stick to the b e a t

Just Midwestern Things™
  • the little gravel turn-around cross way thingies in between the sides of long rural highway
  • old white farmhouse paint with the flecks chipped off (you know the look)
  • that one random mint-aqua house by the creek
  • solar panels in the sideyard
  • large cornfields
  • s o y b e a n s
  • wheat swaying in the breeze while the sun’s overhead
  • an old bike leaning up against the bottom trellis part of an old farmhouse porch, next to the steps
  • grain silos out back of the house
  • rusty brown farm windmills
  • fences made of those wooden sticks jammed in the ground, with the chicken-wire metal netting nailed up between alongside the road
  • well water pumps, and the farm’s one (1) propane tank that’s usually uncomfortably near the house (why would you do that)
  • i n f i n i t e cargo trains on the train tracks, going 15 mph
  • gnarly, twisted trees along the side of the river
  • sun shining off the long, flat stretches of open highway with maybe. three cars on them as far as you can see
  • the stubs of cut hayfields glowing when the sun breaks through a little hole in the clouds on a dark cloudy day
  • the look and smell of rich loam dirt
  • all the leaves accumulating in one spot and making a carpet two feet deep
  • gravel mountains at the closed-down stone place
  • ~ suddenly, a quarry!!! ~ (where the hell did THAT come from??)
  • C O W S
  • not only is the river totally frozen over, but there are huge-ass chunks of ice all over the surface of the ice-frozen river. double ice. (where did they come from??)
  • abandoned old trailer home just sitting at the junction of the river and the highway, rusting and falling apart
  • the way you can always recognize river bluffs
  • that one mini-pony with its mini barn at the farm with all the cows
  • the tractor just rolling along the highway, slow as you like, even at the places where there’s twenty feet wide of grass on the side of the road that it could drive on
  • that one white birch in like, a twenty mile radius
  • hay rolls plunked down everywhere
  • fog laying across the tops of the cornfields at 5 a.m. before the sun rises and lights it on fire till it burns away

anonymous asked:

If it's okay to ask, what's your honest opinion on Ardyn? Personally, I know a lot of the fandom seems head over heals for him, but after a) killing Luna b) supposedly blinding iggy c) kidnapping/torturing prompto d) having a hand in killing the king e) hanging the dead bodies of noct's loved ones on the ceiling etc., etc I don't understand how ANYONE could even remotely like him?? Am I missing something? What's your thoughts? (sorry for the long ask)

Certainly! It’s perfectly okay I’ma stick this under a cut for ya.

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Url Song Tag O.o

Tagged by @bunnyjaeyoon :D (this is gonna be hard) (i’ll try to stick to KPOP artists lol)

S - Solo Day by B1A4

F - Free Somebody by Luna

9 - 94 by #GUN

S - Sorry by CNBLUE

T - Together by SF9 >:)

O - On My Own by Amber

L - Let It Go! by FT ISLAND

E - Endless Summer by N.FLYING

M - Mr. Simple by Super Junior

Y - You Make Me Feel Brand New by BRAND NEW MUSIC

H - HER by Block B

E - Excuse Me by AOA

A - Am I Wrong by BTS

R - Roller Coaster by Monsta X

T - Tell Me What To Do by Shinee

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we solve  c r i m e s ,
i  b l o g  about it,
and he forgets his  p a n t s .

Do the D-A-N-C-E 👏💃 1-2-3-4 fight 💢👊 Stick to the B-E-A-T 🎶 🎧 get ready to ignite 🔥🔥 You were such a P-Y-T 💖💄 catching all the lights 🎇✨ Just easy as A-B-C ✔️✔️ that's how you make it right 👌👌

the way you move is a mystery 👀 👀

interviewer: yo iggy freestyle for us

iggy: aight


iggy: cyberchase! we’re moving, we’re beating Hacker at his game. don’t tell me that he’s trying to hack the motherboard, we’ll get him every time. cosmic worlds, freaky places that we’ve seen! WE’VE GOT THE POWER OF ONE TWO THREE FOUR. running in a cyberchase, we’ll meet him face to face, we’ll stick together all time. adventures in cyberchase THE CHASE IS ON! just wait C Y B E R CHASE

raven knew how she looked —— bruises littered d e l i c a t e skin, crawling as high as prominent cheekbones. dark make-up was smudged underneath her eyes and there was traces of blood staining her clothes. the aftermath of one of the fights that she had been too quick to take on. she knew she should be sticking to her weight class, should be playing it s a f e. but that just wasn’t who she was. ray was strong and she was getting stronger with every training session that she pushed through in her never-ending fight to be the B E S T . but she was never as strong as the men that she fought and it only made her blood race faster. if she didn’t stop, she was going to careen out of control and crash. she figured that jackson and rafael deserved a break from her spilling through the door under the sheath of night, liquor soaked words asking for reprieve. she found herself at mateo’s door, bruised knuckles rapping a familiar tune. any chances you’re good with your hands?” @fvkmateo

saying is not the same as doing. 
you say that you want to talk to me. 
you say that you want to make it work. 
you say that you have feelings for me. 
but you never follow through. 

i’m not going to stick around forever. 
saying is not doing,
you need to show me that
you’re not going to bail
when we are strained. 
don’t leave me here
with promises unfulfilled and
missing pieces of my love. 
—  j.e.b. ((about someone saying they have feelings for you but not showing it.))

