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Preference 06: You Get Hurt

Bran Stark:

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  You were both riding around Winterfell when you had hit a branch and fallen from your horse.

  “She’s awake, my Lord.” The Maester said and Bran nodded to Hodor who picked him up, and carried him into the room.

“Set him on the bed, Hodor.” You spoke weakly, smiling at the two as the giant obeyed, “Thank you.”

  “Hodor.” The man said with a smile as he left and you turned to Bran and grabbed his hand. But before you got the chance to speak, Bran cut up off.

  He squeezed your hand and sighed, his lip trembling slightly as he said, “I’m sorry..”

“Bran you did nothing what are you sorry-”

“I couldn’t do anything but run.” He spoke sadly, “All I could do was run and help, leaving you to get kidnapped or killed or-” You hugged him tightly and shushed him.

“Bran… You couldn’t have done anything else. You saved me.” You kissed his forehead and he moved up so your lips were touching. He smiled against  your lips as you pulled apart.

“I will never let you get hurt again, my darling Y/N. Never.”

  Joffrey Baratheon:

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“Were in the seven hells is she?!” The King exclaimed as soon as The Maester told him. “How could her guards let this happen?”

“In her room, your grace.” The old man spoke with compassion, “She is recovering and is hardly harm-”

“And the men who tripped her? And broke her? Where are they?”

“In the dungeons.” His mother said, “Awaiting your word.”

“Take me to my lady.” He demanded the Kingsguard who served as his new favorite and the man nodded, leaving without being dismissed from anyone else. He bolted in unannounced and grabbed your hand, kissing it then kissing up your arm. “My lady.” He sighed brushing hair from your face. “Are you terribly hurt?”

“No, your grace.” You smiled gently, squeezing his hand, “Just a broken ankle. I should be up and walking again within a fortnight.”

Joffrey scowled, “How dare those bastards! I’ll have their heads!”

“Joff.” You sighed, taking his hand, “Please tell me you haven’t-”

The boy scoffed, “Not yet.”

  “Please don’t…” She spoke softly, “Let them go. Please.”

Joffrey sighed angrily, standing and giving an unheard order to the guards and then sat back besides his lover. “If it pleases my lady, it shall be done.”

Jamie Lannister:

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He ran to you as soon as you fell, pulling you to your feet, this caused you to giggle a bit.

“It is just a tiny cut on my leg Jamie.” You sighed, looking into his beautiful Lannister green eyes, “You do not need to panic.”

“A tiny cut on your leg that rendered you unconscious for two days.” He scoffed, “I still don’t understand why think you should go into battle.”

You sighed, not sure how to reply. Yes, your leg hurt bad but you knew you couldn’t stress him more than he already was. Not caring how Jamie would reply, you went with the truth.

“I couldn’t sit by and do nothing.” You sighed softly, “I couldn’t sit by and let you die. Even if that meant a sword slicing my leg. Even if that means death.”

Jamie smiled slightly and picked you up, causing you to laugh as he peppered your face in kisses.

“I don’t think I am going to let you down.” He sighed when he stopped, his forehead touching yours as he whispered on your lips, “Regardless of if you are going to battle or if you are going to braid your lady’s hair.”

Jorah Mormont:

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“By the seven-!” You whined as the skin blistered and fizzed.

Daenerys had left you in charged of her three baby dragons and naturally, while you were petting one, the big, black one spat fire at you in jealousy. Jorah, upon hearing your screams of pain ran into the room and demanded the dragons be put back in their cages and fed.

Jorah looked you up down, taking his hand bellow your chin to meet his eyes as he began to tend your burn.

He started by pouring alcohol on it, this burned and caused you to cry out and Jorah shhhed you, putting the ointment onto the burn which soothed your cries and wrapping it up an leaf bandage. Then he engulfed you in the tightest embrace you could imagine.

“I’m sorry to worry you.” You sighed, kissing his chest, “It didn’t hurt that bad.”

“That was the worse burn I have ever seen. I haven’t seen flame caused the skin to bubble and fizz like that before. You had a reason to cry out.”

You nodded and placed your arms on his shoulders, “I know. I just hate seeing you all worked up and panicked.”

He smiled and ran his hands through your hair and smiled, making vows to never leave you with the Queen’s dragons again.

Jojen Reed:

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  “Let her be.” You spat at the men. “She is nothing. A peasant compared to what I am.”

“Aye?” The man stroking Meera’s cheek asked, “And who are you girl, a highborn bastard?”

  “I am Y/N Bolten. The last true born daughter of Roose Bolten. I am unmarried and remain a virgin. Still I am more than you will ever be and see… At the moment.” You spoke numbly as the men stared at you in shock, “This is Meera and Jojen Reed. The cripple is Bran Stark. I am more than they will ever be. I’m the Princess of the North. Tell me, what would my father do should you return me, the Stark boy, and the Reed children to him?” He raised his eyebrows, “They would bind you to me.”

Slowly, they walked to you and undid your binds while another let Meera down and threw her to her brother. Then he struck you so hard you fell to the ground. You winced as you heard a cry of panic from all your friends (A “HODOR” from Hodor) even from Bran to your surprise.

  “Do you honestly think I care about who-”

You spat in his face, “We flay people. That’s what we are known for. Bring me home and my father will-” He struck you again, this time causing you to cough blood as he drew a dagger and pushed you to the ground dragging it against your skin. But you did not cry. “Is that supposed to hurt?” You laughed, blood spilling from your busted lip “I’ve done worse to men like you and they cried for their mothers.”

With an angered sigh, he tore your shoulder furs off and threw them to Bran. Then he dove the knife into the pads of your shoulders, slowly removing a chunk of your skin as you cried out in pain. He then continued with the other blade as silence fell. That was until Jojen laughed.

“Whatcha laughing at boy?” He said, moving his leg off you, “You want me to hurt her more?”

“You are going to die tonight.” Jojen laughed. “Your body will burn. And she will live. And remain an unmarried virgin until I ask her.”

  The man echoed his laughter, “And how do you know this?”

  You heard screaming outside but blacked out before you got sense of what’s going on.

“She’s waking up now.”

  “Damn. I was hoping that she would be out for this.”

A burning sensation spread through your body and you gasped in pain, sitting up. “No, my love.” Jojen came into view, pushing you back into the snow, “Squeeze my hand.” You obeyed as Meera closed the wounds on your shoulder with flame.

You didn’t cry or even tear up. You just smiled at Jojen and looked into his eyes.

“You are doing well.” He smiled at you, “One more…. One more and I promise that I will not let anyone tough you again

Jon Snow:

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"Okay I’m going to to pull it out are you ready?”

You hugged the tree and nodded as his hands met the arrow that had plunged through your stomach and nodded.

  “Alright.” He spoke calmly, “One. Two-”

“Damn just do it already!” You cursed and suddenly felt an ache being removed from your chest and a hole inside your body as Jon quickly began to wrap your center up while you cursed. Jon imeadiatly shhed you as your curses sailed loud. “Hurry I want milk of the poppy.”

Jon smiled lightly and picked you up in your arms, “You cursed like a Greyjoy, you do know that right?” Hiting him gently before leaning into the warmth of his furs, you allowed him to cradle you like a child as you muttered curses against his skin.

“It’s not funny.” You whimpered, “You take an arrow. See how it feels.”

“I did.” He smirked. “Three and I am still alive.”

“Oh shut up.” You glared and he laughed. “I love you Jon Snow.” You sighed in defeat.

“Aye. I do love you as well. And I promise not to let you get hurt on a hunt again… Or maybe your hunting days are at an end…”

“Jon Snow..” You glared, “If you dare threaten to take away my hunts you’ll be the next one taking an arrow through your gut.”

Tommen Baratheon:

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Tommen winced and cried as they plucked pieces of glass from your leg.

“Tommy.” You sighed gently, stroking his face and running his around, “I am alright. They are almost done.”

He nodded, thanking the Maesters for their help as he turned away, stiches being sewn up your leg and Tommen squeezed your hand fiercely as he whined again. He closed his eyes and brought your other hand to his palm as he attempted to breathe in attempts to calm your sobbing.

When the door closed you moved him to the bed, slowly and brought his ear to your lips. “They are gone my love. You may open your eyes.”

He did not hesitate to hug you tight. So much it made you wince. You chuckled.

