sticker art


I’m backkkkk (againnn) 

Apparently I have contribute my new works for my dear friend @ke-ne-su at FanExpo 2017 and here are prints and stickers that will be available there at table A372 

If you guys want to meet us feel free to come to our table anytime :D 

Hope you guys like these works. Steven Universe is one of my favorite show and I have a really fun time doing this work :D 

Hey guys!
I’m a little shy to post this, but I’ve been working on some new content for an upcoming local gaming and pop culture convention.
It doesn’t seem real and I’ll be sharing my first table with the wonderful @vreemdear-draws !

But yeah! Here’s some simple Studio Ghibli sticker designs!


THE KICKSTARTER IS LIVE! Grab a pin or three, some patches, some stickers, and my love! We’re starting with a goal of $895 to fund the first set, shown above, but as we move forward the other loved ‘n cherished snake designs (below!) will become available. 

$15 bucks gets you a pin, patch and a sticker, while $30 doubles that plus an extra sticker, and $45 gives you three pins, three patches, and five stickers. As designs become unlocked, you’ll be able to choose which snakes you’d like to adopt!

Not a fan of snakes? Saving your cash? $1 backers get phone wallpapers, $5+ backers get the Kickstarter exclusive pin design tutorial, and heck, reblogs, telling a friend, sharing the link are all super important and make my heart glow a little brighter. 

Thanks for the responses and support over the months - we got the project going this far and I hope that soon these pins and other goods will become a reality as well!

Back the Kickstarter here!

Pocket edition Prompto believes in you, You can do it (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑    
     Smile for him once tonight, okay!

 Sticker number two! Iggy and Noct are next!
    I’ll be putting them all in my shop later to be
   bought as a stand alone or group once I clean them and color them!!!