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“Do I want to know why your'e in my apartment wearing only sport shorts which are quite tight?” For whatever Fairy Tail ship you feel like???

I decided to modify the sentence because it rubbed me wrong, but here goes.

Sticy, because I need to warm up my fingers for Hit and Miss’s next chapter.

“Do I wanna know why you’re in my apartment on this fine Sunday morning?” Sting asks, lowering his coffee cup to leer at his not-quite-girlfriend’s legs appreciatively.  “And in very tight sport shorts? Is it December already?”

Lucy lifts her head to give him The Look™ that sends lesser men running for the hills.  After six years of association, Sting is glad to say he’s mostly immune to the look (and he says mostly because it still gives him the chills) so he winks in response and moves to the kitchen to put away his groceries.

“I pulled a muscle while on my run.  Your apartment was close enough so I decided to crash,” Lucy explains.  “You really need to hide your spare someplace less obvious.”

“Ahh, but people tend to not obey Occam’s Razor, you know? If I hide it in an obvious spot, nobody will look because it’s too obvious.  You should know this, you’re the one who told me!” Sting chides as he crams the milk bags in the lowest rung of the fridge.  He picks up one of the bottles of VitaminWater beside it and holds it up over his head for Lucy to grab on her way in.

“I’m amazed you managed to remember that, given the fact that you have the attention span of a goldfish,” Lucy says dryly, twisting the cap of the bottle.  Sting amuses himself with watching her struggle with it for a few seconds before uncapping it and stealing a sip.

“Indirect kiss!” He sings when she touches the bottle to her lips.  Lucy rolls her eyes.  “Are you two?”

Too in love with you.” Sting clicks his tongue and moves to the stove with two eggs in hand.  “Do you still take your eggs all runny and gross?”

“Do you still drink chocolate milk at 4 AM?”

“You swore you would never bring that up again.”

Her arms wind around his waist and Sting adjusts his stance so she can rest her chin on his shoulder comfortably.  “I lied,” she whispers in his ear.  

“This relationship is built on deceit,” he says dramatically, watching the translucent parts of the freshly cracked eggs start to whiten.  “What else have you lied about? Your name? Your job?”

“You caught me.  My name is actually Lucy Ashley and I’m a mechanic by day and stripper by night.  Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?” Lucy asks.  Sting turns around in her embrace and rests his forehead against hers.  She smells like sweat and fruity deodorant and it makes his nose wrinkle.

“Only if you fuckin’ shower after this.” He pauses for a second.  “And if you let me join you, we can save water.”

 Lucy smiles sweetly and lifts her head just high enough that their lips brush together when she says, “We’ll be wasting twice as much water.”

“Because we’ll be in there so long?”

“No, because your fucking eggs are on fire and between putting that out and getting smoke out of our hair, we’ll be in for a while.”


Mogu mnogo toga da podnesem.
Da trpim lazi, glumu i dvolicnost.
Da ti prelazim preko mnogo toga i da sutim, cekam da se promijenis.
Kod ociju, da se pravim da ne vidim.
Kod usiju, da ne cujem sve sto cujem.
Da ne osjecam ni tugu, ni strah, ni bol.
Ama bas nista.
Ali, kad se uvjerim da je stiglo vrijeme za ravnanje racuna.. E tu nikad ne kasnim.
I kad ti dokazem koliko si “niko”, odlazim.
Lakim korakom, ali dovoljno brzim da me ne mozes stici.
Tiering System for pairings

After expending at least two years following debaters and analyzing potentially romantic premises in shonen stories (and watching some of them becoming a thing in their respective stories’ canon). I decided to share here what one great debater taught me and some people/critics accept:

When a writer seeks to develop bonds in an organic and consistent way he/she stablishes a “foundantion” on several important factors: meaningful moments, emotional build-up and development, as well as how well it fits both the story and the characters. When we consider all of these aspects we can classify pairings in the following categories:

* Crack impossible: Pairings that contradict other pairings with well-established canon material, and has zero context that can be most logically interpreted as romantic. And zero development and/or stress in their relationship. E.g. LawNa, KidNa, Lubecca (One Piece); Sticy, LaLu, GrayLu, NaMi (Fairy Tail)

* Crack Possible: Pairings that do not contradict well-established canon material, but have none-the-less zero context between the characters that can be most accurately be defined as romantic and/or no meaningful moments. E.g. Miraxus (Fairy Tail)

* Impotent Pairings: Pairings that do not have a high chance of developing into cannon, but nevertheless had some type of stress in their relationship at some point of the series. Romantic attraction can be a joke or comedic element of plot. This kind of pairings had become stagnant as the story (and possibly the author as well) doesn’t bother to develop them any futher. This kind of pairing is constantly overshadowed by the next category. E.g. LuHan, SaNa (One Piece); Lyvia, NaLi (Fairy Tail)

* Potent Pairings: Pairings with a high chance of developing into canon, supported by multiple logical arguments, high degree of intimacy between characters, and significant/meaningful moments. This kind of pairing has a great deal of development and stress on their relationship. E.g. LuNa (One Piece); NaLu (Fairy Tail)

* Canon Pairings: Exactly what says on the tin. However while the pairing does not have to be dating, or married, or whatever, the existence of romantic love must be there. E.g. UsoKa (One Piece); Jerza (Fairy Tail)

Notice there’s a huge different between Crack and an Impotent Pairing. As the Impotent Pairing has some sort of stress in their relationship, but the story and the writer don’t take such premises seriously. Instead a writer uses the plot and characters (both to certain degrees) to nourish the bond and emotional connection of Potent Pairings

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JENNA MY ENTIRE CEILING IS COVERED IN STICY NOTES (the slanted part I'm not a monster) AND ITS SO BRIGHT AND PRETTY THANK YOU FOR THE OUTLINING VIDEO IM HAPPY BECAUSE MY CEILING IS HAPPY I LOVE YOU ❤️ Also I'm almost done with my outline and I'm soooo happy. But the actual question- What are favorite last names for a character, just curious :)

Congrats on the colorful ceiling!

As for your question, I’m not sure I understand? Do you mean favorite last names I’ve seen used in fiction? Or faves I’ve used myself? I don’t think I have any, regardless.