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Roomies/Damon Salvatore imagine:

You should have seen it coming.
The same thing happened at the same time every day.

The Lego blocks. Those Damned Lego blocks. No no, they weren’t yours they were your roommates.
Damon Salvatore. You’d lived with him for over 6 months now and you hadn’t ever been so close to committing murder in your life.

“Goddamnit Damon, how old are you?"you hissed as you picked up the red Lego block on the floor.

"Ooops?"he smirked as he emerged from his room. He ran his hands through his bedhair and stretched, showing off his abs in the process.

You rolled your eyes and coughed.
"Good morning sunshine"he smiled as he ruffled up your hair. You swatted him away.

"I guess your not going to put on a shirt then?"you said as you put two slices of bread in the toaster.

"You love the view"he winked.

"I think I actually want to be sick"you gagged. It was his turn to roll his eyes.

"Damon, please stop leaving your little knife blocks on the floor"you pleaded as you placed the Lego brick on the kitchen counter.

"Noted"he replied as he switched on the Tv.
You brushed your hair back into place and quickly ran to your room to get your shoes.

"Where are you going so bright and early sunshine?"He asked from the living room.

"Coffee with a friend, Problem?"You called back as you tied up your shoelaces.

"Not at all petal"he ruffled your hair again.

"Damon, your actually impossible could you n-is that my toast?"you whined as you sent Damon a death glare.

"See you later"he shouted with his mouth full of your breakfast before disappearing down the hall to the bathroom.
"Tough morning?"Your best friend Phoebe pouted at you after she handed you a large cup of coffee.

"Tough roommate"you sighed.

"I take it we’re talking about the Greek god your sharing your glam apartment with"Phoebe wiggles her eyebrows suggestively.

"One, Ew. Two, it’s not a glam apartment anymore and three, Ew?!"you exclaimed.

"Oh c'mon y/n your telling me you haven’t thought about hooking up with him not even once"She stared at you expectantly.

"Nope"you shook your head.

"Your such a liar"Phoebe smirked.

"I can practically feel the sexual tension from here you two should just date already"she added.

"Okay that’s twice I’ve wanted to throw up this morning"you said before taking another sip of your very strong very needed coffee.

Your phone started to vibrate. You and your best friend watched it for a minute then you finally decided to pick it up.

You groaned loudly when you saw that the message was from your not so charming roommate.

"Speaking of the devil, Listen Phoebe I have to go, something about an ex boyfriend at my door"You frowned as you gathered your things.

"Oh that doesn’t sound good, remember to Text me"she said waving.
If someone asked you how bad the scene was when you turned up
on a scale of 1 to 10 you’d have to say it was a Solid 11.

Your eyebrows furrowed together when you reached your floor. The door to your apartment was wide open. Anyone could have walked in and stolen something.

You walked towards your flat curiously and stuck your head inside.
There was blood everywhere, your candles were smashed all over the floor and right in the middle of it all Damon and your ex Kieran were throwing punches as each other.

"Oh my god! Kieran leave him alone let go of him now!"you screamed as you ran towards your ex.
You grabbed him by his shirt and dragged him off of Damon.

"Leave now before I call the police"you shouted at Kieran.
Once he had left you turnt to Damon and sighed. He was still panting heavily and blood was pouring from his nose.

Cuts and bruises covered his body.
"Jesus Damon"you sighed as you helped him off of the ground.

You wrapped his arms over your shoulders and you made him sit on the counter.
Pulling out your ice bags and your first aid kit quickly.

"What happened in those 10 minutes it took for me to get up here Damon?"you asked shaking your head.

"He may have said some things"he mumbled as you held the ice pack to his head.

"What things?"you raised your eyebrow.

"Some disgusting things about you, he wanted to come in and wait for you and I said no"he whispered.

"Damon, look Kieran is my problem not yours I can handle him. Thank you for sticking up for me"you smiled.

"You can buy me a drink to say thank you properly"he smirked.

"And here I was thinking that we were having a moment"you rolled your eyes.

"So it’s a yes then?"he smiled.

"Do you know what Salvatore, why not"you nodded in response.

