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A rant I guess,???

It is 4.06 am and I haven’t been able to return to my slumber despite how much I try to imagine how comfy Noct would be, and I need to address something that I find very important.
(and when I finished this it became 4.30am)

What makes me really sad to see, in any fandom, is how much talent goes to waste because blogs don’t get enough love. Yes, likes are nice. But it’s the reblogs and replies and tags and kind, positive asks that mean the WORLD to the creative side if every fandom. Even in reality too.

But in fandoms, popular blogs (I’d say any who get constant asks and love and support and grin followers super quickly) can swallow up smaller starting out blogs.

When you search up tags, the most popular in those tags pop up. And one a minority of the posts get shown.

I really appreciate it when largest blogs encourage starting out blogs, but, at the same time, those blogs aren’t going to get the same reception.

And what makes me sad is that here it’s either your popular because of the thirst or your popular because of a word Count or because your grammar is spot on or your spelling is on point or because you manage to get a fic or two up every day and then open requests a few days later…

Here it’s go big or go home.

Some smaller blogs have just as much talent as these guys, or the potential for more, but feel like they will never get up there because people don’t send an ask saying how great they are, or reply on a fic or reblog with a comment upon their feels or put it in the tags. Sometimes tags get eaten away or blogs only see the tags by the popular blogs and read thise first, or send something much more meaningful to a popular blog. And that shouldn’t be happening. If both make you feel something, show just as much love to the less popular as you do to the more popular.

Smaller/unnoticed blogs feel like they have to know everyone in the fandom in order to get somewhere and it fucking sucks alright?

Blogs shouldn’t have to get the ‘sticker of approval’ from a popular blog.
They shouldn’t have to know everyblog in the fandom to get somewhere.
They shouldn’t have to feel like they can’t make a mistake or upload something full of them.
They shouldn’t feel like they have to upload something every day until their brain is fried before having an influx of ‘don’t push yourself’
And they certainly shouldn’t be getting hate for trying to get noticed over the popular blogs so their posts get seen.

Because this isn’t a publishing firm.
This isn’t a book written to be published on paperback or hardback.

This is a place of fics. It is a place where typos amd grammar and bad english shouldn’t get you down.
Anons shouldn’t be sending hate.
Blogs shouldn’t be sending hate.

Because what every blog needs - popular or not - is support.

What starting blogs need is support and a whole lot of love.

On a bad day a popular blog could get about 100 notes in a day.
A starting blog? 3.

A good day a popular blog could get 300 Notes.
A small blog? 20.

And those numbers mean the world.
But what means the world more than 20 likes? 10 likes and 10 reblogs. Because even though 10 people liked it, those people or ten others reblogged it because they enjoyed it. Not because they liked it. But because they enjoyed it.
Better than ten reblogs? Those blogs requesting, leaving comments and asks and letting the creator know the feels they went through.

That is an amazing part of keeping a blog going. And what makes me sad is that it feels like only popular blogs get that.

You could say that I’m a popular blog because of 150+ followers. But I’m really not.

Yes, I get requests.
But most of them get more likes than reblogs and more reblogs than comments and tags and asks saying just how much it meant to people or the feels it all went through.

Sometimes a 'this was so good I encourage you all to read’ is NOT ENOUGH. It sounds fake and like you felt obligated to put something.

If you really liked it, shove down how it made you feel. Shove down the emotions you went through. Put down your heart.

Support them.

Because support is all a blog needs.

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Made-up fic title- Bat-tested, Bat-approved

A series of scenes in which devices and their purposes have gone very wrong indeed, leading to the ultimate finalization of getting the “bat approved” sticker. One part has 13 year old Jason being dragged out of the cave by an “evil” revamped vacuum cleaner

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a good thought: magnus and alec smiling into kisses, maybe even laughing out of pure happiness

what a beautiful thought

somewhere months from now, after dates have come and gone until magnus has lost count of them. somewhere in the middle of alec’s things slowly piling up in every corner of magnus’s loft, but magnus hasn’t exactly dropped the topic of alec moving in just quite yet. instead he just sits on the couch sipping a coffee and looking out over the way alec has slowly almost accidentally woven his way into magnus’s space, sitting curled up with a blanket, reading a book with the afternoon sun turning his eyelashes golden.

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🏮👻 Some more ideas for celebrating the Day of the Departed! 👻🏮

This is inspired by @firstfandomfangirl ’s post about the fandom celebrating Day of the Departed as a holiday!

