stick grenade


Kugelhandgranate M1913/15 Poppenberg system

Manufactured by Germany c.1915-1918 using surplus Khg M1913 fragmentation grenades.
45g explosive charge, percussive system armed by removing the pin and lifting the spoon lever on the handle, after which a sharp shock and gravity would detonate the device.

That’s what happens when you Voltron the early German ball grenade with their later 1915 stick technology. They had realized earlier with the regular M1915 percussive layout - one with a regular cylindrical head like other Stielhandgranate - you better had the heaviest head possible to make sure it landed right on its face.

Plus they were bored and they had plenty to fuck around with.

WonderTrev Alternate ending.

Instead of being a self sacrificing nit, Steve jams the controls on the plane to keep flying up, takes the parachute of the German pilot, plants a stick grenade on the plane and jumps.
The grenade takes 4.5 seconds to detonate, giving Steve enough time to freefall away from the blast and parachute to the ground. Diana would have still seen the plane explode and think Steve dead, causing her grief to activate her powers. But then when the fight’s over and the air clears, Diana sees Steve running back to her.

And they all lived happily ever after. <3 <3 <3

Savior- Bucky Barnes Imagine

Word count: 1522

Warnings:fighting, physical injuries and swearing.

A/N: I’m still without my computer so I’m writing from my phone. Send your request and check the prompt list!

James Buchanan Barnes, also known as Bucky Barnes or maybe you know him as the Winter Soldier. I first met him in Washington, he was about to shot Steve Rogers, my best friend and my only family in the entire world. Steve was knocked out on the ground and I stepped between his body and the super soldier. He looked me with his eyes filled with rage and hate. He had beautiful eyes. He was pointing at me with his gun.

“Wait! He’s your friend, Steve Rogers. You’ve known him since you were a child. You are James Barnes, he calls you Bucky. Please don’t hurt my friend, he’s everything I’ve got left” I begged him mercy, he ran away furious.

That was the last time I saw him, two years ago. Then Sharon texted me an address. I showed it to Steve and his face glowed. It was the most likely place where we could find his bestie. It was a building. We entered in an apartment, very organized. It was a book over the fridge and Steve took it, I turned around and almost had a heart attack. It was Bucky looking at us in silence, he had a red t-shirt that made him look pretty handsome. I was about to draw my gun but my partner stopped me.

“Do you remember us?” He spoke quietly.

"You’re Steve, I read about you in a museum. I don’t know who she is, she stopped me from killing you” he said without any possible feeling.

“She’s agent Y/N Y/L/N. You can trust her. We need to leave now, people are coming to take you but they’re not thinking in taking you alive. I know you’re nervous. Nobody has to get hurt” Steve was so kind but strict at the same time, no wonder why he is captain.

“It doesn’t have to end in a fight Sargent Barnes” I said looking at his deep eyes.

"It always ends in a fight” he said taking off his gloves and that revealed the cold silver metal underneath.

A grenade came from outside the window, Bucky kicked it and Steve covered it with his shield. A man came from the window and grabbed me from behind, I managed to punch him in the right places and he fell down on the ground. Someone shot at Buck but he shield himself with his vibranium arm, one bullet bounced off and ended up in my arm. I cried in pain and Bucky looked at me worried.

"We need to get out of here. Now!” I kicked the damn door and a few german agents flew with it.

It was so many agents to me, Bucky and Steve followed me and helped. I shot at some but Steve didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Bucky was irrational, he was trying to survive without thinking of the costs. He threw a man and almost die from the fall but Steve caught him right on time.

“Cmon man!” He yelled at his friend. I was laughing.