“Careful now. We don’t want to tear the stiches.” Tommen sighed in agreement and let go and he looked at you, running his hands through your hair which learned had calmed him down. “Why are you angry my love?”

He bit his lip and shook his head, “I am pissed that the servant couldn’t even bother to look where they were-”

You kissed his lips softly and he responded with his anger, hands trailing down to your waist.

“That wasn’t you Tommy.” You sighed, hugging him as you stroked his back, “You aren’t him Joff.”

Nodding he kissed your neck, his face laying on his lower neck. Then a chuckled and smile spread across his lips.

“I guess it means that I can’t let you leave my side again.”

You smirked and laid on top of his head, “If it pleases his grace, it will be done.”

Theon Greyjoy:

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You gasped for air as you were yet again plunged down into the waves.

The people on the deck screamed and hollered in shock as you looked for the Greyjoy’s or the Queen.

Never thought this was how I would die. You sighed as you were forced gasp of air as the sweet sea began to fill your lungs. Caving into your inevitable death you closed your eyes and embraced the darkness. Let it be quick and merciful please.

But deep down you wouldn’t be as you could feel yourself choking on the water as it slowly itched the breath and life out of you, making you cold and going insane in the water.

I am sorry Theon. I hope you can forgive me.

Bright light shined into the pupils of your eyes causing you to begin to cough up water, fading in and out of consciousness as Theon pressed his lips to yours, breathing oxygen into your lungs as the darkness took over you.

“C'mon Y/N!” The weak and breathless voice of Theon spoke, “Please… Please..”

You gasped and coughed as Theon sighed happily and brought you into his arms as you began to sob.

“I won’t let you go. Not like that… Not on my watch..”

Tyrion Lannister:

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“Are you in a lot of pain my lady?”

You looked up at him, a small smile on your face and shook your head no. Sighing, you grabbed his hand and brought it to your lips.

“What even happened? The Maester would not tell me.” Tyrion asked, concern filling his eyes, “I am sorry for prying. I know I shouldn’t I just-”

Kissing his hand again you chuckled, “You have a right to know and pry my love. And you must promise should I tell you that you will not go and take rash actions.”

Chuckling at this, he grabbed your hand than already wasn’t holding yours and stroked your knuckled, “Rash, my love? I would never.” You echoed the laughter and squeezed his hand.

“It was Joffrey, my love.” You sighed, your face falling, “Bashed me against a wall. But I am going to be okay… I promise. I haven’t gotten a concussion or anything yet. I even slapped him.. I think…”

Tyrion scoffed but forced a smile, “So you wish me not to strike him to Esos, so I shalln’t. I am just happy that you are ok-Wait you hit him?!”

listen up: suicide aftermath is people who overdosed and they’re getting their stomachs pumped, it’s people who cut their wrists and got saved, it’s people who tried to hang themselves and someone cut them down

they were all dying and so was dean. and a matter of bringing a loved one back won’t change the fact that this is a much bigger issue . but that’s not the point, the point here is the aftermath. because the aftermath for all of these is not only emotional fallout, it’s also physical. yes you have to emotionally deal with trying to die, but the actual physicality of it? getting your stomach pumped is not an abstract idea it’s something that will happen to you. so is getting your wrists stiched up or your heart restarted.

suicide patients in hospitals cry when they wake up most of the time because the emotions overwhelm them. is it because of the attempt or because it didn’t work? doesn’t matter. what matters is the physical aspect of it. the way they feel after the attempt and the trauma

suicide is both emotionally and actually physically taxing and making the attempt look like its no big deal? its a disservice to the characters and also to people who watch the show and deal with those issues

dean winchester deserves better. and so do we

Just Like a Prayer

He doesn’t know when it started. He can’t put an exact time or date to when such blasphemy entered into his very thoughts. Can’t even lie when the belt bites into his flesh and his mother calls him a sinner once more. No, no, he can’t lie about this. He doesn’t want to.

Maybe it was following their third meeting that Credence began to pray for the stranger once more. Thanking him for treating him with kindness and charity in his nighttime prayers. Or maybe it’s after their seventh meeting, when, Mister Graves is his name, stiches up the broken skin along his back and palms. When Credence says in whispered tones under his breath thank you.

Maybe it was following their twentieth meeting when Percival cups Credence head in his palms and brings their lips together. So wickedly soft and sweet that there is no way that something such as this could be wrong. That this man was not a man but something divine. Maybe it is after the fourth kiss in a row, when Credence whimpers against Percival’s lips and thanks him over and over. 

Maybe it happened when Credence lost count of all the times they were together. When Percival kisses down his neck, whisper praises into his skin, and oh so gently makes Credence see stars. When he manages to weaken Credence’s legs and still kiss him with such fervor. When he tells him how good you are my boy, so good or that he was so gorgeous, could keep you here forever Credence and it would still not be enough time. When Percival leads him on shaky legs to satin sheets and shows his love over and over again. When he kisses Credence and breathes against his lips that he is special and wonderful and mine.

He doesn’t know when it happens; cannot put an exact time or date for when he claps his hands tight in prayer and no longer thinks of God.

Jared x Son
Jared x Deceased Reader AU

This is the song jared teaches Remi Forever, by Rascal Flatts This is the song, Ashley aka @d-s-winchester gave me to write to, Terrible Things, Mayday Parade.

“Da-Da, sing me Ma-ma’s song,” Remi begged with all his three year old might.

“Come here, Squirt,” Jared reached for his acoustic on the side of the couch, and Remi plopped onto his lap. Tiny fingers plucking at the strings, waiting fit his Da-Da to tune it.

Jared had met her when he was just 19, all legs and arms, gangly and awkward. She was everything he wasn’t and that was enough for him. She was brash, stubborn, and her heart was so large she’d stich up for everyone and anything that came her way.

Jared had proposed at 24, all pressed shirt and dress pants, flowers in hand, diamond ring around the collar of their little kitten, and she jumped in his arms as she said yes, over and over, twirling her around like she weighed nothing.

At 25 they walked down the aisle and 13 months later, Remi was born. Bright eyed and a button nose, Jared and YN could not be happier. Until YN’s post partum checkup the doctor discovered fluid in her lungs and with further tests, she had three blood clots in her chest.

Emergency procedures were done to shrink the clots and stall them from traveling to her brain, where it would prove deathly.

She was on bed rest for a couple of weeks after the birth of Remi and the procedures, and that’s where Jared lost the woman of his dreams. She went peacefully in her sleep, one stubborn embellism, snuffing out her lifeforce, her light, her love.

Jared was a widowed father, to a child who he promised would know his mother. That’s when he started the lullaby, or as Remi would later call it, “Ma-Ma’s Song”.

Jared crooned,

I miss you so much Your light, your smile, your way And everything about us Though you’re gone Your still here

Remi sang along,

“In my heawt In my tears,”

“Good job, Remi, now the next part,” Jared strummed,

Yeah you sure left your mark We were just getting started It wasn’t long enough It wasn’t long enough together But it was long enough Yeah it was long enough to last forever

“Foreber,” Remi flicked a chord.

“Think she’s listening, Squirt?” Jared asked his son.

Remi looked out the window and the sun was beginning to set, “foreber, Da-Da.” Tags: @d-s-winchester @squirrelchester @chelsea072498 @chelsea-winchester @themegalosaurus @iwriteshortstuff @hiddenwritingsintheworld @jodyri @klizbeth @one-shots-supernatural @badbitchesofsupernatural @the-mrs-deanwinchester @teamfreewill-imagine @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @letsgetoutalive @faegal04 @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms @xtina2191 @holywaterbucketchallenge @bookgirlofnarnia @atc74@chaos-and-the-calm67 @adriellej @virgosapphire79 @ackleholic96 @growningupgeek @mrsjohnsmith @mrswhozeewhatsis @theerinpage@charliesbackbitches @charliebradbury1104 @smoothdogsgirl @roxy-davenport @winchesterenthusiast @kas-not-cas @purgatoan @sup3rnaturalunkn0wn @sis-tafics @powerfulweak @i-like-your-assbutt @percywinchester27@sound-the-siren@chloemac86 @20secspnfam4 @celahcain @supernaturalyobessed @padackles2010 @oriona75
Say Goodbye or Detention?: another theory wooo -_-

this was a theory i haven’t posted til now, kinda cos it contradicts the “major theory time” post i did a while back (which I still believe to be true so far) and i have trouble wording it correctly. but @no-strings-puppet made a post asking “How long has Jack been gone?” and @hufflepufftrax mentioned about Schneep saving his body, but Anti still being in his mind hiding until it was time to reappear again. 

