stick a thing

The season finale of Andi Mack was so good I’m crying I’m crying so iconic so many good things

happy birthday to my special boy !!!!
it’s a hamster plush party

  • person: how can you keep that in your ROOM? it wants to kill and eat you!! it's vicious!!
  • my snake: (balls up because I wiggled her feeder at her)
  • my snake: (balls up because she saw a paper towel)
  • my snake: (balls up because she saw her reflection)
  • my snake: (periscopes too high and falls over dramatically, balls up and peeks around like "WHO DID DAT")
  • my snake: (hides in my bra for warmth)
  • my snake: (puts her own head under a running faucet and sits there for ten years) (it feels nice I guess?)
  • my snake: (rubs her chin all over my hand until I scratch the itch)
  • my snake: (gets stuck inside a paper towel tube, balls up when I free her from it, immediately goes back in)
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: totally agree

little achievement hunter things i love:

- ryan’s “nihhhh” noise when he’s trying to evade/dodge something

- gav yelling away from the mic (esp. WEAK)

- gav saying things up close in the mic (ex. “ooh. olympics.”)

- geoff sing-songing taunts (ex. “where aaaaare youuuu”)

- michael laughing to where he almost sounds like he’s coughing (ex. the scorpion prank)

- ryan laughing so hard he sounds breathless and manic

- jack starting to go “hoooo hoooo” when he’s laughing a lot about something he’s fucked up


- honestly anything about jeremy speaking in the third person

- the collective “oooooooh” when someone burns someone else


and most of all:

- ryan flubbing words and getting immediately called on it