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Elastic Hair Ties

This blog has cute imagines, I saw this specific one and was inspired immediately.

Imagine you and your favorite character wearing matching necklaces/bracelets.

Jumin x MC (first person perspective)

Word Count: 826

“That looks too expensive.”

“I want to treat you, my love.”

“And I really appreciate you for that Jumin, but that looks like it would shatter just from me holding it with my measly peasant hands.” I patted his arm and continued walking down the brightly-lit shopping strip. Jumin had spoken endlessly about wanting to get something for me, something that sparkled and shined, something that showed me that he was ready to get me anything that I desired at the drop of a hat.

And, while I appreciated it…

“Darling, look at these diamond earrings—”

“Jumin, those are $12,000.”

“But they would look gor—”


My heart cried out for this man. He meant well, he always did. I grabbed his hand and held it firmly, curling my fingers around his and squeezing his hand as if he were my only lifeline.

“Are you holding my hand so that I don’t wander off into another shop?” He asked me, an amused smirk gracing his face.

“Can I not hold my boyfriend’s hand because I want to?” I looked up at him as innocently as I possibly could, but he squinted his eyes playfully.

He knew me by now.

“Why are you so against me treating you to jewels, hm?” He squeezed my hand and swung it about slightly.

“Because, there will always be jewels. There won’t always be you, Jumin Han, my adorkable boyfriend.” I nudged him gently. “Jewels have always felt so superficial to me. A billionaire could spend a quarter of a million dollars on a sapphire necklace for his fiancée, but treat her terribly at the end of the day.”

Jumin walked quietly beside me, taking my words in. I smiled softly and continued. “Honestly, Jumin… you could give me an elastic hair tie, and it would mean the world to me. Like this.” I slid off the hair tie on my wrist and, after pulling him away from other pedestrians, I eased it onto his wrist. He stared down at it for a little while, almost enchanted with what it was.

“…Darling, what—”

“It’s a hair tie!” I giggled and pulled his hand into my own. “As a matter of fact, it’s my lucky hair tie. Every time I had it on me, you would magically show up.”

His eyes widened in realization and he smiled. “Then, perhaps it will be my lucky hair tie now, because you gave it to me.”

“Oh, Jumin…” I gushed shamelessly. “I’d like to make it back to the penthouse in one piece, please.”

“Then we’d better get going, my lady.” He extended his elbow out to me and I wrapped my arm around it before we continued walking.

“Maybe we could try tying your hair with that hair tie, maybe that would give you some more luck with future business ventures.”

“Darling, that sounds like a terrible idea.”

“Where did you go, my love?”

I came out of the bedroom and rolled up my pajama sleeves. “Ah, I just went to go change. Why don’t you get into something comfier? I know you like the tension that exists when you’re all dolled up, but you could relax every now and then.”

“Right again.” He stood and made his way over to me, one arm snaking its way around my waist and pulling me in. I pulled him down slightly by his tie, teasingly puckering my lips.


He let out a low chuckle and hurried off into the bedroom. I watched him leave and hugged my arms to myself, reminiscing over how fortunate I was just to have him…and a knock at the door interrupted those thoughts immediately.

“Jumin? Were you expecting anyone?” I called out as I made my way towards the door.

No answer.

I slowly opened the door and saw a delivery man there, holding a small box. The men who were standing guard didn’t seem bothered, so I slowly let my guard down.

“Package for Jumin Han?”

“Yes.” I took the box and signed for it. “Thank you.” I closed the door behind me and stared at the box, curious as to what was inside. “Jumin?”

“Yes?” He came out wearing a striped pajama set, his hair slightly disheveled. “Ah, it came. Good.”

“What…what is it?”

“I’ll let you do the honors.” He handed me a box opener and beamed. “Open it. Be careful not to cut yourself.”

I took the box opener from his hand and cut down the middle, then hacked at the tape on the sides. As I pulled the folds back, I noticed a pack of elastic hair ties.


He grabbed the pack, tore it open effortlessly, then softly grabbed my wrist. “As I recall your words exactly… ‘you could give me an elastic hair tie, and it would mean the world to me.’” He slid the hair tie onto my wrist and just before our lips connected, he whispered… “‘Like this.’”

