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I ordered a backpack (with modifications forthcoming) and pencil bags. I decided that I don’t want a clip-in bookmark for my planner and am just using a flat paperclip. I’m gonna order zebra mildliners (deep and warm) as soon as I get my next ebay payments. I got some new sticky notes and flags, though I can always use more. (I am determined to let myself use them when I need them!) I want to browse some notebooks at an office store–the feeling of notebooks really powerfully impacts my thought process, I’ve learned over many years, and they don’t make my all-time favorite (the college ruled all-recycled ampads), so I need to find something new. I have enough paper that I don’t need them but for under $10 it’s an extremely good investment in my scholarship! I have binders that I love, and pens and pencils. (you can never have enough pens, and I guess I haven’t found my truest love.) I want a portable pencil sharpener because I like manual pencils most of all. plenty of notecards. I haven’t come up with a good system for them yet, that’s priority. I am oldfashioned in that sense, research notecards are extremely clarifying for me. my planner needs some customization. but I am nearly studyblr ready!

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Could I have headcanons on how Nagisa, Karma and Asano would ask their crush to a school dance? Thanks 😊

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·         Honestly, he wants to do something big but all the ideas overwhelm him.

·         Kayano and Sugino insist on it being a big thing so he mulls over ideas FOR WEEKS.

·         He worries over the ideas and that will make you suspect something is up.

·         So when you finally corner this bitch about what’s been going on lately, he reluctantly admits to wanting to take you to the dance.

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·         So lazy. Like. Fuck this guy.

·         He does something stupid like spelling it out on sticky notes and it looks like no effort was put on it.

·         Karma is just embarrassed and doesn’t want to make it seem like he was embarrassed over stuff like this.

·         But believe me, he is flustered about it when he is alone.

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The lack of gifs of my man makes me upset.


·         If you’re already dating, Asano is that one guy who assumes you’re going because you’re his girlfriend.

·         Then Ren will be like “How did you ask S/O out?” “Ask?” “God dammit, Asano.”

·         He’ll feel really bad and then plan something with the Big Five. Who tease him the whole time. It’s something he hates but will put up if this will make you happy somehow.

·         Asano gives up and does the old fashioned thing and buys you flowers and sends them to your house. And on the card is where he wrote to asking you to the dance.

6/11 ▪ I’ve met some incredible people in the past week and am feeling so grateful for all the opportunities in my life. Encouraging you to start this week with a thankful heart and an open mind.

KANAYA: Rose Has My Hair Gone Messy?
ROSE: Why are you asking me this? Why don’t you look in the mi-
ROSE: Oh, sorry.
KANAYA: I Want You To Say It.