Buck kicked a door and threw himself outside the window. I watched him from the window and saw a big black cat jumping from the roof. The cat was actually a man in a costume. Another vigilante, I thought. I jumped trying to stop him from killing James. The man in the black cat suit was fighting Bucky. I shot at him but nothing happened. Vibranium. It was the only way. Nat gave me a thing that was like a small grenade that sticked to your body and gave you enough electricity to be down for two minutes. I threw it at the man and he fell down. I grabbed Bucky by his metal arm and ran with him. He let go of me, of course. Man from the 40s, would never let a woman have the control of the situation. I saw a big fall from the roof we were to the floor, he noticed I was a little big scared so he took me in his arms and jumped. We arrived safely and kept running. Bucky grabbed a motorcycle and I jumped with him to get in it. I don’t know how but the cat suit guy made us jump off the motorcycle, we were surrounded. Steve, Sam, Bucky, this crazy ass guy and me were pointed at with like 200 guns. War Machine, aka Rhodes, arrived and called us criminals. The man in the suit took off his helmet and showed himself, he was prince T'Challa, from Wakanda. He was staring at me, with a disappointed look.

“Your highness” Rhodes said.

We were taken to the Joint Counter Terrorism Center, where Everett K. Ross was waiting for us. He was like the boss of everyone, including my dear friend Sharon Carter. I was the only handcuffed, Steve was sitting next to me worried as hell. His best friend was accused of murder and he couldn’t do anything about it. Sam was arguing with Sharon about his bird suit. I was lost in my thoughts when secretary Ross spoke directly to me.

"Any questions miss Y/N?” He inquired.

“Why am I only one handcuffed?” I raised my wrists in order to show my question.

“You hurt the new king of Wakanda with an electric device. That makes you dangerous” I was pissed.

“Really? Dangerous? Steve is a super soldier that survived for like 100 years. Sam is a ex soldier with wings and hurt the king T'Challa as well” Tony rolled his eyes.

“Oh god Ross. Remove her handcuffs please. She will be hours complaining. Oh look the interrogatory started” A guard removed my handcuffs and I could see the interrogatory room from a screen.

He was sitting in the most awful chair ever. It was like a cell. I was feeling super sad for him, everything he had gone through and there was people trying to screw him up. Suddenly the power went out. I panicked, Sharon whispered to me where he was. Sam, Steve and I ran to his rescue. The golden trio. I walked into a destroyed room. The interrogator was lying on the floor. There was no sign of Bucky so far. He came out of the blue and grabbed me by my neck and pulled me up the wall. He was not letting me breathe. I looked for mercy in his eyes but it was pointless. I looked around and saw a red book with a black star on the floor. He was brainwashed again by this dude. Steve broke a piece of concrete in his back. He let go of me and I could breathe again. Sam was talking to this mysterious guy while our frozen friends left the room fighting. Sam was angry at this guy. I stood up next to him.

“What did you do to him?! Why?! ANSWER ME DAMN IT” I was furious, Sam knew it and stepped back.

“Mission report, December 16th, 1991” he gave me a quick smirk. Oh he was so screwed.

I punched him in the face so hard I knocked him out. Sam was impressed and we left to follow our winter pal. Steve had fallen down the elevator so Sam went to help him and I chased Winter. He was fighting everyone but no one seemed to win the fight against Bucky, not even Tony, Natasha, agent 13 or even T'Challa. He was going upstairs but I stopped him.

“Bucky, you know me. You can trust me. Remember. Remember your life, remember Steve, your days in the army. Sargent Barnes, James. Just-” I think he enjoyed the fact of choking me.

He lifted me up from the ground. His eyes were lost, he didn’t feel anything. He was lost. I just wanted to save him. He punched me in the face and everything went black. I felt like falling without fear, like there was nothing to fell on, like I was flying. My body finally got relaxed after a hellish week. I woke up on the cold floor of a garage, Steve was next to me and as soon as I saw him, I started crying. He hugged me very tight, like he always did. He was running his fingers through my hair, trying to calm me down.

“Steve… I-I’m so sorry. I’m so damn sorry. I couldn’t save him. I couldn’t save your best friend. I’m sorry ” I cried.