Five Time Gold Medalist

Written for @rollertoasteroflife <3 I know it’s not your birthday where you live anymore, but I’m still counting it as such. Happy Birthday!!!

1. When Viktor turns six, everything changes.

He receives his first pair of skates, leather soft and blades slightly dull from their previous owner, but they are magical and lovely and unequivocally his

There, while sliding on the rink, fumbling for hand rails and tending to bruises, the ice seems to caress him like an old friend, welcoming him with each turn and and flick of his blades, simply overjoyed at his arrival.

Where have you been, it seems to say. I’ve been waiting for you for so long. Viktor breathes in the cool air and lets it’s icy presence settle deep into his lungs.

It spreads into his soul, settling a dissonance he wasn’t even aware of. 

The ice, his first and most formative friend, provides him a path to a new life.

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anonymous asked:

also that 'i love you' had to be directed at dean, the way he said it and looked down and we get dean's reaction??? and then he said "i love all of you" but im like? you barely know mary so i dont think you just up and /love/ her like that so it def sounded like a way to cover up deans ily but not making it as if he doesnt care about sam and mary too. but ugh my heart also bitter they didnt fucking hug him

i think adding mary into the mix is creating this atmosphere where they’re all allowed to be a bit softer? adding a woman protagonist to a hyper masculine setting makes it a bit more palatable for the less gay audience to accept that a dude, with his dying breath, would tell a couple other dudes that he loves them. i think that’s why i like mary. having her around tricks the writers into subconsciously making the characters softer, more in touch with their emotions, more prone to sharing their feelings. not that they haven’t done this in the past without a woman present, but gosh it sure has been happening a lot lately, hasn’t it?

Thiam fluff headcanons

Hope you like em @thiamkey  

When they can’t see eachother for days/weeks for some reason how do they greet eachother when they’re finally reunited?

They’re a fan of the big dramatic run and hug/kiss. It evolves over time. The first time they don’t see each other for over a week after they’ve started their ‘thing’ it’s due to hunters and they haven’t even begun talking about what they are yet so both of them are a bit nervous. The pack doesn’t know about it yet. They just know that they’ve become…sort of friends, who seem to argue a lot. But then they’re meeting and Liam is storming towards Theo his fist clenched and his jaw locked and Scott’s starting to move, ready to step in front of Theo and find out why exactly Liam looks like he wants to kill him this time, because whether he likes it or not Theo’s a weird extension of the pack now. Still not pack, but, well, he’s helped enough that Scott’s okay with him being around. He kinda feels like he’s the groups Spike by this point. But then before he can get between them Liam’s there, grabbing at Theo’s neck and yanking him down into a kiss that leaves the whole pack blinking and eventually wandering off uncomfortably when the moaning begins.

By now it’s honestly quite painfully adorable to watch. The two grinning the moment they spot each other. Theo actually picks Liam up in a hug when they finally reach eachother, burying his face in Liam’s neck and whispering words too quiet for even the werewolves watching to hear, Liam smiles brighter than the sun and the pack finds themselves strangely happy that Liam got Theo out of hell.

Who takes the other an “apology pizza”?

Theo. Liam’s parents will laugh whenever he turns up at the door with a pile of pizza’s looking sheepish as he asks if he can see Liam.

Who says to the other how beautiful he is first?

Theo. The second the words come out of his mouth he’s kind of hoping for his sister to appear and rip his heart out because he didn’t mean to say it. He’d been waiting at lacrosse practise for Liam and Liam..Liam’s amazing at lacrosse, not that Theo really cares about it but he does like the swagger Liam gets when he’s just proved he’s the best at something. Liam walks over grinning from ear to ear, eyes literally sparkling and really, it’s just unfair, and then he’s talking to Theo lips twisting into a smirk and the words just kinda…spill out of Theo’s mouth. Liam turns as red as a tomato and stammers out a thank you. Mason just looks at Theo likes he’s grown two heads. Sure he knew they were together but Theo’s reverent whisper of 'fuck you’re beautiful’ wasn’t something he’d ever expected to hear.

