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Que the next lot of Robron fan abuse on DS MF just because Iain said he appreciated us, they are all threatening to quit the show, one just because clearly Ross isn't centre of attention, well boo hoo, newsflash he's not actually that good - stop watching who cares!! Thing is they can moan all they like, but Iain loves Robron & so do the audience so stick that in your pipe & smoke it!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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Threatening to quit, I’ve heard that before. What a bunch of attention seeking morons. Tough fucking shit, Robron ain’t going anywhere so if they can’t get it through their stupids heads why don’t they do everyone a favour and shut the fuck up and piss off. Robron are getting married and will probably get married again, I don’t give a shit about that bitter haters think. At least we’ve got something we can love and enjoy

someone on twitter tweeted mark hamill like “can you dm me and tell me if luke is bisexual” and he actually messaged them and told them that since luke’s sexuality is never addressed in canon, any reading of his sexuality makes sense

then someone made a tweet about how cool it’d be if luke was trans, he liked it, and sent them a message about how a True Jedi TM respects all life, even if the films don’t touch on issues like that

what a sweetheart. he’s liking all these really happy tweets from lgbtq kids saying how much it means to them to be able to see luke as gay, trans etc. it’s just… i’ve been there feeling worried the people you so admire would find you laughable or weird, and i’m super happy about this.


Alright historical side of tumblr/ folks against white supremacy check this bad a$$ ship out! (and that a$$ of a bro in class who argued with me that white people made the 1st ironclad ship)

This is the Kobuckson (거북선) kobuck=turtle, son=ship, which was the 1st ironclad ship in the world made/designed by the famous Korean General Yi Sun SIn.

It was created in early 15th century, it was made to fight off the Japaneses naval forces, when Toyotomi Hideyoshi attempt to conquer Korean from 1592-1598. it had length of 100 to 120 feet, beam was 30 to 40 ft, required 80 oarsmen, complimented 50 soldiers, and adorned with sulfur gas thrower, iron spiked roof top that discouraged the enemy men from attempting to board the ship, and 26 cannons (at least 5 different types of cannons) that fired ranged between 200 yds to 600 yrds.

The most distinguishable feature was that a dragon shaped head at the front, it was placed as an early form of psychological warfare to scare  Japaneses soldiers. Inside of the dragon’s mouth there was canon that fired flames or dense toxic smoke that was generated to obscure vision and interfere with the Japaneses ability to maneuver and coordinate properly.

Some white historians are still denying that the top of turtle ship was iron, but many source from history and journal of Western travelers states that the ship was indeed had ironclads. And one point in history when Korea was invaded by the French Navy, the government ordered an ironclad ship be built “like the turtle ship”. However, despite all efforts the design failed to float

What To Eat While Stoned?

I recommend 

1.) Watermelon is perfect when high, plus it helps with the breath and cotton mouth and you can use the juice for bong/water pipe water.

2.) Pizza

3.) Taco Bell

4.) Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. It also helps with cotton mouth, as well as any irritation in your throat.

5.) Mozzarella Sticks from Sonic, with a drink from there too, you could make some lean and get cross faded with awesome food.

6.) Wendy’s fries with a shake, holy shit.

7.) Starbursts, I don’t have to explain this one.

8.) A big ass bowl of fresh berries, with cream cheese and whipped cream.

9.) Fried chicken with ranch.

10.) Mac ‘n’ Cheese, especially if it’s home made. Yum.

*takes a bong rip*

11.) *cough cough* pussy *cough*

Imagine hearing Legolas talk in his sleep about how he loves you.

It was a chilly night, and you wrapped your cloak tighter around you. Aragorn stoked the fire with a stick while he absentmindedly smoked his pipe. Gimli’s snores filled the camp, and diagonally from you, Legolas was sleeping with his back against a tree trunk. Elves slept with their eyes open, which was unnerving, and took a bit to get used to. You moved closer to the fire, and that’s when you heard Legolas begin to talk in his sleep.
“Gin melin…” Legolas murmured.
You glanced at Aragorn for a translation.
“That’s sindarin for I love you.” He answered. “I wonder who he dreams of?”
“Y/N, gin melin…” Legolas murmured.
Your face turned bright red while Aragorn laughed.
“I think we shall have much to talk about in the morning.” He chuckled.

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