“You did save him. He was acting like the winter soldier and you tried to pull Bucky back. You helped” he made me stand up and lead me to another dirty and cold room. “Buck, she’s Y/N. your savior”

Bucky was sitting in front of me, looking down at the floor. When he looked up at me, his face changed. He smiled and that smile melted my heart. His face made me want to know everything about him. Steve called me his savior but that smile and those eyes could save me whenever he wanted.

“Thanks for saving me doll” Doll, oh my god. I was 100 percent sure I believed in love at first sight.

some tourist fuck: *making a scene about wanting to see some raiders and excitement*
enforcer roadhog, who is not being paid enough to be his bodyguard: *sighs and nods in junkrats direction*
junkrat: alright, you want a raid? this is a raid. hand over your wallet
tourist fuck: what
junkrat: sorry pal you wanted raiders *sticks his grenade launcher into the guys nose*
tourist fuck: uh, uh, cop, bodyguard, what w
roadhog: i ain’t no cop. you heard him.

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Continuation of the Imperial vs Rebellion! (post/162562983761/everyone-from-the-elgang-are-battling-their-own) The Transform is dragged and have to fight both Imperial and Rebellion! XD

Some more spacetime shenanigans occur and the transform classes are, very unceremoniously, dumped straight into the sparring matches of the other two El Search Parties. A quick introduction occurs after the spars are halted, and most of the transform classes are willing to spar as well. Though, to be fair, since the other two opponents have been quite worn out from battling each other, it’s somewhat of an unofficial 2v1 for most of the characters against the newcomers.

Infinity Sword is unfazed at having to fight two of his alternate selves. He might have two opponents, but he has hundreds of swords, so there’s more than enough to go around for the both of them. He does have to be be cautious at leaving his back open, but for the most part he directs streams of his swords for crowd control and forces the other two into where he wants them to be.

Dimension Witch throws the other two Aishas off guard at first. When she charges in for a melee attack, EM is frozen in place, forcing VP to intervene and block the hit. It’s a little shocking for the both of them to see DW fighting using Aisha’s rather sub-par strength, but her bursts of magic strengthen her attacks in ways that the other two never imagined. After EM and VP properly collect themselves, their spar becomes more like a light show, with all the various coloured magic balls fired everywhere.

Night Watcher has an air of arrogance about her that leaves the other two slightly irritated. However, WS finds out the hard way exactly why NW was so confident she could take on the two of them at once. There are traps everywhere. She makes it difficult for the two Renas to reunite and attack her together by setting her traps carefully. One false move and some vine has grabbed her in place, or something explodes under her, sending her to the ground. GA does her best to keep her distance and fire arrows, but NW excels at pouncing on her prey from afar.

Veteran Commander starts off rather passively, but as time goes on, the other two feel like his attacks are getting stronger and more violent. Though because his own system takes a toll on his health, VC sticks with his usual grenades and missiles for the most part, and only uses his more powerful skills when he’s either backed into a corner or confident he can do devastating damage.

Code: Battle Seraph hardly gives the other two a break with her constant barrage of lasers. Her Energy Needles chip away at the defenses of the other two. The fact that CBS seems to have an endless supply of energy and that they chase their targets almost indefinitely is difficult to deal with, and forces CEm to use her servants as a barricade while CN zips through the skies, trying her best to outrun the relentless lasers.

Tactical Trooper is a huge fan of his artillery, and this makes him quite slow and stationary compared to the other two. However, he’s also quite resilient, and as long as he has his various fields set up and is constantly firing away his infamous Siege Shelling, it’s quite difficult for the other two versions of himself to approach safely.

Asura goes into her incomplete Eun mode from the very start, giving her a sharp advantage in speed and energy. Her combat style is almost entirely feral, a sharp contrast from the elegant martial arts of the other two Aras. Eun’s claw swipes could knock down stone walls, so the other two have to navigate carefully to avoid being hit by those. Only with coordinated strikes are they able to stop Asura from one sidedly crushing them individually.