What’s the first gift they give each other for valentines or their first anniversary?

They’ve been 'dating’ for all of a week before their first valentines together so neither’s really sure if they’re even meant to get the other presents. Liam eventually settles on getting Theo an air freshener for his car. It’s not romantic, but he wraps it nicely. Theo didn’t see fit to get Liam anything, so he just takes the sticky bow off of his present and sticks it to his chest.

“Wanna open your present?” Theo asks with a wink. Theo doesn’t finish unwrapping his present until the next morning.

For their first anniversary, Liam’s too preoccupied to really notice it’s coming. It’s his senior year and he’s fretting over colleges and exams he’s soon going to be taking. He remembers the night before and runs out to the shop. He ends up getting Theo a strange assortment of gifts from the all night garage he found after a half hour of panicked searching. Theo doesn’t seem too upset with his haul of random chocolate bars, soda’s and $2 cuddly toy.

Theo gives Liam a key to his car. “I figured it’ll do until you work out where you’re going to college. Hard to find a key to an apartment when I don’t even know what state we’re going to be living in.” Theo says with a shrug like he hadn’t just asked Liam to move in with him, or more told him that they were going to be living together next year.


Real talk, yo~

The Shojins are pretty lonely in real life, they live on a small island constantly in turmoil, where they only have each other for company. To enhance their meager social circle, they turned to FFXIV a few years ago and started to meet people in game… Today, we’re overjoyed to have had the chance to meet and befriend some of the most amazingly kind, funny and generous friends we’ve ever had the good fortune to cross paths with. 

It’s my birthday today, and I’ve been well and truly spoiled by some of these same people, and I’m a little overwhelmed by it all. Thank you for being our friends, and thank you for all the years so far. ;~; 

And thank you, Final Fantasy 14. 

A & V - AKA Nikita and Yujika Shojin. 

Dear Obama,


Heh. I’m just joshin’ ya. I know that’s not possible. (Right? We’re 1,000% sure that’s not an option, correct? I just want to make certain all the bases have been covered on that point.)

But seriously, I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for what you tried to do for this country after eight years of Bush, which we’d all assumed was the most disastrous White House any of us would have to experience. Some of us really did appreciate you and your family. Though there were certainly a number of criticisms of your policies – well-reasoned, valid critique – we were all coming to the table from a common ground of human decency and moving the country in the same general direction. Because of that, we could discuss policy points and express disappointment that you didn’t do this or outrage that you did that while still recognizing the country’s net position was moving in a positive direction. Some of the outcomes were the inevitable product of working with a bloated bureaucracy like the US government and being unable to implement your vision in full because of necessary compromises, and yes, resentment from the people who didn’t want you there. But thanks. You tried. You tried to make America a better place, and for awhile, I was very proud to call myself a citizen of the United States.

Now my lips are already primed to say the phrase “I’m Canadian” on my next international vacation.

Anyway, just one small favor to ask of you even though we don’t deserve it: Can you please stick around? Please stay present and visible, not just because we like seeing you, but because you did turn this country around after Bush. And somebody is going to have to turn it around after Trump. I don’t even have a picture in my mind anymore of what the US will be at the end of this administration. I can’t even imagine what kind of person we’ll need in the White House to undo this kind of damage, because I honestly thought you were about as good as it was going to get for a President in my lifetime. We’ll have to have someone better than you to put this country back together, repair our relationships globally, and right the wrongs of the orange toddler crashing his way through our government and paving the way for legislation out of the worst Congress we’ve ever seen.

The next President will need your help and advice and guidance. Please stick around to give it to them. You don’t owe us anything, not after the eight years we put you and your family through, and certainly not after the slap in the face delivered to your legacy by putting Trump in your place. But I already know you’re a better person than I, and your heart is not filled to the brim with petty. I know you still want to see us win regardless of how vehemently we are trying to lose, so please stick around.

That’s all I got. Thanks again to you and your entire family.

