Enchanting Your Wand

You may feel as though you don’t have to do this. From my own opinion and experience I only have had to do this with a few of my wands but if you are a beginner or just want to do this I have written below how I do.

You will need:

Your wand

Salt( in a bowl)

Water (in a bowl)

A incense stick

A candle

Place this all on your altar and follow out the rules -

Set the Incense on the east side , the Candle on the South side, the bowl of water on the west side, the salt on the north side. A compass is a handy tool for a magician to have!

Hold your wand in both hands, close to your chest and say “My wand, I intend you to be an instrument of my will”
Hold it in the smoke of the incense for a moment, and say “Spirit of Air, breath power into my wand”
(If you are using a paper fan, wave the fan to blow a breeze over your wand. If you have a flower or bottle of perfume, pass the wand throught the sweet smell that comes from the flower or bottle.)
Pass it over the flame- don’t let it catch fire, do it quickly- and say “Spirit of Fire, give my wand joy”
(If you are using a flashlight or lamp, wave the wand through the beam of light. If you have an orange, you must use your imagination. The orange fruit is a symbol of the Sun itself- the biggest fire in our world. So when you pass your wand over the fruit, you imagine that it is really the sun,magically made small for your ceremony for a minute.)

Dip the tip quickly into the water and say “Spirit of Water, clean my wand of any evil or anger”

Touch the Salt with the tip as well, and say “Spirit of Earth, Give my wand Wisdom”

Lastly hold it up over your head and say “Great Spirit, This wand is now my wand”

Pay the Piper Spell Jar

Here’s a spell for those times when you’re waiting on payment from a variety of different sources for work you’ve already done. It’s money drawing with modified intentions, since you know who owes you and for what. (In my case, a freelance article, music royalties, and a supplies trade.) I lifted this format from @witching-and-wondering​’s beautiful anti-nightmare spell bottle

You’ll need:

  • jar
  • tealight candle (green if possible)
  • salt
  • basil
  • mint
  • bay leaf


  • green ribbon
  • star anise
  • cinnamon stick
  • a whole clove for each person that owes you
  • calcite
  • sigil on paper
  • bergamot oil

Place the ingredients in your jar in an order that pleases you. The calcite can rest against the outside. If you like, draw or pierce a money-drawing sigil on the bay leaf before adding it. Tie green ribbon around your jar and anoint your tealight with bergamot oil, if applicable. You can also sprinkle mint on top of the tealight. Put your tealight on your jar (or next to it if it’s a tiny jar) and, as you light it, recite:

My obligations now fulfilled
With knowledge deep and labor skilled
In return and with all speed
Complete the trade that was agreed

If you have a sigil on paper for this purpose, light it with the candle’s flame and burn it to ash in a firesafe container.

Let the tealight burn down, while focusing on your situation–but try not to dwell on resentment toward the people who haven’t upheld their bargain yet. Instead, consider the positive emotions you’ll experience when you have what you’re owed, like the sense of relief when your rent is paid, or the comfort of a new item of clothing you plan to buy. If you feel negative emotions taking over, or you’re short on time, snuff the candle. 

Seal the jar and keep it in a safe place. Then, if you haven’t recently, politely but firmly check in with the people who owe you. 

Charge the jar weekly by burning another candle on top of it (but hopefully that won’t be necessary). When all your payment comes in, empty the jar and cleanse it for reuse. Remember not to dispose of salt outdoors! 

Gemsona weapon ideas part 5

lots of projectile weapons in this one.

part 1  2  3  4

The Japanese “Lunge mine” was an explosive on a pole that was made to destroy tanks (but also killed its user in the process. but im sure you can think of how a gem can overcome this)

the Bren is a light machine gun i have included purely for its design.

The Welrod (also called the bicycle pump) is a silenced bolt action pistol favored by spies (also probably one of the first silent handguns ever made).

The shoe knife is an actual thing. have them any way you want, a blade at the end of the shoe or some kind of retractable combat ice skate, its your choice not mine.

the magnesium lance is pretty much a flamethrower mixed with a chainsaw and a long stick

a “Zip gun” is a homemade pistol favored by people who cannot easily get the real thing. (lots of different designs so take your pick)

the sharktooth club is used by maori warriors (this is like the third one i’ve put up from them, they make cool stuff,)

The nest of bees is a Chinese weapon that is pretty much a tube filled with rocket propelled arrows.

gyroget guns were made to fire miniature rockets instead of bullets.

and finally i have this thing i found while looking for the shoe knife, i’m sure someone will like this idea.

Scale Measurements for an Oversized Prop

Tutorial Tuesday
Ex. Final Fantasy 7: Cloud’s Buster Sword

Since the remake of FF7 has been announced, I imagine there will be a resurgence of cosplayers for the series. It tends to happen. With large-sized props, like the rather famous Buster Sword, getting things to scale, without them being too wide or too long, can be tricky for people to approach without some sort of guidance. That’s what this is going to be. It can be applied to any large-sized prop, I actually used this technique to get my Guild Sunderer sized properly, but the Buster Sword is going to be my reference point in this.

Things that will make your life easier:

  • A ruler or yard/meter stick
  • A calculator
  • Photo/art reference images printed out so you can scribble on them
  • Some sort of photo-editing software. I use Photoshop.

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Well down here'n Texas y'could literally just sticka “ y’ ” infronta anythin’ an’ it’d make sense. Nah favrites gotta be “ y'idiot” “ y'ass” and “ y'ugly lil’ ” an’ then there’s “ yuh”


Pairing: Matt Murdock/Daredevil x Reader

Time: Post 1x07: Stick

A/N: I’ve only watched the first ten episodes but I just felt like writing this so I did. (The title is for the song by Josh Record, but as always, this is not a songfic.)


“He killed someone ___, a boy- no more than ten. I thought I had saved him and then he told me that he had finished the job. That I didn’t understand what the boy was capable of.”

“Oh, Matt, I’m so sorry.” You drop his hands to draw him into an embrace and he tugs you into his lap, arms encircling your waist. He buries his head in the crook of your neck for a few moments, as if gathering his strength and then he presses a kiss to your jawline, and begins to tell you about everything that has happened in the time you were away.

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Lediga dagar. Så skönt! Jag har fått ta över min mors stickning eftersom jag saknade eget garn och hon ändå inte arbetade på den. En halsduk ska det bli. Den går i ganska många färgskalor, mest åt det rödlila hållet, och kommer nog bli fin. Jag är bara orolig över att garnet inte kommer räcka. Vi får se.

Det ska också födelsedagspresentshoppas idag. Vad, vad, vad ska man köpa tro? Det är så svårt att veta vad man ska köpa. Jag vet inte om det är jag som är fantasilös eller om det är andra vars intressen är diffusa och svåra att definiera. Kanske en blandning av båda. Förhoppningsvis bjuder affärerna på något intressant.