• anti-sjw:what should i put in the pride tag today
  • anti-sjw:"fuck lgbt people and their shoving sexuality in everyone's face. you don't see straight people doing this, because we actually know how to act unlike you assholes."
  • person:Hey you're an asshole and you need to take your post off the pride tag.
  • anti-sjw:I might have if you asked me nicely, but you decided to turn to name calling. Ask nicely and I will change it, if it matters so much to you.

One more time.

(Poster by @scurvyorangesfm​)

The Multiplay Insomnia Gaming Festival is one of the biggest annual gaming tournaments, not to mention one of the highest profile TF2 competitions in the world. This year boasts being the biggest one yet! Featuring GAME Fest for the first time, the show and the expo halls will be open an extra day, running from Friday, August 26th to Monday, August 30th in Birmingham, England at the NEC.

Check out the Team Fortress 2 Open from the 26th to the 28th. The best teams from around the world will go head-to-head in competitive 6′s, including American team Froyotech and Australian team Jasmine Tea, two teams once again crowdfunded by the best community in gaming history. The teams will be competing for a share of an £8,500 prize pot, sponsored by and OCZ. 

Can’t make it to Birmingham in time? No problem, the tournament will be streamed on Twitch, so tune in and catch all the action! (Source: Team Fortress 2 Blog “Insomnia58″)