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Up to 2 characters in one picture (+ $5 - $16 for one additional character)

Hi guys, re-opening my commissions for a bit!

l’ll love forever everyone who would spare some money, also it’d be much appreciated if you shared this post! :’)

Payment through PayPal only~!

If you are interested you can email me at to order (i’d love if you sent refs, plus don’t hesitate to ask questions) and i’ll email back for confirmation and payment details

Things I can draw:

  • Fanart
  • OCs (reference will be needed, this can include photos, info about their personality, backstory etc.)
  • Animals

Things I won’t draw:

  • ships i’m not comfortable with
  • mechanical, detailed stuff / robots / weapons
  • g/ore and n/s/f/w/ in general
  • backgrounds

Did a little redraw of an ooooold drawing of Syr to warm up tonight, since I haven’t touched my tablet since stormblood release ahaha

honestly I love seeing my improvement when I redo old doodles