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I was just going to reblog this and keep quiet, but after actually watching the video, actually seeing what what happening, I just could’t keep quiet. I couldn’t just do nothing.

I know what it’s like to be abused. Physically, emotionally, sexually. I understand that and have been able to overcome all of that to be the person that I am today.

The physical aspect hurts, the blood and the tears does nothing more than spurn on your abuser, and it hurts so much more when that abuser is your parent. The person that society tells you will love you more than anyone in this world, the one who your peers will praise and brag about, that aspect of what a parent should be sometimes sis shattered by the person who strikes you over and over again until you’re choking through the blood, struggling to say what they want to hear even if the words make your head spin worse than the marks left behind.

Because it is the emotional aspect that hurts worse. Being told that you are worthless, that you are the cause of your parents’ strife, that your own mother died because of your selfish desires. It left me emotionally damaged for so long, to this day I have negative emotions toward my biological mother because in a way, I still blame her for what I had to endure under my father’s care. I am so so luck to have loving aunts and uncles and a VERY supportive group of middle school friends who were more than willing to hear my tears and bandage up my heart, to tell me that I was deserving of my life and that one day I would take myself out from under my father’s grief and become someone strong.

That boy, Cody, does NOT have that. He is trapped in that Hell, with little to no understanding of how much he does NOT deserve that. That he deserves family that WON’T monitize his pain. I can’t even begin to imagine what I would have done if all that I had been through was not only posted online for the world to see, but gave my Father MONEY. That there would be people who fucking PRAISED him for his actions. That people would actually fucking try to shut up people who were rightly worried for this child. It’s fucking DISGUSTING!

The sad reality is that this family also won’t acknowledge that they are in the wrong. My father, at the very least, agreed to get help for his anger issues, saw a therapist to help him better handle his grief. Our relationship will never be what it once was when my biological mother was around, but it is growing into something vaguely healthier. That he remarried a wonderfully patient woman who calls him out on his bullshit is also helping him become a better man. It is so so hard to hate your abuser if they are your parent, especially when you know both the loving and hateful sides of them. This family will never accept that what they are doing is wrong, they will never begin to make amends for their wrongs because they will never see their sins. What will happen in the future, if they don’t stop, will be a goddamn fucking tragedy. They’re going to kill that boy, emotionally or physically, whether by their hands or by the ghost of their hands forcing his hands, they will be responsible for their actions.

Cody deserves freedom.

Flag their videos. Report them to child services. Don’t let them get away with this kind of behavior. Make them acknowledge their disgusting behavior. Don’t let this abuse continue on!

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