from Top left 
1 Aussie L2A1 h-bar
1 Izzy h-bar
1 FN LAR h-bar
2 Aussie SLR's 
1 metric 21’’ with a combo device
1 metric 16’’ para
1 metric 18’’ para
1 Imbel with Israeli furniture
1 Early Israeli light barrel
1 Izzy with a lug barrel
2 metric German G1’s
2 metric Austrian STG58’s

Camille: Steyr StG58

Camille with an FN licensed FAL built by Steyr and adopted by the Austrian forces as the STG58. Per the 1968 Gun Control Act the parts kit receiver was cut into three pieces. This particular rifle was rebuilt with a carry-handle cut DSA Type 1 receiver, semi-auto trigger components and enough USA made parts to be 922® compliant.

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