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someone on twitter tweeted mark hamill like “can you dm me and tell me if luke is bisexual” and he actually messaged them and told them that since luke’s sexuality is never addressed in canon, any reading of his sexuality makes sense

then someone made a tweet about how cool it’d be if luke was trans, he liked it, and sent them a message about how a True Jedi TM respects all life, even if the films don’t touch on issues like that

what a sweetheart. he’s liking all these really happy tweets from lgbtq kids saying how much it means to them to be able to see luke as gay, trans etc. it’s just… i’ve been there feeling worried the people you so admire would find you laughable or weird, and i’m super happy about this.

People seem to be upset that it seems like we get nothing from John about how he feels about Sherlock whereas it seems like Sherlock is laying his soul bare for him

However, if you examine further - this series seems to be more from Sherlock’s POV, where we get to see Sherlock more intimately and know him better than in the two previous series (which can be seen as more from John’s POV) 

The Sign of Three is the only episode where either of them are even close to being explicit about their feelings for one another and even then it doesn’t even cover the depth and extent of their feelings

Outside of that episode, John still only gets glimpses of Sherlock’s love and affection for him

Prior to this series, prior to our intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Sherlock’s mind (and heart), you can see that John seems to acknowledge and accept that their relationship is a bit one-sided on his part (more about this here)

and with these things considered it’s highly  possible that Sherlock has felt this way about John the entire time but because the audience sees it from John’s POV we think Sherlock has displayed only gotten the barest glimmers of care and affection (AND that this is STILL what John is experiencing currently) 

So earlier today I went out running wearing a sports bra and no shirt, and this old man stopped me and said “Excuse me miss, you are quite attractive, but this is a public place with children around. Could you please make sure that you are fully clothed next time you leave the house?”

I looked at him and said “I’m sorry. But anyone at this park is either too young to have a serious problem with what you seem to see as ‘public nudity’, or old enough to know whats under my clothing anyway.”

He blushed like a fat saggy tomato and walked away.

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slavetanaka-deactivated20160101  asked:

Hey! Just because you don't like pimp, or can't see the love that Gent shares with him, DOES NOT mean you are allowed to go and tarnish on their relationship. You are NOT allowed to say shit about Pimp, who's been nothing but kind and respectful to Gent. This whole "wife" thing you're trying to do is BULLSHIT. The marriage was to become closer to the fandom NOT get angry little girls worked up about not getting to have sex with him. So SHUT YOUR MOUTH and leave their love alone.

1. Thank you for expressing yourself without going anonymous.  It’s quite noble of you, and starts us off on the right foot.  Because of that, I do not intend to be hostile or belligerent toward you. If I come off that way, I apologize.  I’m hostile and belligerent about this relationship, but that shouldn’t be a reflection toward you.

2. I honestly do not know what country you’re from, but I’m from the United States, where we have the freedom of speech.  On a US webserver, I am allowed to say whatever I darn well please about whatever topic I choose.  I’m not crossing the line of harassment – I’m not calling anyone any names, and I’m not making any unfounded accusations.  Furthermore, I’m allowed to discuss anything I want with my friends.  So the real problem is that Gent chose to publish my notes.  That’s his decision, not mine (and frankly, it upset me; it’s almost like he wants people to hate me).  If you’ve got a problem with my heartache being spewed all over his page, take that up with him.  I know I want to, but God knows he’d probably publish that too.

3. There is no part of the Bro Code that requires me to like all of my friends’ partners.  I don’t care who he’s with as long as his partner is a genuinely good person.  I’ve received no proof that this is the case.  I’m a mother hen, and I’m going to protect my babies until I’m certain they’re not faced with a potential threat.  There is, however, a part of the Bro Code that heavily frowns upon breaking promises you made to your friends.  I said nothing about faithfulness to his wives; I said he broke his vows.  And he did.  He promised to trust and respect us.  He neither trusts my fears nor respects my judgment.

4. Who said I wanted to have sex with him?  That’s not what this is about at all.  Hence the “this is not about me anymore” intro to the first note he published from me today.  When you assume, you make an ass of you and me, and I sit back and chuckle.

5. Ad hominem gets you nowhere, honey.  I admire your audacity for not hiding behind the mask of anonymity, but if your argument is solely “YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT I LIKE SO SHUT UP,” that’s… not an argument, and it takes you down a peg in my book.  The only one who needs to calm their tits here is you, babycakes.

6. Oh, he’s “been nothing but kind and respectful,” has he?  THEN LET US TAKE A LOOK.  Focusing on nothing but sex and being extremely insistent about it… pushing more alcohol on him while telling him to say “fuck me daddy”… throwing his mouth and hands down Gent’s pants when Gent had said no… and, if you choose to follow the side comics, attempting to drug Gent’s tea.  OH YES, THAT ALL LOOKS EXTREMELY KIND AND GENTLE AND RESPECTFUL.  PERFECTLY HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP RIGHT HERE.  A GREAT EXAMPLE FOR ALL YOUNG MINDS TO FOLLOW.  WHY WAS I EVER CONCERNED.

Are we even talking about the same relationship?  Because if you think all of that is normal, healthy, kind, and respectful, holy CRAP this world is coming to a swift and ugly end.


'Would you like to do a survey on the application process for SUNY Purchase?' WHY YES I WOULD.

I stopped seriously considering SUNY Purchase when I was notified that I needed to send in a notarized document verifying my residence in New York State. I applied to 11 other schools and none of them requested this kind of document. SUNY Purchase had the same information as every other college I applied to including New York State tax information, my transcript from a high school in New York State, and my home address in New York State. This request was inane and nonsensical and showed me that SUNY Purchase could not be bothered to look over my information and see that the request was unnecessary. I took this as a sign that your college does not pay attention to the individual student and I have no interest in attending an institution with this mentality.