(please bear with me)

It took Anti almost an entire month to fully infiltrate and take over Jack, and him slitting his throat was basically the gateway to his full possession and appearance. While Schneep stitching up jack probs gave him strength again and “saved” him, it wouldn’t really have any negative on Anti besides closing the gateway that got him inside in the first place. So while Jack possibly recovered from “say goodbye,” Anti was still existing alive and well, inside him with all his halloween strength still intact.

Two heads in one body would definitely and inevitably cause a lot of turmoil to build up, hence the series: Detention. Heck, even without the glitches being indistinguishable on whether they were Anti or Jack, or the mysterious descriptions, the thumbnails alone play out like the average fight scene. (this is even supported by this post about the Detention and Layers of Fear thumbnails that Jack LIKED)

Plus, as i discussed this with @fear-is-nameless​ a while back, Detention is the ONE series that Anti didn’t leave zalgo tags on, and was the one that had an annoyed/angry Anti follow it at Pax East. Now I’d be kinda annoyed too if i had the full ability to do a thing I wanted to do, but then some dude prevented me from doing it for MONTHS and then tried to fully replace me.

Which would also account for the two stab wounds in Jack’s throat, aka either a) Anti needing more force to weaken Jack and/or b) him being so frustrated from having to fight him for control again that he took it out in an extra-stabby way.

And going back to “slitting Jack’s throat was the gateway for Anti’s complete control” thought, i like the idea that a slit throat means Anti’s able to fully come out in control, in all his glitchy glitchness. Whereas no cut means he’s hiding more, and a stitched-up cut resulting in him being accidentally sealed back inside Jack.

tl;dr Anti took over Jack on Halloween. Schneep saved/stiched up Jack but didn’t defeat Anti in any way or form. Thus, glitchy limbo of both Jack and Anti existing/trapped in one body til Detention. Jack and Anti one-upping each other for control til Anti gets full control. Pax East comes round, Anti’s mad that Jack tried to replace him thru the thumbnails/glitches/descriptions, and that us peeps thought he was gone but was “there the whole time”. And then since Schneep was the one that saved Jack/ ruined Anti’s plans, Antipocalypse happens :D

It’s the little things that makes Mary wary, at first. The way they stand too close; how they always are within each other’s reach - their shoulders brushing against each other, hands that lingers just a tad too long when handing over a beer, knees and ankles bumping against each other beneath tables.

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AN: Feel Free To Use The Gif

“Newt are you in here?” You call out, Thomas had said he’d seen Newt heading over to the Med-jacks hut.

“(Y/N)?” He asked from within the hut.


“Yeah, are you ok Thomas didn’t say what was wrong.” You mumbled, blushing when you rounded the corner that hid the area where Newt could be heard swearing softly. He smiled realising his lack of shirt was the reason for your bright red cheeks and looked t you expectantly.


“I’m fine Love no need to worry.”  He mumbled as he attempted to stich up a small cut beneath his collarbone.

“I can help if you like.” You said a little to abruptly. He chuckled before shaking his head and turned back to attempting to fix the cut himself.


“(Y/N) it’s a nice offer but the last time you tried to be a Med-Jack Thomas looked like he’d been attacked by a Slicer.” His words made your blush deepen, if that was possible.


“Oh… but I’ve had practice.” You said quickly. He flashed you a dazzling smile before reluctantly lowering his hands and glancing down at the cut.


“Well just try not to make it any worse we’re running low on supplies.” He muttered. You swallowed and nodded before hurrying over to the neatly organised boxes of medical supplies. You tried your best not to mess up the order of things seeing as Clint had spent a while afternoon organising it.


“Um… does it hurt?” You asked sweetly from your spot across the room, picking out herbs and a thin thread.

“Not really… (Y/N) you don’t need all this it isn’t that bad a cut.” He said with raised eyebrows as you hurried back over to him with armfuls of supplies.

“Just wanted to be sure now stay still.” You mumbled. He let you sit him down so his wound was easier to reach, he was a good foot taller than you, and began gently pressing around the wound like Jeff had shown you.


“Ahh… shuck (Y/N) your bedside manner needs work.” He hissed as you pressed a little too hard.


“Sorry Newt.” You said pulling away quickly. You carefully put a numbing rub that was made from some special herbs Newt grew for the Med-jacks onto the cut, hesitating every now and then when Newt hissed under his breath.


“So your still determined to be a Med-jack?” Newt asked as you carefully threaded the thread you’d picked earlier and turned to face him. He was eyeing the small needle in your hand as if you were about to chop his head off but didn’t say anything.


“Yup, I’m getting good at it plus the Builders and Slicers are always getting hurt so lots of practise.” You beamed happily at him and he couldn’t help smile back.

You hesitated before making the first stich causing his to grunt but when you asked if he wanted you to stop he shook his head. As you came to the end of the line of stiches you began to giggle causing Newt to frown at you.


“Move your head Greenie I can’t see.” You giggled. He smiled and moved slightly however a few moments later his head was in the way again.


“Sorry.” He mumbled, glancing at you only to be captivated by the face you pulled as you concentrated. Once you were done you carefully bandaged him up and smiled happily at your work. He chuckled as you clasped your hands in an attempt to hide just how glad you were that you stitched him up on your own. You tidied up and expected Newt to be gone by the time you’d turned around but when you span around he was so close your noses almost touched.


“You know I’ve heard it said that kisses make everything better.” He wiggled his eyebrows and nudged your nose with his as he lent down and went to kiss you.


“Well pucker up Slunkhead and I’ll see what I can do.” Clint’s voice had you both pulling away with a gasp. He laughed when you blushed.


“Thanks Clint I’ll pass, thanks for the help (Y/N) see you at dinner.” He smiled at you before walking to the door, patting Clint on the shoulder as he left.

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i’m home

Pairing: dean x sister! Reader Sam x sister! Reader

Summary: Sam and dean found a girl in the woods and find out that is there sister.

A/N: wighting can be such amazing. Its so hard sometimes. Really with my family that are disturbing me much to do something. But yeah there are family for. Please feel free to say if you like it. I would love that.

Everything is dark. You walked somewhere but you didn’t know where. It felt like you walked on leaves and tripped over some branches. You walked through a wood but you couldn’t  say it for sure. You felt weak. Everything hurt but you don’t remember what happened and who did this to you. It’s was too much for you and felt unconscious on the cold leaves.

It was morning and dean was busy making breakfast for himself. Sam was jogging in the woods. It was quite in the bunker but then dean heard his name being called.

“dean! Come quick! You need to help me!” Sam yelled to him when he walked downstairs. Dean didn’t hesitate and followed his grace. Close by the bunker they saw a girl around 16 years old lying unconscious on the cold leaves with cuts over her whole body. She had a gun in a leg holster and a machete attach on her belt and even a flask. She could be a hunter but they didn’t know for sure they need her bring inside before she lose more blood. They picked her up and bring her inside the bunker. They placed her on the bed of one of the rooms.

“Sam, grab a bowl and towel and some needle and dread. We need to stich her up quick before she lose more blood.” Dean said when he looked at your body. Sam did what dean said and came back with it. He rolled up the towel and make it wet and then placed on your forehead. “I think that we need to give her some rest and maybe she talk how she get her. I call Cas maybe he know something.” Sam nodded and he walked out of the room with dean.

Cas came later that day when he got the call from dean. He came in the room and found you there peacefully lying there on the bed. Cas knew who you are and quickly healed you completely. Dean came in the room. “Cas do you know anything?” he asked.

“dean I want you to meet you little sister.” Dean looked shocked at him and then to you. “I know this can be confusing dean but I can explain.” He nodded. “this is Y/N Winchester. You father met her mother on a hunt and she is a hunter to. She saw her mother die in front of her eyes. After that she wanted revenge on the demon who did that.” Cas explained

“oke I get it. But how do you know her? And why didn’t you tell us anything!?” dean asked.

