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I get so many messages where people tell me they want to pursue science, but they aren’t good at math & it makes me really sad. Math is a skill, and it just needs to be worked at. Bad teachers make it hard, but with extra resources and extra practice you can do. Feeling “bad” at math is often caused by low self-confidence early on, and can stick through life. Math is difficult, but its also beautiful and extremely useful. 

Anyone who feel like they are too bad at math to pursue their dreams, please message me and I will send you all the love and support you need. I can even help with math problems. Just don’t give up. 

Anguish Pt 2

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Genre: Angst 

Word Count: 1705

What’s worse than falling in love?
Falling in love with your best friend
But what’s worse than being the best friend?
It’s being family zoned

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A/N: Pt. 2 of Anguish, I hope everyone is enjoying it so far. Feel free to message me with any questions that you may have about the story or if you just want to talk. I am open ears! Enjoy reading ღවꇳවღ

You were 10 when you first saw Jungkook. It was in the middle of Spring and the boy came into your math class; his hair was sticking out in different directions as if he had just woken up from a nap, he was wearing a plain black shirt with jeans that were obviously too big on him. He avoided the gazes of the class as he continued to stare down at his shoes. The teacher introduced him and all he could peep out was a ‘hello’ before he was seated at the back of the classroom next to the extroverted brother name Jimin who immediately introduced himself. But it wasn’t until summer when you actually met him.

Jimin had invited him over for a sleepover and he had came in the middle of an intense game of goldfish. You’d had beaten Jimin for the fifth time that day and he wouldn’t give up, he had to save his pride from being hurt.

“Let me try,” Jungkook offers, and Jimin sighs placing the cards into the boys’ hand.

“Good luck Kooks, y/n’s known as the queen of goldfish in school.”

“Oh really?” He says as he looks at your direction. “Let’s make a bet then,” He says getting your attention. “If I win you have to buy us ice cream.”

“And if I win?”

“Hm,” he hums looking around the room thinking of some type of good offer for you. “Then I’ll give you a kiss.” You began to blush profusely and before you could even reject the offer Jungkook’s already calling out his first card.

Five minutes into the game and Jungkooks’ hands are empty compared to your full hands. You couldn’t believe you had lost, you had finally lost. Jimin is staring at Jungkook in awe, “Dude how’d you do that? I’ve been dying to beat her my whole life!” he exclaims and Jungkook shrugs it off before looking back at you. “I believe you owe us ice cream.” He teases as he heads out the door with a pleading Jimin.

‘It was better than losing to Jimin’ you thought to yourself.

It wasn’t until you were 15 when you started feeling the unknown knots in your stomach. It happened in the beginning of summer, Jimin had boasted about how much of a great basketball player he was; how he beat every kid in the game of horse and how he even beat his sunbaes. Jungkook being the competitive boy he was, challenged Jimin to a one-on-one match.

“Are you sure? I mean I did beat the almighty Yoongi just last Friday.” Jimin said, twirling the ball around his finger.

“I’m sure Jimin, I’ve always wanted to play against you. Plus you speak so highly of yourself and all but can you back it up?” and Jimin lets out a cackle. “Loser buys Samgyupsal,” and he stops laughing finally giving Jungkook his attention “Three servings worth.” If only Jimin knew, he could have at least saved some of his pride.

It was the most intense match you’ve seen Jimin play, the ones where you unintentionally grasp the bottom of your seat and where you don’t even notice the breath that you’ve held in for more than a second or two. Jimin was sweating so much that you could collect it and make a pool out of it. It was also the first time you’ve seen Jungkook play as well and it shocked you that he had been hiding this talent. Jungkook had always been watching from the sidelines with you whenever he’d play with the neighborhood kids and would always decline when they invited him. He was so fast and so graceful; blocking the ball whenever Jimin shot it and when he shot three-pointers, he made each and every one of them. Something Jimin could barely do.

The knots had formed when Jungkook made the last shot. You had jumped out of the bleachers in pure ecstatic, running to the courts to celebrate with Jungkook. He had ran towards you as well, embracing you in a sweaty bear hug as he spun you around. He placed you back down after a good spin or two before throwing an arm around you and going up to Jimin, who was splayed out on the floor, to tease him. You could feel your face becoming hot all of a sudden and the rapid beating of your heart but due to your lack of knowledge you pushed the thought aside, telling yourself that it was because you were just happy that someone had finally beat Jimin. That is until you met Lee Jieun.

