stickin like some

everything reminds me of you

so @sammywilk-imaginations is doing a little contest, and I just thought hey, why not. so here’s a sammy imagine. sorry, I got a little carried away, and the ending kinda sucks, so I’m sorry, but please enjoy.

I’d be happy with any of the 4 giveaways if I do by chance win any of the prizes. preferably the tie dye shirt, and if not one of the shirts, the montrose matte liquid lipstick.

But even if I don’t win, I really enjoyed writing this imagine, and I really hope you guys like it.


I had just gotten off work, taking the back way home to avoid traffic. The roads I was so familiar with due to the late night car rides at 2 am with him

Pulling up to the stop sign I was hit with one of my favorite memories.


I told you we shouldn’t have gone this way.’ I giggled from the drivers seat in Sammy’s jeep as he was by the back tire, trying to dig us out of the mud we were stuck in.

‘just shut up and give it some gas babe.’ he spoke, smiling at me in the rearview mirror.

‘okay.’ I called out, lightly stepping on the gas, the sound of the engine revving making things much more difficult to hear.

I heard Sammy’s muffled voice call out to me, telling me ‘more’ so I put my foot down further on the pedal, letting up after the jeep didn’t budge, turning to look at Sammy to see him covered in mud.

Covering my mouth I let out a few giggles as he trudged up to the drivers side, stopping and looking at me, wiping the mud off his face, a wicked grin on his face.

‘Sammy, don’t you dare!’ I warned, trying to back away, but Sammy quickly reached out and smeared his mud covered hand all over my face.

‘Samuel Wilkinson’ I yelped, in shock, getting out of the jeep and chasing after Sammy who was laughing hysterically.

I scooped down, grabbing a thing of mud in my hand, sneaking around the jeep as Sammy was crouched down, trying to hide, and throwing it at him.

Soon it was an all out mud fight, and I was in a fit of laughter as he ran up to me and bear hugged me from behind, rubbing mud all over my face and hair.


shaking my head to rid the memory, I continued on my way home, turning on the radio to help clear my mind.

Pulling up to the stop light back in the city, the familiar beginning of what was, and still is, my favorite song came on.

take off those heels

lay on my bed

whisper dirty secrets while I’m pulling on your hair

poison in our veins, but we don’t even care

Candles drippin’ on your body, baby this ain’t truth or dare

Everybody wonders where we’ve run off to

My body on your body, baby stickin’ like some glue

Naughty, let’s get naughty girl, it’s only one or two

The fever’s fuckin runnin’, feel the heat between us two

I couldn’t find myself to change the song as the familiar song played, quickly singing along to the words of Chase Rice’s version of ride, the memory of that day rushing back.


Our 6 month anniversary, and I wanted it to be perfect. I was in my studio apartment, cooking dinner, and setting everything up. Too focused on setting the table perfectly, wine glasses filled, candles lit, the smell of the chicken roasting in the oven filled the room, but I was still so nervous it wouldn’t be perfect.

So stressed over the night and how I wanted things to go, I didn’t even hear the door open, or close. Or his footsteps approaching. Only when his arms snaked around my waist from behind me, I knew Sammy had made it from the studio.

‘baby, this is incredible.’ he muttered in my ear, nibbling on it, giving me chills.

‘you like it?’ I muttered, still focused on his lips that moved to my neck, the radio playing in the background.

‘love it. almost as much as I love you’

I threw my head back, exposing more of my neck to him.

‘is dinner done?’ he muttered against my neck.

‘not yet. probably 20 more minutes.’ I spoke breathlessly.

‘perfect.’ he spoke, turning me around and kissing my lips passionately, things quickly heating up as he walked me over to the couch, the faint sound of ‘ride’ coming from the speakers, as we made love for the first time.

That’s when I knew, I wanted to be with Sammy for as long as possible.


Driving by the park, I saw a group of guys playing basketball. I try to blink away the memory, but it fills my head quickly.


you dragged me all the way to the park to watch you play basketball?” I laughed as we walked up to the court, seeing Nate, the Jacks and a few of the other guys I’ve grown to know over the past year.

‘yeah, I figured you could be my cheerleader, although, I’m still wishing you’d be wearing one of those skirts.’ he smirked, pulling me into him tighter as we got closer.

‘we’ll save that for later babe, if you win.’ I teased, leaning up and pecking his cheek.


By the time I pulled into the driveway, I had a few tears in my eyes, wiping them away as I made my way up to my apartment, unlocking the door and dropping my bag by the door, and heading into the kitchen to grab myself a glass of water.

I was out on my little deck, staring out at the lights of the city. I sighed, another memory hitting like a brick.


(y/n)’ Sammy whispered next to me, his hand locked with mine, tracing shapes on the back of my hand with his thumb. ‘i love you so much.’

‘I love you too Sammy.’

‘these have been the best 3 years of my life. And I can’t picture my life without you.’ he spoke, staring out at the lights of the city below, continuing. ‘and I just, I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.’ he spoke, causing me to turn at him and look at him wide eyed.


he turned and sent me a soft smile.

