The Sonic-Madeon Conspiracy

The Sonic tumblr posted this today and tbh im screaming
The following is everything that’s been figured out already and posted in the tags, I’ll add more as this wild ride continues

- The picture is a reference to the cover of Adventure, Madeon’s first album.
- The lettering in the picture is a code Madeon’s been putting in his stuff for a few years now. In his stuff they tend to say things about Icarus (also the name of a song) and an empire hiding a secret. I don’t know if that mystery’s been solved or if it’s led to anything yet.
- The code in this picture says: “Hello Hugo. The secret is inside the empire. We can get it back.”
(Hugo is Madeon’s first name.) - It’s really faint, but there’s even more code near the bottom. It says: “The fated son of Daedalus. Add the numbers.”
- The son of Daedalus is Icarus, again referring to the song. The meaning of “add the numbers” is unclear right now.
- The tags are in French and point to verse 1, lines 10 and 12 of the song Nonsense, which are: “And don’t you think I’m a runner / Shooting at the moon to bring the sun up.”