The Parts of the US That Can Read And Digest Factual Information

I’m a grown ass adult who cried over Tri. Also over a decade later and I’m still in Mimato hell, despite knowing how crack it might be is. Yup. Also hi, long time no post.

hufflepuffkira  asked:

hey Giulia!! I was wondering if you had any writing advice/tips? As you well know I'm a huge fan of your writing and I aspire to reach your level of talent aha. I apologize if I've already asked for your advice before too, you absolutely don't have to answer again if I have! (I love love your new theme btw!!)

This is so flattering Cosi omg thank you. I’ll try to put together some of my favorite posts that i often check while writing and maybe add some more.

  • here’s some general writing tips by @wellsjahasghost that i find extremely useful.
  • @rongasm wrote so many writing tips as well so you should definitely check out her writing stuff tag. This “How to develop/come up with a good plot” post helped me out a lot. Also i agree on every point of this post about what attracts me the most in a fic.
  • @danielzharman‘s writing tag include tips of every kind, if you either wanna write a fic or a novel, you can find some very helpful for your vocabulary, plot and general information for descriptions.     

          when i write i always check these ones in particular:

  1.   “how to translate emotions into written body language”
  2. “57 senses to use in your writing”
  3. “words to use more often + words instead of ‘said’ + words instead of ‘looks’ + showing emotions and feelings”  (this is more for non-native english speakers maybe?)
  • Personally, being english not my first language i always struggle with finding synonyms  and i’m always afraid of feeling repetitive with my expressions, so WIDEN YOUR VOCABULARY and always REREAD your sentences, read them out loud to see if they do sound natural and fluent, as well as your dialogues.
  • FIND A BETA, cause they really save your ass and even if your grammar is somehow perfect you’ll always need someone to cheer you up and that roots for you. Your beta is not only the one who corrects your work, but is someone you can count on when you need a good advice or even just an opinion about your writing. It’s not just a “writing/professional” relationship, strictly bound to your fic. ( ps. @youaretoosmart@stilesprefers-screamers ily)
  • PUNCTUATION is!! important!! You can tell me the best story ever with good characters and development but i can’t really follow it if paragraphs are commas-free and capital letters are optional.
  • COHERENCE, both for grammar and plot. Aka:
  1. don’t mix the tenses up. If you start with the present tense, stick with it and vice versa. (Unless you’re writing in present and have to do a flashback or something)
  2. as for the plot: always be careful about the dates and the socio-cultural background. For ex. if you’re setting your story post-college, you have to consider colleges in USA last four years. Or the fact that In USA you use different scales of measurement etc…
  • Also, when i read a fic, i have this small pad where i note all the expressions or words i either don’t understand or i find inspiring. There, i write down also some brainstormings for my fics whenever something inspires me, which can happen with movies, literature, tv shows… whatever. FIND INSPIRATION in everything you do: hobbies, places etc…just, pay attention to it, you know.
  • FOR MULTICHAPTERS you can deal with it as you like it but personally, i like to have everything scheduled. So for example for Quietus i’ve done the same process Rachel and Maggie did for Rainflower and made a two-lines plot for each chapter, set up the povs and basically wrote some key-words. I used Google Sheets.
  • if you have friends who are writers as well, DON’T BE AFRAID OF ASKING FOR OPINIONS, granted of course that you gotta be willing to accept constructive critics too (as Jade said). For my own experience, writers are very supportive with each other yikes.

i think … that’s it? Also because the others’ posts are really detailed and i don’t think i have much more to add on it.

Hopefully it can be enough, & for any advice or anything i’m always here to talk xx

Imagine being Bella's older sister, and you and Carlisle fall in love

This was supposed to originally be a ONE SHOT, but I think we all know I have more planned for this. So PROLOGUE!
Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Carlisle x Reader (OC name, feel free to change it in your mind)
Warning: CURSING!

‘Holy Shite on a cross!’ Is the first thought the crosses my mind as I stare up at the large, beautiful house that is at the end of the mile long drive, which has yards upon yards of white Christmas tree lights strung across the trees lining it. The house is huge, open, with wall to floor windows the reveal, what seems to, hundreds of teenagers other than my sister’s graduating class. Music pulsates outside, vibrating the windows it’s so loud, dozens of different colored lights even wave back and forth inside, reflecting across the lawn.