Crimson Avenger seems to hesitate about this sparring match at first, but soon a dark shadow falls over her eyes and she charges wildly into battle. CrA using her own health in battle shocks the other two, but they don’t have times to ask questions before another sawblade gets thrown at them. Because of this, she wears herself down thin quite quickly, since to heal she needs to do significant damage to her opponents, and her alternate selves are much more skilled than the average run of the mill demons she’s used to. Nevertheless, she still hits like a truck, even if there’s blood dripping from her mouth from internal bleeding, worrying the other two greatly.

Diabolic Esper would generally much rather just open a portal and go back to his own timeline than spar, but his other selves pique his interest enough for him to stay. He mostly just toys around with the other two, not really intending to do any real damage. Just enough dodging and harassment to incur their anger and to provoke them into using their skills. It’s pretty clear that all three of them are trying to analyse each other’s attacks, and it’s also pretty clear that whatever DE did to end up looking like a starved madman, his research is still probably the most advanced out of the three of them.

Diabla chooses to mess around in her normal form for a while, but then NB manages to land a hit on her, causing her to start cackling from pain. Just moments later, demonic energy starts to swirl around Demonio, and his transcendence form appears. Nothing they do to him makes him flinch, and he constantly chases after his enemies indiscriminately, forcing them to duck behind the poisonous garden he had created earlier. When he finally runs out of steam and gets subdued, the other four end up having a bigger problem on their hands, when a fully grown DB stands there, concentrating a massive amount of demonic energy, ready to fire a massive beam at any moment.

Apostasia impassively sends explosive orbs after the two of them. Whenever they get close, he erects a damage reflecting barrier that makes it dangerous to attack him. He almost lazily uses skill after skill, slowly corroding the ground under him into a field of swirling chaos. When he seems to have had enough, he tears open a portal in the area above him, with a powerful suction dragging the other two towards it, forcing them to use their strongest skills to force a triple knock-out. Many trees were harmed that day.

The Discotheque Affair episode rewatch + trashy commentary

We start off with a nondescript cleaner’s van making a delivery that is decidedly not cleaning supplies. Among the haul are various types of ammo, grenades and sticks of plastic explosive decorated with a little T.H.R.U.S.H. logo.

Napoleon strolls into the cleaner’s, where the dude at the counter is arguing with an angry lady who wants a refund. Counter dude pulls out a gun and tries to shoot Napoleon, but Napoleon, at his smooth and snarky best, drops him with his tranquilizer gun first.

Napoleon manages to shoot a few of the T.H.R.U.S.H. team but the rest hop into a van and take off. Illya, however, is waiting outside with a…bazooka? Omg, my violent bby. ❤

Back at the cleaner’s, poor Napoleon narrowly avoids being blown up by a bomb and ends up with his arm in a cast. :( He tells Mr. Waverly that it’s just a sprain, but Illya comes in and blithely comments on Napoleon’s broken arm. Napoleon stares up at Illya in chagrin. 

“I…didn’t know it was classified information,” mutters Illya.

T.H.R.U.S.H. Central, worried about U.N.C.L.E. potentially disrupting the transfer of their security files, decides to bug Waverly’s office via an adjoining brownstone. When an U.N.C.L.E. agent wanders in and discovers them installing the bug, they kill him up and wall him in behind the fake wall containing the bug. Ewww.

Thanks to the bug, T.H.R.U.S.H. manages to intercept three of U.N.C.L.E.’s couriers, and Illya is dispatched to investigate.

Oh, look, Illya isn’t wearing his suit. Mmm, shoulder holster. :);;

Napoleon, meanwhile, is arguing with a tenant of the U.N.C.L.E.-owned brownstone, Sandy Wyler, who’s protesting the rise in rent, and thus discovers the fake wall (and the unfortunate U.N.C.L.E. agent’s body behind it) –


ANYWAY. Where was I.

