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My, my, aren’t I Miss Popular today.

Ah, I see a familiar face… how do you do, Mr. Wayne? [smiles graciously]

Selina Kyle. A pleasure to meet all of you.

OOC: Stealing Las Vegas

Holy crap, people. I did not expect that there would be this much interest. Thank you to everyone that’s contacted me about this event!

Now, the estimated start date for it is the 16th. The tag will be “Stealing Las Vegas”. I’m going to make a post going over more details later today. Setup, basic plot points, info on how the orange lantern ring works, etc.

Right now I’m going to post people whose notes I’ve received and what teams they’ve picked. If you’ve sent me a note and you’re not on here, send it again, because tumblr ate it.

  1. iwatchedherfall
  2. symbioticsoldier
  3. not-the-spider-you-expected
  4. stickempowers
  5. noirfemmefatale
  6. regeneratingdegenerate
  7. minusthefishnets
  8. brokenrobin
  9. batmanisatool
Note on Team Inside: Once the plot starts, I will not accept anyone else for this group.  Team Outside
  1. fearsmadeintolight
  2. thecarolferris
  3. emeraldanimator
  4. detectivebat
  5. letnotthyheartbeheavy
Note about Team Outside, new players can join this group at any point of the plot.  Undecided
  1. jadedfrost (i’m picking for her)
  2. asimplecointrick
  3. sorcerertothestars
  4. puzzlingheiress (putting her here because I can’t remember if I asked her to be inside or outside. .__.)
If anyone wants to chip in and help me by making Orange Lantern NPC accounts (Blume, Sound Dancer, Wrap Warp, etc), holla at me. Questions? Concerns? My inbox is open.
Stealing Las Vegas | Team Inside



  1. iwatchedherfall : Will be at the airport.
  2. symbioticsoldier : Drinking his sorrows away in a grotty little bar down on Blue Diamond Road.
  3. noirfemmefatale : There to show up the boys from Ocean’s 11 by pulling off a casino heist single handedly.
  4. stickempowers : There to stop Cat’s heist.
  5. regeneratingdegenerate : Running up a tab in a casino.
  6. minusthefishnets : In a casino, trying to get over his recent divorce.
  7. brokenrobin : Either dealing with the mob or in a hotel room.
  8. batmanisatool : Hal will be in Vegas on orders of the air force. There’s a prototype jet at the Las Vegas air base and Hal’s been requested to help them run tests/iron out a few kinks.
  9. themancalledkaine : Kaine will be breaking into a casino that he has reason to believe has ties to the Roxon corporation.
  10. puzzlingheiress : Seeing the family friendly sites with Charles.
  11. keepcalmandbegroovy : Seeing the family friendly sites with Flora.
  12. jadedfrost : Gets dragged there by Glomulus to help calm Larfleeze after the first incident, because Saint Walker is unavailable.
  13. scarlettspeedster

Contact each other. Plot. Send me notes. My skype is toconjure use it.Split yourselves up into groups if you want. If you want me to, I’ll do it for you. Mingle people, mingle!

I’ve already split Jade, Charles, and Flora into a group and assigned them their personal construct terror. They’re getting Clypta.

Post for TEAM OUTSIDE will be posted later tonight.