stickin' in my eye


NOFX - Stickin’ In My Eye (Music Video)

Fat Mike not Fat and missing tattoos…there is another dimension

8th grade punk playlist:

Dead Kennedys-California Uber Alles/Agent Orange-Bloodstains/The Dead Milkmen-Punk Rock Girl/NOFX-Stickin In My Eye/The Vandals-Urban Struggle/Minor Threat-Steppin Stone/Suicidal Tendencies-Institutionalized/GBH-Alcohol/Adolescents-Ameoba/The Adicts-Viva La Revolution/The Casualties-Get Off My Back/The Misfits-Astro Zombies

and exactly nothing else


Stickin’ in my Eye - NOFX


NOFX- stickin in my eye

Always awesome.


And now, some NOFX for jesusismyhostage who has something in her eye, lol.


Song Of The Day - NOFX - Stickin’ In My Eye

we can make it safe again » songs for two people who were lost and lonely in a world that had been unkind to them, but found hope for a better life in the incredible bond they formed. both willing to go to any length and risk their lives to save each other without hesitation. finding each other in their own versions of hell. giving one another the strength to take a second chance; neither of them blaming the other for the consequences. because it was worth it to see each other happy, even if it was brief. because ‘that’s what bros do.“ they help each other. they love each other. they save each other.

"You saved me first.”

01. UMBRELLA boyce avenue | 02. PONY (IT’S OK) erin mccarley | 03. BESIDE YOU marianas trench | 04. STICKIN’ WITH YOU addison road | 05. LOOK THROUGH MY EYES everlife | 06. LET GO frou frou | 07. HAVE A LITTLE FAITH IN ME bon jovi & lea michele | 08. ALL FALL DOWN onerepublic | 09. ONLY ONE alex band | 10. SAFE AND SOUND taylor swift | 11. BE WHAT YOU WANT robin loxley & oliver jackson | 12. OVERWHELMED rachel platten | 13. CRAWL (CARRY ME THROUGH) superchick | 14. IF I LOSE MYSELF onerepublic | 15. LITTLE TALKS of monsters and men | 16. HOLD ON MY HEART sarah blasko | 17. SHAKE IT OUT florence + the machine | 18. SHELTER birdy