You had met her when you began working part time at Caffé Bene. She was your helper, giving you the 101 lessons on how to make the beverages, sweets, and meals there. She’s helped you deal with customers who threw tantrums at you for accidently getting their orders wrong and also waited alongside of you after your shift was over for Jimin to come and get you.

He had dropped by unexpectedly one day; she had been working the register and you were placed as the barista that day. The bell had chimed in when a new customer arrived and her normal welcome had stopped mid-sentence.

“Hey Jimin! What brings you here?”

At the sound of Jimin’s name being called, you wondered why he had stopped by. It was an hour away from closing time and to your surprise, the café wasn’t bustling with customers so you took the chance to step out.

“What, I can’t even come in as a customer?” he chuckled, gesturing to the boy behind him. “My friend here wanted to see what type of place y/n worked at.”

“Oh and whose your friend?”

“This is Jungkook,” you introduced as you stood beside her. “We usually pick him up on our way home since the dance studio is down the street, but I’m guessing since you’re here practice ended early?” you questioned and for a while you didn’t get an answer until Jimin snapped his fingers in front of Jungkooks face.

“Oh yeah I did – I’m sorry what was your name again?”

“Jieun, Lee Jieun.”

If only you had known the meaning behind Jungkook stares and Jieuns’ voice maybe just maybe, you could’ve prevented something from blossoming.

It wasn’t until one night when you all decided to go watch the fireworks by the Han River after work. You noticed something weird between the two; catching Jungkook whispering stuff into her ears, the amount of selfies they had taken together, and when Jieun had decided to treat you all to drinks, Jungkook offered to help. You didn’t think much of it, telling yourself that Jungkook was only being a gentlemen.

“Gosh they sure are taking their sweet time,” Jimin sighed, throwing pebbles into the water “At this rate they’re going to miss the fireworks.” You too began to wonder, it didn’t take this long to get a few drinks. “I’ll go check on them,” But you wish you hadn’t.

You had found them in the most cliché way possible; underneath a lamp post, hands intertwined together as their lips were locking. You didn’t know what to do nor did you know how to feel. Should you interrupt them? But wouldn’t that be a bit rude? Even if you decided on the latter, how do you stop them someone from kissing without making it awkward? Why do your ears feel hot and your throat dry? Why are your hands shaking and your breathing weird?

You decided to save yourself and them from embarrassment by cowering back and avoiding Jimin’s multiple questions about the whereabouts of your friends. Your mind began screaming at you when Jungkook decided to walk her home, ignoring her countless rejections. You didn’t want to believe they more than just friends.  

“We’re dating.” The two had announced their relationship a week after the incident. Everything after that had fallen on deaf ears, your mind was still registering the words and you didn’t notice Jieun was talking to you.

“Y/n are you okay, you’re shaking…” she asked approaching you when Jimin intervened, “I think y/n is a bit tired, she gets a little shaky when she doesn’t get enough sleep. We would love to hang but we don’t want to be a nuisance on your date –.”

“What’re you talking about, we love having you guys around!” She countered.

“No, no you two love birds need some time alone,” Jimin said pushing the two out of the door as gentle as possible. “Y/n doesn’t have the energy today and I have practice this afternoon.”

“Alright,” Jungkook said hesitantly “Hope you feel better y/n” Jungkook said before Jimin shut the door on them. He immediately grabbed your hand and led you to his room, sitting you down on his bed before sitting in front of you.

“Y/n… Are you, are you okay?” he whispered, unsure of what was going on with you. It was the first time he’s seen you like this. You’ve always had your infamous straight face or a smile but never a sullen one. When he had heard you sniffling, lips quivering, and tears falling, Jimin was scared and he started to debate whether or not he should go get his mom. He wondered why you started acting a little funny ever since the firework show.

And that’s when it dawned on him, “Y/n, you like Jungkook don’t you?” and she finally had looked up to meet him with glossy eyes, the tears falling more faster than before, hands covering her face. He wondered why you didn’t tell Jungkook or him for that matter and how long have you been suffering alone since you didn’t have many friends to tell things like this to. He had so many questions but so little answers. Jimin decided to wait until you were ready to tell him because as much as he loved teasing you, he didn’t enjoy the feeling that he got whenever he saw you crying. So what could he do but just sit there, rubbing soothing circles into your back, and telling you that ‘it’ll be alright’.

