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On  domestic  violence  in  pregnancy:

One  in  five  people  who  are  pregnant  will  witness  domestic  violence in  pregnancy.

Domestic  violence  in  pregnancy  affects  around  324,000  people  each  year  in  America.

Murder  is  the  leading  cause  in  death  for  pregnant  people.  [Source  2]

Pregnancy  is  a  common  tool  used  to  keep  people  in  abusive  relationships.

On  the  slavery  argument:

Slave  women*  often  faced  forced  pregnancies.

On  the  Nazi  argument:

In 1936 Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler created a Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion.

(Both  the  slavery/Nazi  arguments  contradict  themselves  when  you  look  at  the  historical  context.)

On  breast  cancer  and  abortion:

No,  abortion  doesn’t  cause  breast  cancer.  [Source  2]  [Source  3]

Giving  birth  transiently  increases  your  risk  of  breast cancer,  however.

On  PASS  and  it’s  nonexistence:

Two  APA  sources  [Source  1]  [Source  2]

People  often  report  feeling  “relief  and  happiness”  after an  abortion.

Guttamacher’s  Statement

Abortion  Is  Safer  Than  Childbirth:

Source  1

Source  2

Source  3

Safety  Of  Abortion.

Abortion  Higher  Where  Illegal:

Source  One

Source  Two

Source  Three

On  Adoption/The  Foster  System:

Only  2%  of  the  American  population  adopts  [Source  1]  [Source  2]

Most  people  want  young  kids  who  are  white,  have  no  siblings,  and  have  no  mental/physical  health  problems.  [Source]

A  lot  of  kids  in  the  foster  care  system  aren’t  those,  and  often  have  experienced  maltreatment.  [Source]

In  2010  approximately  408,425  kids  in  the U.S.  foster  system.  [Source] This  is  the  newest  released  set  of  data  on  the  number  of  kids  in  the  foster  care  system.   Since  then,  there  has  not  been  a  massive  increase  of  adopted  kids. 

Some  negative  effects  of  adoption  on  the  birth  parent.

Another  example  to  use  to  see  the  impact  of  adoption  on  the  birth  parent,  which  is  often  negative.

There  are  68,000  to  70,000  people  who  die  of  illegal  abortions  per  year.  EDIT:  Two  more  sources  supporting  this  (obviously  true)  claim.  [Source  1]  [Source  2]

A  study  by  Guttamacher  disproving  a  study  saying  though  abortion  is  illegal  in  Chile,  the  illegal  abortion rate  is  low.

A  PDF  file  released  by  The  World  Health  Organization  containing  a  graphic  image  of  an  illegal  abortion.

Information  on  the  life  of  Gerri  Santaro.
The  famous  image  of  her  illegal  abortion  can  be  found  here,  and  I’m  warning  you,  it  is  graphic.

On  CPC’s:

CPS’s  have  coerced  women  into  staying  with  their  abusive  husbands.

Have  been  known  to  give  false  and  misleading  information.

They’ve  even  sued  for  the  right  to  mislead.

Abortion  IS  healthcare.

Lists  of  Pregnancy  Side  Effects:

List  1

List  2  (All  pregnant people  are  at  risk  for  pregnancy  side  effects,  including  death)

Why  inclusivity  of  trans*  people  is  important  in  the abortion  debate  (trigger  warning  for  graphic  abortion  induced  via  paint  thinner).

Information  On  Abortion  Doulas:

The  Doula  Project  (I’m  impressed  with  this  site  because  though  it  has  a  few  mistakes,  it  tries  to  be  as  trans*  inclusive  as  possible.)

A  page  on  Abortion  Gang  explaining  what  being  a  doula  is  like.

A  Chicago  volunteer  page  to  be  a  doula.  (I’m  sorry  if  you  don’t  live  in  Chicago.)

And  some  information  from  another  doula  site  about  becoming  an  abortion  doula.

So... I'm tired of getting shit for being inclusive of PoC and trans* people.

When I called out a person for her transphobia, this person snapped back and my followers went to her blog out of anger.  Now I’m being accused of leading a giant Tumblr mob when I never promoted online harassment and I don’t have mind control powers.

My followers were pissed off and responded to a public post.  And all I can do is apologize for having a web presence.

