sth korea

she’s crying cause they didn’t kiss… I think you need to experience the pain of waiting a week for the end to be happy about joon jae coming to japan for takuya…am I the only one that didn’t find the ending unsatisfying…I expected less honestly, I mean Korea and stuff, no drama I’ve seen before was that nice to gay characters…I remember in persevere goo he ra the gay kid didn’t get anything but a sad ending and his sexuality was never mentioned again…I remeber in reply 1997 the gay kid was crushing on the male lead for all episodes except the last one where he said he had met someone at the hospital and was then picked up by a car, we didn’t even see who was driving the car…I remember in Seonam Girls High School Investigators the lesbian couple broke up because they got so much hate from the rest of the school, I haven’t seen many dramas but in the others there were no gay characters, I saw a thai one but I didn’t even finish that and tbh that was based off a bl novel so yeah, everyone was gay you know how those stories go. So I really don’t think that the ending takujae got was unsatisfying because yeah it was vague, but it was also positive and that makes me really happy because up until the exact scene that joon jae knocked on takuya’s door I honestly thought they wouldn’t get a happy ending