“we are friends just like us. I couldn’t get in contact with her but I know that she wanted to do this alone and I get it. But last night I was in heaven and I didn’t keep an eye on her and this happened.” Dean heard the broken voice from Cas. He felt quilt what happened to his friend.

Dean put his hand on Cas shoulder. “I understand she is safe now. We wait until she wake up and then we know more.” Dean looked at you. “I want to know more about my little sister.”

Dean came in the library with Cas and saw that Sam was busy with looking for something on the internet. They took a seat by Sam “Sam, what did you find about that girl?”

“nothing.” He closed his laptop and looked dean in the eyes. He saw that he keep something from him. “Cas do you know anything about that girl?”

Cas looked over to dean. Dean nodded to let him know that he can tell Sam what is going on. “Sam, that girl in the room is Y/N Winchester.” Sam looked shocked over to dean. “I know her for quite a while she is my friend. I keep an eye on her every time but when I was in heaven she got hurt. When I got the call from dean I knew that she was by you guys. She looked for you guys for years. And I got her hurt.” Cas looked down.

“who got someone hurt?” you asked when you enter the room. They looked all three to you. “why do you guys so weird to me?”

“Y/N, come sit here.” Cas said when he stoop from his chair to let you sit on it. “I want you to meet your brothers.”

You sat on the chair. The thing that Cas said was not sink in. you looked at front of you and saw two guys in front of you. “Y/N, this is Sam and dean Winchester.” You looked at Cas.

“I know that it hard to sink in. we know how you feel.” You smiled. “so I’m Sam and that is dean he is are older brother. I’m 4 years younger than him.” Sam said.

“I know. I know anything about our family. I’m a hunter to.” They looked confuse at you. “I know are you a little young to hunt? I’m not, you hunted at the same age so yeah. I know everything like how you started the apocalypse and you let the darkness free.” They were shocked how you knew anything about that.

“who, oke calm down Y/N/N. I know that you know anything about us but we don’t know anything about you.” He met your eyes. “we know that you are a hunter and that you are friends with Cas but we wanted to know more about the fact that you are our little sister that we never had. And how did you find us in the first place and who did that to you when we found you in the woods?” dean said.

You thought quick. “I understand that you want to know that. I found out that we are from the man of letters. It took me a half year when I found out where the bunker was. I wanted to do it alone so that why I took so long.” You looked over to cas. “when I found out where it was some demon took me to Crowley. he tortured me until I escape. I tried to pray for cas but it didn’t work so that why I drove to here. Of course my car needed to break down so I needed to walk. I’m glad that you found me because if you don’t I would be dead.”

“and we are glad that we found a little sister.” They gives you a smile. “trusted me if you were not a hunter and you were taken by Crowley and we found out that you where our sister you would stay here forever and tried to give you a real life. But that can be done even if I’m not happy with it.” Dean couldn’t take it and then you saw tears falling down his cheeks. “Y/N I never thought I would found a little sister. Even we know you just for a few hours you feel like family already.” Dean stood up from his chair and walked over to you. “Y/N welcome to the family.” He hesitate for a minute but then he embrace you in a hug.

It was a little weird to find out that you have two big brothers and that one of them already trust you and hug you but you felt save and home. You never had a home only the motel rooms but now you have one with a family. “I’m home.”

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Badass - Happy Lowman

Requested by @dazzling-roaring-20s. Hope you enjoy it love. Thanks for the request.

Warning- Shooting, mention of blood. Happy cuteness over load lol

Abel’s birthday party was in full swing. Music bumpin, kids running around and everyone having a great time. The guys laughing everyone was in a wonderful mood.
Pulling up to TM you got out of your jeep and took the present out of the back seat. Walking over to Happy and the guys.
“Hey Y/N, what you got there”. Jax asked
“Its a present for the birthday boy, where is he by the way”?
“He’s probably inside with Tara and Mom, you can put that gift you didn’t have to get over there”. He said pointing to the table.
“Yea I did every kid wants presents, I’m gonna go inside and say Hi”. “I’ll be back in a minute Hap”. You walked past him patting his back.
“That girl has a serious crush on you brother”. Tig said wiggling his eye brows
“Yea shes a good girl, I could be in a thing with her”.
“A thing so that means you love her, Killer loves Y/N”. Tig sung
Happy slapped him up side the head.  Tig rubbed the back of his head still singing it.
Inside was a different story croweaters were helping set up streamer and balloons getting frustrated with Gemma telling them to move them a few inches this and that way.
“Hey Gem, you need any help”?
“Hey sweetheart, Yes can you take Abel outside and play with him. He wont stay out of the cake. Dipping his little fingers in the icing”. She said taking Abel away from the cake once again.
“Sure thing, come on buddy lets go get Uncle Happy”. You said cheerfully.
“Yea”. Abel screamed running out the door.
Walking out you saw Abel attacking Happy. It was the cutest thing you ever saw. A guy you was in love with playing with his nephew.
You ran over to help out Abel.
“Hey thats not fair, your supposed to be on my side”. Happy said laughing.
“I am but I think this is more funny”.
Happy picked up Abel tickling him.  Hearing screeching tires you turn to see a truck with three guys coming out with guns. Thats when the bullets starting flying. You grabbed Happy who was still holding Abel and shelled them with your body on the ground.
Looking around the clubhouse you saw Jax , Tig , Opie and Chibs shooting back. You grabbed Happys gun out of the back of his pants and just started shooting. Everything was happening so fast. Two of the shooter fled as the third laid bleeding on the ground.
Happy came up behind you taking the gun, giving you Abel. You ran inside and gave him to Tara.
“You ok baby”. Gemma asked concered.
“Yea I’m fine just a little winded”.
“SHIT Y/N your bleeding”.
“What”? You looked down and saw blood sepping out, lifting up your shirt there it was a bullet hole in your side.
“Y/N you need to ly…” was all you heard before you passed out.
Tara rushed to your side checking your pulse. Jax and Happy came running in. Happy saw you his face turned ghostly white.
“She’s shot we need to get her to a hospital’.
"No, no hospitals”. “ You can fix her up here on”.Jax said
“I need my stuff its at the house”.
“I’ll go”. Jax took off.
“Happy help me get her to the table”. Happy picked you up carefully and laid you on the reaper table.
Tara looked you over and it was a through and through but it nicked a vane that would stop bleeding. She and Chibs worked for two hours patching you up. Happy pacing back and forth. He was scared that he was going to lose you.
“She good, but shes not just out of the woods yet we got to worry about infections”. She said cleaning up.
“Can I sit with her”. Happy asked.
“Yea you can”. Closing the door to give you privacy.
“Come on Y/N you have to wake up”. “I have so many things I want you to know”. He took your hand and held it.
“I’m falling for you Little Girl, your the only woman I can be around that knows me for who I am besides my mom”. “You never look at me like I’m the killer that I am”. “My mom loves you, everytime I go see her she always ask ‘how are you and if we ever decided to settle down together”. He laughed  
You moved you head slightly to see a tear run down his face, you raised you hand and wiped it away.
“Hey little badass”. He smiled
“I’m falling for you too Hap”. “I’m so relieved your here with me”.
“You can’t do this again ok, don’t scare me like that”.
“ I just wanted to be as badass as you”. You looked around “Abel ok, are you ok. What about everyone else”? You tried to get up.
“Stay put, everyone is fine and some of the guys are finding these shooters”.
“You should be out there”.
“Their going to call me  when they find them”.
“When you going to get your butt over here and kiss me”?
Happy kissed you long and hard, his hands traveled your body skipping over your bullet wound. Your tongues dancing together as he squeezed your breast leaving a soft moan from you. You ran you hand down his chest stopping at his semi-hard cock pawing at it, giving the tip alittle rub.
“Um..Jax is here”. Tara said embarrased.
“Ok, I’ll be back in a few”. “Be good”. He said getting up.
“You might want to know that you can’t have sex for two months, you will miss up your stiches”.
“Well I guess we have to finish this a lot later”. Happy winked walking out.
“Fuck Y/N, Your so wet”.
“Only for you Happy, Oh God”. You moaned throwing your head back as Happy hit the right spot.
“Will You be my Old Lady”. Happy grunted
“Fuck, Yes I Will”. You screamed out coming
Two months was well worth the wait, to spend all day making love to your Old Man for the first time.

