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I’ll give everyone who comments “Jad is the true sassbatburrito” on this user’s profile 1 gem. Shoot me a PM once you’ve done it, or I’ll check in the morning. If you’re in Plague, I’ll give you a free fodder to boot.

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literally the only thing lexa can do in the eyes of p much every grounder now is declare war on arkadia because since pike rejected the coalition and they murdered 300 warriors sent to protect them but she probs wont do that because of the vow she swore to clarke a because of that she will die or be voted out (since clarke isnt part of the coalition anymore bcus of fuckin pike) and honestly what a mess this is gonna be i stg

yeah im at a loss to what she could do at this point like even clarke’s gotta admit lexa needs to act against arkadia and thats gonna be such a huge mess

Just watched this guy tie his gf’s white Yeezys for her. Then he got up and dusted off his own black Yeezys and I stg this is modern romance at its finest.

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It’s 21:53 and I’m here reminiscing about earlier today when I was napping and I was having this glorious sex dream with Lexa and then my dog woke me up and I stg if I didn’t love him so much I would have put him on time out.