Does anyone want a part 2?😚

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Request: Body swap. I don't care how, just please, I beg of you. (This is like my favorite scenario/au thing in this fandom) Thanks!

Hahaha, oh boy, here we go

Words: 784

“Chat, I swear to God, if you do anything weird, I’ll smack you.”

It was so strange hearing Chat’s voice come out of her own mouth, although Ladybug supposed it wasn’t really her mouth to begin with. It just seemed so unnatural to hear a voice usually dripping in sarcasm, flattery, and corny jokes sound so stern and to the point, and it further solidified the need to get this akuma purified ASAP. She still wasn’t too clear about what on Earth this akuma was agonizing over, but body switching powers was just a whole new kind of low for Hawkmoth to stoop to. It especially wasn’t funny when both she and Chat Noir were caught in the crossfire and left to deal with this nonsense. 

This nonsense being the fact that Chat Noir was running around in her body. 

She wondered if this was what an aneurism felt like. 

Ladybug was glaring at Chat Noir – or rather, she was glaring at herself – who firmly had his – her – eyes shut and his hands held awkwardly away from his body. “Are you crazy!?” Chat Noir exclaimed. The shrillness that he reserved for when he was nervous or unsure sounded positively high pitched in her own voice, and Ladybug couldn’t help but draw the comparison to when she got nervous as Marinette. “I’m afraid to look down! When my mother said to learn how to put myself in a lady’s shoes, I am pretty sure this is not what she meant.”

Ladybug snorted as she swatted away her tail that she still hadn’t completely gotten full control over yet. She supposed she should learn to give Chat Noir more credit. As flirty and inappropriate as he liked to get, she almost expected him to take full advantage of the fact that he was in her body now. Instead, he looked almost terrified to let his arms touch his side for fear of crossing a line, and he was making himself – and by extension herself – look absolutely ridiculous. Typical alley cat. 

“You can open your eyes, you silly. It’s not like my body is going to bite…”

“I don’t want to dishonor you! You have…lady parts.

“Just because you call me Lady doesn’t mean you’re going to besmirch me by opening your eyes and putting your arms down. This isn’t the 1800s,” she said with an eye roll. “We still need to beat that akuma and right now you’re the only that can do that.” She paused for a moment and grumbled, “And stop drawing attention to my lady parts, they literally have nothing to do with the situation at hand, you dummy!”

Chat Noir groaned from deep within his throat and cracked one eye open. Once his gaze fell on Ladybug he immediately craned his neck upwards and blinked in surprise. She supposed it was weird to see yourself staring at yourself, but Chat Noir quickly let his shock morph into amusement as he started laughing into his hand. “Wow, my Lady. I mean, I knew you were short, but my goodness. How does your neck not hurt from staring up at me all the time?”

Ladybug reached over and yanked on one of Chat Noir’s pigtails. “Shut up! It’s not my fault that you’re a literal giant. Heck, I think it’s actually more humid all the way up here.”

“You’re just jealous because you stopped growing in middle school.”

“Will you stop acting like a child and focus please?” she said petulantly. “We have a job to do. You’re making jokes and I bet you don’t even know how to use that yoyo.”

Chat Noir crossed his arms, and Ladybug had to privately admit that he had her glare down to a science. “Um, you make it sound like my baton is any easier.”

“It’s just a simple old stick,” Ladybug teased with a smile. “Handling a yoyo takes much more dexterity. Not like you’d know much about that…”

Chat Noir scoffed and pulled the yoyo off of his hip and started spinning it. “That sounds like a very dangerous challenge, my Lady.”

Ladybug snorted and crouched down on all fours, suddenly finding it a much comfortable position and understanding why Chat Noir got so much speed running this way. “Want to make a quick wager on who can do whose job better before we change ourselves back?”

Chat Noir laughed and eyed the flag pole on a building a few meters ahead of them. “Oh you’re so on. Wouldn’t it be so wonderfully ironic to see me save the day for once?”

“In your dreams, kitty cat. You may have my body, but I still have all of my talent.”

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Fourth of July

Summary: Laf loves his friends, fireworks, and America!  It’s sfw, but there are references to sex. Mostly fluff. Lots of opportunities to imagine Laf in a speedo. 