But for the first time Jimin himself, didn’t trust his own words.

anonymous asked:

So i'm a senior in highschool in france, and my finals are 6 months away and i have quizzes every week. But i always can't study and have a problem concentrating and sticking to the chair and study + i have major math problems. I'm afraid i'll fail because i just CAN't study. Please help me?

hello:) I get you, I really do. I understand the desperation and the stress you must be going through, but such a situation can only be dealt with calmly and systematically.

While I can’t give you a solution that will work 100%, I can tell you what I do when in a similar situation:

I find writing a to do list with EVERYTHING you need to do (e.g. maths mock paper, walk the dog) helps put things in perspective. Tell yourself you’ll do 3 school related tasks and then you’ll go and do something that has nothing to do with school but is still on your list. Change keeps things from getting boring alas you from giving up. 

Having a full tea pot and some coffee on my desk while working is helpful because it keeps you from making too many trips to the kitchen.

Prioritising tasks is how I get through the school year. you don’t need to finish all your homework in one sitting or at the weekend for the entire following week. start with things which are due on Monday or are critical for your mark. Work your way through these tasks and if you haven’t finished them by the end of the weekend, you can still work on them during the week.

I, too, struggle with motivating myself to get a start on things, I tend to spend too much time on planning what I have to do rather than doing it. Putting time frames in which you should be done with a certain task is also something you should try.

I think working with rewards is the simplest and most beneficial method that I found. Say you’ll work on an essay and when you’re done, you’ll read something of your own choosing or eat a piece of chocolate. I don’t think rewards like ‘10 min of instagram’ or ‘an episode of …’ should be used, you’ll easily turn those 10 min in one hour and that one episode in one season.

Remove all distractions. Phone, tablet, laptop, PC (if you don’t need them for school). You work better with music? Put your phone or laptop on the other side of the room and listen to your favourites while studying.

Regarding your maths problem, I will go on a hunch and say that this isn’t a recent problem.In that case I will suggest asking a schoolmate to tell you what the most important things that you should know are and starting to work on those (like basics needed for the next test). When you succeeded on those, you can increase your level and work on harder stuff that is based on the basics you just learned.

At the end of the day, if all these methods didn’t help to motivate you, I’ll tell you what I’ve been asking myself when I just couldn’t do anything: Is not doing anything right now worth failing? How am I going to feel then?

I know this isn’t really something that everybody can fall back on to motivate themselves because there are often other factors (mental illness, environment etc.) which play an important role in your ability to concentrate and for many, this type of question will only make them panic and not do anything productive, but, for me, the fear of failing has been the most efficient motivating factor I’ve ever encountered.

When things get rough and you feel like you need more advice, feel free to send me a message:)

Does anyone else have suggestions for anon?

anonymous asked:

So i'm a senior in highschool in france, and my finals are 6 months away and i have quizzes every week. But i always can't study and have a problem concentrating and sticking to the chair and study + i have major math problems. I'm afraid i'll fail because i just CAN't study. Please help me?

Bonjour anonymous, 

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been struggling, and I’m happy to tell you not to worry because you’re not alone. I used to (and sometimes still do) find it extremely hard to sit and study for hours at a time. The solution is simple: don’t.

I’ve explained the pomodoro technique below and I can’t tell you how much it has helped me.

Don’t worry! 6 months is a long long time to prepare for finals. The quizzes will help you organize what to study when. Look at them as an opportunity to start a study plan.

Oh and you should definitely check out Khan Academy for really good videos on most of your math topics. 

POMODORO technique:

  1. Write down everything you have to study/do and divide it into parts (eg. read first 5 pages of book A, solve 20 questions from website X, etc.)
  2. Don’t spend all your time planning. Short tasks will do. Now set a timer for 25 minutes. 
  3. Put your phone away or on silent & start working. ONLY working.
  4. When the timer is up, take a 5 minute break. Try not to stay seated. You can check your phone while walking to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Or do a couple of stretches while listening to a song you like.
  5. Set it for 25 minutes again and get back to work. Remember, no distractions.
  6. Once you’ve done 4 of those, you can take a long break. 20-30 minutes is great - you can even watch an episode of friends!

