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Identifying witches

An open witch: just enter their house there are like 80 candles and rocks and stars and leaves and shit everywhere you are just tripping over it

A kitchen witch: their kitchen is hands down the coolest part of the house with awesome spices and organisation and deco and their house smells amazing

Hedge witch: check for a dehydrator or massive amounts of parchment paper

An urban witch: their living space is covered in the most random, seemingly irrelevant stuff that they are super attached to

Pagan witch: altars to different deities everywhere and so many pentacles everywhere why is there one in the toilet damn what

Christian witch: house is covered in fairies and Angels in paintings and statues it’s like what

Neo-pagan: their gem stone collection can only be rivalled by the state rock museum ( either that or they are a Steven universe fan :p )

A closet witch: check the drawers for books Check the drawers man

Satanic witch: lots of silver on their altar and most of their closet is black or sexy.

Gothic witch: their house IS black and sexy and full of bones

A spoonie witch: their athame is in the kitchen and there is random candle wax around the house and you just have no idea what happened but this one corner of the house has great energy

Sigil witch: why is there a sigil on every napkin what is life who are you

Tarot focused: they have like 80 tarot decks and half haven’t even been opened and they are super defensive about

A witching: starter kits, specialty candles, and they have a few books on Wicca they bought accidentally

Sea witch: there are shells everywhere and it constantly smells like fresh sea air but you can’t find the source


Happy Anniversary Everybody!

Can you believe it?  Me neither…it’s already been a year since me and Dipper’s amazing summer ended in Gravity Falls.

I could write a bajillion books filled with all the nostalgia and fun memories I’ve been thinking about over the past year (I’ve already started on my first trilogy!), but even that wouldn’t be enough to cover all the incredible things I feel when I think back on all our time back in that crazy town.

And I’ll admit, one of those things I feel is sadness!  There’s a lot of stuff that Dipper and I miss, and I’m sure all of you guys miss it too!  But the good news is that Gravity Falls isn’t going anywhere (unless a giant space monster comes outta nowhere and sucks it up or something), and I wanna give a big shout out to those of you still sticking around for the ride!

And just in case you don’t believe me, here’s a bunch of big awesome stuff just around the corner!

First of all, Dipper and I found this crazy cursed coloring book a few weeks ago, and now we’re gonna share it with you this July! (Sorry it’s taking so long to come out, Grunkle Ford wanted to make sure we cleared all the magic dust stuff off of it so, y’know, you don’t get cursed too.  Dipper says it’s not too fun.)

But yeah!  July 18 this thing goes up on the shelves, but you can totally pre-order it now if you want!  Yay pre-ordering!

Second, today is the last day in the history of ever that you can get your exclusive Gravity Falling merchandise!  Whether you want us all on a shirt, a mug, or a big giant cozy blanket to hide from that space monster eating Gravity Falls that I talked about earlier, it’s all available until 3 AM EST/12 AM PST tonight!  After that, it’s gone for good!!!

So hurry!  Right now!  Immediately!  Pronto!  Tick-tock! Other word that means fast!  Get it while you can!

And last of all, get ready for more fun, adventure, and epic Soos beatboxing from The Mystery Shack askblog itself! (Seriously, Soos says he plans to type out an entire answer in beatbox language one day.)

We’ve got lots of fun stuff around the corner, and wanna give a special shout-out to all our followers for being so patient while we get it ready.  Stay tuned, you lovely set of amigos!

And for now, that’s all until next time.  It’s been one heck of a year full of changes, but one thing hasn’t changed: We still love Gravity Falls as much as you do.

See you soon!



