Study Tips

Exams are finally done so I thought I’d finally make a post after my first year of law - hopefully it’ll help someone out

Note Taking

- You will find your favourite way to take notes - at the end of the year. You will look back at your notes at the start of the year and want to scream. That’s okay. You’ll know for next year

- My favourite way to take notes was using one of those books that are divided into different topics. I tried using refill and a binder. Never again

- WRITE YOUR NOTES BY HAND. I cannot stress this enough. The amount of people I seen during my 3 hour exams who were struggling to write after the first hour because they typed all their notes was ridiculous

- Another personal favourite for me was to go home at the end of the day or use my breaks to type up the notes for each class I had. That way it was much easier to find notes from say my first two weeks of uni when it got to the end of the year and I wanted to revise a certain topic

Exam Prep

- Read through your outline at the start of the year/semester. Know what your exam will be. Know if it’ll be multi choice or an essay. Know if it’s worth 40% or 60%. Know what to expect

- Read the previoua exams at the start of the year. Make a note of the basic themes of the questions for previous years. That way when you go over a topic, you can look and say “oh this was in the exam for the past 4 years in a row”. Don’t let the material be a surprise you discover in the last 4 or so weeks

- FLASH CARDS. They will be your best friend. I cannot tell you how many flash cards I made for my exams. I can’t tell you how many time they saved my ass when I went over them just before I walked in to the exam room

- When you’re sitting your exam remember to time yourself. I had 3 hours and 4 questions, which meant I had to stop writing after 45 minutes, even if I wasn’t done. Your marks come from the start of your answer - not the end. Set an allowed time and move on once it’s passed. If you start running out of time, bullet point information. Who knows, that extra case you mentioned might get you a mark, even if it’s not a real paragraph


- Law is a fuck ton of reading. I’m talking 2000+ pages for ONE paper. At the start of the week I liked to go through and work out how many pages I had to read for each paper. From there, I’d work out how many pages I would have to read every day to get it done. Sticky note the pages at the start of the week so you know exactly where you need to read to and by what day

- At the end of your reading for the day, or article (whichever comes first), write a couple of sentences to sum it up. That way when you come to exams, you just have a few sentences to read rather than 40 pages

- Stickey note your pages instead of highlighting. You want to be able to sell those textbooks at the end of it, and ones that are unmarked sell for more

Study/Stress Relief Tips

- Set yourself a study to break ratio. My personal favourite was 50 minute study, 10 minute break. If you can’t manage 50, try 30. Most importantly, DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE ON YOUR BREAK. Use that break to get up and go for a walk. Make some food, hang out the washing, anything. Just don’t use it to check Facebook or Twitter - you’ll find it much harder to come back

- Drink plenty of water. Have a water bottle with you and make a conscious effort to finish it while you study. It’s also good to use as a quick break to take a moment, have a drink and recollect yourself - especially during exams

- Yoga!! I’m super unfit, I don’t own a yoga mat, and I struggle with the poses but it is a life saver. If you’re doing a course that’s very heavy handed on the sitting and reading, you want to stay active. My personal favourite is a YouTube channel Yoga with Adrienne. She has 10 minute videos, 30 minute videos and hour long videos. Make sure you take the time to fit it in everyday - even just a 10 minute one. It’s important to let go of all the tension your body holds from constant studying. You’ll feel more energized and more focused when you come back

Your first year it’s a crazy learning curve - and it’s important to balance the fun and the study. I went out with friends but I also turned down opportunities because I was busy. I stayed late at uni with friends to finish assignments and made sure we met up to just chill and spend time with each other. Make sure you find that balance and have fun!

cheap back to school amazon finds

hello everyone! i compiled a looong list of cute and aesthetic supplies to help you guys pick out things for your back to school shopping. most of this stuff is not neccisarry at all for having a studyblr, or a succesful school year, but is a lot of fun to have. this list is very long so feel free to do what im going to and pick out a few favorites!! at the end i will link the amazon wish list so you can see it all in one place. 

the “amazon finds” are sectioned into the categories, “writing, highlighting, and coloring”, “supplies” which includes everything from notebooks to stickers and washi tape to pencil cases, “backpacks”. “lunch and snack supplies” and “daily carry” which has cute stuff to have at your desk, stuff to make your life easier and cute self care goods. 

have a great year!!