In 4 cycles, you’ve wasted only 15 minutes. You’ve worked for 100 minutes (that’s 1 hr and 40 mins!!) and it won’t even feel like you have!


  • Don’t sit somewhere dark or too cozy or you’ll start to feel lazy and sleepy
  • Don’t eat very heavy meals
  • Keep drinking and eating small snacks
  • Try studying outside of your house every once in a while. The library is nice. A quiet coffee shop. A friend’s house (but only if you’re sure you won’t distract each other)

I hope that helped! It really helped me and I’ve come a long way since high school. Med school makes me miss how easy high school was. You’ll get to this point too.

Et n'oubliez pas: vouloir c’est pouvoir 💪🏻


24032016 // it’s been quite a while since my last post! well hey a lot has happened.
still am on task! pretty productive. i had a school camp, had my term break of which i spent studying at my neighbourhood starbucks.
additionally, i discovered a new area to study on weekends: another starbucks. it’s pretty far from home though, a 50 minute bus ride (?) but it’s the only branch which allows customers to study on weekends. well god bless that branch and i’m gonna continue going there.
as for my bujo, i tried doing a monthly overview for march! (inspired by @europhic) i’m feeling it, gonna stick to it. and i did a lot of math: so proud of my conic sections notes! well common tests are coming i’m aiming for As, god willing i’ll do well. till next time!!

teen math!joe headcanons
  • joe’s the only freshman in his precal class when he starts high school
  • he buys an extra copies of his math textbooks to lighten his backpack
  • joe buys a cool color graphing calculator and spends half of his time in class programming on it instead of listening
  • his notes are all scribbled in shorthand and have weird symbols and stick figure drawings of metallica on it and no one can understand it
  • his math teacher forces joe to improve his handwriting or risk getting 0s on the homework
  • they get a really mean and bad math teacher during joe’s sophomore year and everyone hates them, including joe
  • the entire class bonds and joe and a few other top classmates pull their wits together and teach everyone else the material because the teacher couldn’t do it and saves everyone’s grades
  • joe meticulously arranging all his math books in his bookshelf by alphabetical order and ordering all his notes
  • joe has to hide the fact that he loves math a lot when he hangs out with his hardcore friends, since he thinks they probably won’t understand
  • joe plays guitar too much and neglects his math homework, and the next day he frantically does it the period before class
  • he names his calculator and his textbooks after his fave band members
  • joe uses his hands a lot when he’s explaining things, so some of his classmates ask him questions just to see him passionately explain stuff
  • he ends up taking calculus classes at the community college during the summers because he’s bored and jumps way ahead of everyone
  • joe getting so nervous for his first mathletes competition
  • he’s kind of sad that he couldn’t take a class the summer he toured with arma, but in the end it was worth it
  • pete teases him and calls him arma’s ‘residential nerd’ but that following christmas joe recieves a math book he’s been coveting forever from him
  • joe goes to borders to pick up on some math reads, but ends up in the music section and meets patrick
  • joe looking up cheesy math pick up lines to make patrick laugh, because he likes patrick and patrick’s one of the only friends who joe thinks genuinely enjoys being with him

when i was younger, my parents dissuaded me from pursuing any career involving creativity, since the jobs never pay well.

when i took standardized tests, my reading and writing marks were always terrible, and my english teachers said maybe i should just stick to math.

fuck that. i’m writing a book.


i am turning to you guys in desperation

less than 2 weeks from now i will do a very important national test that will largely decide my future

aaaaaand there’s a lot of math in the test. And I completely suck at math (started lagging behind in school at age 8-9 and kept lagging behind until i finished school, we honestly suspect i might have dyscalculia). I didn’t even get an approved grade in my last math course and the rest of them where barely good enough to pass

i’m desperate for help so i’m wondering if you have any tips or any advice at all to get my math studies to stick in my head because i tried to study for a month now (sometimes for several hours a day) and there’s literally NO improvement. None at all. So now I’m panicking and just feel like crying every day bc my future is actively going to get ruined simply bc im an idiot 

ANY HELP OF ANY KIND IS SEVERELY APPRECIATED ;A; how to think, how to tackle math difficulties, words of encouragement, aNYTHING