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

 A/N: I might have a thing for Daveed’s hair.  Who doesn’t?

“Mon amoooour,” Laf sang as he came in the door, “what are you making?”

“It’s just burgers, babe,” you called back. 

Lafayette had been bouncy all day. He wrapped his arms around you as you began to sauté onions. He tucked his face into the crook of your neck and breathed deeply. You could feel his smile. He pressed a quick kiss to your cheek and began putting the groceries he had bought away. 

“I got everything on the list, plus-” he paused for effect- “I bought fireworks!” He looked so pleased with himself that you couldn’t help but smile. 

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Somebody Else - John Murphy

Pairing: Murphy x Reader
Request: Hey, can I ask an imagine where the reader is Bellamy’s best friend, and Murphy’s girlfriend, and one day her and Bellamy are having a good time together but Murphy gets too jalouse? And maybe it could end up on a angry smut? If you not comfortable with smut, just make it a little hot :) thanks
Warnings: language, very jealous, slightly angsty Murphy
Word Count: 965
A/N: I hope you like this one! Sorry there is no smut, I may be more comfortable with that in the future! :)

Bellamy stepped backwards and looked you up and down. Your stance was ridiculous. He raised his hand to his mouth, but failed to conceal his chuckle.

“Hey!” you said, “what am I doing wrong now?” you asked. Your feet were laughably far apart, and your hands were trembling with their tight grip on the knife.

“Unless you want to stab your foot,” he raised your arm up with one finger, “you should aim higher.” He paused. “And why are your feet so far apart?” you felt his shoe tap your front foot, so you shuffled it backwards. “It’s not like Murphy’s around,” he teased.

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For Rebelcaptain week, Day 1

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It seems like an accepted thing in the fandom that if they had a daughter they would name her Lyra, so that’s what I went with (also I was too lazy and unimaginative to come up with my own lol)

Words: 1433

Rated: G

Baby Lyra’s cries echoed through the small confines of their quarters, and Jyn got up immediately to pick her up from her small bassinet. She had lost count of how many times Lyra had woken that night, and she had pretty much given up on sleep. She cradled the small bundle in her arms, shushing her softly. She tried feeding her, changing her, but still Lyra wouldn’t settle. At a loss, she bundled her up and stepped out into the corridor, hoping a long, winding walk through the base would calm her.

It was early still, not too many people about, but when Jyn got to the hangar Bodhi was there checking the flight logs on one of the cargo ships.

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The Hunter’s Moon Hustle by Pameluke | @janoda

Chapters: 1/1 (1544 words)

FandomShadowhunters (TV)

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood

Characters: Alec Lightwood, Magnus Bane, Maia Roberts

Additional Tags: Meet-Cute, Alternate Universe - Different First Meeting, Pool & Billiards, Hunter’s Moon Bar (Shadowhunter Chronicles), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - No Valentine


The minute he walked into the bar, Magnus Bane knew he was in trouble. He was a Nephilim Shadowhunter, a real hard-ass. But he handled a pool stick like a pro, and he had a wicked smile–Magnus could testify to that. Yes, sir, Alexander Lightwood had all the right moves. And he had something else, a hint of innocence that lured Magnus right in.

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Magnus notices them the moment they walk into the Hunter’s Moon. Dressed in black, walking like they own the place, weapons glamoured but runes in plain sight; as the High Warlock of Brooklyn it’s his job to notice when a bunch of cocky Shadowhunters walk into a place he likes to frequent. It’s like the beginning of a bad joke–three Shadowhunters walk into a Downworlder bar–only this one will end up in tears and broken bottles. Maia deserves better, so Magnus resolves to keep an eye on them.

To Magnus’ surprise, no outrageous demands or arrests follow. Instead, they settle down at the end of the bar, the girl and the blond one starting an easy conversation with a couple of Seelie girls. The one with the long legs and straight back doesn’t join the conversation, nor does he talk with Maia when she fixes their drinks. Magnus hadn’t quite seen his face when they walked in, but from the tension in his broad shoulders, he doesn’t seem like he’s enjoying himself. If trouble is to happen tonight, that’s where Magnus expects it from. It’s always the quiet, serious ones who turn out to be a menace.

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