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Otabek Altin and Yuri Plisetsky in: Sunsets, motorbikes and sweetness…

(ft. Kazakhstan and Russia’s flag bc I firmly believe that Otabek bought one at a tourist shop to stick on his bike)


wow painting that sunset/skyline/bridge was definitely the most fun background I’ve done, I had a blast … backgrounds are intimidating…. so big… so much space to fill…

75 reasons for thin

1. You can wrap your hands around your thighs

2. You won’t be reminded as the fat friend

3. You can ask the store for a size 0

4. You can see bones and know you are not fat

5. You look good in anything

6. To hear people say have you lost weight

7. To sit down without fat rolls

8. To not be afraid to say your weight out loud

9. To be thinspo for others

10. Wear short skirts

11. To be asked do you eat

12. To wear knee high socks

13. To wear stunning dresses

14. Look sexy in lingerie

15. Cheekbones

16. Wear oversized sweaters and still look thin

17. To look good in a bikini

18. Flat stomach

19. So people can pick you up easily

20. To feel confident

21. You don’t have to suck in your stomach

22. All photos you look good

23. You never have to worry about a muffin top

24. You look like a model in jeans and shirt

25. To wear shorts

26. Thin people are graceful

27. Other jealous

28. Guys see you as girlfriends material

29. Sit on someone’s lap without worrying you’ll crush them

30. Relax without being seen as lazy

31. So you like what you see on the scale

32. To wear tight clothes

33. To wear heels

34. To like your reflection

35. Crop tops

36. Not be embarrassed trying on clothes with a friend

37. Shops stick smaller sizes

38. You learn how to be disciplined

39. You don’t regret not getting skinny

40. To shock those who thought you couldn’t do it

41. You feel badass

42. People regret leaving you

43. You feel less hungry the more weight you lose

44. You know you can achieve anything else

45. Cute booty

46. Thin dainty hands

47. Hipbones

48. Your own before and after pictures

49. Collarbones

50. Because feeling skinny is the best feeling ever

51. you’ll be liked

52. Cute in photos

53. Attractive

54. You’ll actually have friends

55. No more muffin top

56. Compliments

57. Feeling good about yourself

58. Not being judged by others

59. Being happy you lost weight

60. Not crying because you gained weight

61. More self confidence

62. Feeling of accomplishment

63. No more lines on your tummy cause your clothes don’t fit

64. No popping buttons

65. Hip bones

66. Crossing your legs

67. You won’t hide in photos

68. Skinny jeans

69. Look nice dancing

70. Won’t be embarrassed to eat in public

71. Any angle looks good

72. You won’t look messy

73. People will whisper about how skinny you’ve gotten

74. Your boyfriend will be proud and want to show you off

75. Space between your legs


My first shop listing is up! If you want to get your sodalite on! Do so here! 

I’ll get some other things up as the night goes on and should be finished with my first round by tomorrow! Who knew I’m terrible at writing for this kind of stuff!

There will be limited lots so I’ll make sure to post on here as each one goes up! If you order make sure to include your tumblr user name so I can thank you and throw in extras <3 Feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have questions!

Let's talk BUDGETING

Ah yes, the least glamorous part of being a sugar baby, the fiscal responsibility. When many of us get into this lifestyle, we picture living fancy, spending without a care, and getting everything we want. Well, welcome to the real world. My allowance is $5000 a month, and if I bought all of the shoes and bags and clothes my heart desired, I could spend all that money easily. But that would be silly, because as nice as shoes and bags and clothes are, they aren’t the main reason I got into this lifestyle and they certainly won’t pay the bills if I ever get desperate.

The thing is, I suck at budgeting and spending money. I tend to use it up to quickly and then I’m desperate for money around the end of the month. But a SD can drop you on a dime, so this is obviously not ideal. So I’m implementing a strict budget for myself for the year and here’s what I’m doing so you can too.

  1. Set aside half of your allowances- I know, not fun at all. But it’s important to try to save at least half of your allowances. Buy a safe and stash half in there every month. For me, this is my “travel-car-life after college-rainy day” fund. I’m saving towards specific goals, but I also know that money is there should I ever need it.
  2. Give yourself a “weekly allowance”- Take your monthly allowance and break it up into weekly increments, but not just for the month. Try to break it up into 4 months worth of weeks. For example, when I get my $5000, $3000 will go into savings. Then, I’m breaking up the money into 13 envelopes with $125 dollars in each of them, which will last me from now until May. This is my money I can use for groceries, booze, going out with friends, basically anything I need for the week. Is $125 a week glamorous? Not really, but I can comfortably live on it and it gives me 13 weeks to find a new SD if my currant one decides to dump me for whatever reason. I will then add to each weekly folder. So next month, I’ll put another $125 in each of the remaining envelopes, and I’ll have $250 to spend every week. My weekly “goal” is $300, so the month after that I’ll add another $50 to each remaining envelope, then I’ll put $100 in 15 new envelopes to save for summer and repeat.
  3. Budget for Shopping and Big Purchases- If you were paying attention above, you may have realized that 3000+(13x125)=4625, not $5000. That’s because I budgeted $375 to go shopping for the month. Look, shopping is obviously super fun, but walking into a store with your full allowance in hand is just stupid and irresponsible. Bring the amount you budgeted with you and stick to it. Shopping is way more fun when you don’t have “oh no, I shouldn’t have bought all this stuff I wasted so much money” regret. I think ahead to any big purchases I need to make and plan for them. For example, I know I want to get my hair done in March, which is going to be expensive. So I budgeted extra money into March’s “spending” category for that expense.
  4. Roll Your Weekly Money Over- So odds are I won’t be spending my entire weekly budget every single week. What shall one do with this left over money? I’m putting into my “roll-over” envelope, which I will let accumulate. I can do whatever I want with this money. I can add it to the shopping budget for the month, use it to save up for a big purchase, or draw from it (not my savings) if I need a little extra one week.
  5. Get a “bonus” Sugar Daddy for Big Things- Well, technically I already have one, so this is more of a suggestion. To me, a bonus SD is a SD who you see very infrequently, generally due to travel or work. Mine gives me $1500 every time we see each other, which is rare, due to his travel for work, about every 2 months. I view this as “bonus money” and I would use it on a single, large purchase that my monthly budget doesn’t account for, such as a new laptop, phone, expensive bag, etc.
  6. Get you SD to Pay for as Much as Possible- Fucking duh.

12th Day, Month of Songs

I finally come to realize it ain’t enough just to have a tattoo. A tattoo is nothing but a pretty picture put in your skin. That’s all.