eatmeowwwwt asked:

What are your views on sex before marriage?

I’m a Christian and I believe in abstinence, but I’m not gonna shove my beliefs down peoples’ throats. They can do what they like, it’s not my place to tell them what to do. But yeah I believe in abstinence before marriage for myself.

Unless it’s Harry Styles. Then I’d get up on that. Immediately.

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I do not give a fuck and a half if you believe the news is falsely reporting this case and making it sound worse than it is. The truth is a human fucking being that was unarmed was not only murdered, but shot 10 final times. That in itself should be a reason to further investigate and bring Darren Wilson to court. Of course this is a matter of race, but even if it wasn’t, the case should be investigated. It does not take this long to tell the people that murder is a crime, it takes this long to find a way to tell people that it isn’t. These protests were expected and I never agree with violence, however it goes to show that these people are trying to find justice. “And justice for all” seems to only qualify for the people who were originally considered citizens here. I fucking hate to say it, but justice isn’t an actual concept anymore. Michael Brown’s family is not getting justice tonight, Michael Brown will not be returned to his family tonight, but the man that murdered him will be. And as for that, a moment of silence for all in Ferguson tonight and forever, Michael Brown’s family and friends, and Michael Brown.

so maybe I’ll never kiss you again, and maybe I’ll never again hear me whisper how much you love me, but I’m never going to regret meeting you. Of course I miss you, but whatever happened is probably for the best. You gave me so many beautiful memories, that I will never forget. And I have all these perfect pictures, that I’ll never delete. You loved me when I didn’t have the strength to love myself and you kissed my scars and you’re still the reason why I don’t end my life. You noticed all of my imperfections & you told me that they made me different, and even more beautiful. So I slowly fell in love with you & I gave you everything I had to offer. You taught me millions of lessons & I’m a better person now. Thank you for putting up with my bullshit for as long as you did. And thank you for coming back & talking to me again & making sure that I’m okay again and better now. Of course I’ll always love you, and I’m never going to regret meeting you. Thank you for teaching me how to say goodbye and how to love someone and how to accept the truth and not cover up with lies. And maybe I’ll still miss you a year from now, or maybe one day we’ll remember why we fell in love over the summer in the first place. But for now, I just want to say thank you.

if I was ever called “high maintenance” I’d probably lose my shit because I am literally the lowest amount of maintenance out there! You wanna fuck? Fuck yea, let’s fuck rn. You wanna sleep? Okay let’s sleep! You wanna go out with your boys? Fuckin go for it dude I’ll go chill with my friends! You wanna go on an adventure at 4 AM? Let’s do it man just call me 16 times until I wake up, I might be a little cranky but I’ll come out with you! DO NOT CALL ME HIGH MAINTENANCE !!!