Alice had no doubt, out done herself; Bella always told me in our messages that she did, but I never believed her until now, as to expected of Vampires. Oh yes, I was in for a nasty shock with THAT email from Bella, see I had graduated two years before Bella, and was currently on break from my College abroad, in Japan. I knew the Cullen’s through the messages that Bella and myself exchanged, the years I was gone, never met them in person, never video chatted with them, and never been to their house. Bella sent me pictures of the younger Cullens, Jasper has blonde hair and was constantly at Alice’s side, Alice is a pixie-like girl with a sassy brown bobcut, Edward is the lanky brunette that constantly has to pull Bella out of trouble, Emmett is a burly brunette that seems to like to fight, and Rosalie is the beautiful blonde girl, with a love of cars, and looks like she belongs on a runways.

I knew of Esme and Carlisle, but little else. Esme posed as Carlisle’s sister, who had fallen on hard times, and staying with the others until she got back on her feet. Carlisle, he was an anomaly, one that I was very interested in figuring out, a vampire that works in a hospital, helping people, not attacking them, not stealing blood, but being kind and gentle, he saved Esme, Edward, Rosalie, and even Emmett by changing them, but he doesn’t go around, biting and changing people all the time. This makes me very curious. Currently, only Alice, and possibly Edward, knew of my arrival, wanting to surprise my sister, who as far as Bella was concerned, I was still in Tokyo.

Climbing out of the car, sticking my sister’s graduation present under my arm, glancing in the mirror on the side of the door to make sure my hair is flyaway free, the brown ringlets are down my back, bangs braided around the crown of my head, I smooth the skirt of my purple dress, which stops at my knees in the front, falling into a train in the back, which ends at the heels of my black and white Converse high tops, before I hold the present before me, walking up to the house. Before I can even open the door, it swings open to reveal a beaming Alice, who throws her arms around me with a happy squeal, yanking me inside.

“You’re Emma! It’s so great to finally meet you!” Alice crows over the music.

“You too, Alice! Where is Bella?” I ask just as Edward appears over a group of people’s heads, Esme’s hands clasped over Bella’s eyes as they follow him.

“Surprise!” Esme cries, uncovering my sister’s eyes as soon as the stop before me.

“Emma?!” Bella lunges at me, wrapping me in a hug. “Oh my-! Oh my god! What’re you doing here?!” She asks as I hug her back.

“You didn’t think I’d miss you graduate, did ya?” I laugh as she pulls away, I tuck the present in her hand, which she opens hesitantly, only to find a signed copy of Stephan King’s The Firestarter, causing her to beam at me as I notice people staring over at us, confusion evident.

“Let’s move somewhere more quiet.” Edward suggests, reading my discomfort easily, Bella mods as she wraps her arm around mine, tugging me through the crowd, before everyone joins us in a glass room that must be Carlisle’s at home office, said man is looking up from his desk in confusion.

“Who’s this?” He asks, gesturing to me, I have to force myself not to gawk at the handsome blonde in the office chair, he’s dressed khakis, a blue button down dress shirt, with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows.

“This is Bella’s sister! Emma. Emma. this is Carlisle.“ Alice chirps as Carlisle nods, gaze landing on me. Heat streaks to my cheeks as I cover it with a cough, before turning to Bella.

“Sorry that I missed your actual graduation, my flight was a little delayed.” I explain.

“It’s fine, I’m just so glad you’re here.” She throws her arms around me once more, causing me to let out a surprised laugh. “I’ve missed you! Please, please tell me you’re done in Japan?” I laugh, shaking my head.

“Bella, it’s two more years.” I state.

“And then it’ll be two more, then four more, then six more, and then you’ll be married with kids, wearing kimonis 27/7, and never come for visits, and then I’ll be a vampire, and-” I pinch her lips between my thumb and index finger, Edward watches in vague amusement, while Alice smiles at me.

“First, it’s kimonos, and second, you KNOW that I can’t have kids, so that’s out of the question. You know that I would never just leave you like that. Two years. That’s it. Then it’s three months in Russia, three months in England, and I will be back here, filling out a community college application to finish my doctorate.” I explain, she sighs as I release her lips.

