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K so there is a gym teacher at my school that looks and acts like Reg so much I stg you would think he came to life from the computer.


Dear YG,
I’m going to go out on a limb and trust you ONE MORE TIME. But if you turn around and pull some “10 years of Big Bang, the greatest hits” with nothing but already released songs and 12 remixes of fantastic baby. I STG I will make my own MV to the M.A.D.E korean album we never got and sync it to YG stock dropping after they enlist.

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It was the most dispassionate kiss ever initiated and lack everything and was totally awkward and are there some people actually happy about it?

I don’t understand why even the people who ship it are pleased with that because I stg if that had been Bucky in Sharon’s place and they’d done it that awkwardly I’d be fucking pissed as hell

Stg if you stop flirting w a guy for a lil, he’ll come back and catch feelings, when before he didn’t 😂😂😂😂😂HAHAHAHAHAHA I feel bad

listen, if they do a winter soldier movie, the only people i’d want to direct it are the Russos. i’m willing to wait for that movie if they are going to be the ones doing it. b/c i stg if they decide to green light a winter soldier movie and somebody like joss whedon gets his grubby fingers on  my favorite character, i’m going to have a major bone to pick

putting this on my main blog instead of my spn blog cause some topics may be controversial... be forewarned

hopes/expectations for season finale —

1. billie is revealed to be the new death

2. lucifer gets a new vessel and actually becomes a threat again maybe? cause they’ve kinda been watering him down (a lot) i mean lets not forget this is the actual devil

3. i dont want chuck to die but i feel like he might

4. i stg if dean gets trapped in the void alone with amara i’ll flip shit

5. if he does get trapped i hope sam jumps in with him

6. pls give sam a voice

7. idk who the new character being played by elizabeth blackmore is but i hope she’s, you know, not horriblly written. maybe she could be luci’s vessel, y/n?

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No , PR 1D RT by account Harry so different

Literally shut the fuck up because all their accounts are PR jerk fests and at least Harry tweeted and give him a break he was literally filming all day cause ya know he’s on a movie set y'all are so annoying I stg go kiss your Harry haters’ asses and leave me alone


Dan and Phil react to PHAN SMUT