stg 58

thethroneoffirenowbelongstome  asked:

my Dutch ass is less envious of your mountains than your guns, man would i love to own a FN FAL, with a mil-spec M1935 FN Browning Hi-Power ( about comparable to those 55 P-43s Ian posted) with a dozen magazines for both and a MAG belt for topping up and emergency LMG use, just in case shit hits the fan. Ah the good old days when we used to be neutral and exploit everyone else economically, like your banks do lmao

You’re in luck, I think it was @shmurnoff who told me there were currently an Austrian FAL, the Stg 58, available for like CHF 500.- in Geneva. 

And FN GP 35 are plentiful here (and cheap too - which is not very surprising for that very elegant but obsolete pistol). 

MAGs are a bit scarcer tho.

(and not wanting to defend bankers on the principle they should be hanged at streetlights with the guts of politicians, but I think you’re confusing Wall Street and US tax heavens with the very mild Swiss banking system).