“We never see each other, though!” Bella complains.

“You know, it probably won’t even be another eight months, I’m flying through my classes with ease.” She nods, beaming up at me. "You just have to be patient a while longer.” I glance down at my watch, frowning at the dead battery.

“It’s a little after eight.” Alice says, causing me to smile up at her in thanks.

“Do you have to go already?” Bella asks, causing me to let out a soft laugh.

“No, I’m just tired. Jet lag, I have to go to bed at an acceptable time.” I explain as Bella nods.

“Well, let me introduce you to some of my friends.” She stands, reaching down to grab my hands, tugging me out the door as I shoot a helpless look back at Alice and Edward, who simply shake with laughter, following us as the sound and party swallow us whole. It feels like an eternity of being introduced to everyone, when in reality it’s about an hour or two, before I manage to slip away to the only other place in the house, that is unoccupied by party goers, which is Doctor Cullen’s office. Stumbling into the room, I swing the door shut as I let out a deep breath, pinching the bridge of my nose as I shake me head, feeling a migraine coming on.

“Are you alright?” I jump at this voice, whirling around to find the doctor himself, sitting in a chair, before his desk, book in hands as I press a hand to my chest, heart thudding rapidly behind my ribcage.

“I… ah, I needed an escape. My head is throbbing, and it’s… very crowded out there.” I explain as I close my eyes, taking deep breathes so that my panic goes down a bit, before opening them once more. “I don’t do… parties, often. They make me claustrophobic.” He nods as he closes his book, standing to cross over to me, reaching up I press myself back into the bookshelf behind me, to give him more room, before he turns back to his desk, rounding to the opposite side.

“Feel free to sit in here, for as long as you need. I am not one for parties myself. Unfortunately, Alice has a penchant for them.” I nod empathically as I cross to the chair he previously occupied, settling down into it as he seats himself at his desk.

“So, may I ask- or is it too intimate of a question?” I mumble the last part to myself, causing him to look up, tilting his head at me a bit.

“You may ask me anything, I will not withhold information, nor get upset.” He promises.

“Oh, uh… alright, well…” I bite my bottom lip in thought. “How did you, become a vampire, if you don’t mind?” He blinks at me, as though in surprise.

“I admit, that wasn’t what I thought you’d ask.” He states, causing my neck to suddenly feel a bit warm.

“O-Oh, um, y-you don’t have to answer, you know. I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable, or upset you, o-or…uh-” I cut myself off, feeling the heat traveling up my neck to my cheeks and ears, as I realize that I’m rambling, he is looking at me with a crooked smile, eyes bright, as though amused at my reaction.

“It’s quite alright. Let me see, I was born in the Sixteen Forties, I believe, time wasn’t inheritantly accurate back then, honestly, for the common people. My father was an Anglican Pastor, my mother died when giving birth to me, and my father, he led hunts against witches, werewolves… vampires.” He looks at me. “He burned a lot of innocent people, of course the real creatures that he sought were not so easy to capture, when my father grew old, he placed myself in charge of the raids. At first, I was a disappointment; not quick to accuse, to see demons where they did not exist, but I was also persistent, and more clever than my father. I had discovered a coven of true vampires in the sewers of the city, only coming out at night, to hunt, many had lived this way.” He shakes his head. “We had gathered pitchforks and torches, waiting where I had seen the monsters exit, and one finally emerged.”

“He changed you?” I find myself asking, sitting in the edge of my seat, he look up at me with a simple nod.

“He was ancient, and weak, with hunger, I heard him call out in Latin, to the others when he caught scent of the mobs. I ran through the streets, I was rather fast for being twenty-three, and lead in the pursuit.” I can picture these things happening in my mind, coming alive with his words. “The creature could have easily outran us, but I believe he was too hungry, so he turned on us, as he attacked. He fell upon myself first, but the others were close behind, and he turned to defend himself. He killed two men, and made off with a third, leaving me bleeding in the street.” He shakes his head. “I knew my father, the bodies would be burned– anything infected by the vampire would be destroyed, and I acted instinctively to save myself. I crawled, away from the alley, while the mob followed the vampire and his prey, I hid in a cellar, buried in rotting potatoes for three days. It was a miracle I was able to keep silent, to stay undiscovered, it was on the third day that if was over, and I knew what I had become.” Without a thought, I reach out, resting a hand on his chilled one, causing him to look up at me in surprise.