Our boys have Sandy repaint her wall, disrupting T.H.R.U.S.H.’s bug. Carver lures Sandy out of her apartment with the promise of a job while Napoleon and Illya cuddle up cozily in a car outside, ostensibly keeping watch but really just looking like they’re on a date or something. Actually, stakeouts probably count as dates for them.

I swear, it looks like we cut over to this scene right after Illya pulls the “yawn-and-sneak-your-arm-around-your date” move.

Illya goes undercover adorably playing groovy music in Carver’s club, where Sandy is dancing.

There is a lot of Illya looking seriously cute in this episode. I heartily approve.

Illya sneaks into the basement room Sandy told him about, and finds that the T.H.R.U.S.H. security files are stored on, uh, records. (…did T.H.R.U.S.H. not have the budget for a microdot…)

Carver captures both Sandy and Illya while Napoleon rescues Farina from Tiger Ed. Bondage!Illya below, just because.

Farina shows Napoleon a back way into the building, but betrays him to get back into Carver’s good books. Napoleon gets tied up too, but slips his arm out of his cast and frees Illya, then Sandy. They rush upstairs to find Carver about to escape, just as Mr. Waverly shows up with reinforcements. Carver is taken into custody, but the T.H.R.U.S.H. records have gone up in flames from Carver’s exploding record.

Mr. Waverly: “Where’s all the smoke coming from?”
Illya: “Oh, downstairs. I’d better call the fire department. Mr. Solo will give you all the details, sir.” *RUNS AWAY*
Mr. Waverly: “Yes. What about those T.H.R.U.S.H. records, Mr. Solo?
Illya: *blatantly hiding at the telephone*
Napoleon: “What…the…oh yes, well, the, um, the records. They won’t do, er, T.H.R.U.S.H. any good, either. Sir.”

Later, Sandy tells our boys that Freddie proposed, and she accepted. 

“Well, congratulations,” says Napoleon. “I think you’ll find marriage a nice change of pace,” THEN TURNS TO STARE SIGNIFICANTLY AT ILLYA. Man, I love how subtle this show is. Not.

Finally, our boys get a call from Mr Waverly, who sends Illya on an assignment to Prague while telling Napoleon very pointedly that he’s supposed to be on vacation because of his arm. 

…but because Napoleon clearly can’t bear to be separated from Illya for even a second, off he goes with Illya anyway, orders be damned.

Goddd, I love this show.

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Requesting Stielhandgranate post

well first off let’s get a round of applause for Germany - and Serbia.
It’s the only country that went into WW1 with a proper hand grenade, the Kugelhandgranate M1913, which is a pretty straightforward fragmentation ball of hurt with a time fuse.

now on to the iconic potato masher ; remember like two seconds ago when I told you that zee Germans were the only one that went to war with proper hand grenades ? That’s what most other nations used in the meantime :

meet the pétard-raquette, aka the firework stick more or less. Germans weren’t actually above making some of their own, and this is what led to one of the most recognizable piece of military hardware that ever saw the battlefield. Because there’s one redeeming quality in this monstrosity, its handle, allowing for greater range.
This was thus adapted in 1915 to a conventional cylindrical warhead fitted with a modern friction time fuse.

to arm it, you just had to break the paper seal and give a sharp tug on the cord, which frictionated the shit out of the primer and gave you five seconds to throw the thing away.
this design of course was not without its disadvantages, not the least of which was its size. Although lighter than the Gugelhupf grenade we saw earlier, and even with the metal hook to fasten it to your belt, carrying more than two was about as comfortable as carrying as many toilet plungers.
there’s actually a stick grenade from that era with a ceramic head that looks like a toilet bowl but I can’t seem to find it anywhere, a percussive design if I remember correctly. It might have been a fragmentation sleeve as these designs generally had a poor blast radius, as concussive grenades tend to have.
but I digress.

in the same year Germany developed a percussive model, after observing that stick grenades very often landed on their heads, but this did not gain much traction as they also tend to hit the back of the trench you’re throwing it from, a common accident which also plagued the British No1.

