sticker on back window

nettlestonenell  asked:

I confess, I went to your redbubble shop hoping to buy a sticker of those Sherlock silhouettes to put on the back window of my car...And they weren't there at all!

All fixed! I just added them to the shop:

 although the way I was able to upload the file turns it into more of a bumper sticker? hoping that’s still cool ;) thanks for your interest! 


Modern AU where Han Solo got his son, Ben, a new car and brings him outside to see it. Of course Ben is all serious and carefully inspects it, he then sees a “Baby On Board” sticker on the back window.
Ben: I though you said you bought this brand new.
Han: I did. [he hasn’t noticed]
Ben: Why is there a “Baby On Board” sticker…
At this point Chewie has just about lost it. Han, seeing the sticker, couldn’t keep hold the sniggers at bay.
Rey, giggling from across the street, yells: YOU’RE WELCOME!

The Signs As Moms In The Dropoff Line

Aries: Leanne, who’s always shouting on the phone so loudly you can hear her outside the car.

Taurus:  Lilian, whose kids always gets out of the car with starbucks and has an impeccably clean car.

Gemini: The mom who you don’t actually know because she’s always late.

Leo: The super hip young mom whose back window is covered in stickers from marathons.

Cancer: Julie, the mom who always has muffins. Always! Like you call out hey, Julie! And she just muffins you, what the heck. Also alway stops the line talking to other people.

Virgo: Lena, the hot lesbian business mogul who all the other moms are lowkey highkey attracted to.

Libra: Leila, the mom who’s in her forties but is still actually hotter than all the other moms.

Scorpio: Remy, the super opinionated mom whose car is covered in bumper stickers and is on all the boards.

Sagittarius: Serena, the mom who drives a super old car and never wears shoes. Can’t park.

Capricorn: Amanda (uh-mohn-da) the mom who drives a porsche suv and has about a half dozen ‘My Kid’s an Honor Student’ stickers. Also on all the boards, Remy’s arch rival.

Aquarius: Valerie, The mom who’s car is way too small for her kids and always shows up in her pjs.

Pisces: Sunny, the mom who drives super slow and always spends a minute waving out the window as her kids run to school.

You emerge from your bog for the first time. On the way back to civilization, you’re behind a corolla with an apple sticker on the back window. You find this novel, in the time that you’ve been gone people have started adorning their vehicles with proof of purchase ornaments. You get home, start your life again, find that you can’t afford any apple products but you begin sticking every Chiquita banana sticker on your back window. No one around you understands why, but they say nothing, fearing the bog changed you permanently. A few months pass, you go on a trip. You find yourself on a highway, looking to switch lanes. You can’t see out your back window, it’s covered in produce stickers, you unknowingly cut off a semi and die on impact. You were too mangled to identify, and no one minded your absence, the press named you the Chiquita Jane doe. I don’t know any of this, i just leave a banana by the highway whenever I pass where you died. We all do, no one questions it.

This is my dream car it’s a 1993 green Volvo station wagon I think abt it all the time. I know only very little about cars but when I was young my aunt owned one that was always so full of skiing & biking gear you couldn’t see out the back window, her bumper was covered in stickers from everywhere she had gone. I believe if I owned this car I would live a life of adventure on the road and I think this is the year to buy one bc no one else wants them this is listed at $1,300.



Now I wont be driving my grandpa’s all the time or anymore unless I need to.

The back window came with flower and dragon fly stickers on it and even if that’s not my taste, my first thought was “cool free stickers”. I’ll have to get some skeleton ones that fit me. :y