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Yesterday (May 4th) I pulled a kinda douche move but like in a pretty funny way. Our cart corrals outside aren’t bolted down, so you can move them around a bit if you’re strong enough but it’s really only employees that know or care to notice this. But I was running carts and I noticed a car that was parked right next to the cart corrals and it had a Trump/Pence sticker on the back window. So I just pushed the corral right up next to the person’s door so that they would have like 3 inches to squeeze in the door. Was it petty? Yes. Did it make my manager laugh when I told her and give me something to giggle at for the rest of my shift? Definitely.

where's my love || dylan o'brien (part one)

word count: 4152

warnings: angst

prompt: none

author’s note: hey everyone! this is the first part of a series that i have decided to start! i’m really excited to write this. special thank you to hayley @sarcasticallystilinski, for reading through this and giving it a huge support! other than that, i hope you all really like this! love you all! 


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not sure if i admire or fear the confidence of the driver of the Honda Accord i see around town that has a huge “BDSM” sticker on the back window

On my way to teach a class this morning, I got stuck in traffic behind a car with an “I say … Ding Dong!” sticker in the back window. 

Bernie Wolfe and Berena invading all aspects of my life!

I need to get one of those ram bars that police cars have on the front grille so that I can hit people with Trump bumper stickers.

I was behind a person just now who had a backwards American flag cling on their back window, a Trump sticker, and one that said “free people should be armed”

rax-writes  asked:

i once saw a lifted truck with a sticker on the back window that said "lifted because fat girls can't jump" and i was like why tf would any girl want to get into that goddamn truck with your fuckboi little-dicked ass

oh my god??? what the fuck? 

The Signs As Moms In The Dropoff Line

Aries: Leanne, who’s always shouting on the phone so loudly you can hear her outside the car.

Taurus:  Lilian, whose kids always gets out of the car with starbucks and has an impeccably clean car.

Gemini: The mom who you don’t actually know because she’s always late.

Leo: The super hip young mom whose back window is covered in stickers from marathons.

Cancer: Julie, the mom who always has muffins. Always! Like you call out hey, Julie! And she just muffins you, what the heck. Also alway stops the line talking to other people.

Virgo: Lena, the hot lesbian business mogul who all the other moms are lowkey highkey attracted to.

Libra: Leila, the mom who’s in her forties but is still actually hotter than all the other moms.

Scorpio: Remy, the super opinionated mom whose car is covered in bumper stickers and is on all the boards.

Sagittarius: Serena, the mom who drives a super old car and never wears shoes. Can’t park.

Capricorn: Amanda (uh-mohn-da) the mom who drives a porsche suv and has about a half dozen ‘My Kid’s an Honor Student’ stickers. Also on all the boards, Remy’s arch rival.

Aquarius: Valerie, The mom who’s car is way too small for her kids and always shows up in her pjs.

Pisces: Sunny, the mom who drives super slow and always spends a minute waving out the window as her kids run to school.

i was driving to the veterinary hospital to pick up sophie earlier and this huge red noisy pickup truck comes flying by me (going likely 50mph in a 30mph zone) in the right lane, cuts me off due to said lane ending, and then runs a red light

he had a huge opaque sticker that said “TRUMP” covering his entire back window (which, by the way, is illegal) and tbqh i really hope that he gets in an accident and dies a horrible painful death

and i don’t even feel guilty for saying or wanting such a thing, because if you support trump you basically support myself and all of my friends suffering so you can fuck right off 👌

It finally happened!!

I was driving in my neighborhood, and ended up behind a car with a SuperWhoLock sticker on the back window. I pulled up alongside for the right turn, and gave the gal a thumbs up. We rolled down windows, I complimented her sticker, and then called out “I like your shoelaces!” She grinned, and replied “Thanks, I got them from the president!”

It works! I found a random fellow tumblrite! :-D  

Needless to say, our passengers were a bit confused by this exchange…

just passed a truck with two stickers on the back window. one was a stick figure dabbing. the other was the punisher logo with the blue lives matter american flag in it. imagine


You’d been debating whether or not this was a good idea for a few months now, after all your last experience involving being in a vehicle with your wife was less than pleasant.
With any luck things would have at least improved by now and so you’d decided as you usually do ‘fuck it why not?’
When your wife returned home from wherever it was she’d gone she would find a sleek and shiny, bright green hovercar parked out the front of the tower.
The vehicle would have a custom licence plate reading 'D0G•STYL’ and upon closer inspection there would be a bumper sticker stuck to the lower right corner of the back window.
There would be nothing else indicating who the vehicle belonged to or why it was there.

Bleach characters as drivers...

As requested by anon. :)

Okay, so….it turns out I already did this one. But I didn’t realize until after I had written this! And also I did it in a different format. And *almost* all of the jokes are different. So I’m keeping it. *cough* A-anyway, here’s what Bleach characters might be like if they had driver’s licenses! 

1. Byakuya: Scrupulously follows the rules of the road

Byakuya (on his hands-free cell phone): Yes, Rukia, I know I am late for your wedding, but the speed limit is 45, so my hands are absolutely tied.

Byakuya: It is called the law, Rukia. 

2. Ishida: Is prepared for any car-related emergency

Orihime: Um…..Ishida? You have glass cutting tools, scuba gear and a flotation device in your glove compartment.

Orihime: Are you a spy?

Ishida: What? No!

Ishida: Just prepared in case I drive off the road into a lake!

Ishida: Lakes kill, Inoue.

