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I dont feel so good. I dont feel comfortable in my skin.i keep thinking about my weight. Ive been overeating for the past months. I forgot what it feels like to listen to my body. And its gotten to the point where i complicate things. Eating is supposed to be simple. But i constantly find myself complicating things. Going vegan then vegetarian then vegan then trying to eat raw and so on.. And overeating has gotten to the point where im starting to think about making myself puke. Please help me.

You’re right - eating is meant to be a simple thing. But we’ve seemed to over complicate it so much with things like “HCLF” and “rawtill4″. My thoughts are that if you’re not eating animal products then you’re already doing yourself (and the world!) such a massive favour, and personally I don’t think the little details like sticking to 80/10/10 or following a rawtill4 diet matter.
It’s probably best if you step back a bit, and maybe take some time away from instagram and tumblr (assuming that you use them). I know how easy it is to become obsessed with food when you’re constantly scrolling through photos of other people’s meals. There was one stage last year where all I ever did was worry about little things like “am I eating too much”, “am I not eating enough” “is it “cleaner” if I have a 5 banana smoothie instead of rolled oats for breakfast”, etc. These worries and thoughts will honestly do you more harm then the bloody food will ever do. 

So I just suggest that you start eating foods that you enjoy, when you feel hungry, and eating them until you’re full and satisfied. Trust your hunger cues, your body isn’t trying to trick you into eating food so that it can immediately store it as fat and cause you to gain weight. Work with your body, give it the energy when it requires it and just trust that it will do its job effectively.
Also, although it’s tempting, don’t compare your intake to another person’s. Whilst someone might run really well off a mono-meal of mangoes for breakfast, you might find that you feel better eating porridge or peanut butter on toast. We’re all individual, so just eat the foods that you crave. Don’t feel obliged to have a specific label just because you’re a vegan. There is literally no need for you to be strictly HCLF, rawtill4, etc. 

Know that your worth is not determined by your appearance/weight/the amount of food you eat/etc. Focus your attention on things like setting new goals, doing well at school (or uni/work), and strengthening relationships; and with this will come a whole heap of self-love and acceptance. I also find that when you get moving (in whatever way you like! walking, cycling, dancing, swimming) you immediately feel a lot happier.
Please talk to someone close to you about the thoughts you’ve been having, or even message me off anon if you feel like you have no one. Those sort of thoughts are so unhealthy, and aren’t nice to deal with alone.  X

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My boyfriend told me today that last night at work a girl kissed him but he pushed her away and "nothing happened". When I asked how it happened, he couldn't stick to the same story and every time he told me it details kept changing and then he started crying and saying he felt so guilty but he doesn't know why? What should I do??💕

Hmm, I don’t know he could be lying but then again he could be telling the truth, just watch him closely and be observant 💗

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Grillby 9, or 14, or 19

So was gonna try to do all three but I got carried away and decided I should just stick with my sadistic urge to do a more detailed sick Grillby. 

Soooo… #14: Their sick day scrubs

He needed a Gaster plush to get him through this. (As you can see, he’s got a cold… he isn’t burning hot enough. xD) 

Well , the game may have skipped some SS scenes , and didn’t stick with manga details for the SS scenes that they have animated them ,but omg Sakura looks almost as beautiful as she is in the manga . Her body , her outfit, and her face are waaaay much better than the anime .wtf is wrong with this studio ? would it hurt them to draw Sakura like that ? We don’t ask for fanservice just stick with the manga !!! You know ? Stick with how HER CREATOR draws her !!!!! Is that so hard ?

shazelle’s back with her ll requests, request a ll girl and maybe a card number too? if you can’t think of a card number i’ll just draw the girl in whatever i see fit!! (nothing too detailed please, if the idolized is too detailed i might stick with the unidolized)

big reminder that i am in an art block currently and i’m trying to help myself by taking these requests but i may not go through with a request if it’s not going well for me!! it doesn’t mean i don’t like the request, it’s just me art block!!

Quickly dropped down an idea that’s been in my head for a couple days. I’m gonna play around more with the idea tomorrow, perhaps. I’m really fond of the concept but am not sure exactly how I want to execute it yet, so there’s only a couple of details that I’m certain will stick through the design process.

I took it easy last night on the workout front. I did a 15 minute Tabata set that was short, but intense. Better than nothing!

Made up some delicious dinner (which will be delicious leftovers) of a honey soy sesame chicken and cheesy cauliflower rice. Lunch is two hours away and I’m already thinking about it!

In other news, I’ve been struggling the past few days with some personal things. Long story short, lady items are all out of whack and have me fearing a couple of things. I had an appointment already scheduled for my normal yearly visit, so I’m just going to stick with that appointment unless things get out of hand. Willing to discuss details privately, but I’ll spare you all the post.

And finally, happy Friday! I work 4 day weeks for the next 3 weeks between a holiday and my two 9/80 weeks, so I really can’t complain! :)

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Note taking anon. Thanks for the detailed answer! I've decided to stick with writing and what you said about reviewing notes is very true. Felt like that's what I lacked when revising for January exams. Can I ask how often you review your own notes?

No problem at all! I review my notes once on the day I took them when I copy them up tidily, again a week later to highlight key points and create a summary (usually on a post-it note), and then finally a month later when I’m reviewing topics covered that month. 


