stick gods

I adore Inonibird’s Stick Gods and thought the ‘Iluma needed some loving. I’m nowhere near as good as Inonibird but I thought I’d give it a shot. 

From left to right: 

'Ilu (Who I may have to re-do, I used an old drawing of him instead of making him a new one so maybe I should do it again)

'Athiratu (Asherah)- I wasn’t sure how to differentiate her with Šapšu even though 'Athiratu is a donkey and Šapšu is a horse, so I gave her little palms on her head. 

Šapšu- As a horse, with solar disk on her head. 

‘Athtartu- A lioness 

'Athtaru- A lion to match his sister. His pose is basically saying, “AM I A KING OR NOT YO?”

Rashap- A gazelle who’s basically saying, “Jessica y u drawing me?”

None of the designs are final, and there will be a second one with the rest of the deities. I have no idea what Canaanite clothes looked like. Urgh. 

Again inspired by Inonibird’s Stick Gods. I in no way claim the idea as my own. 


A drabble thing inspired by @flowers-for-freaks ‘s picture.



Warm light filtered through the window, bathing the desk a small brunet teen was sitting in with golden light. Said teen wasn’t doing much- merely playing around with his phone a little, staring at the little text messages he had gotten from his parents that morning. Teeth worried his lower lip and the teen bounced his leg, shuffling about on his uncomfortable chair. 

In fact, his mind was running away with so many worries and dreaded thoughts, he didn’t hear the small pop of a familiar and triangular being coming into existence right behind him. 

“Heya, Pine Tree! Whatcha doing? Pondering about how futile your existence really is in the grand scheme of things and accepting your miserable fate six feet deep already?” 

Dipper didn’t even glance at his…boyfriend, Bill as he continued to glance over the little words on the screen. With a small sigh, he shut his phone off and set it on the desk upside down so the screen wasn’t showing. 

However, that didn’t mean that Bill hadn’t already seen what Dipper’s parents had asked.

“Ohhh what’s that I saw? Your pair of procreators wanna meet your dashing and handsome boyfriend, now do they?” Bill swept his hat off his head, crossing his little legs in the air to give a large bow, eye quirking up some in laughter. 

Dipper snorted at the sight, turning around in his chair. “Bill, I am not introducing you to my parents! No way. Not a snowball’s chance in hell.”

Bill pouted at that, leaning in and staring at Dipper with a widened eye, pressing his small form against his cheek. “Why, Pine Tree? Afraid I’ll do something gay?” 

Blinking, Dipper pulled away from Bill and turned to give him a deadpan look, small frown twisting his face as he stared at the little smartly dressed triangle, giving him a once over.

“Bill.” Dipper stated seriously. “You are a literal demon from Hell. You being gay is the least of my worries.”

Bill snapped his fingers and straightened up, pointing at his exasperated partner with a small giggle.

“That’s fair.”