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Oh MY GOD!!! Could you do a part 2 for villain Bakugou

Sooo, like you can see I can’t write short stuff. It’s a bit more violent so proceed with caution.

It was an early evening and your shift would end soon. It had been a totally normal day. Just some small time villains to deal with and nothing too difficult. You were standing on top of a tall building, on the look out for possible trouble. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary so you decided to get back down. The fire escape was close, so you jumped on to the stairs and started to descend them.

You were half way down when you felt a small pinch on the back of your neck, your body went limb and you fell the stairs down to the next platform.

“The hell is this?”, you hissed.

You didn’t know who or what had caused this, but you sure weren’t pleased with whoever it was.

“Okay, nice prank hahaa. Now stop whatever it is you’re doing and get your ass over here so I can teach you a lesson.”, you growled, not too hero like.

Was this one of that Cyclone guy’s friends? If he was, he wasn’t there the last time they had tried to beat the shit out of you. There wasn’t anyone with a paralyzis quirk back then.

“You hear me? Get over here!”, you shouted.

“Stop screaming it’s annoying.”, you heard a voice say from above you.

You could move your head just enough to see the man kneeling on the railing of the stairs. He was wearing boots and pants, that were designed for the army. He had a long dark green jacket and you could see that there was all knivess of blades in the inside of the jacket.

“What the hell did you do to me?”, you hissed.

“Oh, that. Just paralyzed you with this needle so you couldn’t fight back.”, he explained as he took the needle off of your neck.“There is a paralyzing drug in it, but don’t worry it’s not harmful.”

“So why the hell are you doing this anyway?”, you grunted.

“I got bored, and you looked cute so I thought we could have some fun.”, he grinned.

“Fuck you.”, you hissed.

You had a really bad feeling about this. This guy didn’t seem like some everyday villain. There was something much darker about him, something menacing. He picked you up and threw you over his shoulder, then he jumped of the fire escape straight to the alley.

“Are you trying to kill yourself?! That was like the fifth floor.”, you shouted.

“No worries, it’s my quirk you see, it- Actually you don’t need to know.”

“Let go of me.”, you growled. Trying to hit him with your head, which was the only bodypart you could move.

“Now, now. We are going to have some fun, but I can’t let you see where we’re going. So it’s goodnight for you.”, he smiled wickedly, just before he knocked you out.

Bakugou was feeling a bit weird, like something was wrong, but he had no idea what it was. You had agreed to meet at your place later today, but he decided to go over a bit earlier. He knew your shift hadn’t ended yet, so you wouldn’t be home. Bakugou would be waiting for you when you came home from work. He headed to your place and laid down on the couch when he got there. He just stared at the roof, planning his next hit to one of the citys big banks, but on the back of his mind the feeling that something was wrong, just didn’t fade.

When you came to, you found yourself in a room that reminded you of an old surgery hall you had seen on a horror movie. Then you remembered what had happened. You tried to rip yourself free from the restarains that you now noticed around your body. You weren’t paralyzed anymore, but you were bound to an operating table.

“What the fuck?!”, you screamed.

“Ooooh, you’re awake. Now we can start having fun.”, the guy said.

“Get away from me you psycho.”, you hissed.

“I’m not a psycho. My name is Akihiko.”, he whined.“Don’t be mean.”

“Jeez you’re obnoxious AND insane.”, you sighted.

“I’m not going to kill you by the way, but I can’t really guarentee that you’ll survive this either. That’s why I told you my name, so you can find me later, if you survive.”, he explained.

“You are an idiot.”, you growled.

“Maybe, but let’s begin now. My blades are hungry for some blood.”, he whispered to your ear.

This guy really was really creepy. He went from totally calm and childlike to absolutely mental and disturbing. He was going through the cabinets, taking out different kinds of blades and knives. Lastly he took out a bottle of some clear liquid and a huge syringe.

“What are you gonna do with that?”, you asked quietly.

“Oh this?”-he shaked the liquid bottle a bit.- “this keeps you from passing out. It wouldn’t be fun if you did.”

He filled the syringe with the liquid. He placed the tip of the needle to your neck and pushed it through the skin. You tried to fight him, but the restarains kept you from moving too much. You could feel the liquid burning a bit when it entered your bloodstream.

“So,”- he picked up a small knife- “let’s start with a small one.”

You didn’t know how much time had passed. Your whole body was covered in cuts of all sizes. At some point you had noticed him licking the blood off of the blades, it disgusted you to the core.The good news was that guy clearly had some kind of medical training since you hadn’t bled out yet. He had avoided all the biggest veins and cut around them. You had stopped struggling at some point and the only thing you could do now was whine and scream. Your costume - or what was left of it - was soaked in blood and tears. You could feel the effect of the toxin -or whatever it was he gave you- , fading. You would lose conciousness, and you were scared that if that happened, you would also lose your life. But just then Akihiko stopped cutting you.

“Hmmm, the drug seems to wearing off. I think I’m going to dump you somewhere and hope someone finds you, before you bleed out.”, he tought out loud.

“You-You’ll pay for this.”, you said weakly.

“I’ll be waiting then. Let’s go.”, he smiled.

He opened your restrains and picked you up again. You were still concious, which you thought to be a good thing, but you were too weak to escape or resist him, so you just laid in his arms. Limb and too exhausted to raise a finger. You let him carry you out of the building. It looked like an abandoned hospital, but you couldn’t be sure. Your sight was fuzzy and you couldn’t really concentrate on anything because of the blood loss. He carried you a while before dropping you behind a dumpster. You had no idea where you were, or if you had any hope of being found from here.

“Till next time, Shadow Walker.”, Akihiko said as he left.

You had no idea how he knew your hero name, but at the moment you didn’t really care. You didn’t want to die. Not like this. Not by being cut up by some psychopath who slashed people just for fun. You refused to die now, so you started to crawl towards the street, where there were people. The last thing you saw before passing out was someone running towards you and presumably dialing the emergency number. After that everything went black.

“She needs more blood. Get some O-”, you heard someone say.

You were drifting in and out of conciousness.

“We need to stich her up right now.”, said another voice.

You saw bright lights and people buzzing around you, but it was all a blurr. You had no idea what was going on. You weren’t even sure if you were alive. But the pain in your arm, when someone attached the IV waked you right up. You gasped your breath and tried to get up. Your body was immeadiatly pushed down.

“Stay down Miss. We need to patch you up and give you more blood, so please stay calm.”, someone said.

You decided to listen to them and lay still.

The doctors and nurses finished their jobs and left you to rest. Your body was covered in bandages and stitches. Apparently you were lucky not to be dead. You started to go through everything in your head. Akihiko attacking you and knocking you out to drag you into his hideout. Him torturing you for what seemed like hours, and leaving you to the alley to bleed out. You didn’t remember much that could help you locate the place, but you would find it, and you would make sure that bastard ended up in the worst prison possible, for the rest of his life. For now you decided to do as the doctor had told you to and get some rest. So you slept.

You woke up to the voice of shattering glass. Someone had broken the window to your room and was climbing through it. You were trying to get up, but then you noticed the familiar sand blond hair and red eyes. It was Bakugou. He ran right to you, wearing an expression that was rather rare to him. He looked worried, but more then that he looked angry, furious.

“Who is that fucking bastard and where the hell is he hiding.”, he growled.

“Well hello to you too. He said his name was Akihiko and the place he took me might have been an abandoned hospital or something. How did you even know I was here.”, you added to the end of your explanation.

“The one who called the damn ambulance for you was one of my informants. That asshat regcognized you and called me after the fucking ambulance had take you.”

“That was lucky then.”, you sighted.

“I’m gonna go hunt down that fucking bastard now. I’m gonna fucking murder him.”, he growled.

“Be careful, please. He might not look like much, but he surprises you it’d be bad.”

“Just fucking rest. I’ll take care of that asshole.”, he growled when he jumped of the window.

That was Bakugou’s way of showing he cared. He would hunt down anyone who dared to touch you. You knew there was no arguing with him. Especially now that he was so furious. There was nothing you could say or do that could stop him.

Bakugou was enraged. He was roaming the streets and beating people to get information about your attacker. When he finally found the building that resembled an abandoned hospital he stormed in.

“Come the fuck out you asshole! I’m going to kill you!”, he yelled.

