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if you're still taking prompts - shiro and space puppies? :D

I’m always taking prompts. <3

“I hate to say it,” Hunk says, tentatively, “but we were supposed to be back an hour ago.”

All four of the Paladins look over to where Shiro is still seated on the floor, absolutely surrounded by a dozen of the fluffiest, cuddliest little pastel puppy-dogs that Hunk’s ever seen in his life. Nevermind that puppies don’t usually have six legs.

Four of the pups are in Shiro’s lap; several more cluster by his knees; one brave little puppy has even clambered all the way up to Shiro’s shoulder, clinging carefully with its multiple tiny paws. Shiro’s face is a gentle wash of complete joy.

“Five more minutes?” Keith suggests, weakly.

(send me a prompt and I’ll write a three(ish)-sentence ficlet!)

hey uh just so yall know im. like. still into answering asks and doing comics and stuff im just busy and tired™

so i’ll get to stuff when i get to it, no worries. 9/10 chances are ive seen your ask and/or submission i just either havent found time to do what i want with it or dont know how to respond right now. so yep. thanks for hangin around. 💚

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