stick with striders!

(Non-Sburb) Au where when Dave is 13 Bro gets busted by child services so he’s sent to live with his biological mother, Mom Lalonde. Meanwhile Mom has to talk to Rose about how she actually has a twin brother who was under the custody of his father but he will be coming to live with them now. Rose is excited to have a brother but when they start to share a room they get into small arguments because they aren’t used to each other. Dave is uncomfortable in the Lalonde house, he feels awkward calling Mom anything other than “Miss Lalonde”. Rose introduces him to her friends, John and Jade, and they think it’s awesome she has a twin. They instantly get along with him. It’s hard getting used to a new life for Dave, and a new twin for Rose but slowly things get a lot better. If they wanna make it they gotta stick together.

dooble for day 3 of @dirkweek. floating… hogwarts… au… thing?? idk my son being happy makes me happy

woW tumblr messed up the quality. click for a not blurry version?

MERGE: A Davepetasprite^2 Installation
MERGE: A Davepetasprite^2 Installation

IT’S FINALLY DONE!!! After a month and a half of toiling away we finally finished our submission for LOFAM4! This is the first piece I’ve ever written with poly, who happens to be one of my favorite producers of all time.

Davepetasprite^2 is one of the most layered and complex characters in Homestuck, and definitely one of the hardest to do justice. A lot of love went into creating this track, so as usual, please wear headphones for the best experience!

written and composed: kouta | polysaw
creative direction: kouta
produced by: polysaw
art: circlejourneyart


rose and kanaya snuck off to a patio somewhere. luckily, they came back to the party without complaining much :) 

dont u dare call urself a ‘swamp hag’ or ‘bog witch’ if you’ve ever brushed ur hair and come within 70 miles of a sephora it makes u a horrendous faker and a poser and furthermore i am too busy sticking water striders up my nose 2 ponder upon real things