“Oh dammit. I wished it would be Shadow who came after me.”, Akihiko whined. “We became so close during our time together.”

“I’m going to fucking kill you.”, Bakugou growled.

“And her screams were delightful too. Oh, I’d like to hear them again.”, Akihiko giggled like a little child.

Bakugou didn’t want to hear anymore of it, so he growled and attacked Akihiko head on.

“Heyyy, I was still talking. Don’t be rude.”

“Shut your trap before I pull your fucking tongue out.”, Bakugou yelled.

“But the best part was her blood, it was so tasty and sweet. None of the people before had such delicious blood.”, he grinned madly.

Bakugou had heard enough. This bastard would die. Right here, right now. He wanted this bastard dead. And he would make sure it hurt.

Akihiko was rather acrobatic so he was able to dodge Bakugou pretty easily, and got a few good kicks and punches in too, but Bakugou had much more stamina which eventually turned the fight to his advantage. Akihiko jumped a second too late and Bakugou managed to grab his ankle and smack him to the floor. Akihiko whined and Bakugou stood over him, fuming with hatred. He started to beat the shit out of the guy. When Bakugou was done, he got up and whiped the blood splatters off of his face.

“I just wanted to have some fun. I didn’t do anything bad.”, Akihiko whined.

“You made the mistake of touching my partner you fucking asshole.”, Bakugou growled as he punched Akihiko with an explosion for the last time.

Akihiko wasn’t moving anymore. Bakugou walked away. He wanted to get back to you. To make sure you were okay.

After Bakugou had left you had fallen asleep again. It was propably because of all the morfine they were pumping into you. You woke up to someone kissing your forehead.

“Hey Katsu. Did you find him?”, you yawned.“

“That asshole won’t be bothering you anymore.”, he mumbled.


“For what.”

“Even if you don’t realize it. You always take care of me. Or take care of people for me.”, you grinned jokingly.

“Shut the fuck up and move.”, he growled.

You moved so Bakugou would fit to the bed with you. You cuddled to his chest. He sighted at you, but wrapped your arms around you and burried his face to your hair. He felt warm and safe, like home. Guess even the worst of villains have a soft side.


Charming… part 4

you can read part 1 here, part 2 here & part 3 here.

“Mike what’s wrong?” You ask him. Mike looked worried and stressed. There was something going one.

“Anna just keeps asking questions.” He rubbed his neck. “I don’t know what to tell her.”

This was a problem and you knew it. Both of you did everything to protect her from this world at the moment you told her something she was going to be pulled into it.

“What did you say to her?”

“I said that I would pick you up and then I was going to tell her everything.”

“You did what?” Your voice was harder than you thought. YOu looked back to the parking lot of TM. You didn’t saw anybody.

Mike gives you a fake smile and pulls his arm around your shoulder. “This is the day were have to tell her everything.”

You both start walking to the hotel room. His arm still over your shoulder. The tension in your body was building up every step you were closer to the hotel room.

Both of you entered the room. Anna was waiting for both of you. She was sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at both of you entering the room. You closed the door behind you.

“So tell me.” Anna said “What’s the big secret you guys are hiding from me?”

“Anna we did this to protect you. We didn’t tell you anything because we wanted to protect you.” Mike says to her.

“Mike you’re scaring me.” She says “What didn’t you tell me?”

“Anna sit down please.” You said to her. You looked towards Mike.

“The motor club I was in wasn’t only riding motors.” Mike says. “We were into other things to.”

“Like what?” Anna asked

“We were dealing drugs, selling guns and some charters also did prostitution.” Mike continues. Anna was showing horror on her face. “I entered the club when I was 16. My first bike was also the entrance to became a prospect.”

“And I well you know the story I fell in love with one of them.” You said to her

“Everything was going well.” Mike continues. “I had to do some illegal stuff and Y/N helped me out hiding and cleaning things up for the club. She helped us make sure the police was not on our hills and if someone needed to be stich up or anything else we would come to her”

Anna looks towards you.

“When I started dating Travis. I didn’t know it was coming to that but helping with a little thing here and there put me in the center of the club.” You said to her.

“A few months ago I was assigned to kill someone.” Mike continues.

“Did you do it?” Anna asks quickly.

“No. I told Y/N about it.” Mike reacts. Anna looks at you. “She talked to Travis trying to get me out of it. But that just made him willing that I did it even more. The day I had to happen. Y/n went to the person I had to kill. She made sure the person wasn’t there when we arrived. The woman I had to kill was innocent. When I and Travis got there to make the murder. Y/N was sitting in the house. Travis was mad at her and put a gun to her head. He was screaming at her and beating her.”

“The black eye and the bruises on your face and body.” Anna says to you. You nod your head towards her.

“I tried to stopped him and before he left. He pretty much said he was going to kill me and Y/n fot it. For ruining the kill. I helped Y/N out of the house and back home. Helped her clean up the blood and kept guard for the night.” Mike looked towards you at the end of the sentence.

“Anna that night Travis and some club members broke into the house. Guns loaded ready to kill us. We had the luck to escape. The next day we began the road trip.” You said to her

“We knew they were coming for you because you were dating me and a friend of Y/N.” Mike says.”Threw the trip Travis calls me of Y/N. Making sure we knew he was coming for us.”

Both of you stopped talking. You were both looking at Anna. You saw horror in her eyes. You could see she was taking everything in.  

“I don’t understand if both of you knew they were all doing something wrong why didn’t you leave early?” She asked both you

“I was in love Anna. You know how that feels. I would do everything for him like I know you were do everything for Mike and after a while you know to much.”

“We couldn’t leave alive anymore we know too much.” Mike says

“Do they want to kill you?” She asks.

“Yes.” Mike says. he keeps his head down. Don’t wanting to look at Anna.

“What can we do to stop that.”

“Run is our only option Anna.” You said to her. “Run till they give up.”

Anna gets up from the bed and walks towards Mike. She hugs him and gives him a kiss on the lips.

“I would give you guys some time alone.” You said to both of them and you walked outside.

That went better than I expected. You thought to yourself.

You needed a drink so you would head to town trying to find a bar nearby.

You phone ringed. There was no caller ID only a nummer. You didn’t recognise it.

“Hello.” You said answering the phone.

“Y/n?” You recognize the voice


“Yeah. I was calling to make sure you made your way home safe.”

“Yes. Something happened?”

“No no. I… “ You hear him take a deep breath. “Would you like to get something to drink?”

“Yes I would like that. I really need that at the moment.”

“Where are you? I’m coming to pick you up.”

“I’m sitting before the hotel.”

“I will be there in 5.” He says hanging up.

You shaked your head at his reaction. You needed something to drink so why not with Tig it was better than alone.  You started walking to the front of the hotel. A few seconds later you hear a motor ride towards you. It stopped in front of you. Tig handles you a helmet and before he says anything you put it on your head and sat on the back of the motor. You put your hands on his side. He looks towards you and gives you a smile.

He starts the motor and rides away.

Apologies [DIBS 21]

You hadn’t spoken to Sam since your fight, and you called dibs with Dean anytime you three went hunting and had to hole up in a ratty motel.

The last hunt was excruciating; you had two broken ribs, concussion, and lacerations across your face. The werewolf had really gotten his claws into you, figuratively and literally and while Sam carried you to the Impala, it was Dean you asked to stich up your face.

Sam was beside himself. All he wanted was to keep you safe and all you seemed to want was to keep him at arm’s length. Dean kept watch over your figure as you laid in the bed and while it was pertinent you didn’t fall asleep, the pain meds knocked you out.

“Dude she almost died out there,” Dean whispered, “and you still won’t just man up Sammy and apologize?”

“You think I don’t know that, Dean,” Sam hissed, “I’m beside myself seeing her like this.”

“Well good thing you have me to kick your ass in gear,” Dean slid out from behind your sleeping form and instructed his brother to take his place.

“She’s going to be pissed, Dean,” Sam did as he was told and pulled you into his side, making sure your face was resting comfortably on his chest.

“Just shut up and trust me,” Dean headed for the shower to rid himself of your blood and his own.

The whole night you barely stirred, only to press yourself into Sam’s chest. He couldn’t help but think you still thought you were in Dean’s bed, and you were more comfortable with his brother than with your boyfriend.

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he cradled you and he whispered sweet nothings, in your ear. You finally opened your eyes and squinted at the brightness of the motel ambience.

