stick that in your pipe and smoke it

But hey

happy cannabis day grab ur jays, ur bleezies, ur dabz, ur suckers, brownies, cookies, honey sticks, pipes, bongs, grinders, lighters, ect. And get lifted boo….oh but buy a rec if you can, keep it on you, don’t go to jail, cause that’s dumb.

For all those occasional smokers or first timers.

Don’t smoke in your car with the keys in the ignition cause you WILL be charged with a dui.

If u gonna smoke in ur dorm ( don’t recommend) tuck your door with a damp towel to help absorb the smell, use med shop spray, and blow out the window, and through a fabric softner cleaner, or else ur thirsty ass RA WILL write u up.

If ur gonna smoke in the cut, don’t be near someone’s window, don’t be hella loud and obnoxious, cause basic ass hatin ass white people WILL call the police.

Don’t eat edibles from some random nigga on the block and ask him what the dose is, if he doesn’t know, don’t eat it. You WILL think ur dying

Don’t get the blunt or j wet in rotation, cause everyone WILL be annoyed with you

Oh, Dont do dap challenges if ur not a dabber, Google and find out why


Alright historical side of tumblr/ folks against white supremacy check this bad a$$ ship out! (and that a$$ of a bro in class who argued with me that white people made the 1st ironclad ship)

This is the Kobuckson (거북선) kobuck=turtle, son=ship, which was the 1st ironclad ship in the world made/designed by the famous Korean General Yi Sun SIn.

It was created in early 15th century, it was made to fight off the Japaneses naval forces, when Toyotomi Hideyoshi attempt to conquer Korean from 1592-1598. it had length of 100 to 120 feet, beam was 30 to 40 ft, required 80 oarsmen, complimented 50 soldiers, and adorned with sulfur gas thrower, iron spiked roof top that discouraged the enemy men from attempting to board the ship, and 26 cannons (at least 5 different types of cannons) that fired ranged between 200 yds to 600 yrds.

The most distinguishable feature was that a dragon shaped head at the front, it was placed as an early form of psychological warfare to scare  Japaneses soldiers. Inside of the dragon’s mouth there was canon that fired flames or dense toxic smoke that was generated to obscure vision and interfere with the Japaneses ability to maneuver and coordinate properly.

Some white historians are still denying that the top of turtle ship was iron, but many source from history and journal of Western travelers states that the ship was indeed had ironclads. And one point in history when Korea was invaded by the French Navy, the government ordered an ironclad ship be built “like the turtle ship”. However, despite all efforts the design failed to float

  • Rock Me Baby
  • Otis Redding
  • Otis Blue

You can rock me baby, ha
You can rock me all night long
Rock me baby, rock me baby, rock me babe, huh
You girl you can’t rock me all night long, now oh now
Just keep on rockin’ me little girl, girl
Honey ‘till my back ain’t got no bone, yeah, huh

UGH just play this song and be seductive as fuccck. Love this song.

So earlier today I went out running wearing a sports bra and no shirt, and this old man stopped me and said “Excuse me miss, you are quite attractive, but this is a public place with children around. Could you please make sure that you are fully clothed next time you leave the house?”

I looked at him and said “I’m sorry. But anyone at this park is either too young to have a serious problem with what you seem to see as ‘public nudity’, or old enough to know whats under my clothing anyway.”

He blushed like a fat saggy tomato and walked away.

Old fart:0 Me:1

Wow. Some people just can’t stand to see other people happy…

First off, my weight loss has never been about conforming to society’s beauty standards. I have lost weight for a number of reasons, but none of them were driven by a conscious desire to change my body.

Second, I am body positive. I loved myself when I was 30lbs heavier and if I put those pounds back on, that wouldn’t change. My body has found a happy weight that it’s maintaining all on its own, now and I like the way I look and feel. I am not thin according to society’s beauty standards nor do I feel the need to lose more weight in order to fit that mold.

Third, you are a coward. If you want to sling insults around the least you can do is to stop hiding behind your safe little wall of anonymity. Grow up and quit trying to make other people feel miserable in order to fix your own issues.

Is it wrong that I get enjoyment out of knowing that Abbott would vom at the thought of someone like me, a truck driver’s daughter, doing a law degree at a top “Group of 8” uni and mixing in their sacred, upper-class, toffy law circles? I hope they’re scared some of my ‘pov’ middle-class, truckie’s daughter germs will rub off on them. Ehehehehe.