DIY voting sticker - no visit to the polls for Oregonians #votebymail #stickerenvy #vote #Obama

I must admit I am a little jealous of those of you who get to visit a polling location today.  It’s so much more thrilling to go into that little booth to mark your ballot, than sitting at home on my sofa. 

Also, no stickers, although that’s obviously not a guarantee at the polls!

On the plus side, it’s awesome to vote at home because:

  • you can drink a beer (makes it less stressful)
  • buddy system - discuss the hard ones out loud - in Oregon, we had about 8-9 initiatives to vote on, plus the more obscure candidates are always tough (Soil & Water Conservation, judges, etc)
  • you can reference all the mailers, pamphlets, voter guides, etc - it’s like an open book test
  • no lines to wait in
  • you have a week or two to do it - no rush

Thanks to all of you who rose early or will stand in line after work today to get your vote in.  It’s making me feel like the lazy one! 

Here in Oregon, we’re pretty much guaranteed to swing for Obama, but we also have some really important local races that will be interesting to watch.  Our City Council of five will have at least 2, maybe 3 new faces on it.  Schools and arts programs are seeking funding.  Our opinions are also sought on casinos, gill netting, and pot! 

While a little nervous about the results of the national race, I’m also totally excited.  I love watching election returns and seeing how my choices match up.  Happy democracy day!!

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