“You still haven’t said you were sorry,” you spoke sheepishly.

“God, YN I’m beyond sorry, I could’ve lost you, I couldn’t bear the thought.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry I want to protect you, I’m sorry for holding you back, but I’m not sorry for loving you.”

“I love you too, you gigantic moose.”

“My face still look pretty?”

“I dig scars,” Sam kissed you gently and told you to rest, “but Dean did a hell of a job stitching you up, you’ll heal nicely.”

“Damn straight I did, can’t have you looking like Frankenstein,” Dean sat at the edge of the bed and kissed your forehead.

“Thanks, De,” you smiled against the pain, grimacing, “for everything.”

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Prompt 21 with the batfam but the reader is dating Jason Todd

 “OK, let’s go over this one more time. What happened?”

 “It was the Demon’s fault-,”

 “Shut up, Todd. If you had-,”

 “-was a mess-,”

 “-told you, Bruce-,”

 “-fine, Dick-,”


  Every head in the room turned at your outburst.

  Jason and Damian were glaring at each other. Tim was explaining the situation to Barbara while she stiched him up. Bruce had a comforting hand on Dick’s back, who looked deafeted at the moment. Stephanie and Cassandra were sitting on the counter, eating the cookies Alfred made.

   You were standing in the middle of the room, hands on your hips and lips pressed in a thin line, clearly displeased with the way the boys and Bruce ended up.

  There you were, relaxing at your apartment while readig a book when Stephanie Brown, your friend, called you and said that your boyfriend, allong with his brothers and Bruce, had almost gotten themselves killed while out on a mission.

  Jason opened his mouth in order to explain the situation-or simply to cuss at Damian, you weren’t sure- but you held up a hand to silence him.

 “It daesn’t matter, the important thing is thal you are all aive.” You knew that they weren’t going to like what you were planning to say next, but you didn’t care. “You are not going out again.Today is your day off.”

  As predicted, everyone started bitching.

  “Y/N,” Jason groaned.

  “Jason, stop talking before you earn yoursef a month on the couch.”

  Damian snickered, which earned him a glare.

  “And what do you suggest we do?” Tim asked, his voice laced with annoyance as Staphanie threw a piece of cookie in his hair.

 “We stay in and do something as a famiy.”

  Cassandra hopped of the counter and spoke for the first time, “disney movies.”

“Disney movies? All day?” Asked Barbara and swatted Stephanie’s hand away as she was about to throw a whole cookie at Tim.

 “Disney movies all day? I’m in,” I smiled, excited.

 I jumped at Jason lap, making groan in pain, but he opened his arms so I could get more comfortable. When I settled myself he closed his arms and legs around me and snuggled his head in my neck. I smiled and kissed his bandaged cheek. Damian pretended to throw up.

  “Shut up, Demon.” 

  “Jason, be nice.”

  Babe,” he whined.

  “Everyone, shut the hell up-sorry Bruce- the movie is about to start,” Stephanie exclaimed and joined us on the couch.

  “Seriously Steph, Frozen?”

  “ I like it.”

  “Oh, of course you would like it, Grayson. You might actually sing along-,”

  “Guys, seriously-,”

  “Shut up,” said a gruff voice and we all looked at Bruce in surprise. He looked captivated by the movie.

   After that, everyone stayed silent and enjoyed the movie, sometimes someone would sing along, mostly the girls but also Dick too. It was a good day.

Its Sunday morning over here in the UK and I took my knitting to my favourite coffee spot for an hour.

As soon as I got comfy two (very nice) ladies came in with their kids and took a table near me.

One of the little girls who was with them, Maggie,was pretty enthralled with my knitting and eventually came and joined my table.

She started aaking me questions about what I was ‘sewing’ and why was I using 5 needles.

So i told her i was knitting a sock for my neice and explained how you knit around and around until it grows into a 'tube’ then she asked how you turn it to make it go the other way.

So anyway, she moved from the seat opposite me to the seat next to me and i showed her and let her have a try at a few stiches, she picked it up quick so i guided her through a few ROWS.

And this is a long winded story about how I just spent two hours teaching some strangers 5 year old how to knit a sock.

heavy and light, love and don't, have the same amount of letters but don't carry the same weight

I’ve broken my fingers
carrying the bricks
of regret, of single servings,
of all the past smiles
that will never quite reach
the heights that they should now

I wake every morning
I never really stop dreaming
I taste the sun with corn flakes
I swallow the moon with oranges
I feel like I’m gaining extra weight

I look in the mirror
I step on the scale
my arms, my waist
my thighs look the same
the digital numbers barely

I can’t seem to figure it out
my couch sits lower
my paintings hang higher
my bed sheets no longer
grace the four post foundations

people trip behind me on
they exclaim that I look
thinner even though
I eat less than I could
not as much as I should

so I band-aid the skinned knees
of strangers
shrug my shoulders at maintenance
with scratched head levelers

the sun no longer burns my tongue
the moon crescents behind laughing
my smile dews in
the morning

my eyes sink to my smile as
the floorboard craters with
every trudge

I throw away stale cereal
wash my face with the tears
of fruit to hide my own pulp

I break my scale
as the numbers
finally grab a ginsu
bury it under my neck
rip down to my belly button
and pull open my ribcage

the mirror breaks as my heart
shoots forth
wrecking ball busted toilets
blasting through the wall
dropping to the floor

singing fucking love
the entire time
the neighbor asks
if everything is okay
peeking through a
geysered hole

the core of the earth
burns my toes

the mirror whispers
that those with the
largest hearts often
sink the lowest when
love departs

it tells me midnight
only lasts a minute

morning only a quarter
of sunshine

it tells me every day
there’s a new sunrise
a new mountain to climb

so I stich myself up softly
but this time
I tighten the string
just enough so that the next
time my heart falls

it just bounces back up

from the floor

instead of drowning
In memories of why
I should just bury it
lose the pounds
I shouldn’t worry about
In the first place

