etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the crazy cat lady | 12.9.16

illustrated cat stickers by shopnds

well it seems that there is no shortage of freaking adorable cat illustrators on etsy … and shopnds is my next feature! love both of these listings, plus the MANY more available in varied styles.

So my friend’s birthday was last week, and since we play overwatch together a lot I thought I’d made him a sticker of his main - so here’s a transparent Tracer!

I’ll probably make the rest of the cast at some point since I like makin’ stickers -out of curiosity would people be interested if I put them on redbubble or something?


Mystic Messenger Stickers { 4 / 7}

Yoosung Kim || ★ || LOLOL Gamer


If you know Susan B. Anthony + Elizabeth Cady Stanton, learn about WOC who fought against disenfranchisement + racism of white suffragists.


Ida B. Wells is easily one of the top ten most badass Americans to ever live. #Love it!