Zooming in on David Tennant

tumblr theme park idea

-when u enter the park you have to have a tag on you that has your url on it
-all of the rides are based off of famous tumblr posts such as “Randy Your Sticks Ride”, a roller coaster where you get sedated and shoved into a giant oven
-mickeys dick smasher is there too
-a memorial statue to daddy david karp is on display in the entrance
-daily cs:go lan partys
-the tumblr theme park is also home to the most polluted lake in the world
-there are no bathrooms
-the music playing in the park constantly stops to buffer and just not work
-the giftshops sell firearms
-all of the rides are consistently out-of-service 
-there are fursuiters everywhere (with firearms)
-there is no exit
-there is no escape

sometimes when I’m having a bad day I remember how steve and bucky once blew their train money on hotdogs, hitched a ride in the back of an ice truck, how bucky made steve ride the cyclone with him, how they were inseparable in school and during the war, how bucky remembers the newspaper in steves shoes, how they went to the beach together, to starks expo together, to a baseball game together, shared the same apartment, accidentally synchronized their movements, went on double dates together, slept on couch cushions on the floor as kids, hid away at the bar together and I just…

Amoré - Part Seven

Characters - Peter x Reader, OFC (Kait, @bionic-buckyb)

Word Count - 2000

Warnings - Fluff

A/N - So this is it, the last part. I’m so happy with this series. For the first time in a long time I was able to just sit and let it flow. Thank you guys for sticking around for the ride! I’m excited to start something new :)

Amoré Masterlist

Originally posted by painfulblisss

Walking back to your apartment, Kait made it very clear that she was keeping her word. With her arm linked through yours, she held tightly as if you’d fly away if she let go.

Luckily, the cafe she’d invited you to that afternoon wasn’t too far from where you lived but you could feel your stomach twisting into knots. You knew your mother was home from work and after not seeing you for days, she’d want to sit down and catch up with you. Though you loved that time with her, the state of your face would send her into high alert and you knew you had a lot of explaining to do that you were nowhere near prepared for. She was already stressed enough, and though she did her best to cover it up, you could always see right through her.

“I think you should give him a chance,” Kait’s voice finally touched your ears once again, pulling you from the excuse you were thinking of making up for your mother.

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Are You Ready For This?

I’ve had some people wondering when Met by Accident is going to end, others begging for it to never end.  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. I’m probably going to cry when it does.  But here’s the good news.

It’s not ending any time soon.  I actually sat down and wrote down the ideas I’ve had for the main chapters as of right now.  I’m sure I’ll have more that pop up as time goes one, but guess how many there are so far?  Just guess.  Give up?


Yes, you read correctly. Twenty-two.  And that’s just main chapters! That doesn’t include filler!  It’s going to be insane and I’m wondering how many people are going to be saying by the time chapter 52 rolls around “Sweet Baby Jesus, Pax!  Give it up already!” Sorry, too much to tell.

So I hope you stick around for the ride.  The best is yet to come. I promise you.

anonymous asked:

hey i was thinking of making some art for your phan elf au - i absolutely love it! idk if you've already answered this, but what kind of universe are they in? is the lore more similar to skyrim, lotr, etc?? would they ride horses, stick to walking?? idk man, i love world building :D

Ooooh man I haven’t really thought of this yet. I keep thinking of LOTR whenever I write/draw anything for it. I haven’t really thought of the other races in the universe, but I imagine there are humans (living in cities outside of the forest, slowly encroaching inwards, diminishing the woods… that might be a theme I work with, because deforestation is a very serious issue). They would stick to walking, especially Phil haha since he’s scared of horses. Honestly I’m not that great at world building (yet - I do want to get better). I’m planning on working more on this this week!

words of encouragement from suho:  “be fanta…stick!”

for my fanta wife @minseok-tea ilyso much we’re a mess

Ohohoh~ The time has come again! Actually, it’s been awhile since I’ve done this … (shhh- its not because I’ve been swamped with summer school) But let’s get started, shall we? (°∀°)ゝ”

Hey guys! It’s Kitty here (゚ω゚;), cryin’ about how late she is in celebrating reacher her follower milestone!!!! :^)  I mean seriously tho… 800+ of y’all still decided to follow me? Σ(・口・) Like wow. Even though I am still on this point in tumblr, I still can’t believe people would even like my content. My dash is the messiest ever … it could be about kpop then suddenly, I would be hit with feels and well..the rest are history. I want to sincerely thank each and everyone of y’all from the bottom of my heart (シ_ _)シ. Sorry I haven’t been on much or what not … School has literally taken over my life (´ヘ`;), BUT! I’m in summer break now (⊙ꇴ⊙) So, Yah know … I’m free n’ all now =) 