Luck and Morphine

Fandom: teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Characters: Raph, Donnie, Leo, Mikey
Relationship: Raph/reader
Request: A story where the reader got badly injured (deadly) during a fight, resulting in Raphael going berserk. The reader get “scared” of him , raph run away. The drama, misunderstanding, Angst happen.. happy end of course not fan of the smut but it’s still your fic
It was your own fault. You didn’t see the ninja sneak up behind you (oh how ironic it was) but you should have heard! You were trained better than this! Splinter trained you better than to let your guard down. That, and you weren’t meant to be out.
You were tired. Exhausted actually. Every muscle in your body felt like they were on fire and were about to snap apart. Your heart was beating painfully in your chest and you could hear your pulse in your ears. That along with a high pitched whine from when you had had your head bash against a wall a couple of minutes ago.
you had managed to persuade Leo to let you come out on a patrol (much to Raphs displeasure). But the next thing you knew, you were being attacked.
3 of them tried to drag you away from the turtles and had, in part, succeeded. You now had no idea where you were. You were in a small alley, but that wasn’t much help considering new York has as much side alleys as it does people. Or at least that’s how you felt. You had no doubt if they had succeeded in capturing you, your life would have either been ripped from you or used as a bargaining tool against the turtles.
You heard your name on a roof above you. You twisted around and saw raph jumping down. You ran towards where you thought he would land only for one more of the gang who attacked you to jump out of nowhere. You felt a sharp pain in your side, like you had been hit by a train.
You let out a gasp as you looked down to see the man had plunged a knife into your side. Stumbling back, you seemed to go into a daze. Like you were in a dream. A very real, painful dream.
The man was then picked up and thrown against the wall. There was a disgusting cracking noise as his now lifeless body dropped to the floor and Raph now towered over you.
you could feel the blood now running down your right side and due to the way you had stumbled, Raph couldn’t the knife.
In fact, Raph didn’t even know you had just been stabbed. He could see the cut on your cheek and the grazes and bruising you had but not the worst of them all. All the wind had been knocked out of you and the pain rendered your speechless. In fact, even breathing was painful. You knew you couldn’t pull the blade out because that would
“I told you not to come!” Raph growled, his voice deep and dangerous.
A shot of fear coursed through your body and you became all too aware of how weak you were.
You tried to force yourself to speak, but he cut you off.
“You have no one else to blame but yourself! You know you aint good enough to deal with them! But you didn’t care! You are so careless with your life! Why did you have to be so STUPID!” Raph screamed at you, his fists clenched.
You didn’t know what to do. Your body was shutting down and you felt yourself becoming weaker and weaker. The shock and adrenaline was wearing off to make room for the pain to increase.
you were going to die. In an alley way. And he was right. It was all your own fault.
You looked at Raph, the fear in your eyes obvious as tears started to run down your cheek. Your jaw was shaking as was the rest of your body.
He didn’t know! You needed to tell him. To call for him. To call for the others.
“Help!” You cried out, using all your energy. But you were quickly punished as you felt the pain in your side pulsed. You squeezed your eyes shut and let out a sob of pain, now trying to not breath.
You heard your name being called and 3 thuds to your other side.
looking, you saw Donnie approaching first, then Leo and then Mikey. You knew Donnie could help you! He could heal you like he had done with his brothers. He was smart and knew medical procedures.
Donnies eyes quickly found the knife sticking out your side and you saw fear and horror flash through him.
“help me.” You whispered to him, your knees now shaking so hard. Donnie saw this and moved to your other side, trying to figure the best way to help you stay up. You watched him but as you did so, you saw Raph backing away.
As your eyes met him, you noticed there was no longer anger, but regret.
Then he was gone, disappeared into the night.
—-time skip———
Some how, Donnie, Mikey and Leo managed to get you back to the lair. You faded in and out of consciousness due to the pain. But you were brought back by Donnie telling you that you had to stay awake. Otherwise, you might not wake up.
you were rushed to Donnies lab. Donnie indicated to set you down on a desk that was cluttered with paper, tools and odd bits and pieces. Mikey made little work of it, sweeping it all off as the other two lifted you up and lay you on the table. You lay on your left side so your right side and the knife, were up. You were facing the door of the lab.
Donnie told Leo to use scissors and cut all the clothing around the area off. Following his brothers instructions, leo cut what felt like a circle around the knife. He was careful to leave you about to cover your chest but the rest was cut down to your belly button and just under your hip bone (once again, carful to leave something to cover you).
Mikey was helping Donnie find medical supplies and you could hear them talking, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. You heard Leo. He was telling you that you were going to be alright. That they would make sure you were. That he was sorry.
you lay with your left arm under your head and your right hand up at your mouth. Every time you felt yourself becoming sleepy, you bit down on your hand, nearly hard enough to draw blood. But if it kept you out of a comma, it was worth it.
There was now a harsh buzzing in your ears and you didn’t notice Donnie and Mikey come back until there was a sharp pain in your side.
you let out a scream, trying to move away until 2 pairs of hands held you down. You looked to see Leo holding your shoulder down and Mikey, your feet. Donnie was removing the knife.
One each of their faces, was pain. Donnie was staring at you, his eyes begging forgiveness. You clamped your teeth around your hand and nodded to him.
With that, he continued.
The pain was excruciating. A part of you said it was worse than being stabbed. You screamed as you bit down on your hand, your eyes squeezed shut tightly. The tears flowing down your cheek like a river.
opening your eyes, you saw blood pouring onto the table as it was fully removed. You let out labouring pants between your screams of pain.
you didn’t know what Donnie would have to do, what he would have to check, but you had to stay awake.
You felt the wound being inspected and it sent a fresh, new wave of pain through your body and you couldn’t help but cry out. You had to remove your hand from your mouth when you tasted blood and saw you had broken the skin. So you just screamed.
It was the only thing you could do.
But something moved and caught your attention.
The door burst open and Raph stormed it.
You saw him yelling, managing to read his lips. “whats going on?!” but as he screamed, Donnie stopped and you were left for a moment in the dull pain which gifted you back a little of your hearing.
“What’d ya me stabbed? When was she stabbed?” Raph roared, taking it that the brothers were unable to protect you.
“We don’t know! You’re the one that was with her!” Leo roared back, making you jump slightly. It took a lot to make Leo snap like that. But then again, he had just had to hold down someone he considered a sister while they were struggling and screaming in pain.
You saw the realisation dawn on Raphs face as he looked at you and he seemed to slump. He started to walk to you, and you were about to tell him. To tell him it wasn’t his fault, to tell him you needed him right now.
But Donnie got back to work.
You let out a scream of pain and your body involuntarily shook, making Leo and Mikey press down on you to stop you. Your vision blurred but then you saw something in front of you. As you focused on that, you saw Raph had fallen to his knees in front of you. You stopped screaming to let out more labouring pants. Reaching out your bloody hand, you were grateful that Raph caught on and took your hand in his. He was shaking but before you could say anything, the pain kicked in again. You squeezed his hand, hard as you grinded your teeth together.
You have no idea how long this went on for. There was words of encouragement that filled your ears from all of them. You were sweating from the pain and screaming. And the pain was a constant.
But eventually, you heard Donnie say he was going to stich you up and then he said the magic word.
He was going to numb the area around the wound so it shouldn’t hurt when he stitched it.
“You couldn’t… have done that… sooner?” You panted, flashing Donnie a small smile to show him you were okay.
“Sorry, it take around 10 minutes to kick in. and I needed to make sure that blade was poisoned or had done any damage I couldn’t fix. You are incredibly lucky. Well, for someone who just got stabbed.” Donnie smiled as you felt him rub your back. You let out a small, breathy laugh before he gave you a shot of something that he had which seemed to instantly lift a little pain. He then moved to the other side of the room and started to fill a needle with more fluid in case your one wore off.
Donnie asked Leo and mikey to go get something to help clean the blood up.
It meant you had a moment alone with Raph. You looked and saw he was crying, hard.
“you were right.” You mumbled, looking at raph. “I wasn’t ready. It was all my fault. I-I just wanted to help you. to be strong enough. Smart enough. To be good enough.” You mumbled, unable to meet his gaze.
Despite the fact Donnie hadn’t numbed you yet, you felt the pain subsiding. Well, not subsiding, but it was less that it was. But you were able to work through it.
honestly, you were tired, dizzy, scared, exhausted and everything in between.
“no, I wasn’t.” Raphs voice was horse as he spoke. “It wasn’t that I didn’t think you were ready. I just didn’t want to put you in danger. And that was what happened. Because of us. Because of me. Im sorry, I should have known, I should have protected you.” Raph broke down, resting his head on yours and his hands. “I don’t know what id do without you.” You heard him mumble.
“Raph-“ You were about to tell him it wasn’t his fault but he interrupted.
“It wont happen again. I swear nothing will ever hurt you again. Cause i.. I love you.” He swore to you.
You felt your heart swell as he confessed his feeling for you. And if you hadn’t just been cut open and your limbs didn’t feel numb with exhaustion, you could have thrown yourself at him.
“I love you, too.” You smile, squeezing his hand in yours and smiling.
Raph let out a small breath as he pulled your hand and pressed his lips to it. In that moment, all the pain was forgotten in a moment of pure and utter pleasure.
But that was quickly taken away when you winced as a shot of pain took you out of the moment and you were able to think of one question.
“Why did you leave?” You asked him, and you quickly noticed Raph flinch at the question, but he knew he had to give you an answer.
“I-I thought I had scared. That I was the reason you called for help and asked Donnie to help you.” He explained, his eyes filled with hurt at the memory.
“I am not, nor will I ever be, scared of you.” You smiled, noticing Donnie coming back with a needle.
Raph noticed, but had been unable to look at the wound so he looked at the floor.
“Can you stay? Just till this kicks in?” You asked, nodding to Donnie.
“Till the very end.” Raph mumbled, only loud enough for you to hear, making you smile. “Besides, I need to see Donnie after you. I think you broke my hand.” Raph laughed, and you because very aware that when you had been in pain and hadn’t been able to bite your hand, you had been squeezing his.
“sorry, I just got stabbed, you see.” You shot back, your voice dripping with sarcasm.
Despite the pain, you felt a weight had been lifted and you actually felt happier.
Donnie gave you the all clear after the stiches were finished and Raph had to carry you to his room. He managed to persuade Donnie that his bed was the softest, biggest and it was nearest to everything so it would be the perfect for you while you healed.
But you knew the secret reason why.
It was that vow. The vow he made to protect you. and that, mixed with love, was all you needed.
well, maybe a little morphine helped.