writing, highlighting, and coloring:

pilot soft color highlighters $6.18

pastel mechanical pencil set $8.99

primacolor 48 pencil set (great deal i spent much more on these a few years back) $24.50

sakura stardust galaxy 6-piece gelly roll pens $7.88

zebra mildliners all colors set $14.25

pilot G2 metallic gel roller ball pen set $9.98

zebra eco zebrite double ended highlighter set $7.65

staedtlr textsurfer highlighter set $11.95

black pilot juice gel pen set of 10 $10.70

pilot juice pastel gel pen set of 6 $8.39

zebra sasura ball point pen set of 8 $8.48

sakura brush pen set  $13.33

tombow double sided brush tip markers $13.29


pusheen “take notes take naps” notebook $6.29

set of 5 muji a5 spiral bound notebooks $13.21

strawberry washi tape $4.33

floral, raspberry and cactus washi tape set $8.95

happy animals washi tape $1.59

woodland floral washi tape set $9.95

silver winter washi tape set $6.95

van gogh washi tape and sticker set $12.99

van gogh almond blossoms washi tape $2.98

woodland, books and newsprint washi tape set of 12 $12.99

washi tape set of 24 $13.99

cheap as heck washi tapes of the whole rainbow $1.38

bullet journal stencil set $9.98

a different bullet journal stencil set $8.99

retro aesthetic sticker set $8.99

pig and cat planner sticker 12 pack $6.59

6 pack planner sticker set $5.50

cute girl 6 pack planner sticker set $6.95

pusheen puffy sticker sheet $6.99

vintage style copper bent scissors $8.00

kikerland toucan scissors $12.13

clear acrylic and rose gold stapler $10.99

cute banner pendant sticky note set $9.95

ramen stickey notes with resealable pouch $8.00

star trek sticky notes set $8.95

geometry and watercolor sticky note set $9.36

cat paw sticky note set $12.99

cute animal page flags $1.59

mermaid zipper pouch $7.56

vintage style “art supplies” zipper pouch $6.57

jumbo “raw materials” zipper pouch $11.90

cute bear zipper pencil box $9.66


earthy canvas and leather hiking backpack $37.99

jansport hatchet hiking backpack (I have it, its wonderful)  $45.97

pusheen backpack $39.99

lunch and snack supplies:

bicycle print lunch bag $27.99

sriracha water bottle $8.95

pusheen print tumbler $13.85

“ocean sea and wave” print lunch bag $19.97

“ocean sea and wave” print reusable sandwich and snack bags $19.97

white reusable sandwich and snack bags $11.95

mermaid scale lunch bag $19.97

mermaid scale print sandwich and snack bags $19.97

daily carry:

baby pink foldable on ear headphones $16.95

mint and lavender on ear headphones $19.95

mint smart phone stick on wallet $9.95

mint external battery $14.95

mini iphone fan $7.59

nikon camera and lens usb flash drive $5.02

kikerland cat pomodoro timer $4.99

cafe latte candle $9.99

pusheen sleep mask $6.59

pusheen sock set $12.99

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions $10.53

thanks for reading my long post! here is the amazon wishlist link

i have it enabled so that people may send me something from the list if they really want to, but my no means should you feel like you have too! make sure when you put something in your cart you are sending it to yourself and not me by accident! 

5 jan 2018 • friday

🎶 be my light // kevin oh 

10 days left before school starts so i though i’d do a what’s-in-my-bag post!! (◕ᴗ◕✿)

stationery: bujo (muji a5 dot grid notebook), pen pouch, highlighter + stickey note pouch, accordion folder (for paper notes)

gadgets: macbook pro + charger, portable charger for my phone, earbuds

other stuff: student and transport card, money pouch, lip balm, umbrella, water bottle

sanhasbias  asked:

Hi, its me again. I wanted to ask if you knew of any ways to be in littlespace discreetly?? I dont even have "littlespace clothes" and I want to get some... Also, Im trying to find little friends, any tips on that as well? Thanks!

Hi! ^_^
I dont actually know a lot of littles online personally, but my best friend @binkie-kisses loves to chat with people.
Here’s a few ways to be discretely little:
1. Little clothes!
If you’re petite and wear a S-M in juniors clothes, you can fit an XL children’s shirt!
Other great little clothes include frilly dresses and skirts, stockings, leotards, fluffy sweaters, character panties, and whatever else you find cute
2. Use a water bottle as a “sippy”
3. Collect small things that you can put on things you carry every day.
Things like badges, pins, key chains, and stickers
4. Since coloring books are still a “stress fad”, you can definitely have those around AND use them in public
5. If you have a need for oral fixation at any time, you can chew gun, or suck on a lollipop. If you want something that mimics a pacifier, you can use those ring pops.
6. Speaking of food, you can eat things like candy, dino nuggets, mac & cheese, fruit snacks, spaghetti O’s, juice boxes, small cookies, and whatever else you like. Who’s gonna get mad at you for eating?
7. Feel pretty! Wear things like glitter and sequins in your daily make-up!
8. Listen to disney music and nursery rymes whenever you want. With headphones, who’s gonna know? And if someone see’s you listening to “Part of Your World”, it’s nothing weird.
9. Enjoy cartoons! Anyone can watch cartoons
10. Cute stationary! If you’re dealing with the stress of school, its always nice to write with a pink glitter pen, on a cat shaped stickey note, in a pink notebook. It always helps me

I hope this helps!

