Nu'est content that is not related with produce 101 (e.g stuff from canvas and q is era) still get way fewer notes than pd101 related stuff. Its rlly hard to get Aron posts notes. Im happy pll are noticing them but im worried if the support with continue after pd101 and if these induvisual members stans will turn into

The Future of the Trainees (part 11)


Hwang Minhyun (Rank 11 -> Rank 4)

Chances – I’ve sorta already discussed all the other Nu’est members and their chances of making it into the final group (they’re all making it into the Top 22) so I’m going to just repeat what I said and keep it short and sweet. Only two members can make it into the final group according to my theory. And because Jonghyun is a shoo-in and Minki is not getting screentime the battle is between Dongho and Minhyun. Dongho does get more screentime and interesting storylines but Minhyun has the image of a CEO to counter Dongho’s ‘sexy bandit’ image and is more of a pretty boy than Dongho. In the end it will all come down to who has made more one-pick fans during the show which in all honesty is probably Minhyun. I know some people see Minhyun as a shoo-in actually but I don’t because while he’s more likely to make it in than Dongho, I do think there’s a chance that only one member of Nu’est will end up getting in 0- Jonghyun.

Skills – Very well-rounded as Nu’est fans have pointed out. (I honestly think the biggest advantage Nu’est and other debuted idols have on this show is that there are other videos excepts for the episodes where you can see the trainee’s abilities and viewers are less likely to fall for evil editing because they have a chance of knowing their personalities from their other appearances). He can sing, can dance and apparently can rap.

Kim Jaehwan (Rank 16 -> Rank 7)

Chances – Ever since the first episode I‘ve been really excited to see an independent trainee succeed and get into the final line-up, to show that you don’t have to have a company behind you to be talented and have an impact. And finally, a hero has risen, I mean, Jaehwan’s popularity on the show is greatly helped by the editing which makes sure to portray Jaehwan as B.O.I’s future main vocal. It’s a deserving edit so I don’t really mind (my favorite vocalist is Seonglee but that’s a matter of taste and Jaehwan is obviously also a great vocalist). It’s such a great edit that when Jaehwan didn’t get the befit for the vocal position, Mnet made sure to edit the episode in s way that made Jaehwan the true winner. And it worked – a lot of people were confused why Jaehwan wasn’t first. Again, he completely deserves it but I’m upset that it’s does at the expense of actual winner Gunhee. In episode 6 Jaehwan finally got into the Top 11 and after this episode I’m pretty confident that he will remain there in episode 8. Hopefully, he’ll remain there until the end although I don’t consider him a shoo-in. Either way a company better sign him after the show.

Skills – We know about his singing. Let’s talk about his dancing. He was given the Juna edit at first – a great vocalist who is lacking in dance skills. But he ended up escaping that doomed path by actually remaining in B after the re-evaluation. Honestly, when I watched his re-evaluation cut I was very surprised. It was obvious that he practiced really hard to remember all the moved and get them right and throughout his dancing he looked like he was focusing so hard. And some moves reflected that – looked a little awkward as if his body was just trying to strike the right poses as opposed to dancing. But some moves looked really natural. His ‘Sorry Sorry’ practice cut was helped by the fact that his team had a worse dancer and all focus was on him. In the actual performance he looked fine but it’s not the hardest dance. However, during his solo parts when he didn’t need to dance he still made sure to make up some moves that looked pretty good. I can’t believe that after that people still think that he’s not cut out to be an idol. His dancing is lacking but he’s proven that with a lot of practice he can keep up. Honestly, the final group doesn’t need any more super strong dancers.

Yoon Jisung (Rank 3 -> Rank 13)

Chances – I feel really bad for Jisung, moreso than for anyone else on the show. Because he doesn’t even have anything to apologize for so there’s no way for him to rise in the eyes of the viewers. They votes for him because he was funny and then got mad at him because he ended up being higher than a lot of their picks. Where is the logic? Some people are mad that he got so much screentime because MMO is a subsidiary of CJ E&M. Okay, maybe that’s true, maybe CJ E&M is pulling some strings. But firstly, if that’s true, it’s the company’s fault. The trainees don’t get to decide this shit. And secondly, all of the viewers enjoyed seeing him on screen and enjoyed his commentary before he got 3rd ranking. So it’s all bullshit. It’s especially sad because you see that it had its effect on him. But he didn’t break. He’s accepted the hate and decided to shove his talent in everyone’s faces. And I appreciate that so much. It really was a blessing for Hyunbin that he was in the same group as Jisung who understands his struggles and his grievances. While all of the members obviously helped Hyunbin I think the fact that e and Jisung could relate to each other really helped Hyunbin. And overall, Jisung made a great leader, especially for someone who was suggested because Sungwoon didn’t want the position. This episode really did show Jisung in a new light allowing us to see the person behind the meme. Unfortunately, it might stop the hate but people are going to be really careful about voting for him so that he doesn’t ever step foot into the Top 11. I hope he does make it into the Top 22 though.

