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Hello there! Just a random anon passing by! Found your blog through your gadget/infinite stuff and I hope you don't mind me asking but how do you think those two met before everything went down the drain?

askdnsjknajskdnjskln im really glad you asked this bc ive wanted to talk about that for a while

quick tl;dr in case u don’t wanna parse through my long af ramble: they didn’t really “meet” so much as they’ve been pals since they were lil itty bitty tiny kids and then when they got older whoops romance (which means when everything goes down the drain it really hits ya in the feelios)

quicker tl;dr: im making a thing that answers this exact question so If You Can Wait itll be worth it (hopefully)

okay onto the Long Ramble version that kinda goes off on a tangent halfway through

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