I should also add that acrylics and naturally “perfect” nails like mine (sorry but u know what I mean) are incompatible. acrylics are good and if you can do them on your own then I say do it, but if you are thinking about starting them you should remember that they’re kind of a commitment! however, as you know, while the money commitment is infinitely higher,* you can go much longer between maintenance, so the time commitment is theoretically lower.

*I only wear seche vite topcoat unless I’m going for something matte or shinier, and that gets old pretty quickly compared to a lot of topcoats (so I’ve learned recently), so let’s say I spend at most $6 on topcoat every two months, maybe $36 in a year. Everything else I spend at most $20 on in a year, and over the last year that includes what I have spent on new nail polish that I wanted. the times I opt for CND Stickey (my fave but pricier) basecoat, it’s closer to the high end of that. Glass files need to be replaced more often, I would say twice a year for me–more is nice, less is possible–and I pay between $2 and $10 for that. I spent a bit more this year because I caved and bought jojoba oil, which was like $10 and will last me forever. I can maintain my nails at peak human possibility for $50-$60 in a year, spread out, depending on how much I impulse buy nail polish/how good Zoya sales are! skip the cutex and just shell out for the huge thing of higher concentrate acetone if you can, it’s worth it in the long run.


Hello Markiplier Community! As you all probably know, Markiplier is very, very close to hitting 8 million subscribers. In order to commemorate this incredible occasion, we thought we would join forces to show just what he means to us, but also to give back and help others as he’s done so many times. We would like to invite all of you to participate in the #PostitHeroes event. 

What is #PostitHeroes? 

In order to celebrate when Mark hits 8 million subscribers, we are going to pick up a pen and some sticky notes and try to spread the love. There are two types of stickies that you can make.

- 1.On a sticky note, write one or two things that you love about Mark (keep it appropriate) and send a picture of the stickey to , or submit it through our Tumblr, or Tweet it at us on Twitter. Make sure to include your name, twitter name, tumblr URL, or other social media URL in the email so we can give proper credit. These sticky notes will be featured in the first part of a video that we will be making (more details about that will be released later). If you wish, you can post them on Tumblr and Twitter with the hashtag #PostitHeroes

- 2. Write on a sticky note something inspirational, for example: “You are loved”, “You can do it!” “Never give up!” etc. On the bottom of the sticky, write #PostitHeroes. Then, take the sticky note and put it in a public place, for example: in an office building, a community center, a park etc. Then, send us a picture of where you put it (you do not have to disclose the exact location for privacy reasons) by either sending it to our e-mail, or taking a photo and posting it to tumblr or twitter with the tag #PostitHeroes. Make sure to include your name, twitter name, tumblr URL, or other social media URL so we can properly credit it. These stickies will be featured in the later half of the video. 

We would also like to remind everyone to make sure that you have permission to put the sticky up! If you do not have permission to leave it there permanently, then just ask if you can put it up quickly, take a picture, and then take it back down.

Our Twitter: 

Our Email: 

So what is this ‘video’ you guys keep talking about? 

Basically, this is all going to be in a video which we would then post for Mark to see to commemorate his 8 million subscribers. The first half the video would consist of all of the stickies that we’ve made to tell Mark how much we love him and what we love about him and what he does. This part is basically to say thank you. The second half of the video would consist of all of the stickies that we’ve stuck up around places all over the world to show Mark the good that this community can do, this community that he constantly encourages and feeds love into. We hope we’ll be able to get this project up and running in time to celebrate 8 million Markiplites, and we look forward to seeing your stickies! 

And as always, we will see you in the next post! Buh-Bye!

 - warfpower



I’m starting to get all of my college supplies for September ready. I’ve really enjoyed getting tons of inspiration from all of the study and organisation tags here so I wanted to make a post too. So far, I’ve picked up: - 8 coloured Staedtler ball 423 M pens - 12 coloured Staedtler Triplus Fineliners - 12 Crayola Supertip markers - Faber-Castell highlighter (all time favourite colour) - A variety of blue, black and red pens, pencils, a scissors and a small ruler - 3 packets of stickey notes All of these do make me want to get all of my college stuff prepped and ready to go come the new year (2nd year Early childhood care and education) I’d love to make more of these posts too :D