                             ◤  now i’m the [ L O W ] in lonely
                                           only i can take this [ mistake ]
                                                     but can’t take the ache from  h e a r t b r e a k ◢


I was watching Yu-Gi-Oh today and I noticed that the more I looked at Kaiba’s outfit, the stupider it got.

Exhibit A: Kaiba has an anime mullet that requires so much hair gel that I could probably stick a baseball in his hair and it would stay there.

Exhibit B: His coat hides his mullet. Why have a coat that blocks the view of his hair? If Kaiba wants to hide the mullet so bad, then he should just chop it off.

Exhibit C: His coat features triangular shaped shoulder pads. Why?

Exhibit D: His shirt features shoulder pads. His shoulders can’t be that narrow.

Exhibit E: Turtlenecks. No. Just. No.

Exhibit F: His coat has no holes, but it features more buttons than the movie, Coraline.

Exhibit G: Even if he wanted to button his coat, it’s too small anyway. It barely fits around him as it is now.

Exhibit H: His coat defies the laws of gravity.

Exhibit I: His coat defies the laws of clothing folds.

Exhibit J: He wears a green belt with his own logo on it. How much more marketing does this man need? He’s probably rich enough to own the world already. That is unnecessary even by Kaiba standards. At least the logo on his coat doesn’t make it onto this list!

Exhibit K: He insists on wearing strange things that you could find at hot topic.

Exhibit L: Like the 8 strap ons on his arms and legs.

Exhibit M: And his forearm armor (that he doesn’t even need because he doesn’t really do much except play card games).

Exhibit N: His strap ons defy the laws of gravity by staying on his limbs throughout the entire series without sliding down even once.

Exhibit O: Those shoes can be found in the women’s department of DSW. I doubt they have his shoe size.

Exhibit P: Because Kaiba decided to wear black, sometimes his shoes look like they’re part of his pants.

Exhibit Q: Despite the fact that he wears a belt, I don’t think that his pants have belt loops to accommodate for it.

In other words, I would believe it if someone told me that Kaiba let 5-year-old Mokuba design his outfit. Because even though in the anime world no one seems to notice, Kaiba has no fashion sense. At all.

*Disclaimer* I am a huge fan of Yugioh and this post is not meant to be offensive to anyone


Taurus: Everybody poops, Mod Moon, Some people just do it while spinning

Gemini: “How-… How do you even FUUUrGHCK A minion MORTY? You stick yer-yer dick in his eye? You’d know being-being a professional minion FUcker.”

Cancer: [gets on the internet] [cracks knuckles] lets gay it up


Virgo: i wanna get in their B O N E  Z O N E

Libra: am i not schwifty enough for you?

Scorpio: leave.

Sagittarius: jerry may be dead but we arent

Capricorn: Plus I don’t want to explain to my parents why there’s a picture of grunkle stan taped to our bathroom wall

Aquarius: Oh yeah, how’s your whole flooding thing going?


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How New York's Massive Homeless Population Endured Winter 2015

According to Mike Austin, the E line was the most popular subway for homeless people in New York City this winter. It never goes aboveground, he says, making it ideal for a warm night of sleep. The B and D trains were nice, too: You could ride them back and forth all night, from the Bronx to Brooklyn.

Just be ready for the cops.

It happens quickly. All of a sudden, a late-night subway freezes at the platform, that brake sound suggesting the train isn’t going anywhere fast—or at least that it will stick around long enough for undercover NYPD officers (as Austin describes them) to scour each car. For cops, the line’s last stops must make for natural targets: That way, all they have to do is wait for whoever is sleeping on the train to roll right in.

The night before we spoke, Austin, an elderly black man, sought refuge on another train, the A—which in his previous experience attracted fewer cops. It was windy and cold, so he took it to its Queens terminus, in Far Rockaway, and awoke to an NYPD badge. The 51-year-old was given a fair warning: He could get on another line, but the cop didn’t want him to see him on that train again. Other officers weren’t as forgiving; over this past winter, Austin tells me, he was locked up for 72 hours in jail simply for being homeless on a Bronx-bound D train.

“The thing that always confused me was the club crowd. They’d come on the subway late at night after drinking,” Austin says. “And the cops would single us out. I don’t whether it was because of nationality or the way we dressed. How can you determine who’s homeless or not?”


someone: so how are you?? haven’t seen you in ages lmao

me: it’s been an unknown amount of months and days since angie martinelli has been on my screen properly represented as my smol gay bean who compliments peggys legs and wants only the best for her im pretty sure season 3 isn’t a thing so b y e any hope of seeing her again. i’ve used all my stickers of angie i brought from etsy just needlessly sticking them around on books or shelves. i rewatch s1 just to cry time is an allusion nothing is real

someone: …..

me: haha so yeah im coping hbu