It’s fitting, that I get back to blogging Rad Shit to you all, with this first installment of the most hardcore, punk drifting video, to date. BloodMasters BloodBath Ep1. 

Do I care that you’ve already seen it? Or that 99% of the drifting community has posted, shared, blogged and re-blogged this video? Fuck no! This shit is exactly what drifting should be. Some of the footage was taken by my fellow beard bro, “Big Hert” aka BG, President of


Here’s a sweet teaser video from the first drift event of 2012, at the NOS Energy Drift Park at CFRC.

As you can see below, the President of StickemUpGFX, yours truly, has a quick cameo appearance!  

Brice Burkhardt has been treading outside his normal photography skill set, to bring us some really awesome Florida drifting videos. There’s going to be lots more to come from Brice, so stay tuned.


Check out this awesome video from PK Films, of a local drift practice at Desoto Super Speedway, in Bradenton FL. Video after video, Patrick Konior(PK Films) seems to be honing his craft more and more. Producing videos for everything from local grassroots events to Pro drifting at Formula D, Patrick has the talent to make quality videos. I love his slow motion shots and with his new slide rig for his camera, I’m sure he’ll be keeping us on the edge of our seats, time after time. Keep an eye out for more PK Films right here, on our blog!!!

Make sure you check out his Vimeo page:


BG from, got his LS1 FC RX7 running, so he had to preform the ritual of doing a burnout. Apparently, that didn’t make the neighbors too happy…lol

Thanks to that ornery lady, we now have a new saying…BAKE EM’ UP! And of course…STICKERS!!! Get yours HERE!


Luke Huxham is a badass. His videos are always entertaining and visually euphoric. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this awesomeness from the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon, presented by   

Keep em’ coming Luke!


I had the pleasure of hanging out with local DJ Sk1tty, for a few hours this weekend. Besides having great taste in music, he has great taste in cars, driving a nicely hooked up Honda S2000.

Wanting to continue the clean and classy look, from the car to his macbook, he came to see StickemUpGFX. We transformed DJ Sk1tty’s macbook, from blah to BLAM!

We went over a bunch of ideas, but finally settled with what you see before you. A very clean, classy, and up scale logo design. This vinyl will look awesome in the hot Miami clubs, soon to be smashed by DJ Sk1tty! 

Good luck on your move to the Magic City, buddy!