3. Unohana: Tends to change lanes….a lot

Unohana: Allow me to drive in front of you, car.

Unohana: Allow me to drive in front of you also, car.

Unohana:  Allow me to drive in front of you also, car.


4. Nnoitra: Has trouble with road rage



Tesla: Nnoitra-sama, please…

5. Hiyori: Has trouble with road rage


Shini: Hiyori, no!

6. Grimmow: Has trouble with road rage stalking

Grimmjow: That car just cut me off. How fucking rude.

Grimmjow: I’m gonna follow that car around forever until I get my revenge!

Ulquiorra: But what about buying orange juice?

7. Yoruichi: Speeds

Ichigo: Y-you know you’re going like twice the speed limit, right???

Yoruichi: I don’t call my car the “Goddess of Flash” for nothing!

Yoruchi: Ichigo, please, your hands are turning white.

8. Kyoraku: Drives under the speed limit

Nanao: Captain, you are FIVE miles under the speed limit!

Kyoraku: What? It’s not like we’re in any hurry!

Kyoraku: Just relax and enjoy the ride, Nanao-chan!

9. Ichigo: Drives a giant SUV

Renji: Kurosaki, WHAT are you compensating for?

Ichigo: Huh? Is my car bigger than other people’s?

10. Soi Fon: Drives a tiny black sports car

Yoruichi: Soi Fon! Are you saying “zoooooom” as you drive?

Soi Fon:

Soi Fon: N-never!

11. Kenpachi: Has a GPS. Ignores it.

Yachiru: Turn left here!

Kenpachi: The GPS says to turn right.

Yachiru: Who are you going to believe, though??


Kenpachi: Well it’s not like we’re not already an hour late, so

12. Riruka: Has a lot of car decals

Orihime: Animal stickers on your back window…

Orihime: A donut ornament hanging from your mirror…

Orihime: Pink car seat covers…

Orihime: This is the best car in the universe!

Riruka: Shut up.

13. Rose: Drives around his radio blaring and his windows open

Love: Um, do you think everybody around us is enjoying your music choices, Rose?

Rose: How could they not??

14. Gin: Aggressively tailgates

Matsumoto: G-Gin! Are you driving a little close to that car?

Gin: This is the car that stole your parking space last week, Rangiku.

Gin: Now I will closely follow him forever.

Gin: That’ll show him.


15. Komamura: Gets pulled over a lot

Policeman: Sir, you can’t drive with your head hanging outside the window like that.

Policeman: Also, are you aware that you are a puppy?


Komamura: The two facts might be related.

You emerge from your bog for the first time. On the way back to civilization, you’re behind a corolla with an apple sticker on the back window. You find this novel, in the time that you’ve been gone people have started adorning their vehicles with proof of purchase ornaments. You get home, start your life again, find that you can’t afford any apple products but you begin sticking every Chiquita banana sticker on your back window. No one around you understands why, but they say nothing, fearing the bog changed you permanently. A few months pass, you go on a trip. You find yourself on a highway, looking to switch lanes. You can’t see out your back window, it’s covered in produce stickers, you unknowingly cut off a semi and die on impact. You were too mangled to identify, and no one minded your absence, the press named you the Chiquita Jane doe. I don’t know any of this, i just leave a banana by the highway whenever I pass where you died. We all do, no one questions it.

Devenford Prep Part 28

Parts 1-27 here

Originally posted by imforeverjustyours

So I’ve been busy with a lot of things lately and things are going to get even busier. It’s been a stressful few months and I’m trying to get over some things. If you can bare with me I’ll still try to make time to continue with updates. Thank you for reading and the lovely messages! I’m not sure if this is any good or makes any since, but here you go.

You were putting the finishing touches on your outfit when the phone in the back pocket of your jeans starts to vibrate. The black skinny jeans hugged at your thighs and pack side the way you liked them too, the tight and tucked into your black heeled boots so easily. Quickly you pulled on your black leather jacket over your burgundy t-shirt. You looked cute, the outfit was simple, but perfect for the chilly night. Grabbing your phone you saw a text from Killian, it read ‘Kayla had to bounce something came up, so it’s just us, I’ll be over in 5 minutes’. With one more glance in the mirror your fixed your hair, that you had taken time to straighten, so it would look cute in a beanie. You pull it over your straight hair then spray on some perfume.
You looked nice, but something was making your curious about Brett. Was he going to end up going? You had spent the afternoon with Samantha and surprisingly it was fun. Shopping and getting to know the blonde girl.
The door bell rings and you quickly run out of your room with your bag strapped across your body. It was too late your brother had gotten to the door first. Then you smell him, the sweet scent of Killian’s skin. Your brother crosses his arms and give the dark haired boy a look up and down.
“You’re not Brett.” He says squinting his eyes.
“No, not I’m not,” He says running a hand through his long hair. “Thank god for that too. I’ve got better hair.”

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Saturday, We Meet Again

1500 Words. No warnings. Ereri. I am not used to writing present tense.

A magpie sings insistently somewhere nearby, but Levi sleeps on. It’s Saturday and the road beyond the venetian-blinded window above his bed is quiet. Stripes of sunlight, buttery and deceptively warm looking, stroke the hours across his rumpled bedclothes. Eight. Nine. Levi sleeps on, burying himself deeper, unused to sleeping in so late, but sore and tired and satisfied that nothing needs doing.

It’s a quarter to ten when Isabel’s familiar knock–two polite raps then a pounding fist–finally pulls him out of his doze.

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