my ass, bitch!”

Josh Stone : “You all are crazy.”

Kevin Ryman : fires off handgun randomly

Leon S. Kennedy : somber lonely horndog (sex not included)

Luis Sera : watching Debra touch Ashley’s ballistics

Mark Wilkins : still too old for this shit

Mike : “Take cover!”

Manuela Hidalgo : underage drinking

Moira Burton : threatening to burn the fuckin’ place down

Nemesis : “Everytime I say S.T.A.R.S. you take a shot!”

Osmund Saddler : stickin’ that thing where it don’t belong

Piers Nivans : bent over a pool table… playing pool of course!

Ramon Salazar : “I’m the eighth castilian mother fucker!”

Rebecca Chambers : turns into a drunken stripper

Ricardo Irving : “I’m a businessman with standards.”

Sherry Birkin : “I don’t have daddy problems you son-of-a-bitch!”

Sheva Alomar : spanking a certain someone with a pool stick

Steve Burnside : more underage drinking

William Birkin : “Sex with a science project does not count!”

Yoko Suzuki : pulls a sex toy out of her backpack

anonymous asked:

What's dmmd?


dmmd, a shortened nickname for the BL visual novel/game titled DRAMAtical Murder.

It focuses on this gay, I mean guy right here. His name is Aoba Seragaki.
he lives with his gma like a stud and works at a junk, antique, err electric parts store?? anyway, people like his voice for some reason and his hair can feel shit so he keeps it long like a girl eWWW. It’s set in the future where everyone has wrist walkie talkie things called coils, and people are either playing some weird online version of pokémon (called Rhyme) or part of a gang (called Rib).

You have a robot doggie with a low-ass voice, named Ren. He’s what the game calls an Allmate. Everyone supposedly has them. You never go anywhere without him. He’s loyal, and cute, and it makes me depressed that we’ll probably never have cool shit like this.

[The route you take with him is the “true” route of the game, but I don’t believe it]

So, things are a’ight for a while until your bro (like homeboy,not biological brother), Mizuki, gets messed up real bad. Well, it’s not his fault. He’s super into his rib team and gets all sad when people start going missing or something and then he kidnaps your gma. Oh, this is what he looks like—

Cool guy, huh? Tattoo of a tear like Crybaby or some shit. Anyways, he kidnaps your gma because he’s being controled by some evil dude named Toue and then you go inside his mind because TADAAA Aoba has mind powers and you pretty much make him an invalid. Oops. 

The game follows Aoba on many different routes where he goes into the “fancy smancy” part of the island called Platinum Jail. It’s like Elysium, but has less……..Americans.

Your choices of dudes to frick are as follows.

Your childhood bestie, Koujaku. He is a womanizer, a hairdresser, and has a shit ton of tattoos that are evil…err..something. You know its never really made clear. And that’s not a spoiler because you can see the tattoos on his arms like half way through the game. Also, he totally has a big crush on Aoba but pulls the no-homo card like 9,000 times and his route is the best (im biased…)

look at that stud. he’s got that kimono shit goin on, and the ladies are creamin’ their jeans over him. hotdamn, and that red pole stickin’ outta his hair, MMM. i like my men like i like my coffee…with…things stickin outta them…

Then there’s this little guy here. 

Don’t be scared, he’s actually the sweetest motherflippin thing on this planet. His name is Clear and he falls for Aoba. No really, he actually literally falls. Like from a roof. Flat on his face. He’s a’ight tho. He also calls Aoba “Master” for reasons that you’ll have to play to figure out I guess. He likes jellyfish and has a beautiful singing voice thAT:WE NEVER GET TO HEAR IN THE GAME. He also has a fricken sad route so be careful. p.s you see his face in the game and while im not gonna say anything more, if you DO play, something cool about it is i have identical beauty marks as he does. just sayin’….

Then there’s this asshole.

And when I say asshole, I mean in the most endearing way I can. His name is Noiz and he’s a dude that sneaks into Aoba’s house and just kinda decides to chill out with everyone…which everyone is ok with?? He’s pretty emotionless and has absolutely no concept of personal bubbles. He’s obsessed with the game Rhyme and has like these little bunny things named roger or something and yeah. He has piercings everywhere. everyWHERE. His route is pretty hot, not gonna lie. 

Finally, there’s Mink.

He’s a piece of shit.

Oh, there’s also these guys.

These bros are Virus and Trip. They are not twins, but they are big, big fans of Aoba.

So there you have it! You play through the game with these different routes to go infiltrate the big bad Toue’s Platinum Jail. Depending on the choices you pick, you either get good or bad endings. Good endings=sex p.much and bad endings=you’ll regret ever having played the game because your life is now ruined.

You can download the game here [x]