Guys! Stickers have finally arrived!! Everyone who has ordered a copy of my latest artbook so far will be getting these for FREE along with another secret sticker plus another surprise. It’s not too late if you want to get a copy with all bonus content!
For everyone who has already ordered, you will have your package within 2 weeks from now! #batman #spidergwen #stickers #chibi #ozmosischills4
PS: I’ll be selling the originals over the weekend. Keep an eye out!

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Aw yiss, finally got my order of @cricketschirp‘s stickers! They’re so damn cute, I love them! You should all go and get stuff from her store, because she deserves your money!

I only meant to get one, but then I saw there was a deal for six and I was like “Hey, there’s exactly six designs in her store, and they’re all great!” and then my finger slipped and I got them all. I regret nothing.

Now to find a place to put them all…


LoZ: The Demon Road | Chapter 1 limited run book set is available now in our shop!

Our first book run available online! This is a limited run of 280 books. Items in this set are currently only available in this set. The entire set is $25, we are currently offering discounted shipping of $5 to USA/Canada/Mexico and $8 worldwide!

The Demon Road: Chapter 1 Book Set includes:

The Demon Road: Chapter 1
more images/info here

• 5.5x8.5 inches
• 50 pages
• velvet soft touch finish
• gold foil accents
• printed interior cover
• perfect binding

The Red Cliffs Postcard
more images/info here

• matte varnish illustration on front
• rough “postcard” finish & letter on back
• pairs with Hyrule Postage Stamp Stickers

Link Bookmark
more images/info here

• double sided velvet soft touch finish
• illustration on front, foil emblem on back
• finishes and colours to match book 1

Hyrule Postage Stamp Sticker Set
more images/info here

• 4 sticker set
• individual stickers measuring 1x1.23" (measured to Canadian, American & Mexican postage)
• perforated postage stamp edges

Book sets are scheduled to begin shipping on June 1st. All shipping includes tracking.

Not sure if you’ll like it? Read it online first:

Patrons of the appropriate tiers have books currently held for them. I am hoping if I can make back my costs, I will be able to ship my high tier and loyal patrons free copies of the book. Anything left over after making back costs and gifts to patrons will go towards the printing costs of chapter 2, which has been completed.

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