“DIY Magic Wands”

I truly find art to be magical.  There is so much inspiration in painting, drawing and making crafts.  And with the recent passing of actor Alan Rickman, I’ve been delving into “Harry Potter” more and more.  As such, I found a really cool craft project on Pinterest recently that is all about making your own magic wand.  The link for this craft is down below.

Anyways, it’s a really easy craft for you to make and the materials are inexpensive.  The tutorial I found suggested using chopsticks for the base of your wand, but I found the ones I had to be kind of small.  So I found a package of wooden craft dowels at a nearby dollar store to include in this project.  

You also need a hot glue gun and a bunch of hot glue sticks.  You’ll use that to create all the cool details on the wand.  Then you can also adorn it with beads or plastic jewels. I decided to incorporate feathers into a few of my designs.  I just taped them down first and then added on the hot glue for further adhesion and detail.

The tutorial says you can kind of mold the glue when it cools down but I still found it to be kind of sticky.  So instead I just let the hot glue take its course as it ran down the wand.  Then you can press in any jewels or beads to give it some texture.

Once I had a handful of wands made up, I primed them with gesso.  It was a little tricky getting in all those crooks and crevices, but you need a good surface for the paint to grab onto.  If you don’t have gesso, you can just use white paint instead.  Then I spent a whole afternoon just painting these wands in a bunch of different colours.  I painted a couple in natural colours, like brown, gold and bronze. But then I decided to play around with it a bit and make some purple, teal and pink.  Those ones are actually going to be gifts for my niece and nephew when I visit them next month.  All that’s left to do is seal the wands with a coat of varnish.

Overall, it was a really fun craft and I love how these magic wands turned out.  They are great gifts for kids and adults who still believe in something magical.

DIY Harry Potter Wands on Boxy Colonial:

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Question. I'm an aspiring writer, but I know I have no time to work on a novel with my heart and soul (since I'm in school with bad grades right now), so I've been looking into prompts. Except, I don't want to do a prompt that hundreds have used already that's super vague (prob read before), I want to do something random and out-there (more challenging) with several details or plot points to stick to, something interesting. Which prompt would you recommend me to start my daily prompt spree with?

The thing with writing prompts is that when they are vague you get to make it your own style.

E.g. If I read “Just give in. You wasn’t going to make it anyway”  I might write a story about two young girls at school who are rivals. Somebody else might write about a spiritual journey in which the protagonist is struggling internally and somebody else might write about a super hero and a supervillian.  All these stories would have different characters, setting and sub plots.

I’ve always felt that writing prompts are there so that you can scroll through then and suddenly find one where you can already see the storyline from beginning to end (if you wanna write it as a full thing at least), you can see the characters and possible subplots; so even though it can be over putting that other people might have used to prompts doesn’t mean the stories would be the same. If somebody gave me the prompt “a young boy finds out he’s a wizard, and the darkest wizard of all time is out to get him” I wouldn’t have written Harry Potter.

Tbh if you want all those different things in your writing I would normally suggest writing a novel, maybe try writing a series of short stories about one character instead as it wont be as time consuming or if you want to challenge yourself try a new genre.

but here’s a prompt you can use (if you like)

After centuries of war and devastation, I never thought there would be a catastrophe as terrible as WWII. I was wrong.

I think you can make something very tricky out of it but don’t feel that you have to, (I hope at least some of this helps)

First note for H

I have a customer at work who is turning 91 on Valentines day. Her name is Ann, she doesn’t believe in using cellphones, and she has the clearest blue eyes I think I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure why little details like this stick with me, a sticky note of sort attached to my brain and heart. Sometimes I’m scared of these little details, of learning too much about a person. It scares me to know that these details that make me so fond of a person will be the same details to sting my heart the most if ever the day comes in which that person is no longer here. little ghosts found everywhere, little ghosts that remind me when I’m trying to forget, little ghosts that effortlessly and casually whisper in my ear and tug at my heart. We’ve been learning more about each other lately. Slowly, gradually, quite deliberately, now that I think of it, we’ve been taking our time, careful not to reveal too much, but anxious, anxious to learn as much about each other as we can. The thought of everything I’ve learned about you so far makes my heart swell. This, too, terrifies me. Yet I want more of you. These things can be difficult to make sense of, and there is this part of me that doesn’t wish to understand. Devendra Banhart’s lyrics echo in the open spaces between my bones and blood vessels, insisting, pleading for you to please destroy me, please destroy me, please destroy me


pair of mid-century gustav bahus (norway) modular units, $350, chelsea.  each measures 31.5″ wide x 15″ deep x 15.76 high and has back hooks for wall/pole hanging (cado style).  drawer unit features set of 4 drawers with inset brass pulls; cabinet unit features 2-door cabinet with interior shelving and skeleton key brass locks.  ad claims both in good condition, but seller discloses surface mar,s and a sticking drawer.  includes ikea cabinet base if desired.  simple lines, great detailing on drawer unit.  

buy now!

Good evening everyone! We know it’s a bit sudden to bring this up, but Admin A and I have decided to throw in a mini event. It hasn’t been long since the group has been open, we know, but we came up with an idea that will hopefully be fun for everyone.

 What we have planned is a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity online. Since we sprung this so suddenly we’ll be doing it tomorrow night around 7pm EST and Sunday night at 7pm as well. This isn’t mandatory, but it would be great if you participated. When in game please stick to just one character to keep things simple. More details will be explained tomorrow and the link will be posted in the OOC.