I will never ignore the voices of PoC and trans* people.  This discussion on reproductive/sexual healthcare and rights is not just about white cis women.

This is an appreciation post

So when I started tumblr, I was pretty ignorant about things.

I was pro-life, and I knew next to nothing about politics and what was really going on in the world.

But there were some blogs that I came across, that I read, and it snapped me out of it and now I continue to learn. Here are the ones that got me started.





Here are some other fabulous blogs (no particular order)











These arent the only blogs I like, just the ones in that general category c:
Snowflake Adoption: Proving once again that "pro-lifers" care way more about fucking frozen embryos than real children

There are SO MANY KIDS waiting for homes, and you’re getting someone else’s embryo implanted in you so it can have “a chance at life”?

“Pro-life” my ass.
Pro-fetus? Yes.
Pro-embryo? Yes.
Pro-life? Not a chance.

And what about the people who created these embryos, biologically speaking? What if they don’t want their genetics implanted inside some bullshit-spouting pro-lifer? I certainly wouldn’t want my flesh and blood being raised by an anti-choice person.

Wow. I just can’t even with these people.

stfuprolifers  asked:

re: Well, I have a lot of feelings about it. Right now rage is the freshest./ Totally understandable! I haven't watched it in a while. I remember rage being the first thing I felt. Sometimes not being ignorant is such an insane burden on ourselves. Like what Oscar Wilde said about people who see the dawn before others, it's like a punishment.

They’re just such hypocrites! Like when they had the training for volunteers at the CPC, the leader person kept saying that they don’t use deceit, but she told them not to tell people on the phone that they don’t perform abortions! Because, you know, not giving people an answer to a direct question isn’t deceitful at all… Not to mention intentionally tricking people into going there instead of to the abortion clinic.

Ugh, and when the leader told that one poor woman that her abusive boyfriend might change if she had a baby I wanted to just hug her and tell her it would all be okay. Women who are pregnant are way more likely to be abused! It sucks, but it’s true. I just couldn’t believe how much they were outright lying. And not just about things that they were misinformed about, they were outright lying about some things, and they knew it.

And their self-righteous attitudes. Of course the one guy who was stalking the owner has a picture of whitewashed Jesus.

I can’t even with these people.

When she said that parents should be able to opt their children out of learning about gay people in school, I thought that maybe I could try to make her rethink with a simple example.

But apparently every family is capable of homeschooling their children so it’s not a big deal!

Conversations with Anti-Choicers: Part Two

For those of you interested in seeing the response, as promised, here it is.

“So we agree to disagree. I see abortion as murder and that appalls me. I know I am not the only one that feels this way. My thoughts on welfare? Too many undeserving people are sucking the lifeblood out of the working class by sitting home drawing welfare. If you are mentally or physically disabled, that is a different story. I know of too many cases where perfectly healthy people have kids so they can draw welfare. They usually have different fathers for each child and have a man living with them while drawing money from the government. I am old school Amanda, and conservative. Just because a child may be in inconvenience, you do not get rid of it.”

I have tried to stay neutral but it’s very hard when she’s conforming to what I would love to believe are stereotypes about anti-choicers – not only does she think a) abortion is horrible and appalling, and b) that women who die from abortion are no huge loss, she also believes that they don’t deserve welfare assistance.  Here’s my response:

There’s no “agreeing to disagree” on this subject unfortunately, especially when you seek to rip away my rights as an autonomous human being. That’s the part that’s important to remember here. You are certainly entitled to an opinion: but you are not entitled to oppression, persecution, and discrimination because of your personal religious, moral, or ethical beliefs.

It’s also sort of ironic that you want all these women to have their unwanted children, but you’re going to yell about them drawing on welfare. Even your statement, “I know of too many cases where perfectly healthy people have kids so that they can draw on welfare.” I wonder how many of those people were shamed into thinking abortion was wrong? I wonder how many people couldn’t afford an abortion, or were made to feel guilty in wanting an abortion, so they didn’t? I wonder how many people have guilt tripped a family member into NOT getting an abortion, only to hear that same family member say that they were just “lazy breeders,” as you’ve suggested, just so “they could get welfare.” 

So my question remains; who’s going to take care of all these unwanted children when they’re born, if no one wants to give them welfare?