strangely enough it features the same spoon-like lever found on French P1 pear grenades

Finally in both 1916 and 1917 the Stielhandgranate was upgraded with better more compact explosive, reducing the size of its head for the same if not a superior amount of concussive force. It’s also in 1916 that it received its screw bottom plug rather than a cheap paper seal to keep the cord safe, with serrations to help the common muddy slippery infantryman.

an efficient assault grenade design, it became part of the legendary pictures of Sturmtruppen crossing no-man’s land, knowing their victory was assured with their trusty explosive toilet plungers.

Harley and Ivy are working an out of town job together and they’ve been driving for a really long time. Ivy is driving and Harley gets bored so she reaches into the box of weapons in the back and grabs two grenades and sticks them down her bra. 

“Look, Red! My boobs will blow your mind!”
“You’re gonna have to reach in there and get them ;) “

Nice detail in this picture.

Here we have a german soldier with a Truppenfahrrad. In this can see he is equipped with a K98 & 2 M24 stick grenades. 

Also in this shot you can see he has a bakelite covered canteen (coconut feldflasche) often referred to as the “Tropical” canteen draped over the issue breadbag.

He has camouflaged his helmet with some foliage. This picture was taken in mid 1944 and is a great uniform & equipment study.

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Hey, why did people stop making grenades with handles? That gave them extra leverage so you could throw them farther right? Seems like a good idea that just sort of stopped. Is it because of the Nazi connotations of the design?

The stick grenades used by bother German empires in the 20th century were concussion offense grenade, with a small blast radius and a long handle that enabled you to throw it far away and generally meant you’d be safe from its own blast whenever you’d stand. However the handle made them bulky, and I think it’s because of that, coupled with rifle grenade technology that made them obsolete for use in the open field, that meant offensive grenades were more and more relegated to urban/indoor warfare and that the stick design was phased out. Maybe the handle was getting in the way or some shit.
The main reason it wasn’t a universal design even then despite its reach advantage could be a less uniform fragmentation if you would ever use it as a frag/defensive grenades. Or maybe something else.
I don’t think the Nazi connotation has much to do with it though, after all the MG42 enjoyed a nice career of its own.


I haven’t done a long post in a while. Today I’ll be talking about one of Germany’s most recognizable weapons, the Model 24 Stielhandgranate  or “Potato Masher” as the Allies affectionately called it. For simplicity’s sake I’m going to call it the “stick grenade” from here on out.

Originally introduced to the German Army in 1915, the Model 24 was the standard issue high explosive weapon given to the Landser through out the remainder of the war, and continued to be used throughout WWII as well.

Detonated by a friction igniter, the user would take a cap off the bottom, pull on a cord that had a porcelain ball at the end. When the cord was pulled, it would drag a small steel rod through the igniter which through friction and heat, set off the explosive charge that had a 5 second timer.

Originally starting out as more of a concussive weapon, a serrated fragmentaion sleeve was added to later iterations to make it more effective against enemy infantry.

Compared to the traditional Allied grenade, such as the British No. 36 Mk. 1 “Mills Bomb” or the American Mk. 2 “Pineapple” Grenade, the German stick grenade provided a point of leverage to allow the user to throw it significantly farther. (And speaking from personal experience as someone who is terrible at throwing grenades, a stick is much easier to throw than a ball)

It was also common for German soldiers to increase the power of the Model 24 by removing the explosive charges from several other grenades and attaching them to one, in a bundle. This was known as Geballte Ladung, or bundle charge.

Variants included smoke charges, and incendiary charges.

This NCO is equipped with a first production MP 40 with an early type of magazine, two stick grenades and binoculars.The stick grenades are Nebelhandgranate 39.or smoke stick grenades model 1939.In the sexond half 1941, it was ordered to carry the magazine in the pouch upside down to prevent dust from entering the magazine