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duosthefangirl asked stfu-moffat:

I take offense to the stance “white people don’t experience racism”. That is just straight up not true. When I moved to Hawaii I was picked on by a local girl at my school because I was white. A friend of mine and her brother had to deal with bullying when they went to a school in a predominately black neighborhood for the same reason. Just because it’s uncommon doesn’t make it non-existent.

You experienced prejudice. Hawai'i was colonised by white people and indigenous Hawai'ians were treated terribly by Americans. Also, are you really going to get upset with how black people view white people after everything that’s happened in US history and continues to happen today?

Not saying that you should be treated like crap, but that’s not racism. We have posted several resources about white privilege, and if you can’t find any, you can always go to the racismschool tumblr.

- SH

frazerhines asked stfu-moffat:

Hi, left an ask about this earlier, but I was wondering why you never seem to draw comparisons between Moffat and a showrunner that isn’t RTD, is there any particular reason for this?

Yes, we got your ask. Unfortunately, we DO have lives outside of this blog and alas, we also do have lives outside of Doctor Who. We only compare Moffat to what we have already seen, and while I am personally trying to watch Classic Who at the moment, there’s still several decades worth of the show to get through. There have been some people we’ve reblogged or who follow us who have seen Classic Who and if they wish to contribute, that’s up to them.

I would love it if people DID submit about why Moffat’s era differs from the Classic Who writers. However, this blog didn’t initially stem from how Moffat is being inconsistent with the series and the previous Doctors; he’s inconsistent within HIS OWN era. Also, we have issues with how he writes women, treats PoC, writes flimsy plotlines, etc, with his own stories. We don’t WANT to compare him to other writers, we merely try to use other writers as examples of something we enjoy. Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat are not comparable in terms of how they treat Doctor Who. However, the treatment of Rose Tyler and the treatment of Amy Pond ARE.

I also believe in the evolution of media. If Moffat is trying to take Doctor Who back to how it was when he was a kid, that’s his own prerogative. However, it should be taken into account that the show HAS changed since he was a child and his era should reflect that. Also, the world when he was a child and the world as it is now are two completely different things. We KNOW that minorities were not treated well in the Classic Who. We KNOW that things were more than likely ~worse~ in the 70s and 80s. However, why is that stopping the show from being better NOW? PoC being treated poorly in the show during the Classic Who series has no bearing on them being treated poorly in the series now.

- SH

eiphel asked stfu-moffat:

I find that Trans Comedy Award a little troubling in that the panel of judges contains only cis folks.

Oh, that’s right! That’s an incredibly important criticism and I’ll make sure to edit the post to include that.

It’s always good to be wary of things that are created for oppressed groups by those of privilege, but hopefully they won’t mess this up. We reblogged it in hopes to get trans* writers to participate and represented, but this is something to note in case it bothers you.


- SH