“You are remarkably strong.” I breath out, causing him to smile at me, flipping his hand over beneath mine, to squeeze it.

“I… thank you.” He says softly, my heart starts to thump rapidly behind my ribcage, once more, as a comfortable silence looms between us, smiling at one another, before the door swings open, causing me to jump. Looking up to see Alice, Edward, Bella, and three Quilete boys, one I recognize as Jacob Black.

“Carlisle, we’ve got a problem.” Edward says, causing me to sigh as I stand.

“I believe that this is my signal to got find a motel for the night.” I state.

“Actually,” Alice speaks up. “upstairs, third bedroom from the right. Carlisle is allowing you to use his room, during your stay.” I nod, smiling thankfully at the doctor, before ducking out the door, swaying through the party, then outside to get my bag from my car, before head back inside, and into the designated room. Closing the door behind me, I shut out the party, leaning against the door with a sigh. Throughout the rest of my stay, Carlisle and I seem to connect more, talking and bonding as friends, as it is rare for me to do so with people my own age, being 20, even if it’s only that Carlisle is physically 23. When I leave, I feel sad to go, even though Carlisle and I have a great friendship, exchanged phone numbers, and emails, I’ll still feel lonely with his constant company, and friendliness.

Driving away, I feel determined that I will see them again soon, sooner than I might think.

Writing question...

@wrathofthestag @heyfightme @gutsybitsies @checkplsdude 

This is open to anyone who wants to contribute their thoughts, I’m tagging these folks in particular because I’ve bent their ear about writing and fic in private before and I know they don’t mind :)

I have absolutely no training or specific education beyond high school in writing, so “everything” I’ve picked up comes from loving reading and analysis of literature, just so you’s know. So far my comfort zone writing CP fic is Jack in third person limited POV and - this is my main issue - I also made the decision to stick to present tense. My reasons are:

- as someone who can to a certain degree relate to aspects of Jack’s history, especially with recuperative sense, staying in the present is a minute-by-minute effort - he tends to abstraction in the comics and I think that would come across even more in the larger scale

- I’m enjoying making up missing scenes based on tweets, extras and information from Ngozi and the temporal nature of them seems to lend itself toward being in-the-moment rather than flowing seamlessly into the original comic or tweet format

I can’t grasp writing the kind of standalone, richly unique fic that most of you guys write so despite it being awkward at times and requiring so much re-reading to correct myself, I feel like I’m at least differentiating my fic from the types that I read in a way that feels right? I’m not remotely up to building an AU or even constructing a parallel but identical version to the canon. My shit’s just didactic little moments.

But I’m very aware that barely-writers can make some jarring and unfortunate stylistic choices without knowing it, so I wanted to open up to critique or preference from people who are writers. Does present tense feel strange or unnecessary? Will it start to get wearying after a while if I keep doing it? Is it a rookie mistake in writing? Am I doing the third person limited right (if you’ve read my fic)? Is sticking to Jack as my POV just too damn depressing? Is it making me neglect giving Bitty’s side a hearing, or is it turning everyone else into ciphers? 

Thank y’all in advance!

Plus-one (4)

Hello friends. For those who are just joining me in this journey of Finn & Rae, this is an cross-over of The Wedding Date and My Mad Fat Diary, where our golden boy Finn is an escort. The fic definitely veers off from the plot at some points, but I think it probably stays true to the story for the most part. (There is one line that I’ve taken from the movie, but I’ll point that out at the end) I’ve enjoyed writing this bit for sure and hope you enjoy it too! 

I want to thank everyone that has liked, reblogged and commented on this fic and all of my fics really. It’s such a delight to hear from you all and is much appreciated!!

Let me know what you think, please and thank you. xx

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