Hey, everyone! It’s me! 

Just a reminder as a bi/queer, gender fluid person of color (Southeast Asian specifically), my interactions with different forms of oppression within reproductive justice won’t always be similar to some of yours. 

I appreciate our growing awareness of the need to stay mindful of the power dynamics that exist in our society and how important it is to push for inclusion in our conversations. LGBT rights, prison reform, immigrant rights, economic equality, education, accessible healthcare, the destruction of white supremacy, and so many other issues… They’re all part of reproductive justice. This holistic issue needs to be seen through intersectional lens.

We’ll hold each other accountable as we continue to grow in our advocacy for social justice. 

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anonymous asked:

this is probably a stupid question but I live in the state of Michigan and I am being forced to have an abortion. The father's mom says if I don't have one, she'll call the state and have the child taken away after s/he's born because of my age saying that the father and I aren't fit. Then, her rich ex-husband with push the child so far into the system, even when I'm 18 I couldn't get my child back. I don't know what to do. I'm just wondering is this possible for her to do?

You will not have your child taken from you specifically because of your age. That is not a valid reason for the child to be removed from a person. Another thing to remember is that she may be the mother of the father, but you have the rights over this child. Don’t let her bully you into thinking she has more power than you.

That being said, you can take these threats to the police, your church, a local Planned Parenthood or affiliate, and/or your Department of Health and Human Services. Tell them you are being forced to have an abortion and are having your health and life, your boyfriend’s life and health, and your child’s health and life threatened if you do not. Ask for help and for protection.

We have these pregnancy and adoption resources, some of them include groups specifically focused on preserving autonomy and helping pregnant people, including minors, in situations like yours:

These are youth resources:

These are abuse resources:

@prochoice-or-gtfo, @bebinn, @stfuprolifers, @prochoice-chic, @pro-choice-youth, @provoice​, @howprolifeofyou​, @love-pro-choice​, and others, are there any other advice or resources you can give?

- damegreywulf

So... I'm tired of getting shit for being inclusive of PoC and trans* people.

When I called out a person for her transphobia, this person snapped back and my followers went to her blog out of anger.  Now I’m being accused of leading a giant Tumblr mob when I never promoted online harassment and I don’t have mind control powers.

My followers were pissed off and responded to a public post.  And all I can do is apologize for having a web presence.

I will never ignore the voices of PoC and trans* people.  This discussion on reproductive/sexual healthcare and rights is not just about white cis women.


Hey, everyone!  Sorry about the scare on Tumblr.  As you can see, I haven’t taken the blog down.  Amanda and I are still here to advocate for reproductive/sexual healthcare and rights.

I’m currently trying to get the name changed on Facebook as well, but apparently it’s something I have to request of Facebook since I have exceeded 225+ likes? (I guess it makes sense that I have a much larger following on Tumblr than on Facebook, right?)

Again, sorry about the scare!  Enjoy some music from your fellow pro-choicer!

“Us” - Regina Spektor 

Snowflake Adoption: Proving once again that "pro-lifers" care way more about fucking frozen embryos than real children

There are SO MANY KIDS waiting for homes, and you’re getting someone else’s embryo implanted in you so it can have “a chance at life”?

“Pro-life” my ass.
Pro-fetus? Yes.
Pro-embryo? Yes.
Pro-life? Not a chance.

And what about the people who created these embryos, biologically speaking? What if they don’t want their genetics implanted inside some bullshit-spouting pro-lifer? I certainly wouldn’t want my flesh and blood being raised by an anti-choice person.

Wow. I just can’t even with these people.

When she said that parents should be able to opt their children out of learning about gay people in school, I thought that maybe I could try to make her rethink with a simple example.

But apparently every family is capable of homeschooling their children so it’s not a big deal!

Anon 1: I think I’m grateful that my mother chose to have me even though I came as a surprise.  If she never wanted me and was forced into giving birth to me, then I’d be a horrible, daughter to resent her.  I love my mother.  I understand that it’s her body.  Not mine.  I do not own my mother.  She is her own person.  If I had been aborted, this conversation wouldn’t even be happening.  I would not have any feelings or thoughts about it.  That’s why I find the whole “What if you were aborted/Be grateful you weren’t aborted” rather silly.  It’s not thought provoking.  It doesn’t move the discussion forward.  It stagnates the debate with privileged hypotheticals that benefits no one.

Anon 2: That’s what anti-choicers do.  They appropriate the struggles of others.  They use people with disabilities, women, and people of color as mere props to their movement.  Because if they really cared, they’d support actual legislation that would improve their quality of life.  They wouldn’t stop at fetal development.  But that’s not the case, is it?

lachrymoselavender: We’ll have to disagree about a fetus being a person.  I care too much about actual people to ever equate them to a non-thinking, non-feeling fetus.  I know it is human and living, but that matters very little to me.  A fetus doesn’t have a right to life at the expense of someone else.  No one currently has that right.  If you needed my body for whatever reason to live, you need my consent.  It’s as simple as that.

It’s nice that you’re not the type to scream abusive things at people, but your opinions on reproductive justice contributes to that type of behavior.  It feeds the stigma and it feeds the people who do say and act to hurt others.