🏮 Make and/or release lanterns (I’ve already posted templates you can use on my page)

🏮 Blare The Fold’s new songs and sing along! (Links to where you can listen for free: The Rift Whip: Day of the Departed: Close The Circle:

🏮 Using hair chalk or a clip in streak, put a segment of green in your hair in honor of Morro’s return!

🏮 If you have a Ninjago cosplay, wear it and show it off here on Tumblr!

🏮 Some food that would fit the theme of the day would be: noodles (Chen’s coming back!)
pot stickers (Dearth’s favorite)
tea (Wu approved beverage)
water (for Nya, plus you have to protect yourself from the spirits some how!)
cotton candy (For the Jay fan)
hot tamale candies (for the Kai fan)
Halloween candy (for the spookiness and connection to Lloyd)
and of course CAKE! (Does that one really need explained? Lol)

🏮 While waiting for the special to air, marathon the episodes that feature the defeat of each villain! These are: Samukai: Pilots, Episode 4: “Weapons of Destiny”
Pythor/Great Devourer: Season 1, Episode 12: “The Rise of the Great Devourer”
General Kozu/Lord Garmadon/the Overlord: Season 2, Episode 26: “Rise of the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master”
General Cryptor/The Digital Overlord: Season 3, Episode 34: “The Titanium Ninja”
Master Chen: Season 4, Episode 44: “The Corridor of Elders”
Morro/Preeminent: Season 5, Episodes 53+54: “Curse World 1+2”
Nadakhan: Season 6, Episode 64: “The Way Back”

🏮👻 Please reblog so that more fans can see, and feel free to add your ideas to the list! 👻🏮


We got another package in the mail! This one is from friend Samwise! She sent us a pretty card and a turtle sticker so I can join Waffles and Mango’s sticker club. Friend Samwise also found the cutest chubby little turtle phone charm for us! Mommy was going to take close-up photos of me with the tiny turtle, but I got distracted by the festive penguin scarf at the bottom of the package. I gave the scarf my instant stamp of snuggle approval by taking a nap on it!


my edit turned so ugly what. it was fine when it came out of photoshop tho o-o still learning how to use photoshop. don’t judge me pls i tried
i made this during my art history lecture instead of paying attention. LOLOLOL whoops.
1K!!! tbh i never thought that i’d get here. LOL. I never really cared for how many followers i have, but getting 1000 followers blows my mind. Thank you so much for following me and putting up with all my fangirling-mess. And I also wanted to give an extra special thank you to those who stuck by me while i continuously changed lanes. LOL. idk if any of you are still here, but remember when this blog started as a running man blog? Then I was a CN Blue blog, then a Big Bang blog, and finally landed here, as this GOT7 trashbin blog. It’s been a little over 2 years since i started this blog. Honestly this place is where I go to relieve stress or to get a quick laugh. I can’t even remember if I use to smile this much before i started watching kpop things. But, i dont want to ramble on and on with useless words that’s just going to get off track. I just want to say, deep down from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for following me. <3 Even to the people who unfollowed me after a while, at least you gave me a chance.

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So we decided to do these awesome Harto carrot onesies for Hannah Hart at DFTBA and things were going so well until one little tiny problem and now they’re a month late shipping out, and people are understandably upset. I’m super bummed, as well.

Here’s the whole story. 

The manufacturer of the onesies didn’t put a “Made in China” label on them, and it’s illegal to sell products that don’t have the country of origin on them in the US. So first the onesies got held up at customs for WEEKS while we did our best to convince them that we would make it right. Two weeks ago they finally released them and last week they arrived.

However, now we have to permanently affix “Made in China” to all of the onesies so that we don’t go to jail (or whatever the penalty is for shipping onesies without “Made in China” on them.) Our first attempt to do this (with stickers) was not approved by customs (that lack of approval took a full week to achieve.)

So now the onesies are at Zoo City Apparel (the Missoula print shop that does all of our shirts) getting “Made in China” screen printed on the inside. Zoo City has been awesome enough to bump us up to #1 in the queue and they’re printing them tomorrow. We then need to show pictures of the onesies to customs so that we have permission from them to ship them. We have a direct line to the decider now, so hopefully it won’t take another week to get them to approve this for us.

The moment we have that approval they will be in the mail and you’ll get a shipping confirmation. 

We’re really sorry that we ran into so much trouble with these. We hate to let you down, and we hate to let Hannah down. This is the number one priority in the warehouse right now and the team has been completely dedicated to solving this problem since it arose. Thanks so much for everyone who’s showing their Harto pride by ordering these.