Skills – He’s a lot better of a vocalist than I gave him credit for. And I thought he was a good enough singer before. Now I just think that he’s pretty great. His dancing is his weak point though, I think, He was off-beat in the ‘Hard Carry’ performance a few times (maybe due to being nervous) and his ’10 out of 10’ performance was the epitome of cheese where dancing well wasn’t the focus.

Ha Sungwoon (rank 21 -> 27)

Chances – Mnet is treating the Hotshot really well this mission. While Sungwoon wasn’t the focus of his group but he got some attention during picking of the leader and the center, even though Mnet could’ve cut out both of the scenes. Sungwoon could’ve just suggested Jisung as a leader without his take on the group mission and Jaehwan was such an obvious choice for center that showing that scene only benefitted Sungwoon. So thank you, Mnet, that was very nice of you. I can only imagine how hard it was leading the ‘Boy in Luv’ team made up of very popular but young and inexperienced trainees (although his friendship with Daehwi gives me life) and I’m glad we got a glimpse of that. As for the center battle, viewers wouldn’t have accepted someone other than Jaehwan as the main vocal and I think that Sungwoon realized that when he suggested Jaehwan gets it. (Honestly, in the end the two of them had basically the same parts so I don’t even know why that was such a big deal.) In the end, Jaehwan ended up pretty low on the ranking list of vocalist but Sungwoon was almost at the end of it. And I knew people wouldn’t agree with Jaehwan’s rank so I assumed that they wouldn’t have enough energy to care about Sungwoon. But I was pleasantly surprised whwn he appeared in a lot of comments being called one of the biggest victims of the ranking. It’s nice to see that even in a group of popular trainees he was able to shine. I previously said that only one out of the Ador & Able boys can make it into the Top 22 but I might be wrong. Mnet is giving both of them attention and the viewers seem to notice? So maybe both of them get lucky.

Skills – He sounded great in his ranking performance but he disappointed me a bit in ‘Boy in Luv’ because he sounded breathless at times (not bad, I just expect more from him). It might be because he had to carry the team vocally (with the help of Daehwi) so I’m not too mad. But this time He was actually my favorite in his team. Jaehwan sounded great, I just felt that for me Sungwoon’s voice fit the song better. It’s a personal opinion that I’m sure not everyone shares but probably some people do. His dancing is also great, the Hotshot boys are really talented.

Kwon Hyunbin (Rank 23 -> Rank 33)

Chances – I’d give Mnet credit for salvaging Hyunbin’s image if they didn’t fuck it up in the first place. But it’s still better than completely ignoring him this time round although any possible rise in ranks would’ve been more likely had they shown it in the 6th episode. However, he was shown choosing ‘Downpour’ in the 6th episode while all the other trainees were freaking out. I actually really like this moment, because while it showed us that Hyunbin is behind is terms of skills which is why he would’ve been a hard teammate to have, he’s also well-liked to the point that people can joke about it. I do hope though that most viewers saw it as that as opposed to everyone just hating Hyunbin. Episode 7 was a lot more openly kind to Hyunbin showing how the mean comments broke his spirits and how he was willing to work hard to make a memorable last performance. Which it might be. He’s really close to the cut-off line and because most of his progress was shown in episode 7, I’m not sure that he hasn’t fallen fellow 35. If he does make it in this time, I don’t think he will make it next time.

Skills – I’ll get it out of the way – he’s a pretty weak dancer but he has enough skill to not stick out in a group which is all that should be expected of him at this point. His rapping doesn’t particularly impress me but it’s not terrible, I guess. But! But! His might become a good vocalist with more training. I mean his parts which weren’t very hard sounded alright, not amazing except for one note in his first part which sounded really good and maybe gave a glimpse into a future where Hyunbin’s actually a good vocalist after more training.