First, I’d love to thank God for everything He has done for me…. He has given me so much blessings… to name a few~ヽ(ヅ)ノ

  1.  7/31/16- I got to meet BTS, the men that has changed my perspective on music and made me smile more than anyone else.
  2. 8/15/16- After a year, I finally passed and got my driving license to drive (YAY! INDEPENDENCE!)
  3. 7/30/16- I got to shake hands with DEAN and boyyyyyyyyy, lemme tell you… He’s the most nicest artist I’ve ever met. Gentleman goals 
  4. 7/31/16- I fell in love with MONSTA X and ASTRO (KCON made this possible~)
  5. 8/21/16- I found out I have straight A’s from taking 4 Summer Classes :-)
  7. 7/30/16- I got to meet my KAKAO loves @basilthecreeper & @monikarp & @parkjongins(<–Blakeeu, we did ‘meet’ in SKYPE and in spirit…. I still count you LOLOL) I love you guys so much ! ;-; i really wish we can meet up again soon ~)

And that’s only some of July & August things~ So with that, I’d like to continue the rest of this post ≖‿≖ 

ಠ_ರೃ For my Kings n’ Queens: ಠ_ರೃOkay, first of all… I’d love to apologize to each and everyone of you. I know I’m really terrible with communication and all but I just really want you guys to always know that I am here for you and I’m all ears and I love y’all so much. Thank you putting up with my dummy self and yeah :-) I don’t know how to really thank y’all for showing support and all. Just know, y’all have a special place in my heart ~ I LOVE YOU. Thank you for even spending a second to talk to me. I appreciate it… alot 

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(人・㉨・)♡ Special Mentions!! (人・㉨・)♡

@debrenner​ - LOVE :d OHMYDAYS. IT’S BEEN FOREVER SINCE WE’VE TALKED BUT LOOK! HEHE I’M STILL WORKING HARD ON MY ART :) I still wanna thank you for supporting my art. Youre awesome! Let’s catch up soon~] [ @sehunsdancesoloinlotto​ & @kurosentoki  - thank you guys so much for your concern in my past note :’) I really appreciate it and it truly means a lot to me…. To what you guys said, I’ll truly put it into consideration and again.. thanks for even spending a second to it >< Even though I dont deserve, I still wanna thank you ~]

An HD Version of my art :-) 

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aenramsden  asked:

Okay, so Star Wars prequels meta - how about flipping the roles of Yoda and Palpatine? Grandmaster Palpatine of the Jedi and Sith Yoda, yo. Yoda is EVEN MORE DANGEROUS because SO VERY MANY PEOPLE underestimate the little green troll with the silly voice and then MIND TRICK or RED LIGHTSABER or FORCE LIGHTNING etc.

This is an interesting idea but I’m not gonna lie, I literally only care about Emperor Yoda whapping democracy-loving politicians with his gimer stick and riding Darth Vader around like an evil backpack while extolling the glories of the Dark Side to him, that is literally all I care about here, that is it. NOTHING ELSE WILL EVER BE AS IMPORTANT AS THAT TO ME. 

i’ve realized you will never truly find yourself
the world is always changing
you are always growing
yes, there will be times where you may need some space and time to yourself because we all need it,
but life isn’t about finding yourself
life is about creating yourself,
along the way.
with your friends as your support system and your family as your backbone.
plus a significant other, but only
if you’re lucky enough to have someone who doesn’t drag you down.
you need someone who cares
someone who listens
someone who motivates you and someone who ONLY wants what’s best for you. if they don’t then you better leave them behind because they do not deserve to be apart of your journey.
i’ve realized life is about creating yourself
not finding yourself
life is about your journey
life is about reaching your goals and chasing your dreams.
remember to appreciate everyone who sticks along for the ride cause life definitely isn’t easy,
but the people who want to be in your life will prove that to you.
stay focused on moving forward
leave the past behind and don’t let it change you
get rid of negative people surround yourself with positive people open up to people
trust people
move forward
create yourself
and love yourself. unconditionally