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When Hillary asked me to be her running mate, what flashed through my mind was I’ve been in politics for 22 years; this is my ninth race. In all the previous eight races, I’ve been the guy with my name on the ballot, my name on the bumper sticker and the yard sign. And I’ve had all these strong women supporting me: campaign managers, Cabinet secretaries, agency heads; the voters that we get are more women than men.

And I remember thinking, “Wow, I’m going to have the chance now to not be the top of the ticket. I’m going to be a strong man supporting the first strong woman to be president of the United States.” And as important as it is to normalize that a woman can be president, it’s also important to normalize that strong men can support a woman as president.

Tim Kaine’s feminism - Vox

I love this. Progressive dudes, you don’t have to be the superhero who saves all the women and other marginalized folks. You can be the sidekick.

A point to make

57% voter turnout.
Do you understand this?
The election is over. Where was all this energy BEFORE? Do people understand what an election is? You work hard BEFORE the election to make sure everybody knows it’s importance and takes part. 43% of eligible voters didn’t care enough one way or the other to participate . If you seriously want things to change, expend the effort to make that change when you have the legitimate opportunity. After the fact, whether you like it or not, most people will see you as poor losers and the minority opinion.
I don’t support Trump. At all. Read my recent posts. But let me say this. I am a truck driver. I go all over this country. Since June I’ve been in 42 states. From May to November I saw a grand total of ONE Hilary/Kaine yard sign. Not one bumper sticker. Not as many Trump signs as you probably assume either. I felt a lot of apathy. THAT was when there should have been this energy. THAT was when people should have really shown that they wouldn’t tolerate a hateful, misogynistic, bigoted and ignorant man as president. Tuesday was the moment to make your voice heard. Leading up to Tuesday was when everyone should have made sure nobody just passively accepted what Trump represents. Now, well now he has been elected. You won’t overthrow the results. We don’t have coups in America. Are you really outraged? Prove it. Two years from now. Mid term elections. Two years to focus and prepare. You want to send a message, take Congress and the Senate out of Republican control. Whether you like it or not, politics doesn’t work on instant gratification. The worst thing you can do, EVER, is assume an election is the end game and goal. If you honestly want to make a better system you have to remain continuously engaged and vigilantly involved. So that next time you can celebrate and not riot on the second Wednesday in November of 2020. And before some troll makes the false assumption, I’m not saying to tolerate hate or accept the actions of Trump followers who think this validates their prejudice. You don’t EVER do that. But Tuesday was a missed opportunity. Don’t miss the next one.

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Hey, it’s a sign of progress! She’s going outside even though there’s a chance of rain tomorrow afternoon! And if you look closely at one of those signs you’ll notice she’s using her human’s markers on oversized drawing paper–said human had dreams of learning to Art someday.

Indignity > fear 

Forget the rain; the people have to know that dogs are not welcome in my yard 

*Pastes sign to door with sticker paper so it’s harder to take off* 

finally got to the point where the shit my MIL has been doing has gotten to be too much to take. I don’t like to curse people I actually personally know (I regularly curse people with bigoted bumper stickers/yard signs because fuck you, that’s why) but the chance of shit backfiring is so much higher when you regularly interact with the person…

Regardless, I’ve turned her shit back on her and did a pretty heavy duty store… On top of adding a clause to my deity of “may your crows carry it to her door” on top of storing it in a part of the house with a bunch of her shit.

but now I have a migraine.

To the supporters of Bernie Sanders:

Reblogging/sharing posts about Bernie Sanders isn’t the definitive way to make sure he succeeds. It helps him succeed, but he needs money from us to promote his campaign too. (He’s not accepting anything from multimillion dollar corporations. Remember that he relies on all of us!) If you have a few spare bucks, please log on to his website and donate any amount of cash that you’re willing to comfortably part with. He has t-shirts, stickers, yard signs, etc for sale if you’d rather buy than donate. It would also help if you followed him on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. Text BERNIE to 82623 to receive free mobile alerts; it will keep you updated on what he’s doing.

I keep hearing people talk about the lack of enthusiasm in this election because they don’t see many yard signs or bumper stickers, or that they only see Trump signs.

It’s not a lack of enthusiasm. It’s the opposite.

If you have a Trump sticker, you have to assume your coworkers will probably assume you’re a racist or a misogynist. Whether you are or not. So why risk it.

If you have a Hillary sticker, you have to assume someone will probably vandalize your car. Or pull you aside and threaten your life. So why risk it.

i wanna hear a presidential candidate say in the debates: I’m not asking for your vote or your support, all I ask is this: Don’t vote for these people. If you don’t want to vote for me, that’s great. Don’t vote. But don’t support this rogue’s gallery of crooks, hucksters, and war criminals. Don’t sell your soul to these creatures. Don’t send them your money, don’t put one of their stickers on your car or signs in your yard, don’t make calls for them or answer poll questions about them or participate in focus groups for their benefit, and most importantly don’t cast a vote for them. Ignore them. Forget their names and faces. Deprive them of the limelight which is their very health and wait for them to dry up and blow away. When they give a speech, don’t go. Don’t be in the audience, don’t protest outside, just ignore it. When they’re on tv, turn the channel. Turn it off right now in the middle of this sentence