Look how Daniel getting ready to tease Dongho with doing “wonhae” part (or Ong version of open up 😂) and wait until Dongho looking at him 😂😂😂

Bonus: 2Kang chit chat and Ong saved by Niel


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Footage of Minhyun waiting backstage and singing along to ‘Hello’ at the Busan One Asia Festival. OT5 forever ♡ 

I think the one thing that really drew me in to join the nu'est fandom and call myself a LOVE was because of all the good things I’ve heard about the people in the fandom. Loves really are a gem to this horrible world of kpop. Just all these instances of LOVES changing their lightstick colour for other groups tells a thousand words and it really does have a huge impact on how other people outside the fandom sees the nu'est boys. It shows how kind and considerate you are and that’s such a rare thing to see in Kpop fandoms who just seem to constantly fight and attack each other, and this further proves that a fandom really does represent how people see a group.

Thank you guys for representing our boys like this, and thank you for setting an example for other fandoms to follow. The nu'est members are lucky to have angels like you in their lives to support them. I hope this level of kindness continues regardless of how much time passes. 💖


those fanchants and screams <3

Royal!Ren AU

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this was such a GOOD look for ren please bring this back amen thank u

Genre;; royal!au ++prince!au fluff uhhhh aka my fave

Warnings;; none,, i mean not that i know of??? It’s pure fluff?? maybe a tiny bit angsty idk but if u dont like boys who can’t cook dont read??

Pairing;; Choi Minki/Ren x reader

Requested;; yes (by anon)

Summary;; Ren is a prince who has moved to your country to study to be a King, and he happens to be your neighbour. Things don’t go too smoothly when you find out his identity…

Style;; bullet point + stuff

Word Count; 2530

AHHH i love royal aus so expect this to be;; long and detailed;; because i also stan minki,,, and he is already a prince,, coming up with a plot for this wasnt hard lmfaoooo;; i got my big ass 2litre bottle of water ready its 1am and its WRITING TIME

  • Ren was born into the royal family of a small country in East Asia
  • He was originally second in line until his brother Minseok gave up his right to the throne so he achieve his dream (that didn’t involve being king lmao;;)
  • So little 8 year-old Minki is now thrust into the spotlight
  • Up until this point he’s had like;; no training on how to be a King
  • So he decides when he gets to his twenties he’ll go abroad to study politics and languages and stuff
  • So he can still be a good king when the time comes;;
  • But he doesn’t want to be treated like a prince wherever he goes so,, he instead decided to go by his real name rather than his royal name when he’s abroad (which less people know)
  • (okay it is a thing like prince harry’s name is actually henry FUN FACT)
  • But he’s super talented like;; he has a way with words and he’s really popular in his country
  • Because not only is he really beautiful but he’s also amazingly funny with a great personality
  • Like I mean it when I say he could probably make friends with a brick wall
  • He’s a little;; weird;; but it just makes him even more loveable sdjhfgjsd
  • He’s honestly treasured by his country because he just seems like a normal human he doesn’t try to act better than anyone else uh BLESS how kIND

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