‘I mean it. I’m not proposing now, trust me, I’m gonna make our proposal unforgettable, I’m just warning you now.’ he joked, looking back out at the city. ‘I just, I think of my future, and I see you next to me for the rest of my life. Raising our first child together, I know you’re going to be a great mother. And our first born is going to look out after their little brother and sisters. And we’ll move to somewhere away from the city, so we can have a family away from all the crazy that is LA. I just, I know that I wanna be with you, forever.’ he spoke, bringing my hand up to his lips and kissing it.


Laying in bed at night, staring up at the ceiling, trying to fall asleep, after another day filled with the memories I just couldn’t get rid of. My never ending thoughts, flooding back.

did he still think about me? as much as I thought about him?

did he even still care? as much as I still do?

fighting with my own thoughts, I eventually managed to fall asleep, tossing and turning as I was hit with slumber, and left to my dreams.


tears flooded out of my eyes as I sat on the bed, watching Sammy pace back and forth.

Sammy’ I sighed.

‘(y/n) don’t. how could you even think of that?’

‘Sammy, we talked about this-’

‘no we didn’t.’

‘Sammy, we said we wanted to wait till after we were married.’

‘we’re engaged, what’s the difference.’

‘Sammy, we still have so much planning to do. A baby’s just gonna get in the way.’

‘I can’t believe you don’t want it.’

‘Sammy, you have to understand where I’m coming from with this.’ i sighed.

‘do you not want us to be a family?’ he asked. I hesitated before I answered, and that was enough for Sammy. ‘oh my god. you don’t. you don’t want us to be a family?’

‘Sammy I didn’t say that I j-’

‘you didn’t say anything (y/n)! clearly you’re having second thoughts.’

‘Sammy’ I sighed, reaching out, but he pulled away.

‘don’t. I love you, but I can’t be with someone who doesn’t want to be a family.’

‘Sammy, w-what are you saying?’

‘I…I’m done. I can’t be with you if you don’t want to be with me and start a family together. I love you (y/n) I really do, and I can’t be with you knowing you don’t love me enough if you’re having second thoughts on becoming a family.’ 

and I sat there speechless as I watched him get up off the bed and walked out the door, leaving me alone with the so much on my mind.


I sprung up, grabbing at my stomach, rubbing circles on it to try and soothe it.

It’s been 6 months since Sammy and I went our separate ways. I still thought about him all the time, he never left my brain. Especially with the fact that I was carrying our child, a permanent reminder of him. of us.

My phone going off, caught my attention. Groaning I reached out and grabbed it, unlocking it and reading the messages that flooded my screen.

Biting my lip, I nervously replied, my heart skipping a beat at his reply.

I sat nervously on the couch, the sound of a knock on my door startling me. I jumped up and answered the door, my breath hitching in my throat seeing him stand before me.

Staring at each other, just taking in being in front of one another for the first time in 6 months, his eyes flicked down to my enlarged stomach.

“oh my god.” he gasped. “t-that’s-”

“it’s ours.” I smiled, a tear falling from my eye from happiness.

“(y/n) I had no idea. I’m so sorry.” he muttered, his hand on my stomach.

“It’s okay Sammy. The last conversation we had was about me getting rid of it. But, I just couldn’t.”

“why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.

“I-I thought you hated me. For even talking about getting rid of it. I thought you’d be mad.”

“no baby. I’m so so happy. I’m sorry for everything. Please. Can we forget these past 6 months. Can we pick up where we left off? I love you (y/n) and I don’t want to miss out on watching my baby girl or little boy grow up.” he spoke, his hands cupping my face now.

I couldn’t find words. All I could do was nod my head eagerly, and throw my arms around his neck, our lips meeting for the first time in months.

Pulling apart, our foreheads resting against one another’s he whispered out to me.

“I’m glad to finally be home. I’ve missed you baby.”

“I’ve missed you too Sammy.”

PREFERENCE: #629: Classic couple and sexy song

Liam: Climax - USHER

Can’t take it back, it’s too late.

We’ve reached the climax, climax.

(Não posso ter de volta, é tarde demais nós atingimos o climax, clímax )

Harry :  Earned It- THE WEEHND

You make it look like it’s magic

‘Cause I see nobody, nobody but you

(Você faz parecer que é mágica, porque eu não vejo mais ninguém )

Niall: Bad- RIHANNA 

Bad girls ain’t no good, and the good girls ain’t no fun

(Garotas más não são boas, e as garotas boas não são divertidas)

Zayn : Ride - SOMO

Everybody wonders, where we’ve run off to

My body on your body, baby, stickin like some glue

(Todo mundo se pergunta, para onde nós corremos. Meu corpo no seu corpo, amor, grudados como cola.)

Louis: Let’s Get Lost - G-EAZY

Beautiful girl that I just met on tour

Another good girl that I’ll probably destroy

(Menina bonita que eu acabei de conhecer em turnê, outra boa garota que eu provavelmente vou destruir)